Second Life Ranker

5. Giant Shin Dragon (5)

Fortunately, Yeon-woo's thoughts were exactly right.

Interest…… I see. Did you walk the same path as a polyp?] "The spirit of the warrior who came along Yeongwoo nodded as if he had realized something while opening his eyes wide.

They also wished that the polyp would go up to the upper discipline for a different reason than us. Before we killed them, the population had already gone a little bit farther than the danger group. "Unlike the warrior's soul, Calatus fell into a deep sleep, and the companions came, but he did not dream. If a stranger had seen it, he would have thought that he was just" dead. "

However, it looked too clear in the eyes of Yeongwoo.

Calatus was currently in a very deep turbulence.

Are they stockpiling up energy, or are they trying to put everything to sleep in a world where they can't do anything and they have to suffer?

It's hard to think the crawling chaos would have put her to sleep like this, but she was a Calatus with all kinds of magic, so she must have done something about it.

'I'll have to wake you up later.` Yeon thought we should remove Calatus from here first. He was the one who brought himself here, and he was also the advisor who told me his brother's soul was in the dark. He must know a lot about the chaos and the dark in Armageddon.

After the Giant King, even the Dragon Warrior King ~... Haha! Looks like you're the collector. What the hell are you gonna do with all those old hicks? We'll have more company, though, won't we? We'll be bored for a while. King Mihu's faults burst into a joyful smile as his colleagues grew one by one.

Yeongwoo nodded her head and developed Hades' spiritual sword to completely separate it from the chaos crawling through Calatus, as it did with the warrior's soul.

Thanks to that, the Dragon Factor felt a slight rise.

“King Mihu.” Coming. Are you ready now? "Yes. How do we get the Book of Revelation here?” Yeongwoo was only darkened how to extract the Book of Revelations from the world of crawling chaos, still stuffed with many ghosts.

Even if I tried to find a place where all sorts of memories and thoughts would be mixed, it was hard to figure out the structure because it was so large.

It must have taken a lot of effort and effort to collect the book of Revelation from such a place.

However, His Holiness has been in the unconscious world of Yeouido for a long time and has a deep understanding of 'unconscious'. Moreover, he thought that he might know something because he was also the former heavenly host who oversees the Library of Sky.

It's like, "It's nothing. Do what you do best. Shhh '?" I laughed as soon as I felt the words, but I didn't understand what King Mihu's fault was saying. I slowly noticed the meaning of the words and laughed in relief.

“If that's the case.” Yeon-woo closed her eyes quietly to think of what to do, then called her name.

“Nemesis. Nice.” Phew! Nemesis's long torso reveals itself as the sinister rock shakes violently behind Yeon-woo, and the flame rises overhead in splendor and slowly forms Nike.

After eating Akasha's snake and experiencing desiccation, Nemesis was already too big to compare with before.

Obviously, until just now, the space that I thought was infinitely large felt almost contoured. The problem was that Nemesis' poop was not all revealed. Some are pulled out of the void, and others are rolled inside.

You called, master? Wow! Where the hell am I? The air is so cloudy! While Yeon-woo nodded at Nemesis' question, Niche made a big gesture and hugged Yeon-woo. Now he was the size of almost the top half of the lotus.

Oh, what is this? If it gets any bigger, Seong-goo will almost be the same as him. What the hell did you feed him? "King Miu's transgression shook Nemesis up and down, dazzling, and fixed his gaze on Nike as the flames flowed beautifully.

Another handsome requirement. You've lost weight. Ah, I want fried rice. It was good when the kid did it for me. Owner. This guy is weird.

I'm scared. Yeon-woo looked at King Mi-Hu, who steamed his palate with a ridiculous look. How the hell did you know that? Niche digs deeper into Yeon Woo's arms, whatever the fried chicken is. Yeon-woo was fine for a long time and had to gently stroke Nike's head. Although he was now an adult, he was still like a child, rubbing his face against Yeongwoo's chest.

Then Niche looks up at the ceiling as he flies back to make sure it's stable.

You can burn all this, right? Yeon-woo's organs (cleft ), which are said to be King Fu's faults.

That was the gang.

“Uh, please.” Heehee. Leave it to me.I didn't want to see it here.

