Second Life Ranker

22. Warrior Corps (8)

Valdivich shifts fearfully as the command of the kith falls. Crawling chaos that looks just like itself. He was his arch-enemy.

The one who raised his people as livestock only for fun. I didn't have the strength to come here, so I had to deal with every deal when I first met him. Otherwise, he and his kind were doomed to die.

But now that Baldevich met God, he was able to stand here according to God's guidance, and now he wants to defeat the man who did this to them.

Even the body of the crawling chaos couldn't read his movements, and he turned his head back late.

But by then, the sword of Valdivihi had already been stuck in his chest.

Phew! The flesh of the chaos that crawls around with a clever strike.

Baldevich has already enlightened transcendence by his many battles and taking the sacred possession of other gods.

Of course, even the assault of the Great Sword of Necromancy was very sharp. It's not just the flesh, it's the roots. That is, the technique that strikes the spirit directly.

Baldevich intuitively realized that his surprise had worked. The feeling of being carried along the Great Sword was definitely the same as when you slaughtered the gods of another world.

Of course, I didn't really think it would kill him.

If we'd gotten this far, the crawling chaos wouldn't even have been called a monster. He destroyed both the polyp and the Giant and the Transcendent.

It's different.

As if a machine were spinning, the head of the crawling chaos strangely turns off to an eighty degree degree angle, making eye contact with Valdivich.

Baldevich had to bite down on the sensation of being with the same face as him looking at him.

“I just want to share a little bit of this uncomfortable body with you guys one day. What a shame." "Don't be ridiculous. Have you ever said anything other than mock us? " Of course, "the crawling chaos rolled up one side of his mouth.

"No zipper, wow! Immediately, the body of the crawling chaos breaks apart like a sandcastle.

Then he reassembled it into another form, and dozens of tentacles poured out in one fell swoop and tried to swing him.

Pupperfoot! Valdivi swiftly turns his back and swings the Great Sword at the top of his lungs. Every time I do that, I spit out a dark red flame.

Language. Country. "At that time, he lifted his hands high and stamped the ground. When the magical power was infiltrated, a large sorcerer suddenly appeared, wanting to cut off all the tentacles because monsters appeared in large quantities.

But the severed tentacles are crumbling and crumbling, and they quickly drift into different forms.

They appear to be a monster in more subtle form than each one summoned by an add-on.

Kaaaak! Kakaca-bu lifts his index finger and drenches the air. At the same time, hundreds of magical factions followed the sky to initiate a magical bombing.

Lots of fire and ice poured down.

Over-excited! Khurrung-buh casts with all sorts of top-notch magic, as if to show how he could have become Arc Reach.

The computational power that only the top polyps can see. It was evidence that he had already moved beyond his previous life and had begun to understand the laws of Samantha.

However, the particles of chaos that crawled around were in various shapes, such as tentacles and monsters, and they repeatedly broke and danced frantically.

Brothers, let's go! Kill him somehow, get the grudge of our ancestors! I'll show you who we are! To our God, the Great Victory! Even worse than that, the warriors rushed forward, each with their weapons around their sides.

I've been harassing them like a toy. He raised his mind to the task of killing it and freeing it, and his will to gain freedom.

Grrrrr - That's how the battle against the crawling chaos began.

The fortress shook violently as if it were about to collapse.


Yeongwoo slowly lifts her head and stares into the air.

It was because some of the particles were forming in the sky as they were drawing a vortex. Particles took on a form other than Valdevich this time.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's face hardened.

I tried to stay as calm as I could no matter what. This time I had to split my teeth.

The crawling chaos looked exactly like his brother.

The atmosphere was different...... but the rest were the same.

Even all the genetic traits.

“I just wanted to talk. Well, it's kind of fun to see them climb up and down in their own way to live.” Bakuk provided his brother with 2\ 4 units through a crawling chaos contract, at which point he was able to mass-produce clones based on his knowledge. It was all to create a god or something that had been his grudge, but in the end, he had to go through destruction without crossing over.

However, the crawling chaos was different from Bakok's.

Based on his 2\ 44 ^, he was able to create the closest thing to a new person that Bakuk had ever wanted to create.

It was because they had already created a perfect clone based on their knowledge, and they were able to use all kinds of power and power. He is known to be close to omnipotence and omnipotence, so such work should not be too difficult.

So Yeon-woo was angry.

Her soul is still restless and wandering around in the dark somewhere, and the others are just playing with it.

I knew this part of the world that crawling chaos was a weakness of Yeouido.

“Of course, you're no exception, right?” I knew Yeon-woo was making fun of me, but I had to skip it.

Parker! Parker! Parker! “I'm going to kill you anyway.” Yeon-woo unleashed all her power while pulling up the lightning bolt. The Sin Stone trembles like crazy, and the Dragonheart starts producing its maximum magical power.

