Second Life Ranker

11. Another progeny (1)

It was a long time after Yeongwoo came out of the Abyss.

"Are you here?" “My son, where are you so rudely?" He grins as he raises his right fist.

Deal? “Nam Il Ongwang! King Mihu's transgressions swung his fist as he laughed during the day. A shocking wave passed by the temple of Yeongwoo and knocked the far dark barrier. I heard something breaking soon.

"Huh? What? " No. Wrong. ”The smell of grinding is bent at a 90-degree angle at the waist.

Yes, be careful. I'm barely holding up, but do I have to hold up? "His transgressions did not make him angry.

Instead, I just shook my fist. It seemed to be a spam attack on Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo could not even say, 'There's an aunt who came up to the corner of her neck.' If I did, I'd be crushed.

Since it was his subconscious world, he thought that he would be able to do something about it from the beginning. He made a Female Wand without it to believe in the chaos crawling around, but there was nothing good about opening it for nothing.

No more jokes. His transgressions narrowed his eyes as he lowered his fist.

How did you do better than that? "How can we be safe in the Abyss?"

Although the tide rose through the book of Revelation, the Abyss had nothing to do with it.

This place is tougher than the void. It was a place where the gods and demons were reluctant to approach because it even swallowed existence.

King Mihu's faults were as vigilant as that, and he never looked away because he thought he would be intrigued if he turned his gaze.

However, Yeongwoo not only approached the Abyss too easily, but even after staying for quite some time, nothing seemed wrong.

Which begs the question.

“I think that's why.” Yeon-woo looks at the handcuffs she's wearing.

That……: It was an artifact left by Dark, right? Mmm It's a dark sealed object, but on the contrary, does it allow us to maintain our selves? "I'm not sure of the structure. But Yeon-woo remembered the first time he entered the underwater gangs.

When I entered the place that looked like a river, as King Mihu said, or even looked like a valley, a gap. I clearly felt distracted. I felt like my ego was closing down.

However, at that time, the frame of the Black King was able to maintain his mind while shaking all together.

"I was trying to hold on tight to my existence. `Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes, looking at the quiet black handcuffs again.

'And clearly…… it was connected somewhere:` The Black King's frame held tightly to the 'being' of the Nile, while continuing to pull him in a certain direction, as if connected somewhere.

I felt I had to find out exactly what was there.

There's still time, so let's prepare slowly. If there's anything I can do to help, I'll help. "Yeon-woo nodded with a heavy nod.

Yeongwoo began a deer to enter the Abyss.

"It is important to keep breathing in the abyss for long periods of time. And we need to figure out where the templates lead us.

It was the name he gave to the Abyss.

It was unconscious, so chaotic that I couldn't see a single inch in front of it, and it seemed like a hideous monster would live in it.

"Hmm? Something?" “Hye". After hearing all the stories about the Maw from Yeon-woo, he stroked his chin with his hands.

"Perhaps at the end of it is the way to the Dark Lord's essence that it sleeps.” Maybe so. Maybe not. You're sure you want to see for yourself? “Yes. because even if he doesn't exist, there must be something about him. It may also be the easiest way to find out about the nature of the abyss. Besides that? Didn't you feel anything else? Or the soul of another, or the spirit of pregnancy.

There are things in the material world that you can't feel. Yeon shakes her head.

“No, I didn't feel anything. I felt like my cognitive functions had ceased rather than my senses.” The Bible says that even the self was nearly destroyed. Does that mean you're an agent looking for your brother just by knowing? It's hard. "The King Ahjussi's transgressions deepened, and he roasted his back head.

Yeon-woo, who was looking at him like that, asked the question.

“But what does she know about the Dark Lord?” The Black King is clearly a thousand horses in the air. So I thought King Mihu, who was a thousand years old, might know something.

"Not at all." His faults crossed his head, grinning bitterly.

I'm just an alter ego, not a body. Which means there must be a limit to the amount of information we can accommodate. The body, as well as the kid, can we find out in the yard where he's cut off from? "Important information has been omitted since it was separated from the original body. His duty was to guard the palace, so anything unrelated to him must have been excluded.

Yeon-woo thought that the bitter smile of King Mi-Hwa's faults was too strong.

On the other hand, despite the fact that every single one of these actions was so realistic, it was still unclear that he was not the true late king.

How does it feel to live knowing that you're not real? All free will is deprived. He could not imagine.

Of course, you can't afford that. I turned to talk about compassion because I knew that I only touched the pride of the future king's transgressions.

“Then, was she also with the late king?” Come out? “You know, the dragon I saw when I first met King Mi-Hu.” Ah, Sung? Nyong-ryong 0008) If he's the one who keeps his power up, his loyalty runs wild, maybe he knows something. It was like the main body was communicating with him periodically. “Then… ~? But not him. “ Yes? What? " He looks just like his master, so I don't know where he is. “ ”We lived together in the palace." No, if he was bored, he would come. Yeon-woo recalled when King Mi-Hu's transgressions were in danger by the Horsemen and Archbishop.

What led him there was a bead of light. It certainly contained the energy of dragon, but it was not real dragon. At the time, I was just wondering why, but in fact, there was another reason for forgiveness.

