Second Life Ranker

『 The joy that he has eaten

Are they bastards? They're crazy. How many planets and civilizations have you eaten? King Ahjussi's faults do not seem to be filled with prayer, but he laughed nonsense. However, his twisted face was filled with fury.

If possible, it was full of murderous murders that would have killed him by now.

He had lived his life as he wanted for a lifetime, because of which many places, such as the sky and the Summer, had never lived by his dependence, but had never exceeded a certain 'line'.

However, there seemed to be no crawling chaos at all.

Even though mortals were merely trinkets one day, it was rarely done like this.

The biggest problem was that so many ghosts were "stuffed," purely for "fun."

It's like collecting. Because he had fun destroying and imprisoning the beings he had killed. Perhaps after gathering like this, I was quickly bored and I just let it go.

That's what he was.

Yeongwoo had to think of memories from the tutorial in this scenery.

"Wise Man's Stone" was something like that.

The magical institution that tried to gather the souls of the unjustly dead together in the tutorial.

Of course, this place was so vast that it could not be compared at the time, but it had to feel like Yeongwoo resembled the interior of the chaos that Arangdan tried to make the stone of the sage.

I thought that the stone of the sage might resemble the structure of a wandering god of chaos. No, Yeon-woo was sure. Knowledge to spawn Wise Man's Stone originally came from crawling chaos.

"What the hell are they? `While Yeon-woo felt a sense of camaraderie, she was constantly expanding her cognitive realm.

Unlike his unconscious world, in which he felt he would never be able to enter once, the area of chaos crawling around was vast, but not very dangerous.

Then hurry up 'cause I needed to figure out the structure of this place fast.

“... What did you find? Yeon-woo sensed something and raised her head, and looked around Yeon-woo instead of widening her cognitive boundaries in other directions.

Yeon-woo nods heavily and moves somewhere, and the Late King's fault quickly chases after him, wanting to do something.

"Ha. Ha ha. I never thought I'd see you again like this." Unlike the other ghosts screaming, there were ghosts with graves.

Of course, if it wasn't painful, there was something twitching in the forehead, like a vein without slipping. It was clear that he was enduring the pain with superhuman patience.

Whether to say "indeed."

I thought that Yeon-woo was great, not wanting to lose honor and finesse even after she died.

“As you were here, Yeon-woo looked at him solemnly.

He was familiar with Yeon-woo.

The soul of a warrior.

The last king of the giants, Valdivihi.

"Where can I go that is neither wet nor dead? Except for going back to this damn thing's arms. However, the spirit of the warrior general looks up and down at Yeon-woo and smiles slightly beside her.

I think you've done well... Thank goodness. Fortunately, "the warrior commander's soul realized that Yeonwoo smelled strong, as well as the other gods he had given as a reward.

That means only one thing.

It means he listened to his will.

Are you the "complete king…"? "No.” The warrior's soul slightly opened its eyes.

"Hmm? Then?" I became a god. ”The warrior's soul opens its eyes completely, noticing the meaning of the words and bursting with a big smile.

"Yes, indeed"? God... Haha! I used to hate it when we were all leaning on something like weaklings, but…… if it was in your background. That's okay. I'm sure you're very confident. My descendants will never lose again. "We are already winning.” Yes. That's all that matters. I feel so relieved. Haha! "The warrior commander's soul was deeply relieved.

From that look, Yeon-woo thought he was great.

And I heard the awe.

Even after death, he could not rest, and for more than tens of thousands of years, even though he was suffering, he felt that he only cared about his colleagues and his descendants, he was truly like a 'king.'

The weather of the fortitude (/8) that does not just give in to the heart, even if it has failed. Maybe that's what we should learn.

At that time, the guilt of the future king looked at the soul of the warrior leader, and his tongue softly twisted.

"What? I was wondering where you were going. Did you come to see the last king of the giants? I never thought I'd be here. That's right!" Are you… the future King? Why would he go to a place like this? "The soul of the warrior leader frowned.

Yeon-woo turned to the other two and asked.

"Do you two know each other?” His faults sneered as he crossed his arms.

"Aldama. I had a relationship with the body in the middle of nowhere. I love fighting both of you... Phew! More than that." His transgressions hardly speak for themselves.

Was the destruction of the Giants related to the crawling chaos? I'm ashamed… but yes. Even the polyp used to be like that...... You really haven't touched anything about death? Suddenly, I didn't think I'd see it. King Hae and Mi-Hu's faults spilled their clothes again. It was because he clearly sensed that the obscurity of the big events that had been in the tower was without any crawling chaotic fingers in the veil.

What the hell is wrong with him? Even so, the new king…… No, it was great to see God, and King Ahjussi was slain again. "At that moment, the fault of the late king laughed.

What is that attitude? Just like you're about to say good-bye. The Warrior Chief's soul smiles bitterly and raises his head high.

There were countless such ghosts hanging on the tall, gray wall that could not be seen.

If I could follow you - I don't have a circle… but where can I go to this mortal? Even if he tries to die forcefully, the data will remain with him, and he will be recovered soon and be judged. Haha! "He glanced down again and looked at King Mihu's faults. The bitter smile turned Jill back into a smile.

Even if I can continue to cheer like this, just by getting the circle unfolded, I think I can stay here smiling forever. "An attitude that seems to be limitless.


"Bullshit." His faults grumbled in annoying voices.

The eyes of the warrior leader's soul widen slightly.

Where did the man who was beaten to death by the main body go? Didn't you hear? Your kind is back from the dead. Then you better think about coming back, what the hell are you bowing at? "But……! " But you're Nabal, you're Liver, you're God to me! "Then pray to God. Maybe there's something we can do? King Mihu's transgressions grumbled and said that, and the warrior chief's soul looked at Yeongwoo with shaky eyes.

