Second Life Ranker

2. Giant Shin Dragon (2)

[You ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!] [Anthropomorphic] Grade: Highest description: Treasure with absolute and absolute evil possibilities at the same time. To the extent that there is a famous tradition that the first man was driven out of paradise after eating this, he is a preeminent prey. He gains the status of a transcendent by swallowing a single mouth, gaining excellent wisdom to perceive the truth by swallowing two or three mouths, and is given the powerful power to govern all of them.

However, there is no known effect of swallowing them all.

It was because there was no history of it since the universe was created. There have been many rumors that the leader of “Malach" and the owner of "Le Infernal" had swallowed from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but nothing has been made clear.

Today, this tree of the knowledge of good and evil is created by compressing the power of Gabriel the archangel and the great demon, Gambit. However, it is unclear how much more effective it is than the existing tree of the knowledge of good and evil that has appeared in the world.

What is certain is that if you try to covet unqualified self, there is a good chance that it will not end with a simple death or debris 6 ).

However, if you are an intact qualified person, you may be able to aim for the 'Zigokhat (Main Home )'.

This is a teafact.Please note that it may be negatively attributable to the CIN system and attribution rate that you will continue to own.

is an artifact. False ingestion can lead to the collapse of your first business (). It is recommended to consume after a complete understanding of its effectiveness.

It's far away. Record changes in the outside world may be penalized for subsequent re-entry into the tower.

[Due to the influence of the knowledge of good and evil, the four factors (Dragon: Drinker), which have been subtly misaligned due to the large increase in the Giant's factor, are the balance points.] [The energy of the evil fruit that has not yet been fully digested remains in the body in large quantities.] [Haedes' Silk Sword "begins to fully digest the remaining energy.] The energy of the Good and Evil reaffects the balance of the swarm factor (Dragon Horse 'Sinner).] [Balance points will be adjusted to increase!] [Balance points will be adjusted to increase!] [New changes have been made to the soul due to the excessive upward adjustment of the balance point.] [Increased (Sun\).] [Raised [Ham].] Suddenly, there was a storm, and a lot of the fish and tentacles that were trying to stick to Yeongwoo were pushed away.

Are you trying to do something funny again? What are you gonna show me this time? Maybe it was because he kept sending them. I could now fully understand the doctor who was deriving from the crawling chaos.

He blew up a fangtooth while looking at the lotus. It was instinctively intuitive that Yeon-woo would show me another interesting sight, just as she had done.

It was a sight of common molluscs in this vast universe reborn to be completely exotic to existing beings.

It was the best view in the history of the long universe, rarely seen, and rarely seen.

It seemed so clear to the crawling chaos with eyes that could see the truth.

Although the fear of 'Yeon-woo' is being stubborn, the contents are changing from the ground up.

The identity of "Yeon" remains the same, but a higher dimension than the existing 'Yeon' dimension! [Resume the Awakening of the Giant Dragon] Heave, heave! Wooddug-Yeon vividly felt the factor of the giant digging into the gene, and could feel the body completely changing as the military point of the four factors rose to its fullest extent.

The sinful stone grew with the changing flesh, and the dragon heart resounded loudly, accepting a new kind of magic.

Divine Power, Magi, Magic Power, Giant Power... Every kind of energy that existed in the world felt like walking around in the body.

It was as if this vast universe was embedded in your body as if you were mistaken.

Small Universe 01\ Nubob).

Or the world itself (4\\).

The qualities of the four great factions that exist in this universe are contained in one body.

It also means that we have all the possibilities that exist in the world.

Yeon was fully aware that she had become completely different from when she was on Earth. At that time, I doubted whether the self and the present self were the same person.

And when all the changes are complete,

Keep your eyes peeled.

[The Giant's Mercy has been successfully combined with God and the Horseman and the Dragon Warrior.] [Character conversion has been successful. The characteristic 'Dramamine' was changed | to 'Sea of Dramamine\'.] [This is the first body that was born. Nothing has been revealed about the limitations and qualities of the flesh. Learn about the flesh for yourself.] [You have accomplished a great feat that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [?? You earned.] [Additional public value??? You've gained.] [Bimachildara senses your presence from a distance and is extremely flushed. I look forward to meeting you someday.] Nernunos closes his eyes quietly, obsessed with complex ideas.] [Every God of Death feels your presence.] [All the demons of death marvel at your character.] [Characteristic: Giant Dragon] Explanation: The dragon and the devil, God and Giants were faintly transcendent long ago and were thrown to the apex of the world.

With extreme exploration, the polyp sought to see the truth behind the world, and Satan created all kinds of desires to have fun, leading different kinds of microbes to live their lives, and God tried to create and manage the universe so that the whole universe could flow properly, and the Giant destroyed the universe based on irresistible violence.

They were like cogs that helped the universe and dimensions run intact, but the history of the universe stopped advancing and became stagnant one by one.

However, there is a presence in one body that has four characteristics for the first time.

The path you have taken to that great achievement will soon be the singularity that will determine the great direction in the history of the universe.

The power of the polyps, demons, gods and giants can be gradually evolved.

