Second Life Ranker

25. Warrior Corps (11)

When the apostles heard that, they made a hard impression.

Being trapped in the sanctuary of the enemy. It was like a situation where the culprit's brains were about to enter.


The ambassadors cleared their minds and empowered their eyes.

"Don't let them light you up." The moment the pairing with the celestial world broke, the conversation cooled, but it didn't mean anything to frustrate or frustrate me. The real owner of the sanctuary left the tower anyway.

In that case, it was enough to catch the proxy before then.

It was almost impossible to catch them with just one warrior squad, even though the chaos of the crawling armies destroyed them.

No. Even if the real force of the warriors in the beginning, it was too much to deal with them all.

The apostles are all high gods in each society. They had a great myth. Now that I've only showered my transcendence, I can't even afford to let them bloom properly! Though they had some disadvantaged qualities... I didn't have to worry about them because they would eventually become trendy.

Eventually, the ideas of the apostles came together, and they gathered together to eliminate Baldebich, etc., before the other gods came.

There was a violent rush.

"Figure." He smiled with a confident smile and pulled out a sword from the floor and patted his head.

Come on. Cocksucker! I'll tell you what God is! Guang! One of them swoops down here, bright and bright. A vast mystical force swirled down like a storm, acting like it was attacking Baldevich, but it did not fling with its Black Valdevich.

It was because someone else intervened before.

Chaen! You're a bad ear. The Dark Knight in the Black Helmet was much bigger than him. Infernosite, which faces down, burns like a flame.

"Yes, you were. Four Kings. I was wondering where you went, but you were hiding here. Hiding. You talk too much? Instead, I waited." Fouson Hut "" Gan {} "tried to scream out what he was talking about, but the wind had to get in during the moment.

From Shannon's feet, his shadow on the ground begins to shred. At the same time, while the black azrang flew upward and the space was wide open behind the back, the two eyes of the west were revealed.

The moment he saw those eyes, he felt his body collapse unconsciously.

Maan (Red Beep) of Bu-Fast, who was able to contain darkness in both eyes, was now able to bring terror to even the spiritual beings.

Shannon smiles coldly, as if he knew what he was thinking.

"An opportunity to eat you. It's hard to be lucky enough to eat spiritual beings. 4.. 4..! Declaration of Realm." At that moment.

Dragon Realm, "Bina" has been declared. We've been able to exert our powers across a certain domain.] [All stats increase by a certain number over a certain period of time.] [Increases Physical Defense Power by a certain figure over a certain period of time.] [Sanctuary, 'Land of Destiny (+)' is set!] Shannon's shadow, which was running around, flew to all sides as he painted a spider web.

The shadow fills the floor of the hidden stage with a sudden burst of water and rises to the vicinity of the ankle.

At the same time, something happened slowly from the inside of the shadow and slowly began to form a human figure.

Wearing the same thick, dark armor, spears in his right hand, a death squad with tower shields in his left hand, Dis Fluto was nothing like what gods and demons had seen in heaven so far.

There was a fierce atmosphere. Even the energy from the spear or shield was exotic enough that I had never felt before.

This did not mean that they were as chaotic or disorderly as the other gods. It clearly contained the energy of balance and order like them, but it was also full of feelings of defiance.

It was... definitely death.

The energy of the dead that drives everything to death.

It represents a law that even transcendent beings like gods and demons can never oppose.

Those who belonged to Tartarus experienced greatness as they belonged to Yeouido, but gained near-thousand-year experience and a new personality (\) through the book of Revelation.

What was in the cocoons to regain its power was to leave Shannon's command and come out into the world.

The soldiers who became perverts (Red ) opened their eyes one by one and hid heavily.

It's been a while since I've smelled this familiar hometown.

It wasn't really tartarus air, but it had the closest atmosphere to it.

The air that rejects the living, accepts the dead. Others were called prisons, but the air made their hearts beat again, like paradise or somewhere else.

Duquesne! I'm pretty sure it's a dead heart. They were resonating as if their whole soul had become a heart (Exhibit 8).

And at the forefront of such a disco pluto.

An outstanding commander shouts loudly.

"Glory to the Great God, and glory!" "Victory and glory!" Victory and glory! "Waaa-dis Fluto raised his spear and shield and started running towards the traitors with a shout.

Added to the massively summoned phantom horse like Styd the Fan (Beep Beep Beep ”8), they soon became an enormous_spectacular army and roughly slapped the sides of the camp where the traitors were united! As the situation unfolded, the traitors were the ones who became indisposed.

How can such clans fly if they don't have a master? "They didn't even know there was a Disc Pluto. No, I couldn't tell. The elite soldiers of Tartaros are well known in the heavenly realms. Hades has been famous for his long fall from the throne of Olympus because he has the disk fluto.

However, I had never summoned the Confederate Disc Fluto since I came down from the Library of Sky, and I was not very worried because I knew from the beginning that Disc Fluto itself was much more enlightened than during its heyday.

But the disco fluto they face here was much different from the disco fluto they had known all along.

It reminded me of my childhood! Moreover, one who stood at the forefront and wielded his sword at random was very threatening to the gods and demons as well.

As he mounts the flaming red horse, the storm thunders with each swing of two giant swords.

Tess Road] Location: Descriptions of tyranny: As a monarch who corrects death, he dares to lead those who turn their backs on him to death. Has the ability to control the abyss.

He will try to spread your will on this earth as your second and faithful knight and great general.

Specifically, the current 'Görald (Lot)' was completed and a new 'War (\ 230)' was born.

Just as the wealth, pallor 'was obtained as a statue, the statue that was born by Han was' war '.

It was because the world he had lived in all his life was a battlefield, and the place he could not leave after death was a battlefield.

