Second Life Ranker

23. Warrior Corps (9)

Don't let the body of chaos that wanders around with the blessings of the young rain.

Wheyric! As chaos swarms of spirits from all over the world, it turns into hundreds of other gods.

The clans have emerged.


Glory be to our God! Let's Bring Victory! All our gods' myths are filled with triumph! Spread the song for our gods! The rebellious warriors rushed to them, calling for victory for Yeouido.

Swing your sword at the top of your lungs.

Every time, the dark red flame erupted and destroyed the fortress.

As Warrior Chief Baldevich cried out, this was a temple for them and their god.

The Moshi was a war that God had to go through to be reborn as something far superior to the great beings, gods and demons. I couldn't let the word "defeat" get in the way.

That's why the battle was so intense.

Cut, cut, cut.

I just killed and killed again and again.

The fight that brings death to the enemy and struggle to the allies continues endlessly. It was so frustrating and beautiful as it would be depicted in the painting.

Because of this, the gods of the other system, who chased the chaos that was crawling around in front of them, could not hide their embarrassment.

Uh-huh. Crab.

E. Rel. Wed. Go.

Mar. Fig. No. Done.

It was because they had ignored other colleagues who had been taken away by Yeouido and the warriors.

They are the aquariums that carry chaos that crawls right next to them. I was not compared to those who were pushed outside because I was incompetent. Among them, there were almost others in the class of 'foreign (number three)'.

However, they were greatly surprised to learn that they were much stronger than they had anticipated.

This is not so different from the Five Giants! Even though the rebels were harboring transcendence, this rapid blooming was absurd.


Why not? Valdeviri yells at those guys. He was the same kind of man who talks like that. The over-the-baldevich rage that they thought they would live forever as slaves led to greater strife. The more I did, the more glowing the myth of Yeongwoo planted on him.

Grrrrrrrrr! Given the situation, the envoys had no choice but to move. In addition to the blessing support, there was also a direct participation in the war.

Of course, it was killing them.

Focusing on the war against Allfowon will only make more lines for the poor judges. Moreover, the reality of continuing to empower Yeon-woo, who may be a potential enemy, was simply astonishing.

But even if they didn't want to fight now, they were still forced to fight for their lives.

Knng! Finally, the envoys began to bring the body down to the ground one by one.

Thanks to that, each society had to endure that much causality.

The envoys who revealed their bodies could boast of such great power.

Unlike the fact that I've only been swinging at Yeon-woo, I boldly unravel all my powers to show why they were able to reach the top.

Many times the world will crumble, and it will be restored. An enormous planet is flooded with hidden stages of attacks that have been wiped out several times.

Some demons also enjoyed this situation.

[At Penlor's request, the other “Sisters of Disaster" delegate their power to him!] Fenrir has grown ten times the size of his body, boasting enormous power to cover the sky in an instant.

Sisters of the Apocalypse. The serpent who swallows the world, the goddess of Jormungan, and the goddess of the dead, Hel empowered Fenrir to take his turn.

Kwang! Penlor, bigger than the god of oversized thrall, crashed his giant forefoot into the center where they clung together.

Then, with immense gravity, the shockwave spread to all sides as it pressed down. While the gods of the Other Side roam and roam.

Agarez, who was spying on the opportunity, stepped out.

At the request of Agares, the Dong-man army is on its way!] "My children, let's have a fun stage here today! Suddenly, when she returned to a beautiful man with dozens of pairs of black wings spread in splendor, Agarass looked up at the sky and burst into a cruel smile.

As the sky opened wide, the army appeared, attempting an air raid (Surroll) among the gods whose camp was torn apart by Fenrir, in turn.

That's it.

The battle to reclaim the last sanctuary was fierce beyond measure.

“You're doing something funny. Is that what this is? Forced him to sleep. Obviously, the body of a crawling chaotic figure burst out of laughter as he looked at the black chain around his name.

A chain that binds even the gods tightly.

Obviously, it was a burden on him who had brought a lot of providence.

No matter how hard and spiritual you try, you can't move. The more repulsive you are, the more grooved the chains seem to be.

“But I'd like to avoid this. No matter how boring the world is, there's still so much I want to see.” Crawling chaos bursts into laughter. At the same time, Izzie suddenly disappears from the sides of her body's eyes, and her head falls down laughing during the day.

The fast-body breaks through the chain like a sand castle.

It's about forcibly disconnecting the mind that was connected to the body and breaking the chain. The chain has been bound to the body all along. I just felt like I was out of use.

If you think about the power of the crawling chaos, you won't see much of it.

“You're bothering me.” As you retrieve the chains, you find the bodies of the chaos crawling around, filling them with magic. It was just a waste of time and strength to continue dealing with the body like this.

[Yongxian] [Yuan Jing Hwa] [Gyeom Gubitara - Wise Man's Eye] When he reached the most secure place, beyond the endless sections of the folded space, chasing the chaos of the golden dragon's eyes.

No: What is it? ~ Yeon-woo was shocked to death without even knowing it.

