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10. Giant Sin Dragon (10)

Yeongwoo recalled the unconscious world and the place where she met King Mihu's transgressions.

The whole world was full of domes.

Despite hearing it was clearly a place that made up the essence of the soul, Yeon-woo had to feel more dangerous than she was used to there. His faults were also said to be dangerous.

In the meantime, I wondered, 'How did the Queen Dowager and Summer stay there?' If it were you, you might have locked yourself in there.

Especially the place that was called the 'Abyss' or 'Abyss' that wanted to explore the um at the bottom of the subconscious world, the crawling chaos, was also the place that was told not to approach the fault of the future king.

And you call that a hickey? But...

“I see.” Yeon is not much surprised.

In fact, he had a hunch.

Even King Xerxes' faults, which embodied the immense imagination of crawling chaos, were reluctant to approach... It would not have made any sense otherwise.

However, I have a question.

How could that possibly be for you? Then, is his soul in there? I knew it. Then, have you ever heard the phrase "group subconscious" (dung beep ton)? "Calatus opened his mouth slowly as if he had already guessed such a question of love.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

“If you're referring to collective_unconscious (Lot Humpty 04 Czech Sea), I've heard an early-bird lecture from Abraham." Now, Yeouido is somewhat proficient in magic. Thanks to this, I know roughly a lot about the many key laws that make up the world and form behind it.

Among them, collective unconsciousness or collective unconsciousness was the knowledge that Abraham emphasized many times.

that all of humanity and all of life, across the universe, has a home for instinct and spirit that goes beyond self. ”All living things are born and raised in different environments, but there are features that can“ empathize "with each other.

Everyone has a spontaneous response form from birth.

It has been_since before the soul was conceived. It also means that there is a shared storage where the image (6 ) or symbols (Sun) are expressed separately.

All life is connected from this warehouse beyond time and space.

However, it has not been revealed exactly what this warehouse is.

To God and demons, 'I tried to contact him several times because of that, but each time I failed or was hit spiritually and I had to give up the challenge. It was a huge' flow ', because they were also at risk of being swept away in the first place.

Some beings have named it the System.

It was because the shape of the law in the soul looked similar to the system that operated the tower.

You saw it as part of that collective unconsciousness. A hometown where all souls are born, and when they die, they go back on their own. It is also the foundation of all truths and laws. There, the fish lyrics of the soul are like a river. It flows constantly and periodically affects. Even though no one taught us, there is a river that allows life to think with their own instincts. "“ You may look like a Lean Carousel student in some way. ” No. Not at all. He is the 'stem` of the world, which began at Mt. Bondi Sumi, and became the center of it, forming a loop that allows the soul to continue to circulate through life. That, on the other hand, is more like the soil that the roots of the water of the world bear. You have to look at the bottom of the universe as it flows." The inner universe in which we live, the outer space where the gods of other systems dwell, is flowing beneath it.

A very long time ago...... at the end of the world, there was a place called Bango where there used to be sleep, but that's not important now, so let's move on. Calatus' eyes sank deeper.

"Anyway, I've been observing it for a long time, and I've been studying what constitutions and laws are.

And from time to time, it was called 'dark'. "Yeon-woo's eyes shined.

“Then how did that get into my subconscious world?" It's not pulling. You just happen to be closer than any other creature by chance.

And they're often born. They're usually called geniuses. It's the closest thing we have to a source. And the most representative of them all. "Was it Jungwoo?" ”Yes." Callatus nodded boldly.

On a fictional day, Yeong-woo put a nickname on her mouth that she had called her sister.


All pain (beep), which was a characteristic of the child. His soul, which had all of his senses about the phenomenon, was open and deeply gifted, was inherently closer to black than anyone else in the world. A blessing? Or favoritism? I was born with it. "No, it may have been a blessing at the time, but she knew now.

It's a curse.

"Damn you. My insides rot even in death." I remembered Yeong-woo's face and changed it.


I missed you so much.

That is why the child should die and undergo a euthanasian life according to the original law, but he should go straight from there and return to darkness. "Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

It was hard to say, but in the end it meant only one thing.

You have to explore the darkness to find your brother's soul.

The problem was that no one had succeeded in that. Not the gods, not the demons. Even Calatus has studied it the longest.

But fortunately, we don't need to be rescued to find a way to go dark like before.

“But it's strange.” What? “If the closer you get to darkness, the more talents you are born with, the better off you are to me." ”Yeon-woo was thinking of herself as' lacking in talent. 'Of course, it may seem relatively so, given that the comparison is all about the younger brother. Other people's eyes could ask if it was because they were already so talented.

However, I could argue that it was not Yeouido.

He was able to grow abnormally because of his brother's diary, and he began to fill his incomplete talents by absorbing the Summer Queen's soul. And in fact, it would have taken me a long time to get to a position like this if it hadn't been for King Black's mouthpiece.