The traitors took on the Koran and the Discover Pluto, each one of them unleashed their own power and tried to confront them.

The problem was that it was too difficult for Han to endure the brutal precedent and the overwhelming number of cars in Dis Pluto.

The battlefield is already in the hands of one man.

Kuaaaah! Eventually, many of the traitors turned their backs on the hooves of horses or attacked the spear, and the rest of them began to flow from side to side.

Some tried to recover the pairing with the celestial world somehow, but all they got was a message that it had failed.

[God's society, the gods of Malach, look away from the grisly massacre.] [Demonic society is very pleased with the screams and cries of Le Infernal!] [Bimagildara looks at the battlefield very closely.] Nernunos seeks his Apostle from the chaotic battlefield.] A total of four are on the battlefield, courtesy of Yeongwoo.

Among them were Malach, a symbol of the absolute good, and Le In-Neurnal, a representative of the absolute evil. In exchange for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, I was able to study Yeon-woo's daily lives. However, he could not intervene in what he was doing.

The other two were Bimagildara and Kernunos. Among them, there was no interest in exploring the battlefield known as Bimagilda, and Kernunos was busy searching for his child.

Then he found Rebecca moving fast in the middle of the sky.

[Celestial Spirit ( Red)] Location: Celestial Description: A Spirit that liked someone great, but now belongs to someone great.

She has eyes, but she can see far away, and she can hear things she can't see far back. It became a medium between heaven and earth (sun +).

Specifically: 'Mystery (\)' - The new famine (palm hepmhole "Woong) `was completed ^ Rebecca doesn't even have a proper human form anymore.

When I was subordinated to Yeon-woo, I had hoped to become a person someday, but now I seem to forget even that.

But the black wind, which was her will, was intense. The power of famine to take everything upon itself.

Everyone who was exposed to Rebecca's power fell to the ground thirsty and hungry. The spirit they boasted about withers at a rapid rate.

Wealth summons countless undead, casts all kinds of magic, and scatters death all over the battlefield.

No way! Even God, who was facing Shannon and Carl, cried out in unbelievable circumstances.

What did I tell you? You guys are the kings of our personas...... No, you're the ones the personas left behind. So, "Shannon laughed as much as he could, and refined his status as' conquest by completing unfinished power. '

"Lose!" Guayang! The spirit thumps. You slap the sword breaker down hard, and your limbs are cut off and you die.

The parts- it flowed like sand castles and was absorbed by Shannon.

Shannon dresses as he feels the spirit filling his body. I always enjoyed the feeling of upheaval whenever I felt it.

"Oh! This was a better place than I thought. How about something else? Shannon dives into the field.

My love- "Ah, ah, ah! Help me! Please!" It was a one-way massacre.

Shannon, Ghost, Rebecca, Boo.

The four factions representing Yeongwoo have become symbols of the four paths to "death," the Conquest-War famine pallor. It was a sword that represented the stature of Yeongwoo and enforced her will.


If one were to be opened in that way, another would have to be opened in a similar way.

There were others who pioneered the path of 'struggle'.

“Have you thought about using Hidden Stage itself as a sanctuary to get all the food in it? He's always been a ninny, but he's a greedy bastard. You're a stand-up guy, too? So I like it.

Kahahaha! ”The Vampire Lord opens his fangs white and bursts out a big smile. When she hid in Vigrid and fled to the soul collection of the moat to avoid Mars, she was blessed by the book of Revelations on the ice and was able to reach the darkness she longed for.

She couldn't help but admire the design that Yeon-woo had set up all over the place right after her eyes.

The Hidden Stage of the Sixties was a place where countless Giants died during a long time of crawling chaos. Moreover, as Yeonwoo tried to gain independence, many foreign gods fell.

In other words, this Hidden Stage itself was rich in quality nutrients that could not be compared to other staircases.

But Yeon-woo was able to make this place a sanctuary and hone its abundant nutrients.

I was able to induce a rapid awakening by pouring it all into the shadows.

That's why all these bundles were able to open their eyes at once.

Moreover, this was not the only target of Yeongwoo.

He had predicted that many of the original envoys would be betrayed. They were going to wipe it all out and absorb all the Western powers and souls.

And it all leads to... "The Awakening of the Rebellion." It's different.

To our God! To God! All rebels, including Valdivihi, were stabbing themselves in the heart without hesitation, reversing their weapons.

What a horrible sight to see.

Blood splattered everywhere. It was frightening to see the rebels killing themselves in groups.


It was never a suicide.

It was a ritual to try to dissect the flesh.

The smile on their mouths was the proof.

Suddenly, a shadow rises and fills the void inside the heart of blood. As the shadow flows through the veins, it seeps into the body. Then the soul slowly begins to turn black.

In the shadow was the energy that was extracted from the souls of the dead gods and demons.

In the beginning, Yeon-ju had no intention of giving the fruit of the tree of good and evil to a giant. There are so many nutrients, there's no reason to bless only one! That much energy empowered the body and soul of the rebellious giant. Transcendence, which has been active so far, has jumped to more than a few steps at once.

At that moment.

Overwhelming, overwhelming - the flesh began to crumble gradually.

The rebels said, 'I laughed in such terrible agony. The moment I longed for came. We were able to fulfill our ancestors' aspirations, grievances, and grudges. When it became a laughingstock.

Woodpeck! The bodies of the rebels crumbled like sand castles all at once.

Kuku Kuku - The spirit that was hiding inside slowly rises up.

It boasted an enormous size, tens of meters long. Blood flowing along the skin is dark and red, and the glow is intense around the eyes.

A village chief who was thought to be a forgotten being in a myth.

Giants resurrected in tens of thousands of years.

Khure! The giants roared in unison.