Second Life Ranker

7. Giant Shin Dragon (7)

It was then.

I had forgotten the voice of Maseong.

I hope the settlement isn't over yet! Yeon-woo suddenly felt her body separated.

At the same time, Beagrid's hand conceals its tracks, and suddenly a dark shadow appears that is not equipped for carry-on. Marseillaise is made up of the body. Especially since his hands clearly contained a bunch of chaotic crawling things that had just been chained up! At that moment, the warrior's soul and calatus move quickly.

Calatus leans back and opens his jaw as wide as he can.

Grrr! I had to expand as far as I could when I was dealing with the bodies of the crawling chaos, so I had to be relatively powerful. On the contrary, now the surface area has to be reduced and the power has to be multiplied by that much.

However, Mars jumped out of position smiling with white teeth as if they were so much fun, with no fear at all.

Bress barely touches where he was.

At that moment, the warrior commander's soul appears from behind him, and he slaps down the giant hood in his hand. It was the weapon that blew the heads off of countless corpses.

Martha bends her arms roughly, bending heavily in the air. At the same time Helbert was beaten, his hand was loosened in dozens like a thread, penetrating the warrior's soul as it did.

Scream! Light! The warrior chief's soul wanted to strike down all the flying rods like a whip, but all it could cut down was three or four strands. The others, shrugged his shoulders, forearms, chest and back, drove him to the ground below.

Martha reaches her left hand forward, almost intact, in a straight forward posture in the air. Then, as the space opened in front of him, King Mihu's guilt struck her head. He predicted in advance how the future King's transgressions would move.

Kuang! Due to the collision between the two, the shockwaves almost rocked the subconscious world of Yeouido.

The Eye of the Fallen Queen is in turmoil. As Yuan Jing acted as if she was burning, the female staff was equally trembling. He wants to develop the female staff again as he did when he saw the chaos crawling around.

Calatus bent his arms wide as if he were going to protect him. The warrior's soul struck down all the stalks that bound the spirit and was in the right position.

That's how the female staff tries to change as it slides over Martha's forearm.

"Oh, I'll tell you in advance.

If you're trying to do something about it here, Kiki! I'm stuck in a corner, and you're really just gonna walk out on me? "Maestro smiled strangely and sent a warning message. He had the vision of bringing agglomerates of crawling chaos to his mouth.

At that moment, the tremor of the staff stopped.

His faults narrowed his eyes and stared at him as if he were trying to read his thoughts. I couldn't read anything from a guy who showed no signs or intentions and only had a bizarre mouth without necessities.

After all, King Minhu's transgressions impressed him with an annoying face, looking back at Yeongwoo. Then I broke the rules so that I could stop listening.

Maybe-He nodded quietly, wanting to make some deal with us.

If Martha was just trying to intercept the agglomerates of crawling chaos, she would have shoved them right into my mouth. If I did, it would be a disaster.

It means there's a worse monster out there than the crawling chaos that's been troubling them.

The reason why Yeon-woo fought the chaos that crawled around and was able to seal him up was that it would unite with Ma-ah. It would have been impossible to compete with the chaos crawling around on its own. There is a big difference in the power of Maestro.

The fact that he's so old that he doesn't means he wants something from the future king.

Maybe you want me to pay the price that Yeon-woo offered when she brought him in.

Yeon finds her tongue lightly in her stomach.

“It doesn't work that way. `I was just going to thrash her and throw her back into the void like chaos crawling around. It didn't seem to work.

At that time, Martha smiled, looking this way. From the smiling daylight of Yeon-woo, don't I know your personality? 'I thought I heard a voice.

You decide. I heard the voice of the future king's transgressions again.

However, refer to one thing. It's true that we have very little spiritual power left. If we keep fighting like this, we won't be able to escape the extinction of all three. Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

King Mihu's faults, the warrior's soul, the dragon calatus, they all drove the chaos that crawled on their behalf. In fact, it was only because they had accumulated so much in their lifetime that they were able to maintain this shape. I don't think it would be weird if I was crushed.

Eventually, Yeon-ju called off the call.

Calatus swallows the Road Bress and slowly lowers Hellbord, staring at Mars as if the warrior's soul wasn't good enough. King Mihu's faults also returned to Yeon Woo's side again.

"Kiki! This is too much. I was a body like mine when I saved you, so I'd say I have a pretty big stake. Well, technically, I'm just as much your god as he is. Do the congregation really have to look up to God like this? Huh?" Maestri smiled as she looked at them.

Yeon-woo stepped forward, frowning.

“Stop being sarcastic. Tell me what you want. You want a price?" Of course. I have to take care of my tie, don't I? Otherwise, you'll be as swollen as those stupid gods and demons out there. I don't want to do that at all. "What do you want?” Kiki! Maestro's gaze, "What you originally promised to give me," led me to purify Yeon Woo.

Being hit. I thought you had something in mind. I think it's more like what I thought. "Yummy Meat," which was originally said by Yeonwoo, was a crawling chaos.

“You don't want me to give it all up, do you?” No way. I don't know if it's an old country, but if you just tried to swallow it, you'd lose your mind. Why would you do that? And I'll let you greedy bastards do it.

