Second Life Ranker

Coin. Giant Shin Dragon (1)

The Giants, including Baldevich, were extremely vigorous.

The traitors couldn't wipe their expressions of stubbornness from their faces. It was because I remembered a nightmare that I had buried deep in my memory a long time ago.

Giants have always been obstacles and obstacles to the gods.

If you only want to manage a civilization after creating it beautifully, you can attack the gangs like you've always been waiting for, plunder and charcoal.

Demons sometimes invade planets for the expansion of the magic system, but it is rare for them to get this far. Because most of them move to satisfy their own_selfishness or curiosity, I often end up satisfied with my own desires.

Neither did the polyps. No, there was not much reason to pour the original and the polyps. They were incredibly personal, and they were very indifferent to other things. You don't touch the territory they've built.

However, the Giants loved to swallow up what God had built over the years, and every time they tried to prevent how good they were at fighting that subject, the damage was not just their own.

So many societies rotted for a long time, and when they were completely wiped out by the chaos that was crawling around them, they were very happy.

But resurrection! It was like lightning for those who somehow tried to stop the rebirth of Giants.

Furthermore, the bigger problem.

The Giant they encountered was not just a Giant.

Kuuuhhhh! Kuuuhhh! Rrrrgh! Just as I heard the call of the roaring tribes to heaven, I heard a similar cry elsewhere.

Whistle-breaking energy gathered around the Giants and began to form one by one, beginning to form the shape of the Giants.

Those who died because of the chaos of crawling around, borrowed the intention of the shadow realm and resurfaced as spirits.

But they weren't the only ones who regenerated.

Where am I...? "Am I revived? How do I“ "? I thought there was a voice calling to me. Is that why? I can feel it! Ah!" Many years ago, there were those who unfairly closed their eyes because of the crawling chaos.

Those who had to wander endlessly in a room made by the chaos that has been haunted for a long time were impressed by the sense of being recovered and unable to recover their minds.

And as they appeared right next to each other, their insides burst into tears, embracing each other.

There were a thousand of them.

It is not revived. By the grace of God, as part of his family. And as his warrior, he gained a new life. "The spirits of all the giants looked back at you, as Valdivihi shouted at them."

[Dead Giant] Explanation: Giant warriors who had to chase the nineteen thousand with their eyes closed to an unfair and bitter death were only able to answer their call after a long time had passed.

But after so many years, I lost too much of my self to become a complete being. So they were able to come down with spirits, combining numerous spirits and spirits, while hoping to be on the deity that served their gods.

In other words, they became new beings who share the same qualities as ghosts and spirits while having an identity as giants.

Many monsters that have been born by Yeongwoo have merged with the spirits belonging to the soul collection and have become mediators to resurrect the Giants of old.

The Dead Giant was an extraordinary creature that no god or demon had ever seen before.

On the basis of "death," those who were resurrected for 'struggle,' they were able to realize what they were like in a heartbeat.

Even though the number of giants who closed their eyes on Hidden Stage was infinitely short.

It's because so many people have lost their identity over the years, or have been eaten up by crawling chaos.

In fact, it was truly a miracle that so many were able to respond to the call of their descendants.

Plus, a thousand dead giants is a tremendous amount of power.

The small and medium-sized societies alone should be easy to light up.

And… the higher the owner's annual price, the higher the surge of the dead and the greater the power.

Churrr! The Deadly Giants burst into screams, face to face, with no need to cover their ancestors, descendants, or anyone else, even though someone didn't teach them.


Bang! We! Who is it? "Valdivich squeals loudly as he rolls one foot.

Then the other Dead Giants rolled their feet in unison.

Queen We! 00. 's Exhibition. + Loda! Woo, Lee! What! HaQuinn.

The Fight Kit…}! Cotton 1 "| To the enemy troops! ... To allies? " Victory! "Every time Baldevich asked a question, the Dead Giants rolled their feet roughly in response to it.

Whenever that happens, the earth rots without birds.

The room was shaking violently.

It was the same ancient ritual that the giants had long since disappeared, just before the battle.

A ritual to inspire the previous (\ 6), to unleash determination.

Yeongwoo did not force buffs related to photoexplosion to awaken them for no reason.

Phototranslation is a trait that Giants have had for a long time. It was meant to be louder the more colleagues there were.

Plundering was gambling as much as attacking, but it also meant that there were a lot of allies who could protect themselves because it increased their chances of putting them at risk.

That's why the giants were always able to concentrate on fighting.

It's the same now.

With so many colleagues around, how can you be worried about getting yourself hurt? Moreover, they were gaining great goodwill! Then, brothers. Baldevich lowered his sword and fixed his gaze to one side.

The other dead giants gaze at you the same way.

It was not a rebellious place.

They will soon be discovered and vanished into thin air by the Discover Pluto. Slaughtering those that have already been defeated is not much of a thrill for warriors.

Instead, there were those who caught their attention.

A bunch of chaos crawling this way. We have to get rid of all the other gods somehow, so we can get rid of the little snail that's left in their hearts.