Ab! 1Nike said, 'After making a cute sound and turning it back into a flame, it almost went around in a big & shape.

Blue flames blaze through the walls of the unconscious world and begin to unleash massive waves of fire. And I almost burned it all to the ground.

Nike is Phoenix with the spark of life. 0076). For chaos crawling around, full of chaos and chaos, imaginatively, there were no more natural enemies.

Kia-kii! The ghosts scream in unison. It must be so painful to force the soul to burn. But it was joy that came after such a short pain. The last face of the vanishing ghosts is filled with a dark gush.


Kukukuku! The world of crawling chaos is beginning to shake with a tremendous uproar. With space trembling like a prodigious catastrophe, all sorts of strange things poured down excellently, it was all a mass of spirit.

The chaos that has been crawling around for a long time fell into the form of debris as part of the business that had been piled up while watching, listening, and thinking ().

Mainemesis glances at it silently and spills into the dome. Then, as the energy of the hallucination (4) was almost extinguished, the fragments of the thought that had a strange shape all together changed into the shape of the script.

By partially confirming the realm of the lotus in the unconscious world of the crawling chaos, many of those fragments were made easy for the lotus to distinguish.

Thanks to this, 'Yeon-woo was able to quickly choose from a variety of conveniences.

At that moment.

Yeon-woo quickly pulled out a thick, dark brochure from her arms.

I used to roam the ruins of Giants.I made a stone monument.

The Book of the Black King.

The identity of this was a prophecy (@ Dancing Lot) called “Enoxer" in Malah and "Remegeton" in Le Infernal.

Parallac! The Bible begins to move quickly from the surface with a black glow. The front was what Yeonwoo saw in the open air library, or a combination of stone stones obtained by Giants.

Of course, that alone was not enough. The Bible's thickness was much thicker than the width of the palm of the hand, whereas the filling was only more than a half long, but the fragments of glittering thoughts 0 & 16) began to form more varied by repeating the separation.

[The Book of the Black King (Incomplete Scripture) "Searching for the characters required to make the Gaul.] [How many writers are rural here??? Now, how many pages??? This is a chapter.] [Attempt to manipulate.] [Begin slide assembly.] Some of them are swiftly drawn into the black book, drawing a vortex.

“In the meantime, I had to pour the vast power of sheep and spirit into the book of the Black King.

Is it the same as the prophecy of the Great Red Cross and the Great Red Moon? Or was the amount of Revelation that he had that much crawling chaos so vast, the 'energy required to make it' was never small.

Despite the combination of magic with magic, and the almost infinite magical properties of the giant dragon.

I needed it all.

If we just let it go, the Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Hearts will be invincible and his body will be full of vitality. Yeon should concentrate on controlling her magic while spying.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh - and three Black Monarchs' frames are shaking like crazy. The magical storm was raging, and it even resounded.

At such a rapid rate, add a typeface to the blank pages of the bible and add each page individually.

The unconscious world of chaos crawling between the stars resonates.

A deep cry that gives me goosebumps.

Have you noticed now? At that moment, the eyes of the future king's transgressions narrowed. You'll finally notice what's happening in the crawling chaos of the unconscious world.

It's not too late... but I expected King Ahjussi's transgressions to actually be later than this. It was just as dangerous to set foot in the Maw of Yeon Woo. Rather, it was great to be able to move separately even here while focusing on it.

Prepare yourselves and come to your senses! The warrior's soul implements a weapon that looks just like the one it used to, and firmly grasps the handle.

Yeon-woo couldn't care less about that. It was not easy just to control the raging magical storms, but Nemesis had to focus on purifying, and Nemesis had to stop the chaos of crawling around, tied only King Jimmy's fault and the warrior leader's soul.

Immense amounts of bodies started pouring out of the ceiling, fearful of shouting "Now!" by his faults.

That's a lot of numbers you can't compare to what you've been dealing with. In addition, the power each one had was according to the superior stature.

This place is just like the Creator, so those who fit the psychological defense mechanisms will have to be just as strong.

Grow, Woman's Rod! King Mihu's transgressions were greatly shaken as he stretched her staff endlessly in his hands. Flaming wheels of fire and brainstorms erupted from the tip and swept the area with fire and brains everywhere.

