Second Life Ranker

19. Warrior Corps (5)

The ranger nods heavily.

“Yes," Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

“Do you need us for the war against the bridge? Or Allfoone?” At that moment.

[The Devil's Society, "The Bridge," is watching over here.] A situation where Yeon-woo now has all the gazes of the heavens in one body.

Of course, ever since the Iranian army requested a proclamation, all societies have been forced to show interest in what he has to offer.

Three kidneys that led to the heavenly bodies in place of the jade Emperor who fell asleep from a disease. They are also the ones who gave birth to the peak period of the current heavenly body.


“Rangoon is a big shot in such three kidneys. `In other words, it is not an exaggeration to say that the army is currently the best in the church.

Since he had stated his intention that such an existence would come in person, he speculated that the bridegroom would make an offer that was not small.

“Currently, the Bridge is the only myth of war with the Thousand Horses, and it is why the Bridge is regarded in the heavenly realm.

It felt like I met Yeon Woo, but Thousand Horses were different from the common transcendents.

that began life with the creation of the universe, with the creators and the primates and the creators of the universe. It was an extraordinary being, even though it was called transcendent (the Boom Hell), which was transcendent.

There's a myth about struggling with a heavenly horse like that? Even though the Heavenly Horse was not as strong as it was at that time, it had to rise to the level of the heavenly bridge that was opposed to the heavenly horse.

Although the title of the loser was given, the percentage of the bridge in the heavenly realm was overwhelming.

The head of such a place said he wanted to hire Yeon Woo and the Warriors as mercenaries.

Of course, I had to pay a lot of attention.

Yeon-woo only said that if she wanted to get the Book of Revelation, she would help herself. He added that he would not accept any other personal terms.

However, I had no choice but to accept the request of my lieutenant.

- If you accept this request, we will. Penis... No, I renounce my ownership of what I call your Revelations. Of course, whatever you ask, the corps will continue to support you. No, I'll be more aggressive. I and Samkidney will continue to host directly. If you need to... Give me some peninsulas (downhill).

As the importance of 'Good and Evil' to Malach and Le Infernal was so great, it was the 'Peninsula` to the bridge and the bridge.

The triumph that the bridges, bridges and bridges are cultivated once every thousand years in his sanctuary, Wong Wang Mo, in the middle of nowhere.

It was an offer I had no choice but to pull.

I kept thinking of a replacement for the Apple.

In addition to other unconditional support, he also pledged himself to build a friendly relationship after this in the future.

Furthermore, giving up the Book of Revelations is a decision I'm willing to take, even at the risk of being far behind by other societies.

I had no choice but to accept her request.

“I want to make it clear that this is not about the war," Iranjin opened his mouth slowly, speaking a divine voice rather than the truth. It seemed to soothe the many gazes that were pouring this way.

[The Devil Society, 'Crossbreeding' looks at you with suspicious gaze.] [When many gods are interested in the Hungry Army.] [Few gods doubt me.] But as well as the disconnect, many other societies did not believe what the army said.

“Noisy." Yeon-woo's annoying face, staring at those who are too noisy to have a proper conversation.

You make a circular hemisphere by spreading the crooked-shadow widely. Temporarily, they built sanctuaries to block the view of the outside world.

“This way you won't be bothering any more. Keep talking.” “As I see it, it's an increasingly curious skill. It is similar to Catholicism, but it is much different.” The Iranjin army did not have enough control over the building of the sanctuary with free materials in the summer, and it wondered at the sight of the shadow of a mediator capable of storing and summoning multiple clusters and muttered a small murmur.

Now that I see the shadow area, also known as the trade mark of Yun, I feel even more curious than I have seen in the heavens.

Even links to the body are open. It made me curious whether my body would disappear or have independence.

However, he felt the gaze of Yeon-woo staring at him, and returned to his point and opened his mouth.

Since Yeonwoo blindfolded the eyes of the heavens on her own, it was much easier to get the point out.

“As I said, we don't need you and the Giant Warriors for war. I want you to help me explore the adra." -Answer you never thought of.

Yeongwoo's eyes had to grow by themselves.

At that moment.

Iron Lord! The black chain that was wrapped around your right arm trembles violently.

Like they're gonna snap.

A very...... funny voice came from very deep inside the castle.

I thought it was time to wake up. The word 'adra' seemed to provoke him.

Kiki. What are you doing, kid? Don't take it so fast. The Wise Man's Stone is now being reborn as Sin Stone by eating two adra stones. And as a magician based here, I had no choice but to seek more power.

“You want me to do you a favor? ' How can you be so stupid? Why is it only good for me? It's good for you, too.Didn 't you see the power of adra?" Maestro whispered as sweet as the devil.

