Second Life Ranker

21. Warrior Corps (7)

The questions of the apostles were not answered to the end.

It was because both Yeongwoo and Rangoon were complaining about it as if they had made a promise.

I thought that some of the messengers of God had approached the army, but every time they came back, they were sharp. It was a strong willingness to never answer.

But one thing was certain.

Even though the contents are unknown, the transaction between the two was successful.

It was because the Ranged Forces, which have been close to being handheld, have been very active in the battle.

['Iranjin Army' has exercised its power, the Dragon of Dimension 0670)!] Excellent - the moment he drew his sword, the vein that was flowing underneath it turned upside down, creating a massive tidal wave.

All the other gods were overwhelmed and unconscious, and the rebels broke in late and took their turn.


Tyring! [You have successfully completed some scenario quests (Proof 0 of God and King).] [Current number of barren territories (6/7)] [number of constructed temples (3/6)] Finally, the last realm was left where there was a battle of chaos instead of crawling around.

"It was fortunate to have a stone of innocence. Since I was able to make such a deal, 'I had almost forgotten about Yeon-woo's Purity Stone.

A pure stone that has always illuminated Hades' temple, and has become the hot flame of Dis Fluto.

Fortunately, the three Ecyclops succeeded in hiding the stone of innocence from the enemies when the Titan-Gas came charging through.

However, if there was a problem, it was a failure to bring it.

Even the youngest of the three brothers, Arges, was in such a hurry that he could not escape death at the end. If I tried to bring it out, it would be taken away not only from my life but from the adra.

And...... if only.

"The Goddess of Earth would have been more fortified.” But Argess managed to bury the Purity Stone in a secret place in a wise judgment at the moment of the death crisis.

It is located in the deepest part of the Temple of the Pluto (0% 38), the temple of Hades. Only Hades and the Cyclops kept them in a place they couldn't open.

“I'm sure. The Earthworm doesn't know that Tartarus has the Pure Stone./This was a clear opportunity for Yeon Woo.

Tartarus is a place he must reclaim someday. It was a sacred place that must be avenged as the heir of the king. It was also the place to pass to Erebos, where Athena, etc., could be used to borrow the help of an archangel in the process.

Yeongwoo and the Warriors help each other find the Stone of Greed, and the Bridge cooperates in finding the Stone of Purity.


'In the end, I will exchange two adra stones.' In fact, the stone of purity for the kite was the same as the stone of greed for the bride.

It was because the stone of purity which already has the characteristics of the 'mainline (010069)' has a grizzly stone.

The quest that had already been given was also 'Complete the Sin Stone,' and there was no word to give the nature of the main line.

It is only possible to lower the efficacy of the first Sin Stone.

Moreover, the purity of the stone did not fit into the struggle and death, which is the statue that Yeongwoo is walking in. Hades didn't even use the Pure Stone directly. He only used it to refine armor.

On the other hand, the stone of greed was likely to be a burden on the bridge, a divine faction. But what if you were given a stone of purity? At that time, the power of the architect, the power of the Jade Emperor to be resurrected, was beyond all imagination.

So, as needed, Yeon-woo and Iranjin agreed to help both parties on both sides of the water until they achieved the desired goal.

To complete the fellowship, the archangel is to resurrect the Jade Emperor.


The first part of the agreement was the Awakening of the Warriors.

Fortunately, there was no myth that the archangel had had had a big conflict with the Giants, unlike any other divine society. So I didn't hesitate to help Yeon-woo.

The Iranjin army has already mastered martyrdom (awakening) before it was a dimensioned reception. It was remarkable as a kite to defeat the god of the other side at the forefront. I could see how he could be named the Triple Kidney of the Bridge.

It was the warriors who were most distressed by his actions.

"Ahhhh! That bastard stole my stuff again! I had dibs on it first! Isn't it possible that the public values will continue to be taken from there? Damn it! My Good and Evil! Somebody stop that bastard! Valdivich, what are you doing? They think their enemies are constantly crossed by their close friends. I don't like you for fighting. You're angry because you can't fight.

"You won't get any bigger in just a few days. `I turned my head sideways as if I hadn't heard the protests of Yeon woo warriors. Then I turned my head again to the widespread army.

It was to restore the contents of the transaction.


"Is he a wild goose?_He's pathetic, too. I don't even want to give him any bread, but he's running around the room all by himself... Phew! You'll feel sorry for her later. Shannon shakes his head, kicking his tongue, not watching the battlefield like a kitten.

There is a slight crack between the eyelids of Yeongwoo.

“Why do you think I won't take the deal?” It was kind of a reprimand.

Rather, it was Shannon who threw the rumors.

What are you talking about? The owners aren't all that happy to make a win-win deal, are they? If you'd just cleaned it up by yourself, would you have eaten it or split it? If you don't think you can eat it, I'll just smash it so no one else can eat it. No? ^_“_: That's right. That's right." Shannon farts a lot.

I didn't have anything to say at the moment of my honeymoon. How did his image get stuck like this? In fact, he had no intention of giving the stone of innocence to the bridge. After I forgot enough to forget, I thought I'd put it in my back pocket. Even if I gave him diarrhea, I thought I'd leave him alone for a while and then one day I'd find my way back to the road... Shannon was too easy to spot.

"Be careful, but what if you gain a status based on true personality and deception? Yeon-woo had to show Shannon the bitterness of mocking herself while pretending to be concerned, but she was very serious.

