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After Doyle says yes, the comms are silently down.

“So let's get back to business.” Yeon-woo tries to erase the stiffness that remains on one side of her mind, and looks back at the army.

“I want to know what it means to find adra.” There are 14 adra stones in total. There have been four known sightings in the world today.

The stone of greed was used to blend with the goddess of the earth as Viera Dun trodden it, and the stone of arrogance was used by her brother to polish the clock, and she had a stone appetizer. Currently, the stone of arrogance and the stone of covetousness are joined together and become Sin Stone, and it came into the hands of Yeouido.

It is said that the other one was recovered from the heavenly realm, but it has never been confirmed.

Is that what he's talking about? And what does it mean to want to use Yeon and the Warriors as mercenaries to explore it? “First things first, before we get into the details, I have a message for you.” “What?” “I appreciate you bringing medicine to the Emperor.” Rangoon stood up and bowed his head.

He seemed to be talking about visiting Mount Samsin with the 'liver' of Laplace.

"I heard that the emperor who had to sleep for a long time coughed a little. All thanks to you. All our archangels will never forget your grace, no matter what happens in the future." [Good society, the 'archangel' has declared an unconditional alliance with Player # # # and their clans!] [Unless Player # # # and his clan do anything hostile to jeopardize the Bridge, the gods of Bridge and Wo will be your strong friends.] [God's Faction and Improvement have increased.] [Tendency has been partially tilted with a 'line'.] All I did was send him to Laplace, which was hard for him to get to Samsin Mountain.

However, I nodded quietly because there was no reason to refuse the favor that the angel could see.

Moreover, he was able to visit the Sky Library through pieces of what the noble lord had given him. It was not a bad image of the bridge.

“Is the Jade Emperor feeling better?” He smiles bitterly and shakes his head.

“He's just literally conscious, and he's still struggling a lot.

Have you ever heard of schizophrenia? It's also called Celibacy ( & Pa). ”Yeon shakes her head.

“No. I've never heard of it. But the name says..." “exactly as I think it does. Asthma. It meant" the sequelae caused by Heavenly Horse. "” Iranian soldiers have now opened their mouths to recall the distant 'old' past.

“In the past, our archangel was with him at the time when the Heavenly Horse was born, and in the process, the Jade Emperor was hit very hard. It wasn't weird even though it was extinct...... But I was lucky to stay.” Rangjin smiles bitterly at the fallen rooftop emperor. Who would have thought that even Sumisan, who was trying to swallow up the new creation by himself, would be so weak.

But no matter what, he is his king. I swore an oath of allegiance to stay by my side. I had to protect him somehow.

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

“But did you not recover all of your lost strength then?” “Something like that. But we are not the only ones affected by this. The downfall of Brahma, the leader of Deva, Odin in Asgard, Zeus of Olympus…… all creators of society were involved in the creation, and all fell down or fell asleep in the aftermath.” “Was it the thousand horses?” He smiles bitterly.

“Where does it end? Maybe that's why God, the Devil, and all the other societies got stuck in this tower." The fact that all societies were crammed into towers... is surprising, but it felt natural as a lotus.

Th-that might be possible. "Maybe the universe is spinning out of control. I wasn't surprised.

“How did they end up feeling sorry for themselves, anyway? They must have jumped across space and jumped across dimensions like my front yard... They must have been stuck in a tower one day.

And I was thrown back into the sky because of Allfowon. "Yeon-woo recalled a family I had long thought about. The true purpose of the tower of attracting challengers from many dimensions and universes may be to be in prison for imprisoning the transcendents. Even those who have the right to be transcendents or talents are left behind.

You're welcome.

What is his purpose? And what's his relationship with the tower? Yeon-woo cleared the question for a moment and asked. As long as I'm not a fool, I've been told this far, but I can't be sure what their purpose is.

“So the adra you seek is for the Jade Emperor?” “Yes.“ “Maybe it's in the stream?” “That's clever.” He nods heavily and speaks.

“The adra we found was greed (403083). It may not be a good fit for a god... but it's important to have one of those now.” “Do you have a location?" “We have already finished our search by the apostles belonging to this society.” “But they're not the only ones approaching.” “Yes." “Where is it?” In a moment, the Iranian army was quick to answer. Yeon-woo was slightly impatient.

“If you're afraid of leaking information without a proper treaty, back off. I also have no intention of making a decision to consume my power in advance without any information.” I had no intention of hiding my interest in adra as well. He also needed a stone that dealt with "sin." We'll be able to harden the Sin Stone.

However, I did not want to put the warrior army at risk with such greed. I did not intend to distribute the power to the judges who didn't know how long the war against the crawling chaos would last.

Moreover, he had more than one or two places to worry right now than here.

Not only did he declare control over the Summer, but he also had to find Athena and others who were considering entering Erebos.

However, I can't be fooled just because they show kindness. There was nothing to lose when the army got out of here. As long as the Warriors are aware of transcendence, they'll soon be reborn as complete Giants.