Depending on eligibility, you will be able to declare your own realm, 'Bina', that will enable you to exert your maximum power over a certain range.

Depending on whether you qualify, you can see the "Hawkma" explored by the polyp, the "Nechach" made by the devil, the "Yesod" established by God, and the "Gevura" completed by the Giants.

Depending on whether you are eligible, you can express' Ketter ',' Tifereth ',' Hyssed ',' Hyesed ',' Malkut ', and' Malkut ',' Malcun ', which are possessed by the Giants.

Fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fuel! The waves of force that spread along the pond were intense enough to mess with numerous nebulas and repeatedly reassemble them.

And again, when Yeon-woo has beautiful eyes.

The crawling chaos once again bursts into laughter.

His expectations were also not wrong.

No, it was more than that.

Obviously, there was no major change in Yeon-woo's appearance. It had the same characteristics of a dragon.

However, as he moves, dark matter trembles, and the space is gradually collapsing. Simply a three-dimensional space meant that it was hard to keep his village under enormous pressure.

The tentacle tip of the chaotic crawling chaos that was observing Yeon Woo was piercing.

At this rate, I think I've reached the rank of 'exotic' (000: < 00899) who is regarded as' godlike 'among other gods. Of course, we haven't yet achieved desertion and transcendence, so it may not be easy to justify it that way.

We can do that whenever Yeon-woo wants.

Yes. This is enough to make him a descendant. The crawling chaos had only just made me want to recognize Yeon-woo.

that he possessed the black heir < &) that had never been captured among the gods of another world. It had to give him a lot of interest in many ways.

As I told the residents of the border, if you put it up with a secret creature in the tower... ~ I thought it would be fun.

But you're still incomplete.

Here you are, one, but originally two. If one doesn't become as perfect as it is now, it won't work that way. The crawling chaos noticed that Yeon-woo was working with Maestro, and threw such a lesson.

Of course, I didn't intend to listen as a kitten, so I swung the beagrid roughly without answering.

As the fierce and magical force condensed, the glow of Gajanabigrid shifts to the side, creating a myriad of chaotic fogs that were crawling all at once.

Yeongwoo was able to find a gigantic nucleus in between.

The center of the crawling chaos, it was bigger than the size of a planet, but it was situated a mile away from the pond and looked like a tiny speck.

With a beagrid, Yeon opened the void by slanting the space next to her, and through that, she was able to reach the nucleus in a heartbeat.

Many tentacles and eels rushed in to stop the tide.

Black chains that appeared along the wide open voids all over Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zück-Zön blocked access to the pond by first thinning or breaking them all.

At that time, the nucleus condensed and took the human form.

Even the chaos that crawls around the body is inefficient to fight against Yeongwoo, so it is considered to have a human form. Of course, because it was intended to continue to touch Yeongwoo's planting, his appearance was shaped like that of his younger brother, Cho Jungwoo.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - The chaos that crawls around burns up the flames of wrath that remain in Yeouido by using his power and his signature skill that symbolizes Cha Jungwoo.

Chaaang! Vigrid and the dragonslayer clash. Powerful magical wavelengths are forming, causing the universe to sway in all directions.

Different kinds of magic and powers sprinkled by each other collided in the air and fell into various forms.

The handling of transcendent beings often consisted of collisions between concepts in the mind because they did not have the correct shape themselves, but it was mostly formed into physical tattoos due to the severe waste of energy.

Odysse-Bigrid tries to hit the chaos of crawling up with a dragonslayer blade.

So fast and so intense.

However, the turbulence that crawls around the world is at the same time as striking the sun with wings that hang from the back while keeping distance from the rain.

I opened the arup 'and pulled out various types of tentacles with strange shapes and aimed for Yeongwoo.

But this also blocked access by black chains protruding from the air along the stream.

Rather, the chain was meant to aim for his body while pointing out the tentacles.

Even though the fighting grew tense or raised a whistle, it was only a victory of Yeongwoo if the bodies were chained together.

Spectacular! The chain that put him through the air... That must be it, right? Every time I see it, it's new and amazing. I really want to see who made this. The crawling chaos greedily saw the chain aiming for the body, but without any sign of fear, he cut off all the tentacles neatly and began to move again.

Every time he flapped his wings once, he turned into a flash of light and played fast and fast.

And right after that, the chain chases you fiercely. I didn't want to miss it, but it showed up several layers and blocked the moving tribe's retreat.

Thanks to that, the moving radius gradually narrowed.

Yeongwoo aims for that moment, as she emerges from the chasm of chaos crawling through the air, forcefully shoving a beagrid into his body.

Phew! A flesh that looked just like his brother was hurt, engraved in the eyes of Yeon-woo, but he didn't dream.

The lightning bolt that bloomed from Guarruh-Bigrid was seared to his body, as well as to the body that was in the space beyond.

Even supernova exploded so intensely in the middle of space.

"Swallow.” Yeon opens her left hand wide and shoves it right into her body. I wrote, "The chaos of the teeth that bloom along the black swamp still crawls."

["Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword" attempts to enact the 'crawling chaos'!]