Yeonwoo nodded solemnly.

“Would you like to come with me?” Is it possible… free? "You don't need to worry about such things." All you have to do is answer. Do you want to go? ”The warrior's soul shuts up. And then I close my eyes and I keep repeating something, and then I open my eyes. The saddened eyes were suddenly blazing. He returned. With the eyes of a warrior who fought with King Minhu long ago.

I want to go with you, God. I wish to stand by your resolve. "The spirit of the warrior chief had already shown respect.

Yeon-woo nodded her head as if it were natural.

“It will be done as you wish.” You spread your hands wide and open Hades' tabletop sword. The warrior chief's soul was sucked straight into Atom. His cells, which had been together for tens of thousands of years, disappeared.


['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Recalling the name of the spirit of the head of the Valdivihi Warrior, the shadow blooms with the grain of the kite.

As soon as the spirit of the warrior master had the spirit, he touched his hands and feet and burst into fever. It was a miracle that could not be accomplished even if I wanted to. Above all, there was a disconnect from the crawling chaos that had carried him all this time.

It was a miracle.

This Valdivini, according to the grace of God, will walk wherever God goes. "The warrior's soul bows while dreaming of one knee. His eyes were filled with tears.

You heavily nod, thinking it was a good thing that the power of the squad you wanted was enhanced even during the rainfall.

However, he turned his head to the other side and quickly expanded his cognitive area.

The last king of the Giants is here.It means there are others like him here.


The last king of the dragons must be here somewhere.

4. Giant Sin Dragon (4) Isn't that obvious? His unconscious world. "His faults were bold.

Now you're getting a little bit of crawling chaos and fairy tales. It means that consciousness and consciousness are connected. Just like he did, so will you. "Just as the chaos that crawls around in one word interferes with Yeon-woo's unconscious world, Yeon-woo is also meant to contact her unconscious world.

Yeongwoo's eyes gleam in unison, "Time Attack.” His faults nod.

In a certain way? He can take what he wants from you, from you, and who can take what he wants first and eat what he wants. The crawling chaos was clearly 'being eaten`, but the work that had been built for many years was so vast that they tried to bite Yeon-woo by themselves.

Of course, I had no choice but to catch the winner first because it was not a pleasant sight.

You don't have to teach me how to get there by hand. "That's not all.” Yeon-woo's hands were almost in front of her. If this place is a subconscious world based on its own self, it must mean that it is almost as transcendent as it is mortal.

So I imagined Vigrid.

There were many other things to imagine, but it was still the most familiar because it was the easiest to imagine the image.

From the beginning of the tutorial, I now imagined the texture, feel, and weight of his sword. Then, like a lie, a sword with the same shape as Vigrid was caught in his right hand. Perhaps his temperament is no different from the real one.

You've definitely grown. King Mi Hui's faults burst into laughter with joy. Even though I had taken care of Yeon Woo's growth here, I still enjoyed watching her like this.

Good! As you draw the beagrid upward, the space opens up and reveals the other world beyond.

If the unconscious world of Yeongwoo was full of black fish domes, that place would be full of clouds and fog.

It's the same thing that says that if you get close, the body will quickly melt away into the unconscious world of the horrible eldest child, you will be replaced by the realm in which you can be. It was a dangerous situation, of course, but Yeon-woo pushed herself into it.

Then, dozens of tentacles with cloudy mindset rushed in at once. At the end of it, he was filled with things that were shaped like his brother and caused him to be annoyed.

Yeon-woo pulls up the lightning bolt with a stabbed impression. Then, the cracked quartz tore apart the tentacles and everything else, and burned them.

At that time, Yeon instinctively turned back, noticing an anxious energy right behind her. Meanwhile, there was a tentacle that avoided the lightning and an object that resembled his brother.

He was trying to get something similar to a lightning bolt out of his fingertips and hit Yeon-woo in the chest.


Grrrrr - Suddenly, from down there, a red pillar flew past his chest again. As the flames blazed, I tried to burn something that resembled my brother. He twisted his face in agony and muttered.

Brother……! "Shyanaik, Shyanaik! Yeon blew his head off without a hitch." His face is distorted in horror.

Even imitating his brother's face is not enough to talk nonsense. My tears rose from the inside of my chest.

Despite the rising tide and the characteristic of the dragon, the trauma with his brother remained deep within him.

It looks like it came from a mental defense mechanism. Is that what you're after? He really is a hobby. It was hard to find a scumbag like this in the middle of a hard time. King Mihu's transgressions suddenly came to the side of the lotus and grumbled. Flame lights, flame wheels, that was him. In his right hand was a golden rod that reminded him of a woman's staff. It was an imaginary implementation, like a beagrid.

“This place sucks.” Yeongwoo muttered as she breathed deeply into the chute.

King Mihu nodded and agreed.

"I sympathize." "How am I supposed to find the Book of Revelations here?" ”The unconscious world of crawling chaos was a complete mess.

The energy of chaos was clearly overwhelming that the infected were already destroyed by ordinary beings, and being caught in sight was like bubbles of gray cells that repeatedly burst and burst.

They were just as hot as cancer cells, repeating proliferation and destruction at random.

There were all kinds of ghosts on the surface of the cells. They were running around like they wanted to get out of prison.

P-give me-... -nib No, kill… ㅋ me… 7! Please… please turn it off…… even though I looked at my daughter as a child, ghosts were struggling with the pain of the excretion that had not been properly rested even after death.

The problem was that such things could not be counted.

Millions? No, it seemed like a billion or more.

Aside from seeing Yeon Woo right now, all the endless cells were being haunted.