Second Life Ranker

6. Giant Shin Dragon (6)

[00: 00: 41 03] [00: 00: 41 02] Whenever Guarrung, Guarrung and Guar-Dragon Calatus turned their mouths against each other, their breath was filled with intense heat.

The bodies that were after King Xu's faults had to be swept away by the flames without pulling on him.

Thanks to this, King Ahjussi's fault was able to slide quickly towards the Luminescent ( Champ) without interruption.

A nucleus representing consciousness, a light-emitting substance created to properly handle crawling chaos and unconsciousness. I had to do something about it.

But the problem was the distance.

[00: 00: 35 66] [00: 00: 35_65] The heat from which the light was drawn was so intense that the space refraction could hardly be constrained at all times, and they were at risk of being swept away.

While the 72 techniques were carefully lifted to protect the spirits, they tried to force the road open with the zebra, but they did not open easily.

In the meantime, the cracks that covered the unconscious world continued.

[00: 00: 20_95] [00: 00: 20_94] Time was also a problem.

I thought I could open the road by force, but I had less than 30 seconds to reach the luminescent, crush it, and block all its wavelengths.

I wish Caladus had opened his eyes a little earlier, but now is not the time to make such a fuss.

I felt like I had to find another way.

[00: 00: 08 37] [00: 00: 08_36] "No one is to approach our God! Meanwhile, the soul of the warrior leader wields the weapon as it is intended to protect Yeon-woo. No, I didn't see where the first weapon went. Instead, he had a body in his hand that became blood and was not properly divided in shape.

He seemed to be wielding whatever he was holding in his hands.

Too many bodies have left the spirit in tatters. In my mouth, I was flying grass without rest.

But his eyes were burning more vigorously than ever before.

Despite his consumption of all spiritual power and as long as his existence is completely extinct here today, he is determined to defend the Nile.

It was the eyes of a man with solid trust and hope that things would somehow work out.

Thanks to this, nothing came close to the grain of lotus, even though there were so many bodies.

It was a ridiculous miracle.

[00: 00: 04_21] So is Calatus.

I've been hibernating to conserve energy, or I like Bress without rest.

This may have been the result of consuming a short-lived amount of inspiration, but I didn't care about that at all.

[00: 00: 03_49] "Apparently," King Mihu's transgressions were filled with laughter.

“I have to be prepared. '[00: 00: 02_66] If I'm the Giant King and I can't do anything while I'm fighting like that, how can I be ashamed and carry my face around like that? Moreover, no matter how far away he was from the body, his identity was the future king. I could never do anything embarrassing.

[00: 00: 01_25] When he thought of a way, he suddenly saw the staff of the woman in his hand.

With this.

How could this be possible? [00: 00: 01_02] Woman's Banquet has been with him all his life.

Although it was only a fragment now, the little bastard used it well before this damn tower was built. There had to be a way, because that was it.

And one thing suddenly crossed my mind.

King Mihu's faults spilled a smile without even knowing it. It was absurd, to me.

I've been using it well, and I've been thinking, "This is a fake club."

But this is a subconscious world, and if you implement it correctly, you can reveal whatever you're born with.

"It could be amplified." His faults reminded me of the best performance of the female staff.

Shin Jin-cheol (Pu)! [00: 00: 00_96] When I get there, I think crazy.

King Minhu immediately began to move.

[00: 00: 00_79] Get into the javelin position you're running into.

As I pushed the spiritual power up to its limit, the mythical mystique symbolizing the zebra began to sharply compress on the tip of the woman's head as it twisted.

[00: 00: 00_64] And...

Woo Woo Woong - when she mumbles that she can no longer receive spiritual power.

I threw it out loud.

“Grow, Woman's Club!" [00: 00: 00_48] At that moment.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The female staff has become a huge flash of light rushing through the air.

[00: 00: 00_33] No matter how strong the wind was, I couldn't stay fat until I pierced a small surface area that was covered with energy.

Thanks to this, the light flashes through the center of the light and out the back.

[00: 00: 00_20] The flashlight that was acting as though it had been cleverly shattered could no longer withstand it. It completely shattered and exploded.

So far, the unconscious world has thundered with high heat and strong winds that can't be compared to what the suicide bombers have caused. It contained the energy to break down all matter into atomic units.

It was only after that that that King Mihu's faults were being pursued.

[00: 00: 00_11] Woman's staff wasn't just shining through. Rather, the expression that it was fixed firmly changed.

In fact, the rays of light were growing infinitely through the luminescence at this moment, reaching the top of the invisible barrier.

At that moment, I heard King Mihu's faults await me.

Kit [00: 00: 00_05] King Xerxes' guilt extends his arm out in front of the shattered luminescent.

Then he pulls his hand inward.

It was also a Demibeast that strengthened the Spell. I cried out the truth with all my spiritual energy.

Bow! At that moment.

The unconscious world that was twisting and showing broken spots stopped.

[00: 00: 00_4] No, Dory.

