Second Life Ranker

8. Giant Shin Dragon (8)

Just before we get back to reality.

As the spirit gradually dissipates in the body, the last thoughts of crawling chaos pass through my mind.

Just a little more, just a little more... -! Why did He_sleep here? But now I see. It was. Likewise. - Human...... you were so funny...! Maybe he lost his ego, or the accident (Pop Gun) was not purified, so he scrambled together. Some were filled with grief, some with realization, some with refinement, joy, and feelings that were not at all unified.

And as soon as the magic of the fountain in Dragon Heart attempts to blend its power,

Someday, when you get a chance, you'll see something even more fun.

Hahaha...! The will disappeared quietly.

In the sanctuary, the battle was almost at the end.

Woo. Lee. God. Lee.

Hon. Money. E. four. D. Loss.

Uh-huh. Crab.

The gods of the other world, who were surrounded by the dead giants' niche baskets and barely tried to resist, vomited as much as they could in shock.

It was the belief that the crawling chaos would defeat them and somehow save them, even if they were pushed this far.

Regardless of whether Giants are resurrected or not, these are the creatures whose chaos crawled around like a toy one day.

So, I firmly believed that the fate would not be different this time, but that belief will only crumble at once.

Moreover, this place is now the sanctuary of Yeouido, full of death and struggle.

When all the chaos that was holding them up disappeared, their rage was forced to drop rapidly.

Right then.

Grrrrrrr! Suddenly, a dark red burlap falls from the sky.

Lightning penetrated through the strange-looking amphibian and scorched the earth. The brain that protruded from here was separated again by dozens of lightning, almost everywhere, drawing giant silk.

Ah, ah. Oh, I see.

No, no, no.

E. Rel. Wed. None.

They were swept away by the last of their thoughts and disappeared.

Baldevich, who defeated the last one, roars as he looks up and slowly drops down from the air.

God has returned! It means victory, the death of the crawling chaos! The Dead Giants shout as they raise their weapons together.


Follow the gods! I turned and fled to the rebels who were resisting the last.

It was time to end the war.

Oh my…! 7 Is the crawling chaos really defeated…? Even though_the power_to resurrect giants and summon the lions (08)_... = … 1The traitors realized it was useless to resist anymore | threw their weapons to the ground | and dreamed of their knees.

The situation was clearly leaning toward Yeouido, so it was not a good time to try to negotiate.

Eventually, they had to surrender unconditionally.

The black chain that squeezed out the void had to be obedient to the restraining of the body 08.

They don't know that this chain is Shin Jin-cheol, who binds all his power and Margie. I didn't know if I was going to be sealed up like this, or if I was going to be torn apart like Gabriel was.

They had no choice but to expect Yeouido's mercy.

I could not have expected such a thing. But they don't have a choice.

Besides, Yeon came back victorious from the battle of crawling chaos.

So I was even more afraid.

The heavenly world doesn't know much about the existence of the 'threshing system (0).' It was an extraterrestrial space that had never been observed, and since it was a place where the laws of creation and order had not been pulled, there were very few things that could be found.

But I knew one thing for sure.

They want to come into the inner universe where they are, and the chaos of the epidemic is crawling around.

And that's why he has so much power and so much power.

Now, it's hard to get a deep sleep because of 'Heaven's Anesthesia', and it's hard to stop them unless they're the best, the creator or the archangels! Perhaps a large society like Asgard, Olympus and the Great Bridge should stand up.

However, after Yeon-woo turned it off, "" ~ Though several coincidences followed, and even though the beings were strong enough, they were not able to achieve that level of accomplishment.

Above all.

God and the Devil continue to be strong based on the myth created by piling up ().

Even the myth of overcoming the crawling chaos, Yeon-woo had already overwhelmed them.

Even though I was swayed by Yeonwoo, everything I ignored was gone, saying that I was mortal. Fear even bloomed.

Even now, mortals are already growing this much, but what will they look like when they achieve both desertion and transcendence? Are you trying to be the second all-embrace? Plus...

In Calatus... Valdiviga × 1_::_! The Last Dragon King and the Giant King? What the hell is going on? Even the ancient kings of the tribes, which were known to be extinct, remain silent.

