Second Life Ranker

24. Warrior Corps (10)

[This area is far away from the tower.] [Location could not be confirmed.] [You have left the tower unauthorized!] [You have left Tom!] [list! We don't know at this time, so we're a long way from the tower. Player # # # 's retiring intentions have not been determined, so the "Temporary dormant" status has been applied.] [This area is far away from the tower's system. Maintaining this status for a long time may result in the loss of eligibility as a player due to disclosure of the intent of the retreat. We recommend returning to the stage as soon as possible.] [The system will not be supported while the temporary sleep state persists. All features related to Player # # # will be disabled.] After the chaos that resembled the kite, only the room arrived.

However, many lights from afar were forming swarms of colourful debts, or splitting apart to create many beautiful spectacles.

Those lights... were all bees of different sizes.


Yeongwoo fell in the middle of the universe far from the tower.

Where air, gravity, and systems can be almost invisible.

It was a place where ordinary creatures could never hide, but at the same time, Yeongwoo exerted a spiritual transition while simultaneously pulling up magical power.

Then the body that was going to be slightly damaged by the atmospheric car was immediately supported, and it was able to regain consciousness.

Moreover, it was not uncomfortable to move in space because the enormous magical power did not interfere with the preservation of life, even without oxygen.

The moment she emitted her will outwardly, she could feel the enormous life that was melting in the dark matter that filled the majority of the universe.

No, we can really call this "life."

Presumably, it had already surpassed the size of the stars.

Given that the known star, the size of the sun, is 109 times the size of the Earth, but very small in the universe…… it could already be the size of clusters to galaxies that stretch beyond the solar system.

One day, a human being was only a tiny speck of dust.

"Is this crawling chaos? `In size, it seemed to be much larger than the monarch of the extreme kingdom that was forming the Great Sea.

I could see why Yeonwoo considered mortals like humans to be less than worms one day, including the chaos of crawling around.

It was not a comparable size car in the beginning.

No one wants to seriously talk to insects or bacteria in front of them one day, even though they are sensitive humans.

Of course, not all other gods have this ridiculous size.

However, they could see how petrified they would be by the towers, usually surrounded by mortals, and how angry they would be at them for not showing any broken spots.

At the same time, they were thinking like that.

Among the people who were sleeping in the tower, there were definitely things that could fight this nonsense and pair up.

Those who have the highest ranks, such as the First World or the Creator. The Mother Earth must not have fallen off its feet compared to the chaos that crawls around, so how absurd is the thousand horses that sealed them all in 'Tom'. And I couldn't help but wonder what the tower was again.

However, Yeon-woo faced the chaos of crawling around.

From the moment he merged with Maestro, he had the same willingness as here.

Even when you see the bodies of chaos crawling around so big, instead of feeling "frightened," what's so big? 'It was a close thought.

There's no efficiency in all this energy consumption just because you're this big. Yeongwoo, along with her magical power, unleashed her will to the outside.

Phew! I thought I'd covered this infinite universe, expanding so infinitely that at some point, I stopped. And I could perceive the "perfect" of the crawling chaos.

It meant that it was the same size as the one who had to read only part of the surface consciousness (8\ 6).

Here... ~... Me? Tsuyeoyu Fun...! That's a girl. I could read some of his accidents.

Although the full interpretation was impossible, it was still at a conversational level.

I told you! I want you to hang tight. Oh, you don't have a neck, do you? Yeon-woo smiled coldly and shot him. Because the doctor had to be properly communicated, he was filled with the truth.

Snooze! The crawling chaos spits out a bizarre cry. The vacuum does not make a real sound, but a vibration of a medium called dark matter resonates.

He was smiling.

Tens of thousands of years... No, hundreds of thousands of years? Maybe longer than that. There was a man who had always lived as the absolute master of the universe who threw this challenge head-on.

Given that even the “inner king", the resident of the boundary, does not come or go forward with him.

Right now, the conflict with Yeouido was so much fun.

Moreover, Yeon-woo was not the one who pretended that he was nothing but a flame a day ago! Even with so many mysteries and miraculous signs, the whole evolution of worms at once was completely absent.