The warrior leader's soul is close to the pond to protect his body. As soon as those who couldn't clear out King Minhu's transgressions come this way, he steps forward and stops them.

Kukugot! The spirit of the over-the-country leader roars roughly and wields his weapon, as if proving how he could be the great king of the Giants.

Every time the space is divided, four bodies are strangled, and every time he rolls his feet, the rough barrier closes in on their approach.

When various tactics and martial arts are busy, their approach is rarely easy.

Maybe they didn't think it was going to work either, but suddenly they started changing the way they attacked. He cracked his torso and forced energy from the inside out.

It was a suicide bombing.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit! "In the baptism of countless explosions, the future King's fault had to focus more heavily on neutralizing shock waves and side-speeding the magic that had been turned inside."

It was because the shock wave could distract the pond. The moment Yeon-woo lost control of her magic here, it was all over, crawling chaos... It really bothers me to the end! "The warrior's soul flipped the scar all over the spirit, and only managed to defeat the corpse that was trying to cut its torso. His left arm's already been amputated. I tried to recover, but it was hard because I didn't have a chance.

Even in that moment, the number of bodies kept rising. I think it's over a thousand silver coins by now, but a lot more is pouring in from the sky.

Confectionery - Baby! When is this gonna happen? After all, King Mihu's fault was unbearable and he shouted.

“Just a little more! Just a little more butter!” Yeon-woo gripped his teeth and watched over the Book of the Dark Lord. There was already blood on the edge of the eye, and the pupils were heavily blooded. The typeface was still assembling rapidly.

Whenever I do that, I feel like the arm supporting the bible is falling off, but I still make it look bad somehow.

"Just a little more... Just a little more! `[We are combining the typefaces necessary to craft the Scripture.] [We made page 11 using a combination of 79.1% underwater of current combinations. The number of pages left in the future is 3.] [You have approximately 5 minutes left.] [Start counting.] [00: 05: 00] [00: 04: 59_99] [00: 04: 59_98] Five minutes.

Short is short, and long is long.

Yeongwoo felt that her magic was completely gone, but she put all her energy into making it somehow. The barely stacked upheaval is shaking dangerously.

[00: 02: 43 06] [00: 02: 43_05] Half of that time has passed.

Tsk! You hear a disturbing sound.

With no doubt, the spirit of Yeonwoo and Mihu the warrior leader raised their heads up.

Doubt became convinced.

Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! There was a crack coming from the ceiling. All the walls of the unconscious world began to fall.

Following the gold that had gone around like a spider's web, a faint glow came out with a hot heat breeze.

Crazy! "His transgressions made him realize what it was, and he cried out.

The crawling chaos was thinking of blowing up his entire subconscious world.

That means only one thing.

He's trying to blow up the main body! Then all the rage that had been built up over the years would fly away, but he didn't seem to care about it. Is that how they keep the book of revelation, or do they have other ideas? I don't know why, but I was sure of one thing.

If you are caught in this explosion, your ego and consciousness will be completely erased! [00: 01: 32_68] [00: 01: 32 67] "Out of my way, you bastards! When King Ahjussi's faults quickly got rid of the stubborn ones to the female staff and somehow stopped the cracks, he deployed a wedge 058 towards them.

The target was the nucleus (0%) at the far end of the ceiling.

However, the heat from the cracks is so intense that the accumulation stops. At that time, tens of thousands of bodies were attached to the limbs of the artifact. Even if I try to drop it somehow, if one falls, three more clings, and I can't move.

The flames that erupted like lava between the cracked spaces also disturbed him.

[00: 00: 58_46] [00: 00: 58_45] Ahh! As the heat eventually got stronger, the cracks covered the entire unconscious world just before the explosion.

Her transgressions were buried in a pile of screaming bodies. Just a little further. The nucleus emitting like the sun is finally starting to appear, but it's about to disappear.

Is it over like this, when the tears rise from my heart.


I want to see what King Mihu's fault is, but I look back in surprise.

Ignore anything else, and move quickly over there. In the rear, I will somehow cover myself._"As long as I looked familiar, 150 meters was just watching the giant dragon spread its wings as far as he could. In his mouth, he breathes a lot harder than he just did.

The dinosaur calatus is the moment of awakening.