Second Life Ranker

12. Another progeny (2)

Shhh >! "Yeon-woo's eyes widen.

The King Ahjussi's faults burst into laughter.

Damn, I don't have to look at it with such admiration, but it is said. Mok ' “The future King…… ^ Not at all. I admire you a little bit, don't I? I used to be a little awkward." ll. "l." I think you made it up just because it was a little awkward. You just named the sword "Meena!" ”Grrr! King Mihu's faults wield their fists as they smile again during the day." The shockwave passes by the stream.

I don't think anyone knows about this place. What do you think? "You seem to be a wonderful artist.” Yeon-woo replied with great audacity without a change in her face.

I stabbed him as if I didn't like what he did wrong.

As you get cheaper and cheaper. Hey, and frankly, I don't want to be judged by you for naming me "Krrrrrrrrr" after Jack. “Hmm? What am I talking about?" King Mihu's faults make the day faint.

"Your mourners gave me so much grief... no, that's enough." ^ < ~ ~ ~ ~_l7 "Yeon-woo made a face that she couldn't understand at all.

His faults have become a part of such a gloomy painting.

In any case, the original genus used to put together dozens of different kinds of magic or shaman, etc. in order to easily bind them for convenience (77). "His faults continued to continue.

But as an incorporating arm (\ 8 #) ideas and integrating what you've learned in the past, it's probably best to fix it accordingly. In one (- >), yin and yang 0\ 8) appear, from which Redwood (= #) is derived, which forms the thoughts (09 lot), the figs, and the concavity (breasts), Chili star (1 foot), arm's length, and the palate (# transport) are completed, resulting in an electrocardiogram (+ cold).

So, it was also the reason for the world to return to the members of the world, the story of the day Yeon-woo heard from the King without a blessing.

It's the same academic practice that was created to discuss the laws of the world after all. But what you're filling in is going to change in detail, and that's probably why there's so much catchphrase to how you get to the mines. For example, there might have been an interpretive difference unknowingly, or a problem such as wasting energy efficiency. Yeon-woo heavily nodded.

He also never thought that he had completed the quest, namely the meteor sword. I just thought they were making more. It was because Gregadin was still lacking, and he did not find a proper clue about the 'Sword' that he was so eager to face.

But once you are fully equipped with a crossbow, you will understand a lot of that heterogeneity. “Yes. I see.” Yeon nods heavily.

It was because I came to my heart how sincerely King Mihu's transgressions were trying to help him.

On the other hand, I was a little surprised to learn that the Summer Queen was also involved in the making of the crossbow. “So what do we do now?” There are two methods of attribute and completion. What would you like to do? “I don't have much time, so I'm going to use the attribute method" Fine. Learning quickly will not be lacking in teaching. Don't worry. At the moment of Lee Yeon-woo, I thought that the smile of King Mi-Hu's transgressions seemed sinister. So I was going to instinctively switch to completion.

Sh_ow! “King Kim's transgressions were already taking Yeon-woo's mark hard with his elbow. Yeon-woo breathed properly without rest. It was such a shock after so long.

Let's just get it right. Now, wait! I wanted to tell Yeon-woo to wait.

King Purpurfeng-Mihu's faults started beating him like a storm, as if he didn't have time to listen to such friendship.

'Dammit! This is how I feel about all this stubbornness! "Let's see if Yeon-woo's skills have improved, and I had to bite her because I remembered the image of the king wielding a fake fist.

Why is everyone so fond of harassing themselves? For him, his anger exploded.

Yeon-woo thought that it would be really bad if she stayed like this. While doing the Blink, she was as far away from the future King's fault as possible.

King Mihu's transgressions were astonishing when his fist clenched the location of the lotus.

And around that time,

[Sixth Dimensional Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] Yeon immediately pulls the power from the vacuum as far away as possible.

At the same time, King Minhu's faults appeared with the same space, punching down his fist.

Grrrrrrr! A dark red thunder blooms from the tip of his fist and crushes his son-in-law.

It was definitely a lightning rod! No, it wasn't the same as before.

Just as you maximized the sheep's energy, it was emitting much hotter heat than the lightning bolt used by Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo, like her, quickly climbed up and down with her hands. His thunderbolt blooms from his fingertips and overlays with the ruins of the future.

Pabba Bak! Overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed, overwhelmed and overwhelmed with dozens of chain explosions, the whole world shaking unconsciously.

They exchanged workshops at a speed that normal people's fuselage vision could not keep up with.

Power that one of the extremities can quickly escape if you touch it incorrectly.

This is a subconscious world, so there is a risk of damage to the business if a spirit is injured.

His fault was that he didn't seem to care at all, and he had to put all his strength into it.

But there is only one point that Nin, 'is strong. "King Minhu's transgressions were far beyond his expectations.

I assumed since I sealed up the crawling chaos by myself, but when I sent it directly, it was not very well.

Maybe the background is the unconscious world, so I didn't even know what I was good at when I was in the mushroom body.

^ Lord of Mercy, King of Mercy "" {'[8 Qin 'an] [Haan Kumping] [Walking Gubitara - Wise Man's Eye] attempted to predict the pitch of the opponent while keeping his eyes open as wide as possible.

Even though the computational processing in the brain has shown a lot of things faster than ever before.

His efforts became foaming at the next appearance of King Minhu's faults.

Instead of swiftly swinging a kite, he suddenly had a violent regime pulling his left fist inward.