'Surely, if he had gone out, King Mi would not have suffered so much. What did the Emperor do then? And why hasn't he shown up so far? Anyway, all we have now is a very single piece of information. The rest of us have to find out for ourselves. I don't think I can help you. King Fu's transgression looked down at the abyss with an annoying face. I know that I can only disappear once I've entered a monolith. All my life, all the world was small, and he was the only one who could fly.

The problem is that we have to rely on tools here. “If you keep practicing diving, that's why you don't want to do it.” No. No, that's... No matter how long the frame holds, no one knows how long it can last. There may be separate retention times, and there may be a limit to depth.

It was... difficult for you. Yeon-woo nodded, touching the frame of the Black King. I had a strong feeling he wouldn't, but it was a bad choice to rely on the tools of the Fallen King's fault.

Above all, I felt that I had to make a way because I didn't recognize anything in the abyss.

“Breath is important after all." ”Yes_" What can we do? ”" Unlike the playful voice, there was only one more thing, the eyes of the future king's transgressions, shining in gold, were serious.

Religious Tongcheon! as well.

Yeon-woo looks for her tongue as if she knew.

I don't think he ever thought about it.

“No. Not in the abyss." Even when we almost got eaten by the crawling chaos, even when we were trapped in the sea, we used conscientious channels to keep ourselves rational and to break the system's constraints.

It didn't work at all in the abyss.

Even though I wanted to release the mental area outside, it was just a 'working' feeling.

Seeing that nothing was noticed at all, I couldn't figure out what I was trying to do. There was just no reaction. So, it was difficult for me to have a full throughput.


Tsk! King Mihu's faults curl up on both sides like he thought they would.

That's because you're just using that concept. Senaurin says, "What the hell is this?"

Since before, you've been good at conceptualizing, so why don't you get a little emotional makeover? Yeon-woo laughed because she wanted to know what this meant.

“Building a conclusion is not a priority for the reform? But I have a declaration of territory that makes no difference. He's a completely different kind of person." The ability to automatically install your sanctuary, the Declaration of Realm, and the construction of a conscious barrier for the remodeling of the consciousness run entirely on the trajectory. Realms are based on your bright stature, but your conscious conclusions are based on your ego. It's the difference between starting from the outside or being released from the inside. Yeon-woo was momentarily pondered.

“Have I misjudged you all these years?" Just by spreading the Shadow Realm and temporarily declaring the sanctuary. He was able to unleash various powers and powers, and isolate his enemies from the outside. In it, he was the only God.

So I've considered it to be a concept similar to the psychological conclusion.

In fact, he moved to his own will, and I had no choice but to think so.

However, King Minhu's transgressions were saying they were completely separate.

The declaration of the realm is an ability expressed based on status, so in a way, it is close to the program based on the specified algorithm.

Construction of the emotional barrier using a conceptual transition began in the mind, and was close to being metaphysical, 0% 0, which directly affects the material world.

"Now that you've secured the Apocalypse, you've reached a level of divinity and devils that can be steamed separately. I have an old Giant cult, so if I continue to grow up to become a desertion and transcend, I might be able to become the best. King Mihu's transgression was' more serious than ever.

But apart from that, it's his ability to engrave the impression on the law. How well we can accomplish that. That's why transcendent beings don't grow bigger once they're ranked, and they stay stuck for a long time.

It's much easier and more comfortable to just use your position. Wherever I am, I need to control my identity like a tool, but instead I get eaten and drank by my own. "That's why gods and demons end up with the smallest ego, turned into simple cogs for the law. King Mihu's faults were said that, sweeping Yeongwoo up and down.

For those of you who are already uniting the business () based on manlessness in that regard, you need such training to strengthen your willingness to incorporate all of your ideals, myths, etc. in your mind. Yeon-woo suddenly felt tempted by King Meegeumi's transgressions in a word.

Something came to mind.


If the future king's faults are right, we can strengthen this even more.

Transforming the Asian system into a mind (-Sleep) of everything. If that's possible, in the abyss, you might be able to breathe out of your tool's will. Then you can see it in the depths of the abyss. "It transforms the world with one mind."

It's beyond the realm of the common transcendent.

"So what better way to develop a mindfulness?” In all his life, the silver path was hard to fathom.

I had no idea where he was going with nothing. If you compare it, you will be able to hear the king without approval... but it was hard to guess the difference between the two of them since it was so high.

"Ever since I separated from the main body, I thought the castle would die of boredom unless it came to me. Well, what the hell do you think you've been doing?" I know what that means, Champ.

If only patience had been repeated for hundreds of years… the depth of that heart 78) could not be reduced.

It's been a long time. I get bored and I leave behind a bunch of bad guys. So I decided I'd make something better than the body itself. And after I came here, I would steal from Ismereos and have a conversation. It's the last dragon, isn't it? He knows a lot. Thanks to you, I was able to organize everything I had in mind, in addition to everything I had planned. And I could fix it for you. Mia Iq 5 So I will teach you from now on. King Mihu's faults rolled up one side of his tail playfully.

A new parakeet, a lightning rod (faux ^ 0), has been upgraded to suit you!