[Sixth Solution Awakening] Over-exploited, the dragon scales turned upside down. Now, the resplendent scales that glow like jeweled jewels were suddenly telling us how profound the magic of Yeongwoo is.

Yongsin's eyes settled, and his fangs popped out, squeezing his lips.

Plucking out the dragon's wings along its back.

Yeon-woo yells at the envoys who were waiting behind her.

"Now!” The envoys of "" Genji_"staggered in amazement for the first time. Before entering here, Yeon-woo ordered something separately from them. It means it's time to run it.

However, at that time, I was reluctant to look at the other apostles and promise not to look back.

“If you don't want to do it, get out!” Jan Zhang! Damn it……! When Yeon-woo shouted one more time, the apostles finally had to go out crying and eating mustard. Anger settles in their eyes.


[According to God's Society's resolution, 'The Shining Storm' was created!] [According to the Divine Society's resolution, 'Deva', 'Storm 0' has been created!] [According to God's society, Memphis' resolution, the Glory of La (1) has been created!] [According to the Demon Society's 'Le Infernal' resolution, 'The Demon King's Coming has been created!] An enormous amount of buff begins to catch along the stream.

Blessings (& #\).

Like the name, each one was the best blessing in every society.

It was extremely rare when it was triggered throughout the history of the universe because all the gods and demons had to unleash enormous power to take it down once.

In other words, Olympus was like Hercules when Asgard gave birth to Beowulf. Most recently, Le Infernal failed artificially to make the 73rd Demon King.

Even then, it was to catch Luciel, the lighthouse keeper, and it was much more than a thousand years ago.

It was originally set off when society was at risk of collapse, or a comparable big event.

Yeon-woo dared to ask her to use it.

Of course, for each of the societies, it was only a spectacle.

The power of Gabriel or Yeonwoo was a concern to them, but it was too shameless to ask themselves for blessings.

Moreover, there was no precedent for societies to bless one person at a time, regardless of the camp.

In addition, the blessing was permanently effective because it was a work of forcing the upheaval of the soul even after the fixed time had expired.

It means that a person who stands by and says, "guarantees," so long as the society is maintained, the blessing will never end.

And it's costing them a tremendous amount of causality, and they obviously wanted to refuse.

He threatened Danny with the book of revelation again. He cried and ate mustard.

That's why they insisted once again.

When this is over, as soon as the Apocalypse deals are done. I will primarily eliminate Yeon Woo and all the others that follow him.

Of course, this complaint could not have been noticed by Yeon-woo.

But it was an unbearable option.

Crawling chaos is the highest among the precautions of other worlds. I didn't even know that I could fight a pair of superstitions like the Heavenly Horse.

It was true that he lacked a lot of power to deal with such a existence.

The only way to fill this was to use all the advantages of being yourself.

Pet! Pa! I had a frostbite, but the blessing was being delivered to Yeongwoo in a row.

Yeongwoo stretched her wings wide as she felt the full force of the sky.

[All Powers Open] Despite giving up thousands of gods and demons' powers, Yeon is already developing her own mythology and turning them into two gods.

The wings of the sky were the pillars that bind and support those powers. For example, beyond the scope of power (minus\). Cha Yeon-woo is the nucleus of the center that enables us to form a divine existence.

And now they began to tie together the blessings that were inevitable to provoke each other to oppose each other.

Thanks to this, enormous spiritual growth was achieved. At the same time, the brain burns to a crisp by calculating the limit, and the body swells up as if it were going to burst soon.

[Regeneration] Thanks to a skill that had reached its maximum skill level, the body was able to endure new changes without collapsing.

Unfortunately, the new evolution of the solution did not follow, but the sixth evolution was again able to reach its limit.

Guaiang-Yun rushed to the chaos, literally crawling like a light arrow, illuminating the ground.

“Hoho.” I almost blew my fist off, sighing like he was funny. The shape of the lotus that had received the power of the various gods and demons who were trapped in the tower seemed too strange to his eyes.

How the hell did you come up with that?

"Funny, I thought the drooling chaos was good at waiting for him to come here, or I wouldn't have had this much fun experience.

What he looks like.

Yeon-woo was so hateful.

I felt so disgusted that I wanted to kill him, smiling with my brother's face. For him, this is probably not a moment or a moment, or more, or less.

It was unpleasant.

Fists and fists clap together. Then the lightning bolt and his spiritual force protruded into all directions and deeply scratched the space. Beyond the space, the air was greedily spawning.

The fortress will soon be demolished and the war will collapse.

In between.

Zwick, side - Suddenly, the black chain protruded up over the hanger and coiled up to the shape of the chaos crawling around.