The lightning bolt, which was heavy in all directions, suddenly got sucked into my fist and wanted to compress it tightly, and it exploded.

"Power has increased...?" Just before her transgressions hit, she felt the danger and instinctively leaned back greatly.

So fortunately I was able to avoid the violence, but there was only one point.

It appears to be the same lightning bolt, but the power has become much more intense.

More than half the little magical shields and seals that have always protected him have been broken.

I haven't done the calculations correctly yet, but I think it doubled the output of the original quest.

However, King Mihu's transgression did not seem to be the end of it, so he burst the gritty fur cycle (cane sprout). Every time I do that, I keep adding more power to my quest.

Number, number four... and number five.

Whenever King Mihu's faults were spread, the names of the mines (\ dance), mines (sweetness) and mines (boom), Yeon was blindly beaten.

All the remaining magical devices that protected him were sealed up, and instead of exerting a blocking effect, they were drawn to the sword that exploded King Mihu's fault and increased his power.

The more the crossbow is revealed, the more powerful the crossbow becomes. By the way, when it reaches the customer, it is 32 times more powerful.

Taking into account the fact that you were able to deal with the same level of self-esteem with just one quest, it was an unbelievable destructive force.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo pulled out her magic and released it at once, thinking it would be dangerous to stay like this, but it was useless even in front of the overwhelming destructive power.

I could see the calm abyss down there shaking violently.

“We have to think of something. `[Parallax Distortion] [Supersensory] Yeon tried to figure out the structure of the quartz pole somehow. But when you open your eyes and look around, all you can see is light and heat. It was so hard to see the changes contained in Yongsin and Hwaseongjeong.


Yeon-woo strongly thought that it might have something to do with the transformation of the mind.

The reason he wanted to familiarize himself with the crossbow was to make him aware of the shifter. ": __ {" But how? Do I just have to put my mind to the quest? But after that? "He didn't give me any other precautions or instructions for using it, so I told him to just do it on his own.

However, I couldn't do anything right now, so I used Yeon-woo's will to pull up the lightning again.

The lightning barrier between heaven and earth was high enough to block the storm of light. But in front of that huge explosion, it looks too small.

I could instinctively understand what I was doing when I fell in love.

Changing the depth of the depth of the depth of the depth of the limbic system to my taste.

He also said that King Minhu's faults were similar in nature to that of the sanctuary, but different.

So what if we put these two together? “Let's do it." There was no other way to think about it in a situation where the storm of light was already upon us.

Yeongwoo firmly supports the 'interior' with a conceptual passage to prevent the sharpening from being shaken by the maximum output.

I pulled up the shadows below so that the lightning could be referred to as' external '.

It is a form of lightning that can be first blurred by a strong will, firmly fixed by a shadow.

As it does, the inner will and the outer shadow become firmer, making the lightning feel even tighter.


It has an intense feeling of solidarity and spiritual connection.

[Rest Recreation] The nature of the quest has changed.

No, to be precise, it added a temper.

If the first lightning bolt contained the first of the eight pole blades, then the second of the fetal chains (@\) were blown here.

It felt like the world was turned upside down (8\ ') for Yeon-woo.

I feel like my vision has been turned upside down and I've forcibly pulled out something that was hiding inside him. And I felt like I was forced to carve it into reality and show my 'will' to the physical world. It seemed like the spirit would be sucked into you.

Thanks to that, 'The quest that was born posed an imminent risk of shattering, but showed an unimaginable synergistic effect.

Farge, Farge, Farge! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yeon-woo raised her up from below with a newly carved bronze seal.


Immediately, Yeon-woo felt her defeat. Whereas King Minhu's transgressions show 32 times more power, he is only twice as powerful now.

However, it made me feel like I was breaking something that was blocking me.

As the storm of light continues to spread, trying to cover the entire subconscious world.

As if swallowing the unconscious world and the abyss intact, the threatening bullying ceases to be a lie.

Yeonwoo said, 'I had to stand still for a long time like someone who was possessed by something.

Then, as I slowly looked down, I could see both hands trembling.

I thought, 'Even though it was good... Did instinct scare you in front of its powerful power? If I had been hit by the last fifth hand… I strongly wondered what would have happened to me if I had been exposed to &' 85;

The quartz is nothing like the sword that was divided into eight herbs.

Each time you move from one pole to the next, you multiply your power by one more characteristic. King Fu's transgressions spoke to Yeon-woo with a confident attitude. An attitude that shows a friend a rare toy that is hard to get.

It is a force designed to focus solely on "destruction." But he looked tired without knowing where.

But as you can see, it's not a very good technique for simple use. Because it was strong and the use of the will was not only very strong, the faults of King Aha-Mi-Hu seemed to collapse a lot.

Apparently, I was not magically able. Whenever I used a powerful skill, I had to be that powerful, "Once I could show you the right thing, here's what I can do. If I show it to the sixth (8) or seventh (6), I don't think the rest of my intentions will be enough. The armrest (/\) is likely to be digestible even if the main body is here. As Yeon-woo, I had to nod my head. The only thing you could do right now was the pole.

On the other hand, I never imagined what even King Xu Xu's faults would look like when he said that they were dangerous.

I think I figured out how to use it, so let's just keep going until we get used to it. "His faults were tightly clenched. From now on, it looks like it's going to be fun.

My baby - “Stop it, damn it!” Yeon-woo had to spread her wings wide once more.