You used the book of revelation or something, but you gained this much power with just two. One day the mortal is surpassing the transcendents. But what if there were more adra in this state? What happens then? I don't want to look like that. I think I can face Olfowan. Kiki. "I'd like to punch you in the face more. What should I do?" You're a good yeller. Or…… > Is work too busy? Then let me go. Then I'll get it for myself. Then it would be good for you, too! Come on, let me go! "In the end, this was what the Bible meant.

Yeongwoo moved the chain-link into the void, as if it were no longer worth listening to.

"Kiki! You just think I'm going here. You think that's the end. But you'll see. Soon, I'll be out of your hands again..." The sound of Maestro's rough voice sank into the void again and disappeared.

Hard, hard, hard! But looking at the rattling chains, I can clearly see how violent he is resisting.

Yeon-woo looks for her tongue with a slight grin.

"Really, the more I think about it, the more I will die." Beagrid hasn't solved all the secrets in it yet. As for Yeonwoo, it was only a pity that she continued to be stuck in the void with Maestro.

Soon, I saw the army again, thinking I had to find a way to separate Mars from Vigrid somehow.

“Sorry to cut you off on the way.

The troublemaker suddenly made a fuss. Where were we? Asking for help in finding the adra? ”But the Rangers were staring at the chains without answering Yeouido's question. My eyelids trembled.

“What was that…… just now? Is it empty?" “And?” Ha. Hahaha... That's right. You were his heir. I knew it, but I can't believe I'm seeing it with my own eyes. There have been many descendants and many who have challenged them, but I've never seen them like this before. ”He smiles as if he were nothing.

There was something that I couldn't miss, even as a kitten.

“There were many descendants?” “You already know that.

Faust, the Vampire Monarch, etc…… There are many who liked him but did not pull. On the other hand, there were many beings who were drawn to it, who could be descendants, but were tempted by its enormous power, and who could not endure and had to slump. ”Rangjin continued to speak.

“So did Kronos, king of Titan. So did the archbishop of the cult, and it ended up falling apart. Moreover,” When I heard the last word, Yeon-woo's waist had to be barefoot.

“Some of them are still alive." What? Yeongwoo's eyes widened.

Is there anyone who exists besides himself who is the descendant of the Dark? “Who is he?” “Hmm? Don't you know that by now? Oh, I don't know. It seems you've never met. Well, they're famous in the heavenly realms, but they're very secretive in the summer.” Rangjin answered, beating his hand as if it were nothing.

“Sea of poetry.” But the meaning of it was never there.

“The leader there was also chosen by 'him'. The poem they pursue is a song that praises him, and the poem is a poem that waits for him to return someday. They think that everything they pursue is subjected to the poetry of" The Sea of Poems, the most veiled of the Eight Clans. "

Despite the many times that my brother and I did not have much contact, there were very few things left in the diary about them.

It was nothing more than stopping Allfowon, who was trying to descend, but it was a great achievement.

I never thought they'd have such secrets.

“Then why haven't you had any access to me?" But they keep their eyes open. Why haven't they responded to Yeon-woo, even though she came up here?

There's no way to know that what he uses is the Black King's frame.

"Moreover, why don't you do the work related to the Revelation... Oh, that's not it. The Revelation says that Yeon-woo will understand the way to darkness. So it was clear that he was constantly trying to get the Book of Revelations from the sea of poetry.

That reminds me of what happened at the Kelat Auction House. By the time I decorated and distributed the table on the Emerald Tablet. I've heard a little bit about the sea of poetry revealing itself, but maybe that's why.

"I was curious not to look behind the commotion. I don't know if I've known since then that the tablecloth was a fake." It was absurd for Yeongwoo.

It was like I had left another clue about the dark in the nearby area without even knowing there was boobs.

“Should I meet them first? There's more work to be done." But the road to Darkness was also being shown firmly.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo didn't have to make her own moves.

Doyle. The first child, Doyle, told me to move in and find them.

What's the matter, brother? There is something I need to do as quickly as possible. Is it urgent? We were investigating the deceased with intelligence that he was secretly working with the White Dragon and the Darwood Brotherhood to plot something. I think they're trying to do something about the one-horned tribe. "One Horn Tribe? Where is the Master?" Yeon-woo snorted. I thought they were suicidal.

Besides, if it's the Dead Man's Chest, it's where Faith is. One of your first disciples, you have no idea how frightening you are. I looked at my head thinking it was worrying me for nothing.

No. Stop there for a while, and take care of it first. Yes. Say it. "Yeon-woo said in a serious tone.

Find the Moon Child. Can I just carry my head? I was curious at the moment of my honeymoon.

What could the alternative thinking structure be? When we first met, I bet she was a lot stronger. Why has it changed so much?

The Apostle reminded me that he resembles God.

Yeon-woo decided to pretend not to know.

G-bring him back alive.