Unlike the rest of you, I'm pretty reasonable. “The old me? He pretended to be okay, even though he realized that he had heard something he shouldn't have missed at the moment of the encounter.

“Then what do they want?” Marseilles rolls her mouth up, squeezing the agglomerates of chaos that still flutter.

My lips that were too chapped looked so ugly.

This self. “The self?? Yes. It needs to be resolute, repeated and restored several times over the years of its tyranny. You take care of the rest of the spiritual stuff.

What do you think? "Yun couldn't help but frown slightly because she had no idea what was on her mind.

It's not a myth or an upbringing or a soul, it's just a self? At first glance, 'ego' is the reference point in perception of phenomena and judgment of values, and it may seem most important as it is the leading edge of the body and soul.

In fact, it could be said that the value of the crawling chaos falls away from the edge. Bondi Zaa is just a superficial layer that rises slightly above the deep sea of unconsciousness. Even if it was messy, one day a new plateau would be created to form self and personality.

Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh. Yes, I can.

Die. More. D. Fig.

Full. High.

The agglomerates of crawling chaos cry again as if they have something to say, but Massey clenches his fist as if it were noisy.

Then the agglomerates tremble in agony.

Shut up. I thought I heard something like that.

"Kiki! Make up your mind.

It's not gonna be that much of a deal for you anyway. It would have been nice, wouldn't it be convenient to deconstruct this one separately? Yeon-woo could not answer the question beforehand, and stared at him quietly to find out the number of his target. But in a car that never even occurred to me.

It would be better to listen to his suggestion if it were smooth. "Through the magic of the message, Calatus passed on his opinions to Yeon-woo.

His thoughts are few that I can guess, but for now you have to check what you need first. "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

Actually, Calatus was right. All he needs is the power and work that the crawling chaos has built up for billions of years. The self was separated, but they remained, so it was not a loss.

Eventually, Yeon-woo nodded and decided to accept Calatus' advice.

“Fine. I'll do it.” Kiki! I never thought a day would come when I would be able to make such a clean deal with you, but Maestri once again strangely smiles, holding the agglomerates in both hands.


You twist as you go, and start stabbing him to the side. The crawling chaos screams and screams, but that cry only adds to Maestro's fun.

The unconscious world of Yeongwoo was crying violently.

And when the agglomerates completely separated, the crying stopped as if it were a lie. In Martha's hands, each of the black beads had the same shape.

"Take it." Maestro threw what was in his right hand to Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo received it and was slightly surprised. It was because I felt no determination, even though my work and spirituality were so strong that I could clearly not measure depth.

It was just too calm like a calm sea.

It was so neatly separated by his words. How is this possible? I was thinking about taking some time apart to deconstruct the chaos that was crawling around. Martha has done this so easily and cleanly.

In fact, the Black Bead holding the Magic Bead was trembling and trembling, unlike the Wet Bead. It was clear that the crawling chaos was vomiting.

However, Martha cut her jaw open as if she didn't care, so she shoved the Black Bead right into her mouth.

Ooh-ooh-ooh. You hear something crumbling and fall down his throat.

Martha smiled cheerfully as if she was very satisfied.

Delicious ().

Rather, it was too bad there was no more and I even tasted it again.

"What's different? `Yeon-woo could not open her frowny eyes while looking at him. I thought that something would be different, that the power would be bigger than before, but I didn't see it at all. They couldn't tell the difference from the outside.

Hey, kid. If there's anything like this in the future, call me anytime. I'm willing to cooperate on this. Maestro leaves behind only that, and goes back to the form of a road beagrid and falls into a deep sleep. Where he was, only the powerless Beagrid was plugged into the ground.

Yeongwoo thought, 'I still don't know what he was thinking, and put Beagrid in the air in chains with black chains.


I look at the chaotic mass of power crawling around, and I see it coming out in four equal parts.

One of them was his, and the other three were divided evenly among King Xu's faults, the warrior's soul, and Calatus.

“This must have cost you a lot of spirituality, but first make it up2 Hoo. Is that what you do, divide things like this? King Ahjussi's transgression was that he saw everything while receiving the pieces.

However, Yeon-woo was only discouraged.

“I never said I would divide it." Whatever. As long as it's mine, it's not that different from what I eat. And if you put in that much effort, it's enough. "Don't you eat it?” Y-yeah. That's what you do. Phew! I can see how good it is to meet the main body. King Fu's transgression shook his head, but he laughed and swallowed his spirit as hard as he could.

Although it was chaotic, it would take some time to digest it all, it was clear that there would be no great difficulty in maintaining the monument anymore.

The warrior's soul and Calatus receive the pieces without hesitation. Their souls, which had been corrupted by their long stuffed lives, began to regain their radiance.

Seeing that, Yeongwoo shoved the remaining mystical power into her mouth as if it had swallowed up the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

At that moment, my vision shifted. Now that all business is over, it is about to be released from the unconscious world into the real world.

Right before I lost my sight.

Yeongwoo's gaze was towards the Abyss, the Abyss below.

What the hell is that place? What lives in there, and the chaos that crawls around, cries out so earnestly, "Just a little more…" There were a lot of questions, but he had no way of knowing.

After all, with that thought behind her, Yeon-woo looks back at the real world.