Second Life Ranker

18. Warrior Corps (4)

Enemies. Lee.

Eh. Tsk. Do it. Hey.

The chaos that crawled around revealed slowly to the notion of 'raining everywhere.

They were close to begging for a life together. He calls for help or support, but he doesn't answer.

I just laughed.

He was an ancient being who began his life with the creation of the universe, and his consciousness has been almost worn out for many years, so he rarely reveals his consciousness unless there is a 'funny thing`. It was mostly just surrendering to the body over time.

Perhaps searching for his legacy, trying to enter the tower and resurrect him.

I had already fallen into a deep sleep and had no words to say about him, and I wanted to wake him up called the 'Black King'. Perhaps it was not because of the loyalty that remained in the faint form.


Or a lock.

Maybe I can see it that way.

Crawling chaos is already nothing special about his life. That's why I was trying to wake him up with the risk of dying.

That was the best fun you could do right now.

The giant was cast as a long-term mate, but the attempt to eat the polyp was only a small piece of scarlet derived from the process.

Then, the existence of 'Yeon Woo' encountered in the car was something that I had to be interested in.

At first, I was furious.

It was so absurd that one day the only thing that was a trace was the inheritance of his legacy.

who existed before the creation of the universe.

Even Ilcum was older than that blasphemer because he was the origin of the "light."

There is such a thing as beauty? It didn't make any sense. I was just lucky enough to learn some of what he left behind and think only of it as eating.

There was a Chronos, and he was once sworn to be an apostle in the tower, but he never thought it would be.


Seeing the lotus grow gradually in a faraway place, the thought of the chaos crawling around changed gradually.

Ash. Fun. Uh, yeah.

It didn't matter if he was his progeny or not.

Funny creatures just by looking at them.

It was only a few creatures that could stimulate him in his lifetime, so he decided to observe the chaos that he had made constantly in the tower for a long time.

Wait for the neck.

I could never forget that word.

So the crawling chaos wanted to see what it could do, how far it could go.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo did not fail his expectations.

After taking back the first sanctuary, he immediately began to advance to the second and third realms without rest. We were on the verge of collapsing soon.

Resurrecting the 'waste' that was thrown away a long time ago, and bringing back gods and demons who had been restraining themselves in the tower.

That's why the guys under control were begging for help.

In the beginning, it didn't matter anyway, because they were just toys for fun and entertainment for the chaos that crawled around.

I was going to push more as I could see how frayed Yeon-woo could be as the line was dying.


Duwoong - The room that had the will of the crawling chaos that had been pushed into the tower was greatly shaken. This is the place where his consciousness overlaps with space-time. Beyond the abyss, it was a place that could be called a new microcosmos. I felt something penetrating deep inside the place.

In the beginning, no one could come near this place without the permission of the crawling chaos. But it only means I got close. It means the opposing Pokémon are the same size as him.

And few of the 'inner' beings had such qualifications.

The whole of the gavage-namely small universe opened, and an enormous set of eyes opened wide. His eyes were strangely shaped, which in some way could be called a "door."

Sir. W. Here you go.

"Inside," the leader of all beings revealed themselves.

A person who has been leading the "inner" dependents for a long time on behalf of Him who has slept deeply in the void. Now, unlike even loyalty itself, it was like a flame that still did not quench its desire for him.

He lowers his pupil and watches the chaos crawling around.

Immediately, he put his mind together to form a human form. For the convenience of conversation, I created a body.

It 'resembled Yeong-goo unknowingly, but had a completely different feeling than Yeong-woo.

“Crawling chaos.” The resident on the perimeter slowly opens his mouth, gazing up at the chaos that is crawling around.

“How long are you going to keep playing? 'There is no progress in the time to come.” The spirituality of the crawling chaos is trembling.

Border dwellers who looked like Yeon Woo became solemn faces.

Unlike the chaos of crawling around for fun, he always held on to his solemn and solemn attitude and in some ways said that the two were not compatible.

“'Outside' must be confirmed.}:" Positive. Heavy.

“The resident on the interior of the boundary slightly distorts the day, looking at the chaos of the crawling back and forth. He gets a strong sense of the crawling chaos smiling.

“What does that mean?” Mi. I'm...

Thread. Hum.

“Experiment?” Oh. F.g. Of.

D. Rn. After. System. Go. Soon.

At that moment, the resident's face is firmly distorted.

“Haven't you forgotten what you were going to do then? No matter how much you said your father loved you, it was already decided that it was a right of passage, wasn't it? Soon. Resolution. Wow. Me. Come. Thing.