Then I sighed and turned my gaze over the plain after the battle.

Far away.

Beyond the Giant's Forest, there is an area that is only hidden by the dome.

A crawling, chaotic sanctuary that has never been visited by Giants before.

The chaos that crawled around did not show up until the moment of the situation.

What the hell is he planning? What's he thinking? Yeon-woo could not even guess. It was the same with the gods and demons who were known to be quite resourceful.

Moreover, there is no known information about the center of the city. From now on, I had to beat myself up with my body.

'You'll see. "Unlike the envoys occasionally expressing their fearful colors, Yeon-woo didn't think much differently. It was just a target for that, too.

From the tutorial to here, they always took care of the impossible.

The crawling chaos was just one of them. The warriors were influenced by that alliance, and now they were only perceiving it as a subject of trials worth crawling through.

“Have you had enough rest?” Yes! Yes, our King and God! “Then we go again. This is the last war." This is the last war! Show him the pride of the Giants! Lead him to his death! "Victory to our - King and - God! Dong, Dong, Dong-! Execute! With the sound of the war cry again, the procession of the warriors begins again.

You entered the Sanctuary of [Gearing Chaos], the Great Hybrid Sanctuary (\ Horn ).] What a shitty atmosphere. How can the gods of other systems live in such a place? Do they like this place? That's so creepy. Sensory disturbance is severe. Just a few hours ago, the rebel warriors moved slowly, staring at the surroundings in such a calm, calm state that they felt like they were greatly outraged.

The environment in the centre completely ran from the areas they had conquered.

Other districts have strange forests and late-life stages that are still somewhat viable, while the center has gone beyond that category.

The ingredients of the atmosphere, the various living things that make up the environment, everything seemed to be "rejecting" them.

The ground feels strange.

Dammit! It's too hard to slow down. The Let's move slowly first. We don't know who's gonna show up. When the rebels were so cautious.

"Damn. Damn the chaos. That's why I didn't want to visit here.... You seem to have lost communication with the celestial world all of a sudden. The connection to the main body is also weak. Oh, dear.

This is gonna be a lot of trouble. God and demons felt that their connection to the heavenly world was unstable and firmly established their impression.

At last, what worries me is only what happens.

Unlike when Yeowoo was directly channeled as a UE, each society now consumes enough causality and is lowering its body. On the other hand, even though the connection was a little unstable, they had to be anxious because of the mass.

If you die without a proper connection to the main body, it may also be a strong blow to the self, but if you try to project your will into the heavenly world by projecting the broken chain of chaos that crawls around you, it is really bad.

Moreover, it is a world close to the environment that the gods of other worlds call "inner."

When the gods and demons saw it, it was a world filled only with chaos and disorder. I never understood how life could be conceived in such a place, or how a giant cosmic cousin like the god of another world could be born.

In a smooth environment, even the devils who did not blink could not understand it, so it was stiff.

“This place is a rat poison for those familiar with the Tower's environment?" Yeon narrows her eyes. Though he peered through the book of Revelations at a section of the universe, it was clear to him that this was a place he could never understand for the rest of his life, even though he had only lived on the earth and the tower.

Particularly, the most incompatible point was the sensation that constantly disturbed the overlapping space. It was very stuffy because it didn't work well when magic was released externally.

Moreover, after a long time in the center, the gods of the other world have not been able to see anything.

The same is true of crawling chaos.

Though his feelings were clearly being sensed from afar, I didn't want to get too close. No matter how hard I run to the moon, I always feel the same way.

The features were similar but repeated, so I doubted if they were really in the right place.

Afterwards, the group finds something blurry beyond the fog of light.

“: 44: Last name?" A fortress that has the size and shape of a medieval city.

The closer I got to the castle, the more it looked.

The warriors and envoys exchanged their gazes. I was too suspicious of who that was because I didn't know what it was.

What should I do? "Valdivi turned to the kite. A voice asking for an order.

It was at that time when Yeon-woo was about to open her mouth.

Jiaying-Chuckle, Chuckle! Suddenly, the Black King's frame shook violently. As if Yeon-woo's hands and feet were falling off. And the chains that lead to the void fluctuated. That means Vigrid's having another seizure.

"There... there's something just like you!" Kiki! Something delicious...! "His voice was once again buried in the air, but the black king's frame resonated even more.

Above all, there was a voice we couldn't miss.

⁄ There is something similar to me...? What the hell is this noise? At that moment.

The gate, which had been so tightly closed, fluttered like the Black King's mould, and opened wide as if it had waited.

And the vagina coming out of the inside is fog.

What was mixed in there... was definitely an empty, no, dark scent.

Yeon-woo could immediately realize.

There's someone in there who looks like him waiting.

"Mr. Choo." At that moment, an additional space opened next to Yeongwoo and appeared, bowing my head wide.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

The "eggplant" leaded forward, leading the warriors and apostles to the gates of the city. The closer I got, the darker the aroma became. As a warrior squad, the envoys were breathless by their scent, but on the contrary, they felt the warmth of their hearts.

And when it's completely through the gate.

There was a creature sitting on a big rock.

The same look as Valdivich. But the dominance is completely different.

Crawling chaos.

His body smiled coldly.

“Nice to meet you, I... …." “Valdivich.” Yeon-woo cut off his horse's waist with a expressionless face.

“That guy, bring him in front of me."