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9. Giant Shin Dragon (9)

Baldevich stared at each other quietly.

The soul of the warrior commander was curious. There was always a rumor and legend in front of him.

I had heard stories about him from my parents when I was very young. As with all ancient stories, the tragic hero begins with the word "once upon a time," and ends with the conclusion that he had to close his eyes because he ran naked for his family, but he did not fulfill his wish.

Though the last one was so crumbling, it was still in many people's heads.

My parents told me to be a rural member too, and they gave me the name 'Baldebich', saying to be the light of everyone.

She taught herself various skills and speculation (subtraction\) . Chamberlain's always talking about him.

As Valdevich, he had no choice but to meet the childhood hero he envisioned in person.

By the way.

You've grown up well. "Big Baldevich, the soul of the warrior commander smiled heavily at him.

It was like the warm eyes of my nephew who had been separated a long time ago.

Baldevich has big eyes for that.

Do you… know me? "Every Knowledge. The Warrior Chief's soul made a bitter smile.

In Geishi, who brought you here, I can do the same. It's a Pussy ""? Baldevich's eyes grew on their own in unexpected words.

A long time ago, our clan had a prophet 0 @ Hmph as a spiritual host, besides the warlord King.)

Did you know that? If it is, ~ …… I have heard of it. The prophet who was with me once told me.

The myth that flows with the providence of the universe (# @ Ca) is no longer for our clan, so we must prepare for the coming apocalypse (8 #). And at the beginning of the revelation, we could not understand everything the spirit of the warrior said, but some could infer what it meant.

"The Age of Destruction" seemed to mean the destruction of the Giants, and "Revelation" seemed to mean the appearance of the fellowship.

That means that Yeon-woo came to save her family someday. "It would have been much more than tens of thousands of years in the future if it were possible… it was hard to believe.

It was a miraculous sign that neither gods nor demons could perform the prophecy.

If that were possible, any society would have already seized control of the kingdom of heaven.

The warrior chief's soul smiles as if it understood what Valdivi was thinking.

I thought the same thing. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years later? Even a prophet thought it was crazy. If that's even possible, this is the time of destruction. We should block it before it comes. "The soul of the warrior master continued to speak boldly as he painted the past.

But he said. 'The dream of being great must be a dream (-Pa), there is nothing to intervene in that moment' … well, it was a strange tongue. I used to ask myself, what is fate, what is real, what is the point of doing this kind of shit if it's even there, and if it's not free will... it's noisy. Is it true? Baldevich had to feel vague about what the prophet said, "Great Being," even though he replied.

At that time, I thought it was just noise because I was jumpy because there was nothing scary about the world. I didn't really have the heart to care about that. While I was exploring the next level of the charcoal, I discovered it was a 'tower' and I changed it a lot to prepare to attack it. "Baldevich was nervous when he learned the truth about the Giants that had been hidden.

On the other hand, I was curious. What does it mean to know who you are? After a long observation, I decided that the tower was a challenging place, and the whole clan decided to migrate. But not everyone could go '"Baldevich raised his waist without me knowing. Everyone couldn't go. I understood what that meant.

There were people who were old and wounded, and at that time the prophet decided to stay home with them and a small number of his followers. "Neil hometown.

Where the Giants were conceived.

It would have been his home… ~, And before leaving, the prophet said. This may be the last time we see each other, so we'll be preparing for the Ark. Even though the dream of a great being is in order, did you learn how to home in exchange for your own soul? It was like that. "Brainy.


Baldevich feels his heart beating louder as the words of the Warrior Chief's soul continue.

Also, I left my stupid name for a long time, so that someday I would send it back to where we were... In fact, you were supposed to come to us a long time ago. The Warrior Chief's soul smiled brightly.

"You are my descendant and also an apostle of God who has been promised for a long time. Young Valdeviri." Valdeviri strongly strokes his fist.

God who decided to lead us seems to have just been born, but in fact, he has been caring for us from a very distant past. You have become his child and have finally succeeded in moving us from a long time of hardship and adversity to the promised land (6% 0946). But this is not the end. It's just the beginning. From now on, the responsibility to resurrect the clan rests on its shoulders. "Puck! At that moment, the warrior chief's soul began to crumble," Hear ":" Zen "Valdivich was furious and tried to approach him.

The warrior commander's soul closes his hand as if it were forbidden to come near him. Then he smiled warmly and looked at Baldevich.

So please do not be shaken, but continue to embrace your will to die as you do now. You do it! That won't do! "Death is not just there. Fertilizer so that a new life can be conceived.

Death and life both revolve around each other (-), like a dream that disappears once and for all, but can be repeatedly remembered. My era is already over with death, and your era is open, so I am with you even when I die. The Warrior Chief's soul smiled faintly.

In fact, he was very tired. Even the transcendent beings lived in pain for so long that they could not rest, and they had to wait for hope that they would come.

However, there was no foolishness left in him until he saw his clan rise again, as the prophet had said, and he was convinced that a new Valdivine would lead the clan well in his wake.

Now... I just want to rest.

Please, just do me one favor. "Valdivich bows his head wide.

Now that I know what the Warrior Chief's soul thinks, I can't stop him anymore.

If one day you follow our gods out of a prison like this…… and return to our hometown… bury me in that man's voting….

Could the prophet have been his lover or wife? To the end.

The spirit of the Paa-Warrior is shattered and blown away by the wind. And all the particles poured into Valdivihi.

The last king who led the clan to its peak and plunged them into ruin...

Mixed with a small successor, it remains a long way off.

Bogue, this should be enough for you. ” What are you doing! Do you think you've gone through all this trouble just to have this? [God's Society, Vogue, strongly protests your decision!] Yeon-woo was distributing the book of revelations to the apostles as promised.