There was definitely chaos crawling around there. Something enormous was shaking its size beyond measure. Although there was nothing to be said as a face, the intention was clearly smiling.

However, if necessary, the location is.

“All of them?" It felt like Yeongwoo's spine stood on top.

The crawling chaos lies directly beneath his feet, precisely beneath the confines and envoys.

Loyalty was not his sanctuary.

It was crawling chaos. It was itself! At that moment, Yeon-woo realized her premonition and turned around and blew up a rebellion against all the kingdoms and envoys.

Avoid All! However, the crawling chaos was smiling coldly.

E. me.


Scary enough to end it.

Heave-ho! At the center of the moat, a massive explosion rolls over and smashes the entire area in half, pushing the entire center away.

The crawling chaos doesn't do much.

He was just trying to be a bot.

But the amount of data that makes up the existence of crawling chaos, and the zero pressure that comes out of it, is not a scale that a stage can handle.

Of course, the Hidden Stage, which had been overwhelmed by the fall of the bodies of many gods and demons, collapsed and had to be destroyed.

Many of the gods and demons vanished under the sheer pressure of the crawling chaos. Without even screaming.

Fortunately, the majority were able to avoid disappearance as much as the hierarchy, but not completely to the great blow.

They are swept away in the aftermath of the collapse.

[Error! Unauthorized presence, trespassing of Iregler 00680130 confirmed.] drifting has occurred.] drifting has occurred.] [Firewall phase will be adjusted upwards] [Iregler will be directly blocked.] numerous error messages came to mind. Fortunately, the tower's defenses were working at the same time, pushing the body of the crawling chaos back outside.

Almost collapsed are envoys pouring across the Hidden Stage, and the rebels scream in unison with great injuries.

Even the other gods were no exception.

Many of them were packing monsters because of the enclosed spirits, whether they had received no comment from the Gear Chaos as the owner.

Fortunately, I was able to realize the prey of Yeon-woo and raise the shadow to build the wall of the dead and be safe. His anger rises to the top of his head.

A moment ago, a significant portion of his physical assault severed his ties with the clans.

I had no idea he was capable of such a monstrous attack.



Jung. Mal. Ash. Fun. Uh, yeah.

The chaos that crawled around was smiling, as if I knew it would happen while looking at Yeongwoo. It was the first time he felt this good in tens of thousands of years.

However, I broke the last rational string of Yeon-woo that remained like that.

He was blessed with many blessings and wanted to catch him, but he was trying to disappear again just once, like he was about to pull himself up.

Even though the tower's own firewall is rejecting him.

Yeon-woo instinctively knew that if she stepped back this time, she wouldn't have a chance to face her body for a while.

This sanctuary has already been reclaimed and barely built has just been blown away by the previous explosion.

Even with the center still remaining, Hidden Stage has already lost all of its function as a sanctuary. It's a worthless wasteland.

On the contrary, this also means that a part of the tower has cracked.

The crawling chaos could project its will again at any time in the future, following the mystical power that had just been left to the mind.

That meant he had nothing to lose.

That's why even if we took the rebel's independence, we were only halfway there. It was because there was still a grudge against the crawling chaos.

That's true.

I couldn't bear it.

Tsurruck-So Yeon almost gave the black chain to the crawling chaos that disappeared beyond the repaired space.

Fruit! As soon as I felt the end firmly embedded in his body, the chains snapped apart.

Looking at it, Yeon turned her gaze to the other side.

“Maestro!" At that moment, the void opens to the side, and a beagrid appears with chains around it.

Woong, Woong-Vigrid was trembling more vigorously than ever before.

"Kikiki! Look! After all, you had no choice but to summon me, Nibama said," As soon as I saw Yeouido, I burst into laughter.

“Shut up, decide. Whether to cooperate or not.” If we work together. What's left of me? “Tasty prey.” Yes. That's enough. Baby, I'll take care of you today. "Kiki! Leaving behind the grim laughter of Mars, the chains that had been bound to Beagrid have all been loosened.

Yeon-woo's right hand spammes towards you. Vigrid flew in and grabbed her by the hand. I miss the adhesion cold. He could feel his heart beating again in a moment.

The first thing he learned from the King in the first place was swordplay.

I felt like I was back in the day.

And in the magic spilled from Sin Stone and Vigrid, the spring water melted down and became a whole (heh -).

Yeongwoo was captivated by the strange feeling that the world of consciousness expanded infinitely.

But not as immersed in grand consciousness as before. His reason was flowers, and his will was wholly his.

However, there was a tremendous amount of power in the body that could not be compared to before.

Magic fusion.


Two priests.

A complete opening of Sin Stone.

Blessing Buff.

And the Dragon Heart.

All of them coexisted together to form something resembling a lotus, or a lotus.

# #! At that time, Baldevich urgently called Yeon-woo's name.

“Bye, Valdevich. As an apostle, defend this place.” Yeon pulls back the chain, leaving him with just one word.

Like climbing a pulley, his body disappeared into the air_and beyond the chaotic space crawling around.