The crawling chaos never intended to end this farce so easily.

That's it.

His thoughts were conveyed to the Gosranjiangyu.

Let's see if we can keep laughing. Yeon-woo smiled coldly and knocked Beagrid down.

[Vigrid-?? Unlocks the hidden name, Excalibur.] [Herald: Free the God-king] The castle remained hidden in the beagrid and was able to replicate the many traditions that were in it in turn.

The moment of his mastery and condensation, Yeon was able to bring back the majority of Vigrid's legacy.

You break the center of the chaos crawling around, vomiting a glamorous glow with added lightning.

“I don't have a lot of time. We'll get him in there as soon as we can. `If you get a retractor seal from the system, there is no way back to the tower. So I had to kill him first.

In either universe that is not so positionable, a collision of two absolute beings began.

Tons of light and explosions have rocked the universe.

Meanwhile, the time.

Tured... What in God's name is he? The recipients were trembling.

In a situation where all of them were shocked and easily distracted by the chaos that caused the crawling chaos.

Suddenly the intense notion conveyed through channeling made them happy at their waist.

Although it was hard to know the exact location of the gods they were serving, it was desperate to sense what they were facing and how they were fighting them.

I can't believe you just climbed over the stars and fought him! It inspired them, as if they were taking a scene from an original myth that could be seen in a legend.

And the one who felt it the most was Baldevich.

He was ordered to serve here as an apostle, so he had to have a stronger tremor to impress his comrades.

God is fighting against such powerful beings that they cannot fall down like this. There are many other gods left in Hidden Stage. Although they are mostly severely wounded, their own healing rate was much higher than that of the rebels because they are conceptual beings.

There is a command from the chaos crawling around, so even if there is no such thing, they will try to devour themselves again. They were tightly horned by the fact that they were only treated as livestock.

That's why Baldevich forced himself to use the Great Sword as a cane.

I felt like I was squeaking all over my body, but now I have to reorganize my tempo first.

By the way.

"Damn! I can't believe I'm finally going through this! I shouldn't have pretended to be the chaos crawling around in the first place 54 But I guess it didn't work out. This eliminates the annoying existence. In a conversation that sounded so far-fetched, Baldevich instinctively twisted his back and swung his sword.

Kuang! I wonder if the Great Sword will break like this. Baldevich twists his insides and has to bleed again because of the power that flows through his blade.

He glances at the envoys who surround the warrior corps with blood in their mouths, without birds.

They point their weapons at each other, releasing a fierce force. There was only one passion.


You people... Are you trying to betray me? Betrayal? Ridiculous. "The man standing in front of the group laughed.

Aren't you the ones who used to treat us like hounds without knowing the theme of livestock in the first place? Then you should have been ready to be bitten by that hound. When he wanted to turn to disadvantage, he turned away as if he had waited.

Arrggg! Baldevich had no choice but to split his teeth. It was the same with the other rebels.

However, unlike expressing anger, he tried to stay calm in his head somehow. We needed to figure out what was going on.

We had to know how many casualties there were, what the traitor faced, how the gods of the enemy's power struggle came about, and how many remained as allies to figure it out.

The number currently participating on the traitor's side of the envoys will be approximately 6.

The fact that they moved this fast even when they were injured meant that they had already been discussed for a long time.

There's at least four left.

Three of them fell back and saw where they were standing, and the rest of them were not motivated, even though they were on the side of the squadron. I wondered if I could fight properly because my injuries were so great.

The problem was that the envoys, Agares, Fenrir and Iranian troops, who had been positively supportive of the alliance, showed little movement.

The traitors were gaining more courage there, as if they were watching the situation.

He had already judged that the victory was in their favor.

Do you no longer need the Book of Revelation? As he dragged time, he gradually checked the movements of the other gods that were coming this way, while also checking the status of his people quickly.

No way. You can't go back empty-handed like this. So choose. " What do you want me to choose? If you turn your backs on us from here, you are all dead. But you can't let that happen now that you've only built one. So give me the Book of Revelations you have. What?" The revelation that your forefathers left behind in the ruins is to give it to you. It means that since we are the ones who provided information about the ruins and excavated them by exploring them, we will take our knees. His lips twisted.