I just wanted to get rid of them, but the contract between them is a statement based on the tower's system and a quest. It was never negligible.

However, the extent of the reward was undetermined, and the voluntary judgment of Yeouido had to be the basis.

Of course, the apostles had no choice but to protest every time. Most of them gave a few verses, so they came down to the Summer and thought it was too salty for their trouble.


“When it happened, I heard that you guys were supposed to be neutral?” What does it matter...! “I thought I told you from the beginning. The reward will depend on your contribution." However! “I did not actively venture out to explore the ruins, nor did I stand by your side when the traitors did things, but I did not stand by your side, so my contribution was reduced.” Bogue's envoy, Les, wanted to complain about something else.

[God's Society, Deva, is not wrong, and will always just leave.] [God's society, the "Bridge" nods in favor of Deva's opinions.] [The Devil's Society, 'Bridge' blows a joke.] 1: 44:! "Les had to swallow anger without further ado, as the gaze of other megacities poured out intensely. In fact, there's nothing wrong with Yeon-woo. Eventually, I turned the nucleus around.

Either way, Yeon-woo did not mind seeing the envoy behind her.

There was a “next” complaint, but the compensation process was relatively smooth. Surprisingly, the compensation of Yeouido was reasonable based on 'contribution'. Of course, it wasn't the amount they wanted, but it was enough to help their society.

[God's society, Malach, is satisfied with your reward. I am very happy that I have found a clue to complete the Enoch.] [Malach has announced his alliance with you.] [An invitation to Eden has arrived. [Message from Petron]] [Message: I had a lot of worries, but I was able to finish well. Would you like to continue with the transaction as it is now? Please reconsider.] [A message has arrived from Metatron.] [Message: Also, please visit Eden if you have the opportunity. If you wish, Gabriel's seat will be available for you.] Malach slowly covered his tracks with satisfaction enough to declare his alliance with the Union.

"Honk! There's no value in hearing what those lousy angels have to offer. You are closest to us than anyone else. Come back anytime. I'll give you anything. Nimael nods in favor of Agares.] Le Infernado returned to heaven with an offer to recruit through Agares.

After all the settlements were over, the apostles returned to heaven as if they had promised.

It was because the causation rate consumed during the descent into the summer was too great, and it was necessary to report the lotus to society at any rate.

Above all, staying here, which had already become the Sanctuary of Yeouido, was also dangerously relaxed as if he were shoving his head into the culprit's jaw.

The 60 Hidden Stages, which always seemed to be noisy and depressing, became a moment of solitude.

Ridiculous……! "Shannon, who was keeping watch over the envoys, muttered with a wet voice.

Yeon-woo frowned slightly because he wanted to do it again.

“What doesn't make sense?” Why don't you do it? "Dylan" "Behind the Scenes. The owner is so kind as to reward you? This is ridiculous! That's not gonna happen! Tell me the truth, you're not the God-king, are you? Someone else must be wearing the skin of our human king!" At that moment, Yeon-woo seriously thought about what to do with Shannon.

However, I simply snorted and replied because I was bothered more.

“It doesn't matter if you divide them like that2 What?“ The dividers, all of them cut off. It's going to take a long time to interpret. ”Girls," besides, do you think it's easy to interpret and strengthen just by just looking at where the book of records is? You have to work with the basics knowledge.If you want to start from scratch, there won't be much time to go in there.? In the original world, Yeon-woo transferred knowledge from various intellectuals, including Brahms, who studied extensively in the heavenly realm, and focused on exploring the Emerald Tablet, completing the Wise Man's Stone that no one could do.

However, with sufficient fundamental knowledge, it was only 200 years after viewing some of the pages in the book of Revelations in the open air library.

But just a few phrases, or a few lungs, can we see a social price change? Yeon-woo had no choice but to cast a question mark.

Of course, God and the Devil have lived a long life and have vast knowledge, so they may be able to acquire and interpret it much faster than the kite.


“Above all, can those born on the axis of 'order' fully accept the knowledge created in 'chaos'... writing. I don't know, but the existences of the Rincheon system have been transcendent for a long time, so they are firmly bound by the law. In particular, the stature and myth on which they are based, the more they announce, the more they will be constrained on the axis of order.

To them, the knowledge of outer space...... belonging to a completely new law was poison.

Yeongwoo looked at it uniformly and felt no hesitation in giving it to her.

Even if they could interpret it perfectly, they needed to correct their stature and myth again. It will take at least a hundred years to get there. It was hard to be a big help now that the war against Allfowon was at stake.

It was enough to earn the 'time' that Yeon-woo wanted.

He didn't have to worry at all because he would make more progress in the meantime.

Of course. "Shannon shook his head as if he knew.

Pretending not to hear Shannon's words, Yeon turns her head sideways.

"But if someone is successful in reading the rules of passage and acquiring it by doing crazy things that break down democracy and mythology, the eyes of Yeon-woo Fen sank deeply." Then a very dangerous creature appeared and the dragon calatus returned a few hours after that.

Lardass! They must have all gone back by now. Yeon-woo nodded.

“Looks like the Summer Queen's back.” It took me a long time to talk. We're not done yet. "Yeon did not know what was coming and going between the Summer Queen and Calatus. But I knew it wasn't a matter for me to intervene.


He had something more important than that.

Callatus said, 'There was so much I wanted to ask you.

You must have many questions, right? "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

"Ask." Calatus nods as if he was ready.

Can't you do something for the Silver Man who saved himself from the end of despair?

“Do you remember what you told me before you became the hills of chaos or something?” Dark. I told you to go there. "Yes. Where there is Jungwoo, Urtipi?” Haven't you already seen it? "At that moment, Yeon-woo's face hardened.

Calatus' eyes sink deeper.

The abyss in your subconscious. That's black.