Second Life Ranker

13. Another progeny (3)

“Dammit… damn it!” Yeongwoo lay in the midst of the air and blurted out a ferocious insult.

King Mihu's transgressions drove him mad like a kitten. Thanks to this, I learned what "fatigue" is for the first time after obtaining the characteristics of the dragon that makes love.

I never thought I'd feel something I didn't even feel when I was fighting the crawling chaos.

It was never as easy as it sounds to say that the reform was free material.

It is to designate a conceptual passage that is forcibly engraved into the physical world as a sanctuary and change its whole nature to cause a transformation (\).

As such, implementing images captured in the mind in the physical world required tremendous mental energy consumption. And the greater the range or power, the more horsepower it consumed.

Afterwards, Yeon-woo reached the state of near exhaustion, and when she reached the state of catastrophe, she had to go just before she lost her mind.

It seemed like King Mihu's faults that seemed relatively good were just exhausting after unleashing the omens.

Fortunately, after repeating the indefinite struggle, he was now somewhat proficient at quarterbacks.

[The skill level of "Meteor Detection" has increased dramatically, resulting in a rapid\ 42 ×.] [Calculate your stats to explore new skills.] [You have gained new realizations related to skills. Opens the parent skill.] [Open Skill 'Lightning Mace'. Numbering [Humpty Dumpty] (Measuring) Skill Level: 5.2% Description: Skill that has been reinterpreted by combining the previously created “Meteor Verification" with a new genus. If the existing owner has transcended, it is likely to be a credit card.

Various application containers may be born depending on the method of use.

The explosive power and possibility is' proven to be extraordinary, by directly sealing many gods and demons.

In addition, power enhancement through a total of eight apparition modifications is possible, and other features are currently known to be extremely few and require repeated modifications.

Randomly breathes the energy of 'Gun' into the end of the armrest and the energy of the armrest to enhance its power. Depending on mental and magical power consumption, the range of power and effectiveness varies greatly.

The power of 'fetishism' in the end of my arms and arms…… is only available to you in the tower and is never transferable or transferable to anyone else.

It has the potential to develop into power or new rights. Complete to equip it with your own unique skills.

The system launched a new skill infowindow with a message that the meteor sword girl had evolved more than one step and had been renamed the quarterback.

However, there was not much to reference in the skill window.

Maybe it's a twist on the system that Yeon-woo originally created. King Mihu's faults were made, but he's not a player, so there won't be any information windows like this.

Still, seeing me like this, I felt like I had grown again, so I got a prayer book, a revelation book, and I learned the dragon I wanted so much, and I was able to defeat the gear chaos that I thought was obsolete.

I can't be happy now that I've reached my limit and have a platform to grow again in the car that I was worried about.

"I need a little rest. `" His faults were a little fatigued, and he left for a while to rest.

Yeongwoo said, 'I was going to close my eyes and rest here for a while.

Fortunately, it seemed like his subconscious world was quicker than the recovery of his mental strength.

I'm looking forward to your recovery.

Kong! Suddenly, I felt something heavy sinking next to me.

Yeon-woo wants something to look forward to.

A massive red pupil stares at you.

You look ridiculous. “…… > Summer King. * The Summer Queen was watching the main chat room.

"Hehe. I already don't have a body.

It's ridiculous to be called a daytime nickname after a soulless debris topic. "The Summer Queen smiled softly and yawned. Looks like you're asking me to sleep. I didn't care about Yeon Woo.

Yeongwoo was too low to see such a summer queen.

Not only herself, but the Barogna who wanted to conquer brutally, revealing evil to everyone.

Because of this, many people living in the tower were afraid of her, and in fact, she was able to hold her place as the ruler of the tower for hundreds of years.

But it was completely different after they were freed from that position.

The arrogance was the same, but there was no great interest in everything. Rather, he was so cynical that he was often indifferent to what he had accumulated in life.

But she said that King Ahjussi's faults helped her a lot when she made the quartz. He said an unbelievable thing.

“Hey, I want to ask you something.” Why does this body have to answer? "You don't have to. But instead,” Phage! Yeon-woo raises her hand lightly. Then a lightning bolt popped up on top of it.

“I don't know where this is going.” :_.: I remember Haven Wing was not, by the way. How are twins so different? You were both born genetically the same. "The Summer Queen looked at Yeon-woo with an absurd expression.

“Yes. He's just like me. Don't you know?" "Don't be ridiculous. You're worse off than I am. If you lived in a different environment... Even if you did, your siblings would be almost the same, since their mental maturity is complete in less than 20 years. Hmm. I don't understand. It's not like the brothers have nothing in common if they hold the tower together for such a short period of time." How can we be so determined? ”Because I had twin brothers, too." What? "I never thought of that.

The Summer Queen had twins? So the polyp wasn't extinct? But if there were other polyps besides the Summer Queen, why haven't there been rumors? However, the Summer Queen gazed at Yeongwoo with one eye as if it was annoying to answer the question, just as she put her head to the ground.

I wanted to ask you something. Come on, bite it. Jolini 7 ′} '"Lightning Palm Pole. Why did you help me build it?" In fact, the meaning of the quarterback was not just to increase the power of the quarry through mere mind-alteration. "

Inside, many magical devices and devices were disassembled and combined, rolling like exquisite cogs, like a completely new academic discipline.