All I do is quake.

Yeon-woo just stood there without saying anything and looked at them.

Sometimes I'm more afraid of silencers than a hundred words. I could not even look at their cold golden eyes, but their shoulders shook funny.

It was funny to think that these mere beings had been chattering amongst themselves because they were transcendents.

But I can't just let them go on like this.

I had to clean up after all the fighting. He had a lot of work to do besides this.

I wanted to use it as a source of energy, just like the rest of them.

"We don't need to make more enemies in a yard like this. 'There were a lot of people who had already died here, so we didn't have to make more enemies to narrow our luck.

Moreover, there was the gaze of those who had been neutral to allies, including Against and Penlor.

Yeon-woo was thinking of re-dividing the kingdom that would unite us into one.

"Surely there must be dissension between the society of the dead and the societies that have supported you, right? If we keep the hostages like this, they'll turn against us. It's a tricky trick. Even I, the Devil, am impressed." Against all odds, Against all odds, Against all odds. "As if you can imagine it all. The voice was so sweet that if I didn't keep my mind straight, I was intrigued.

Speaking of which, the heavenly system was sure that this would lead to severe conflict.

To the place where Yeon Woo stood and the place where she didn't.

The problem was that there would be more factions within the factions that were divided. The hostages will have no choice but to wait in front of Yeongwoo, and there will be a difference in how aggressive they are within their allies.

One common goal to deal with Allfowon was to squeak before even attempting to crack the bureau's function.

Because of one mortal.

Le Infernal's Door is always open. I'll give you any position you want. How's it going? Agarez laughs because he has so much fun doubts about the mortality of the world.

However, Yeon-woo only smiled at him lightly and gave him no answer.

Where do you think he wants to help Olfowon? The aspiration to defeat him was as big as their own, never as small.

However, he had to be tied up, not tied up by others, as long as he was dealing with Olfowan.

Moreover, the chance of growth was greatly reduced even as the heavenly world descended into the Nijjit River. Because it had to be stopped, Yeon-woo had to earn the 'time' she needed most.

It was not just to play with the heavenly realm.

“Wand (Tue).” According to the Declaration of Tsarok-Yeon, the chains that bound the traitors have turned. Their faces were even more frightening when the empty Agari were especially large, but they were still lower than the extinction, so I had to follow them.

That concludes the challenge against the traitors.

Yun looked around and looked at the envoys who were being cautious, and at any time when the order came, she turned to the family members who were paying the price to move again.

Just in time.

Fruit fruit! A special condensed, harsh breath pours down from the starry sky above her head. A fire filled with the will to kill him. The other gods were also frightened.

Fortunately, before the coward pulls on Yeon-woo, Baldebich, who was guarding him, leaps forward, swinging his sword roughly and pulls him aside.

Summer Queen! What the hell are you doing?! Baldevich, who is now tens of meters tall, gives the impression that there is a powerful magical storm following him, and the atmosphere trembles.

Above his head, he stretched out the red wings of the Summer Queen and roamed the skies. Spitting out a fit of anger.

"Move aside, rebound. This body has no interest in you or your master. What side is it on? It was the nickname Baldevich, a rebel, hated the most.

Of course, the Summer Queen's arrogance never bothered her.

This body is only for the traitors of that loathsome clan by your master's side. "The Summer Queen stared at Calatus, who was at the back of the pond.

Maybe I should go. Calatus smiles bitterly and raises a huge body. Then I asked Yeon-woo.

You may have a lot to ask, but can you wait a little longer? I'm going to finish talking to him. "Yeonwoo said, nodding his head, Calatus flew up to the sky with a big feather with Gomamda greeting.

Let's move on, child. This doesn't seem like a good place to have a conversation. "Not suitable for your grave!" Calatus called out to her in a sad voice, but the Summer Queen once again breathed as if it were not even fair. Calatus dodges it swiftly, avoiding any damage to others. The Summer Queen chased right after him.

Yun looked at the two disappearing points and turned to the apostles again.

“Then we'll settle it, too.” [Metatron from 'Malach' waits for your decision with his glasses fixed. Baal of Le Infernal watches over you.]