He shakes his head.

“You must be mistaken. No, it's just that it's a place I can't even keep my mouth shut.” A place where even the vagabonds can't talk? Maybe there was such a place in the Summer.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

“Where was it?" “Abdominal War (\ \).” This time, Yeon-woo was also very surprised.

Abdominal warfare! “You think there's adra in King Bull's realm?“ I see. "Ugh... Are you crazy? Yeon-woo shed a smile.

It was only because I could see why the archangel apostles with considerable strength had not obtained the location of the adra.

King Bull was the one whom King Mi-Hu served as the "Big Brother" at the age of six. And the monarch of the Eastern Church, who follows him, is so famous that even the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches put out their tongues.

Especially when he fought against the might of King Satah, one of the Eastern Dragons. I knew too well that they were never worth it.

And you expect me to get adra from them? “You want me to fight the King Bull? If you say so, I'll give you a lightning bolt instead.” Yeon-woo twists the tip of one lip and laughs.

However, his tone was still calm.

“No. Precisely what it would say about an ambush occupying it. And since we know you're going to show poverty, we have stated that we want to hire you as a mercenary.” He goes on and on.

“Moreover, we are not the only ones aiming there. So is the disconnection.

You're not as good off as we are. the bridges, the crossroads, and the Eastern Child Demon King are all tangled up in one battle.

Yeongwoo summarized the feeling of narrowing her eyes into just one.

“Fuck you.” “Fuck you. He smiled bitterly - even at the mouth of the army. He was actually in a position to make an offer, but didn't think Yeon-woo would accept it.

“What are the chances of other societies intervening?? At that moment, his eyes widened slightly.

Don't start with "Are you... going to accept my offer?" I have to do the math. Answer first. "“ No. I assure you, the place with the original adra stone is a difficult place to get to without the mythology involved. Yeongwoo remained troubled.

A hard place to get to without mythology. However, Yeongwoo has absorbed the debris left by the future king, so it should be accessible.

He asked carefully.

“Will you take it?" A long time later.

Yeongwoo stared out of her mind at the blue eyes of the Rangers.

His mouth opens slowly.

Wh-what kind of offer is coming and going? Annoying. I feel like I want to get rid of that shadow somehow. If you do, your body will be torn apart! So even if you're frustrated, you're still doing this, damn it! "Even though the fourth Conquest War of the Rebel Warriors ended a long time ago.

The envoys of God and demons had to bite their fingernails looking at the shadowy hemisphere built up by the nettles.

He was too bold to know what was coming and going between them.

Each of the societies that supported them was urging us to somehow uncover their conversations.

The apostles had no choice.

Inside the Realm of Shadow is a clustered sanctuary, where their power is not compromised. But we couldn't force it to break.

But unlike the desperate.

Hong! You can't play with that god! "King!" Agarez, returning to his five-year-old form, clasps his arms and mutters in an annoying voice. Jealous in his eyes.

It seemed like my nephew, who was playing with himself, suddenly played well with other friends.

Then he stood beside her like a puppy in the shape of a pen.

Agares glances back at Fenrir with a stiff look on his face.

"What the hell do you say you know? The relationship between this body and # # # is not something you can say without thinking clearly, it's very old. So don't you dare raise your breath. That one's mine. King What? Deep isn't time." King! King! In this way, I would hate it because I am just a child with greed. The King The Sound Mara! Do you know how much he loves his nephew? So even if you don't wear it on the outside, you'll be very happy with the way you look! The King! What? Don't you have a lower puppy? What the fuck are you eating grass for? "King! King!" As always, Agares and Fenrir were bragging that they were closer to Yeon-woo.

He would, too, because every time there was a battle, it was the two of you who were most active.

If Yeonwoo kept her promise, there would be two places where she would get the Book of Revelation.

Other ambassadors who are already familiar with the scenery were already here, but those who were doing relatively little differently were being cautious.

At this rate, a truly rebellious man could become independent.

Iranjin Army and the Four Kings. I think I need to know what the Four Kings think first. No, indeed, if we stay like this, the Giants will be resurrected. The best thing is to keep them on this stage. Or get rid of it. For a little while, silence passed between them.

However, the envoys gathered together showed no reaction. A few days ago, he would have tried to push me away if he had said that, but now he was implicitly doing the same thing.

And the implicit tune became meaningful.

You should think that the Iranian army actually went that way. "Whatever it is, I can't let it go on like that...". "l" [Communicate in God's Society, 'Dilmoon'.] [God's society, Memphis, unites with opinions.] [God's society, Asgard, is united and willing to join at any time.] [God's society, 'Olympus' reacts actively to opinions.] Eventually, the envoys gradually separated into two factions under water.

It w-opens. When someone was watching, they quietly said, as if nothing had happened.

The shadow hemisphere is slowly flowing.

And their eyes sank cold as they saw Yeon Woo and the rangers coming out of there.