But since we've been fighting together for so long, I'll let the clan live. Or maybe it's okay to be our horse saws if you want to be. What do you think? Not a bad choice for you guys, either? "Abdul" "!" Valdivich seemed to know the thoughts of the traitors.

To fly the book of Revelations left by our forefathers in exchange for saving us.

Plus, they were thinking about beating the shit out of the warrior army.

Although the gods and giants were never compatible, they seemed to have changed their minds while watching the warriors fight. I'd rather use it as a slave than get rid of it.

I thought I'd barely made it out of the crawling chaos. I can't believe I'm walking back into another den by myself. What kind of spiritual beings would that be? But all they did was ridicule Baldevich, telling him what to do when he gets angry. There is no lotus here, so it doesn't matter what you do.

After chasing after the chaos crawling around, I didn't think I'd be able to come back.

Does it matter if everyone dies? Who dies wet? We just have to unleash the coming and go back to heaven. But the rest of you who were tied up here, you were forced to make a choice, smiling coldly.

Will it be a fishery? Are you going to die here with your foolish ancestors, or are you going to give up the Book of Revelation and save your lives? The moment it fell.

Grab it! You bastards...! Likewise, they were unbelievable seeds. It's like God and demons and crawling chaos in the end. The Warriors pull out their weapons, expressing their anger in unison.

Although close to half of them died, the other half suffered serious injuries.

That's why there aren't more than twenty men left to fight, but I still don't want to show them the way to go.

Even if I die, I intend to take one more to hell.

In the end, I want to drink bee liquor instead of alcohol. I'm going to shout, "Let's defeat the warriors with an annoying voice."

Haha! Hahaha! "Baldevich, who had been staring at them all these years, suddenly exploded a bomb.

"What's so funny?" The traitors were so afraid of Baldevich that they thought he was crazy. "


Baldevich twists the tip of one lip as he smiles during the day.

Funny how you can't escape your expectations.

If I live that long as transcendent beings, I wonder if my thoughts become blunt with them. What? No. I got away with it. I knew I'd hit you in the back someday, but I thought it might be time to get distracted from the fight. But is it too soon to say I'm surprised? The traitors hesitated. You will notice something unsettling about Baldevich.

You said you would only run to heaven if you ran away. Fruit! Baldevich yells loudly as he puts his sword to the ground.

Go ahead! If there's anything I can do! May "'_____! What? Why not? Channeling with the Celestial World has been cut off! What the...! Getaway Chaos' last sanctuary, 'Great Marriage Station' has been taken back!] [Successfully completed all scenario quests (Proof of God and King).] has achieved achievements that are not easy to achieve. Additional Public Value.1 [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [As a reward….] [From now on, depending on your achievements, 60 stages, the" Land of the Fallen Giants "will be attributed to player #\ from the" crawling chaos "] [WARNING! The environment of the current stage is extremely dire. You cannot inhabit any living thing. [Build Floating Shrines] [Build Temples on Loyalty to strengthen sanctuaries.] [Many are now trespassing in the sanctuary without the owner's permission.] [Connection with Sanctuary Owner is unstable for unknown reasons.] [On behalf of the absent Sanctuary Owner, the delegation of all authority over the Sanctuary is authorized.] [Current Representative: Player Valdevich] Tea 1." The Tea House directors' bodies were firmly fixed.

The sanctuary was not just meaningful to transcendents as the “realm." Where faith is born, where faith works. The transcendent "being" was the foundation by which they were able to act. That is, the transcendent himself.

In the sanctuary, the owner was like the Creator. All the laws revolve around him.

It's suicide to infiltrate a place like that.

As long as Hidden Stage is fully bound to Yeon Woo, the traitors are as if their hands and feet were publicly tied.

The problem was that they were the body, not the body, and that all the connections to the heavenly system were cut off and could not be returned. They were completely isolated from the book.

What could it be? Baldevich smiles coldly, looking at those who had been stiffened naked.

You're all candied. His smile resembled Yeon-woo somewhere.