Second Life Ranker

3. Giant Shin Dragon (3)

Over-excitrations felt a vast amount of mysticism entering the body. I put my more greedy teeth into it to get rid of the chaos crawling around Hades' scabbard.

By the way.

I thought you had fun skills, but this is it! Is that why you were able to grow so fast? It's a power made effective. Did you make it yourself? The crawling chaos is smiling, curling up one tail, despite being eaten.

His eyes swiftly huddle from top to bottom.

Curious eyes. It seemed like he was trying to figure out what structure Hades' Sword was made of, and there was no fear in any of its appearance.

Rather enjoyable attitude.

Yeon says, 'I feel a moment of crisis there. I don't know where he might have been after this.

I thought the attack was too easy compared to his notoriety.I didn't think it was intentional.

Yeon tried to retreat while quickly canceling the skill activation.

Crawling chaos pulls out as many tentacles as he can behind his back and ties Yeon-woo together.

Where are you going? You're gonna eat me up. More, more! The eyes of the crawling chaos wearing a groin were filled with joy. I feel like I'm dying because I'm having so much fun. Even the frenzy is buried. Against him, I thought we should give him a hand.

Crazy bastard. Yeon-woo distorted her face. Navel was filled with annoyance in one word of the truth.

Then you'll know what he's after.

The crawling chaos was completely eaten by Yeon-woo to avoid fairy tales with him (T-16)! - Ah, there he is.

- Our foolish father.

How foolish of you. How can you move with that body?

- What's the reason for all this? Why would a sleeping body do something like this? Are you not going to wake up, or are you going to be ready to be born? - What you're thinking is beyond the imagination of Ina's head.

- If only I could get a little closer to your existence.

- If only I could.

- No, Father, if only a fraction of your existence could consume this fragment of existence and become one with you.

- Could that little thought have been any better? - Well, that would be very interesting.

He was pouring out of his mind.

According to the existence of existence, if the consciousness is not purified, fragmented thoughts that are not connected back and forth at all come out of the ground.

It seemed irrelevant to me that I could be eaten by the first existence and turned into a single meal. He couldn't have known such a risk in the first place.

Perhaps by pushing the enormous mindset that had been created for decades or billions of years, it was trying to reverse swallow the black progeny of Yeon Woo.

Or maybe he was trying to get a closer look at the structure of the dark because of his damn curiosity and exploration.

If he's not.

"Maybe it's just for fun! `I know how crazy the crawling chaos is. Apart from the two reasons we reasoned earlier, it was not hard to see that he had merely sacrificed his existence for fun.

If we're lucky, we'll be able to unravel the mystery of darkness that no one in the universe could ever unravel, and even worse, we'll be a part of it.

No matter what the outcome, it's clear that he's going to have the most fun he's ever had! It was not hard for Yeon-woo to look at such a guy and call him "crazy."

I really didn't like him at all, from start to finish.

It was the same with Yeouido and Maestro after all.

No, I didn't know that Maestro's personality was more intense than that of a lotus now. He opens his mouth with his fangs wide open and smiles horribly.

How dare you covet this body on the subject of a Sanum blob that cannot express itself and is incomplete? Come on, give it a try! Yeon woo actively activated Hades' tabletop sword. Then the spirit that was forming the chaos that was crawling around began to pour into him like a bottomless pit.

A vast amount of power and spirit that began with the creation of the universe. Yeongwoo had to experience the tingling sensation of being swept away in a flood of ideas such as the Sea of Obscurity.

Even though he worked together and brought the wrath up through the Apple to a few more levels.

It's a multidisciplinary stacking.

However, for a long time, the climbing chaos was as magnificent as a giant fortress, and it was nothing compared to the pond. He was already a formidable weapon of existence.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo increasingly devoured the existence of chaos crawling around using Hades' mandarin swords, like the worse.

The crawling chaos of Kahaha made her even more vulnerable to Yeon-woo.

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo! Sin stones vibrate louder. His arrogance worked, suppressing his intention to infect the spirit of Yeongwoo with chaos, while greed consumed him endlessly.

When the Sin Stone overheated, the dragon heart, which had grown along with the awakening of the giant dragon, resonated and supported its lack of sinister stone resources (ears 68 : : 6)._Kukuku-kurneung, a continuous rope of chaos that had already crawled with honeycomb, began to bend towards it as if gravity focused on one point was going to castrate and space would collapse quickly. As the dimensions of the material system began to be partially sealed, a four-dimensional curved space appeared.

Guaddog - there is a peculiarity (\ tota) that swallows up the concepts of time and space, matter and antimatter.

A vast range of Egor realms were constructed along what is also known as the 'Event Horizon'.