Let's show them who we are. "Valdivich, along with the horse, came out roughly.


Whoa! The Dead Giants have started chasing after Baldebeech in unison.

A mixed violent shout shook the sanctuary.

At that moment.

Guaiang! Valdivini and the dead giants can see a giant pillar of fire hurtling down in the middle of a group of foreign gods.

An enormous amount of flowering horses (outside %) crossed between them.

After blowing away the god of the other three times in a heartbeat, Baldevich and the Dead Giants, who had been so excited about fighting for so long, became dumbstruck for a moment.

Later on, I knew it was a support for myself, and I kept my eyes open.

Giant dragons that went extinct just like themselves were flying rough in the skies.They were fond of Bress.

“" "Summer Queen Foot Devici realizes who she is and squints slightly as if she doesn't know why.

Soon, they focused on fighting again, saying that their god must have taken care of them well.

Overwhelming! And so the last war ran towards the end.

Somehow... we have to inform society! Wendigo quickly ran away, gripping his teeth. Immediately after the conflicts between the traitors and the allies, she pretends to be neutral and starts running away without looking back from the moment Fluto wakes up.

The society she belongs to is a very small community that originally belongs to God and the Devil's faction, and nowhere else. Even those who did not know existed were many places.

Originally, the descent to the Summer was almost impossible, but she was forced to send her down because of a strong desire for the Book of Revelation.

And wego regretted his past days of wanting to be an envoy.

This place was crazy.

Even though the heaven was full of chaos and war with Allfowon, the rivers that had been ignored were worse than that because they had been living where the microbes lived.

A place where foreign gods appear, gods and demons are cut off, and giants are about to resurrect.

Where in the world is this fucking place? Moreover, when I saw Gabriel, who had always been deeply fascinated by another member of the group... I thought he was completely insane.

Malach was crazy, and so was Le Infernal, who did the same thing.

And the same was true of the envoys who greeted the monster. There wasn't a single right place.

I should have listened when I told Yeon-woo to go back to heaven. I should have ignored him no matter how much I rebelled in society...! Despite this, Digo chose to flee from the stage, gripped by the last remaining courage.

When she saw it, the Messengers who expressed neutrality would soon die like traitors.

Even if I let him live, I was sure he would be eaten and discarded like a slave again. There was only a time difference.

Without Yeonwoo being a fool, there's no way to let the Giants resurrect so easily in the heavenly world. There was no need to disclose the power of the Discover Fluto. The witnesses must have tried to seal their mouths tightly.

Therefore, wego was only filled with the idea of noticing the dangers of Yeouido in the sky. The risk of Lee Yeon-woo was not the area of… ~ simple, 'possibility'.

Reality, itself.


Where are you going? Wendigo had to stop running, not running much longer. There sat a rock with a face so beautiful that it was hard to distinguish between the sexes.

The moment I saw him, I was stiff.

Agares.Le Infernal Exodus.

But now more famous for his fanatical obsession with the moat.

All he could think about was how to convince Agarose. No, I wanted to yell at him as soon as possible.

Agares, listen to me...! "Fruit! But even before Webdigo could join the horses, his neck was slit with the slightest swing of Agareth's hand.

Pas-agareth snorts as if he wasn't interested in seeing Digo's body crumbling like sand castles.

"Ha! Whether that's dangerous or not, it's up to me to decide when to harvest it.

Until then, all you have to do is, "dog." Agareth said that, turning his gaze toward Yeon Woo's followers who were holding the flag of victory in the midst. Like a man in front of a tasty food, the red tongue curled his dry lips.

"Yes, keep it that way. The more valuable a treasure you become, the greater the amount of money you get when you take it. at that time.

Yeongwoo was experiencing new changes while Discover Pluto and the Dead Giants were at large.

[Depending on Hades' Sword, it absorbs a large amount of Giant's Factor.] [Giant's Factor is Awakened.] [Giant's Factor is Awakened.] [You have obtained a generous amount of Giant's Factor.] [The awakening of the dead gecko resumes.] The rebels threw their bodies away for desertion and transcendence.

The discarded body was sucked into Hades' mandarin sword, and it became the son of a Giant and was delivered to Yeongwoo.

Moreover, there were many factors that the old giants gained as the Dead Giants were resurrected.

Thanks to this, we were able to induce the resurrection of the gecko that had been stopped.

The energy of the dead gods and demons as well as setting up sanctuaries while dealing with the traitors is food for the colonies, and the abandoned Giant Factor uses it as his Awakening Material.

Precisely planned in triplicate to avoid major advancements, even with the lotus covered in the first place.


Less than [006].] [There is a subtle mismatch between the four factions.] [Current Awakening Rate: 98.5%] The Giant's Factor that was acquired was still insufficient to catch up fully with the current battlefield.

'I can't help it. "So far, Yeon-ju has finally taken out what she used as insurance as if she couldn't be defeated.

In the beginning it was for him from the beginning. The best treasure in the heavens, not only for filling up the missing factor, but also for raising the balance points to a few or more levels.

The Apple.

Yeon-woo took it to her mouth without hesitation.