Didn't you inherit the system from him? Dark is also a matter of perception, so the soul became close to the sunset without your knowledge. In addition, the solution that I developed...... "It was you.

Yeon-woo seemed to be somewhat unquestioned. It is the creation of the present self that has long been intertwined and joined together.

“Then why have I been chosen as the descendant of the Dark? Is it because of Jungwoo?” I don't know the exact lining. But you know that the dark will that flows at the bottom is often expressed externally, and one of them chose you. Maybe it's because of you, Jung Woo, that he's recognized you for a long time. "The will of darkness is expressed.

Yeon-woo realized that 'it means "several" progeny, including herself.

The Moon's child must be one of them. So is Kronos, deep asleep in that tartartarus.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

“What in the world is the Dark Lord...?" "Didn't I tell you? It's where all the souls are conceived." You're not asking me what I'm talking about. ”Hmm. Do I have to say it differently? Then I'll tell you what. The foundation of the world.

Circular precursor to all truth and law. Before creation. Nothing (). Empty...... They also have a tinnitus. The gaps in the world, the father of all beings, the master of dreams, etc... "Calatus continued to speak lonelily.

It is easier to think of merely conceptual beings that are older than the primacy of appearing with creation.

In fact, it's doubtful that there's an ego to be said. "That's what Yeon-woo thought.

Then how the hell did Thousand Horses get into the void? What about the beings who betrayed you? "Yeon-woo's head was still tingling.

The more I knew, the more distant I felt.

“No. I've already figured that out by now. I know where Jungwoo is. If I bring him back...... it'll all be over. `If Yeon-woo could bring her brother, she could give up everything she had accumulated so far without hesitation.

You might not want to dig too deep. I've seen it for a long time, but I still don't know. But you still have work to do. “If you are a Gringo, please teach us.” There's only one thing left.

“How do I explore the dark?” Yeon-woo closed her eyes quietly.

I've left all the cleaning up to the family.

Since building the temple is essential once the sanctuary is stabilized, there was still time until the three Cyclops finished the work.

All this time, he was trying to concentrate on exploring the darkness.

I warned her not to go near it as much as possible.

There is a good reason why the future King would say that.

But isn't it hard to keep watching? Besides, I don't think you're really going to back off if you say so. Calatus did not stop him because he had a hunch about Yeon Woo.

Instead, he asked me to be careful.

So let's approach slowly. "What should we do?" ”Dark is a giant 'gap' that swallows up all darkness and swirls many souls. And like I said, it's a river. If you're in the water... shouldn't you start by learning how to swim slowly in it? You'll need to breathe." Proximity and Breathing.

Even gods and demons are a place where their selves collapse, but fortunately, you have a very useful tool. Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

“Revelation.” "Yes. The Emerald Tablet you call that is actually a good study of blackness. If you had the most revelations in the world, you'd last that long in the dark." Yeon-woo felt her mouth dry.

My fingertips were itchy.

Of course, you can't be perfect in the first place, so let's start with getting close to each other in the dark... and practice getting closer. "Yeon-woo nodded and slowly sank down.

In the world of consciousness, subconsciously, subconsciously... and even more subconsciously, we slowly reached the abyss.

It was a space I had never thought I would be inside myself before, but after enjoying the chaos of crawling around, it was not difficult to find the way after 'perception`.

And when I open my eyes again.

"Yes, I knew this would happen. Son of a bitch, I'm not gonna listen to you like a little boy. I looked at him with my arms crossed, saying that King Mi Hu's transgressions were unfair.

Yeon-woo smiled, knowing that the 'gap' under his feet was open, and that he arrived safely at the destination.

His faults were even worse.

“You know my situation, right?" You know. I know, I know. Hey, that's a place where it's hard for my main body to get there in person.

And you want to go? King Mi Hui's faults were distorted.

You are the only ones who have fallen to the ground because you can't even do that, Lady Chun, you little sunbae! Don't do anything unnecessary, just sign it or something, gather it up and go in safely. “But I'm going to do something about it." Ha... Yes. Do what you want! Do it! I don't care if you search later... No. If I lose something, I disappear, too. Hey, just go! "Yes. Let's go 2 No. Go back, you maniac! You're really going? Yeon-woo passed King Mi-Hu's faults and approached the Abyss. Scared enough to shake the spirits, but they still try to hold on and approach the darkness.

King Mihu's faults were, 'He stopped at some point and yelled at the whale, "Hey! If I were you, I'd go to the castle, change! No, I'm just going to be your son! So I came back, but Yeon tried to disappear into the porch like that.

The guilt of future King Mihu became echo and vanished into thin air. He was nervous on his face that it would really be wrong for Yeon-woo.

By the way.

Superbee! : “: Huh? It sounded like it was diving from a high place, but it lifted its head this way while soaking in the dark. It wasn't a face that looked like it was hard. Rather, it looked comfortable.

That… works! King Fu's transgressions made me stare down in horror.

Yeon-woo shut her mouth as if to look at him.

- Where's the half-horse, son?