“The residents of the border vomited their clothes to see if it was nonsense. Whatever you say, the chaos that crawls around seems like you never thought to listen to your warnings.

He didn't like this at all. Why did He think He would bring a man like this in his lifetime?

No child could understand His will, but he who had been with Him the longest did not understand.

Eventually, the residents of the border had to take a step back. Activity about 'outside' is just a crawling chaos. Even though he is the patriarch, he is no less than he is.

“Ha! Suit yourself. But you have to remember one thing. You can't take more than this. We need to take down the tower or whatever it is, even for a day.” Though he walks on the boundary, ruling many times and spaces, dimensions and universes, and all the 'doors' of the world.

The space that stood on the "outside" was an unknown area that could never be approached.

The tower seemed to have all the laws of Samran, but it was transcending them all. It is a natural place for the inhabitants of the border, which is known to be the closest to the Almighty.

That's why everything about the tower is controlled by crawling chaos.

All the work related to Revelation was to wait for the crawling chaos to complete its work, while always living in a comforted boundary.

Whenever he did that, the chaos that crawled around tried to turn his insides upside down, only throwing an unknown smile.

Al. Go. 있.

C. C. C. Lil. Thing.

“Fair enough. I don't know if you really know.” Residents of the boundary still quietly lost their minds, looking at the clumsiness of the crawling back.

In a small universe where you're all alone again.

Ash. Fun. Uh, yeah.

The crawling chaos murmurs like that, turning back to the place where the tide is shining.

"The Apple is mine! No! It's mine!" The rebels rushed like mad bulls, grabbing their weapons, beating the gods of the other side by side.

They've only had four Sanctuary soldiers in the battlefield.

I've been moving constantly. Thanks to this, the other gods have not been able to come up with any defensive measures to do, but have been pushed to the brink and mortality.

Given the situation, the embarrassing side was the envoys chasing after the warriors.

Crazy people. Are these really going to make sense unless they're really crazy. l Ju "" "Late stealing is the scariest law.

The rebels who were strongly captivated by the struggle and victory, like drug-addicted patients, continued to struggle.

We crave more exciting battles, more powerful victories! It also meant that the Awakening as a Giant was still going smoothly. Every time the sanctuary was taken back, the spirits of the ancestors appeared and blessed their descendants with elongation.

That's why the warrior army's kidneys and skeletons have continued to grow, but they are now obscured enough to be called "rebellious."

Transcendence was now undergoing a violent wave that was hard to attach to the expression that it was now hidden.

Especially since speculation by the top members of the warrior squad, including Baldevich, sometimes caused the envoys to have their backs surrounded.

And there was a prize thrown by Yeon Woo.

- I'll give this to the man with the greatest accomplishment.

He put the warriors in front of him and took him out of the Apple.

Of course, the eyes of the rebels were turned upside down. Those who avoided having few records of their ancestors, knew as much about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as they did.

I'm sick of the legend that you get transcendence with one bite, and when you eat it all, you get power and power! Of course, the legend says that there were more fritters about its effectiveness.

But I'm sure it's valuable enough to love in the heavenly world.

With a warrior army still filled with a desire for a stronger force, no reward was worth the effort.

Of course, their enthusiasm was inevitable.

Timamazildara is very pleased to see a group of rebellious warriors.] [Kernunos observes the battlefield with calm eyes.] and.

The envoys who saw such warriors, especially those in God's camp, were now experiencing 'fear' beyond the crisis.

It was because their continued growth seemed to have a detrimental effect on their doctors' association and their faction.

[God's society, Malach, looks this way.] [God's society, the "Bridge" is watching the situation.] It was the same with the neophysicians watching over here.

But the trigger's already pulled. Moreover, it was Yeong-woo who was holding their snores, so I had no choice but to keep dragging them.

No, even if you leave it like that. Once we got here, it was hard for them to back off now.

However, we had to get the book of revelation.

The [Scenario 'Quest (Proof of God and King #) has been partially fulfilled.] [Current number of territories (4/7)] [number of constructed temples (2/4)] Yeon sees the screaming warriors succeeding in retaking the sanctuary again, silencing a message in one corner of the retina.

“Number of Siege Territories" means the number of sacred halls taken from the crawling chaos, and "Number of constructed temples" means the number of mown down and built mown down an existing temple. The Temple is currently being built by the three Cyclops. Luckily, it seemed to be going smoothly.

So Yeon-woo turned around and looked at the man with blue hair who was waiting for his answer.

What a mess.

It was the three bridges of the heavenly body, and there was the supreme being among the messengers of God staring at the lotus tree with his deep sunken eyes.

“Let me finish what I was saying. So you want us to be mercenaries?"