There were many aspects of Yeon-woo that he had never thought of, so it would have taken him a lot of time to construct a level of masonry that was similar to a bracelet.

It meant the Summer Queen had lent her knowledge to him with all her strength.

Did you just interrupt my sleep to ask me that? What an asshole. If it was the outside world, it wouldn't be so strange to be hanged instantly. "The Summer Queen quietly closed her eyes and replied.

The reason is still not the same as before. To make your will to take my family and relatives away from Olfowan a little sooner come true.

And to find the soul of the Haven Wing and make him whole again.

It's just this tool. "“ You've already reconciled with Jungwoo. I thought he forgave me. ”That's right. But apart from that, this body is guilty of the sins of the past, and we just want to tie them up again. But now that I don't have a body to say, I have no choice but to use you." Yeon-woo had only considered some emotional changes since the summer queen met her brother's monument.

But now I think I know exactly.

"Actually... did you like Jungwoo? `Yeon-woo smiled without my knowledge.

Her relationship with him was so complicated. If you really meet him, you might have to give him a beating.

Seeing your long walk, I thought I'd be okay and now I just needed some help.

But remember, "When the Summer Queen's eyes open again,

His eyes were filled with a tiny fury.

Dragon never forgets his numbers. You'd better not forget that I'm going to bite your head off someday. "A smile spread over Yeon-woo's mouth.

"Yes, that's what a summer queen looks like." After being so cynical all this time and having a proper adversary, I just want to go back to being the original summer queen.

A ferocious beast. Without such identity, she would not be queen of summer.


Soft bees also twisted the tip of one lip.

“If only I could. Anytime.” Hong. Stubborn thing. "After complaining so much, the Summer Queen closed her eyes, turning her head to the other side like she was annoyed to say any more.

And how long has it been?

After all the rest, Yeon-woo began preparing to enter the abyss again.

"Remember, if you're going to have a hard time going in, don't overdo it and come out. Don't forget to keep the spirit alive. King Mi Hui's faults caused a lot of nagging as he tried to acquire Yeon Woo again after a little rest.

What are you staring at? Then he realized that Yeon-woo was staring at him without saying anything and frowned.

“Is there anything you'd like to say?” What? Yeon pointed to her eyeball with her hands.

Both eyes were stamped with a seersome bruise.

The guilt of the underdog smiles lightly.

"Hey, you're being mean to a guy like that. What are you still curious about? Yeon-woo couldn't even count the insults she had climbed to the side of her neck. You were the one who forced him to fight back! And, huh? Do you have any idea how great it is to be able to stand up to this future king? You can be proud of yourself. Yes, of course. Yeon-woo sighed and tried to descend again, thinking that she was really going to get sick.

King Mihu's transgressions had to stop shortly after following him. If I go any further than this, I'll be forced to get sucked into the Abyssal gravity and eaten.

Son of a...... I hope he's okay. "His faults did not take off his worrying gaze until the moat looked completely immersed in the abyss.

As soon as Jiaying-Yeon acquired it from the abyss, she felt the risk that all perceptions and senses would fade away.

However, as each of the three frames of the neck, arms and ankles felt ringing, the self slowly opened its eyes.

At the same time.

It was released externally through a conceptual transition. Of course, there was no way to confirm that the transition of consciousness was properly constructed in a space that had no perception or sensation at all.

However, under the assumption that Yeongwoo had succeeded, she made a reform at the same time as building the throughput of conscience into the sanctuary using the method of puppetry.

Overwhelming - with the feeling that the world around you is going to be a big place, that you definitely don't feel anything.

Ugh! Kia-kiki, key! I could hear strange noises from everywhere that seemed to make me cry in surprise.

The underwater world is where you build it.

Of course, seeing would also be possible, so Yeongwoo opened Yongsin's mouth wide.

And what it looks like.

"This…… was a strange world in which countless rounded particles roamed at their own pace.

Even in the sea, dark things that didn't have anything right were "flowing" around, even though it was in pitch-dark fish.

Something moving along the currents makes a strange sound.

It's just that it was so small and weak that at first I thought it was particles... The day was ripe out of nowhere, 'Soul?' No, it's too small to be a soul.

But it was definitely a soul.

"All kinds of pregnant…… early life that has not yet begun the system of Yun Hui sacrifices. Ghost (Hall). 'It was a quality completely different from the ghost that Yeongwoo contained in the soul collection. Ghosts know Oro support and Hangul Navel, but they circulate around the moat in a pure curiosity unlike him. Anti-Bubble Fairy? It was like that came to mind.

Ghosts were whispering to each other, especially touching Yeongwoo's mouth and nose. It seemed like Yeon-woo wouldn't recognize them.

So, let's tap one of the spirits with the index finger and touch Yeon-woo for fun.

Queek! They fled to the west in surprise. You'd be surprised at how Yeon-woo suddenly recognizes herself as she moves around.

Yeon-woo looked at it and turned her gaze as she laughed.

The brothers of the Black King were trembling, trembling in the distance and in the depths of the abyss.

There's something there.

Head for the Dark Lord himself.

Gwang-Yeon started Yooyoung, spreading her wings as wide as she could.