[00: 00: 00_4] [00: 00: 00_5] [00: 00: 00_6] The number of timers that had been shrinking has started to rise again.

The light and heat that was about to explode began to return inside like a lie, as if time had reversed.

Fruit tree! The pole began to suck everything in with a giant 'pole' in it.

Bonsai! As the original nature of the female staff worked, they wanted to seal the whole world of business () and mythology of the unconscious world that was teeming with new kills (\). The light and heat that was emitted from the Kuku Kuku are collected and the cracks that filled the barrier are filled. And the whole room was drawn into the swirl and sucked into the female staff.

Squeeze! Squeeze, squeeze! The same is true of tens of thousands of bodies that were connected to the luminescence. Meanwhile, the ropes that were connected to their backs drifted inward, and they got caught up in the snare.

"Huh, right! It's possible... It is indeed a divine snout, and it is another face. It's beyond common sense." The spirit of the warrior who pushed the bodies out of the position suddenly became a shameful expression as they rushed up.

With his eyes wide open to tactics he had never thought of, he quickly analyzed the mechanism.

He was dead and couldn't hide his curiosity and knowledge.


As a result, the two kings were thinking the same thing.

I'm not stopping the chaos from crawling around.It's the fault of the late king to be defeated.

The ancestors, as well as the gods and demons, were able to vaguely guess why they feared him.

Cough, cough! No. C. c.

E. rae. West.

I tried to resist the crawling chaos, but it couldn't have been easy.

Shin Jin-chul is a material that even the Dark Lord Bondi has bound. The female staff was a relic of making such materials. The Dark Lord's follower, no matter how strong he is, was unlikely to be able to resist.

The attribute car was that big.

The end. E. Bo. Work.

Eventually, the seal of the Woman's staff began to suck out not only the unconscious world, but also the consciousness, the ego, and even the body of the beast.


Yeongwoo was finishing all the work that captured the typeface.

[The typography is all assembled.] [I'm running low on volume.] [The binding of the 'Book of the Black King' has been suspended. The current workload is 19.2%.] Find a floating typeface to add a page, complete a binding.] Tak! The scroll of the Black King has been folded back, wrapped up in grinding. His face was all bleached apart. The Dragon Heart and the Sin Stone all drained of their magical power. My heart was also exhausted and I was about to collapse from fatigue.

But there was a smile on his mouth. He was able to resurrect spiritual growth by completing some of the Book of Revelation.

At the same time, I had to see King Mieru's fault for unfolding the reverse electrode in this situation.

I felt like I knew more about how to use the female staff that I had thought I knew so far. Is it something else if the original owner uses it? Or if I had a 'real' female staff, would I have that kind of power?

Stop splitting up, and when you're done, open the door! Can't you see it's dangerous? "King Mihu's transgressions would have been mild if they were ordinary, but this time he seemed quite tired because it was not easy for him either.

Yeon says she knows. She nods and uses the beagrid to lengthen the space.

And when he returned to his unconscious world, he saw the chaotic world of crawling unconsciousness completely crumbling, and all the souls, including the self, were sucked into the Female Canyon.

Inside, there was also the body of the man who entered the Maw of Yeongwoo. I was forced from inside the dome as if I was being dragged out from behind.


The female pole, which sucked up all the chaos crawling around the curr, became round as it got smaller.

It turns round on the palm of the Fallen King's handiwork, shaking in black.

At that moment, the voids spread wide and the chains bulked up and began to bind the black spheres.

It was said to enchant the crawling chaos, but it was based on the impression that King Ahjussi's fault had been drawn all along. It was not a 'real' woman's staff, so I had no choice but to release my body again when the image broke.

But if we could bind him tightly to a real chain like this, he would have no choice.

This isn't something you can solve when you lose your temper.

Burr! The black sphere shivers as it is looped around the chain.

He was frustrated because he tried to get out of prison somehow, but it wasn't easy.

No. Done.

Joe. Gold. Bay.

Crawling chaos rages through unrefined mindset. Something urgent. It was the opposite of what he had been relaxed about, saying that it was okay to die or not. What did he see in the abyss? But not only Yeongwoo, not only the royal faults, but the warrior's soul and Calatus both cared little about his wishes.

Rather, the warrior chief's spirit and calatus had slow eyes. Even after completing the revenge I wanted so much, my hatred remained strong. The grudge against the chaos crawling around was not going to go away that easily.

"We have to separate consciousness and spirituality somehow." I thought we should pay attention to absorbing the chaos that crawls around. We can't fight him over who gets eaten and eaten again.

I thought it was best to suck as much of his power as possible and leave the rest of his ego in the air. That way, your ego can interrogate you later. The spirit of the warrior leader and Calatus wouldn't want to let you off easy like this.

To do that, I thought I needed to get out of here.

So, Yeon tried to put the black sphere into the air to finish the burial chamber.

No, no, no.

W. foot.

The crawling chaos howls once more, but the chains rush inward, making a cold metal noise.

Beyond that.

The void is spreading its jaws.