Given the situation, the chaos that is already crawling around with Yeongwoo, and the existence of both of them is a little swept away at the level of being sealed up, they also suddenly became insane.

Yeongwoo leaned solely on the temperament of the Sin Stone, and the crawling chaos revealed a greater frenzy and pushed in more determination.

The more it did, the more gravitational force gripped the singularity, and the more dimensional collapse accelerated according to the singularity that gradually increased in size, resulting in it surpassing the speed of light. It's a sphere that's made up of a giant centrifugal force.

The birth of a black hole.


A very clumsy world where, when you get to a point with the size of a singularity too big, the space that surrounds the two turns off and a whole new space appears, without a single speck of light.

Before Yeon decides exactly where she is.

Haha! Finally! Finally! Where our foolish father fell asleep...! I came to a place the other kids couldn't even pull! The crawling chaos that still looked like his brother burst open the lighthouse, chattering an unknown word from afar, spreading the wings of the sky as wide as possible, and quickly flew somewhere.

I didn't know where I was going.

Untraceable space, neither above nor below latitude. Moreover, Yeon-woo clearly had no idea what was happening now because she had no memory of being angry_with him until just now.

So I tried to catch him first.

Don't go. It's dangerous there. Suddenly, someone grabs his shoulder.

Yeongwoo turns to look at you in horror, her eyes wide open.

“Late King?” The playful eye man with long, gray hair.

A long time ago, he stood on Mt. Five thousand before the Horsemen. The one who wanted to save his brother's monument hidden in the clock and help the Summer Queen with him.

Why is he here? "This is your subconscious, little one. Yeon-woo only seemed to know why she came here.

The spirit of the crawling chaos suddenly reached the mental realm, and as a defense mechanism, it seemed to have brought the consciousness into the unconscious world.

Then I understand why the Late King's transgressions are here.

He would have remained unconscious with the Summer Queen even if he had absorbed it.

On the other hand, 'I also felt sorry for him.

The Summer Queen has been summoned frequently, but he has never summoned her differently. In fact, he built up a lot of rage.

However, he smiled joyfully, as always, as if the fault of King Ahjussi didn't matter.

What do you think? It's usually hard for transcendent beings to see through their subconscious. This is how I felt when I was dragged to a frozen place in Yeongwoo.

I don't know about ""_except it's big and wide. ” And very grim. Isn't that right?" He rolled up one end of his lip and continued.

"Young man, since it also means that your insides are as ugly as they are, you should reflect a lot. I didn't have anything to say. Except Shannon would love to hear this right now.

King Mihu's faults burst into laughter as he looked at the country's multitude of mouths.

There have been many more of you in between. Not bad. It'll be worth fighting for when the main body comes back. King Mihu's transgressions lit up his eyes, sweeping up and down the lotus. A strong ambition was engulfed. If it weren't for a place like this, I would have asked you to fight, but it was a burden on a rainbow.

Even when he became this strong, there was something that was hard for King Ahjussi to reach.

“Thank you. Why didn't you tell me not to chase him?" ”So Yeon-woo quickly turns her head in the direction of disappearing chaos that is crawling around.

He was already buried in such a deep dome that even his very existence could not be read. Expanding my cognitive area only helped me, but I felt nothing.

In spite of King Mihu's faults, this place was too big, too spacious, and dreary.


I felt uneasy.

Obviously, it's his inner world...... but something is coming down.

I instinctively looked up to the crisis that I should never go there.

I had a feeling that if I went in, I would never get out.

It didn't seem to have happened simply by working together with Maestro.

In the beginning, Marseilles was a monument stained with strong desires, but it could not have such a deep unconscious world. This was definitely meant to be Yeon-woo's.

What the hell is in that deep dome? Abyss.

Or maybe even an abyss.

The crawling chaos acted as if there was something there.

The only thing he could enjoy so much is the dark...! However, I didn't understand it even more as Yeon-woo.

He had been spotted as the descendant of the Dark Lord, but he was not the same as the Black King. There is no way that there is such a thing as crawling chaos.

If that's the case, that's the problem.

It would mean that it was directly connected to the Black King's legacy without his knowledge.

But she's never been threatened by that Earthling before.

There were more than one or two corners I didn't understand.

While questioning 'the tail.

"Leave him alone, you've got other things to do, right? King Mihu's faults answered, and he nodded his head back to reality.

If there was something there, he wouldn't have said it. And by the time he said it, it was dangerous for him to jump in there now.

I didn't like the chaos of crawling around unconsciously, but I didn't think he could do anything here. The Abyss was so deep, but so deep.

Even he who has lived so many years looks so small.

On the other hand, Yeon-woo had something to do with her transgressions.


He had to take what he had.

So I asked him if he seemed to know something.

“Where can I go? ”