Second Life Ranker

14. Another progeny (4)

“I've been_moving like this... I don't think I'm getting any closer. `When Yeongwoo spread her wings in the sky, she wandered in the abyss for a long time and realized that this place was much deeper than she expected.

Even though it would have remained a normal stage from the end of the image to the end, there was no sense of diminishing at all.

No matter how far you walk from the Earth to the moon, it always seems to be in place. The abyss never ends.

Obviously, it was a while ago. Thanks to the skill of parallax, I was able to clearly check the timing.

“Or do I keep wandering around the same place? `I suddenly wondered if Yeon-woo was going the wrong way.

But I didn't think so.

Ziing, Ziing, Ziing - Seeing the frames continue to ring, it was clear that they were heading in the right direction.

"I came in too deep. Can we get back to it later? Techniques using external laws such as magic and magic have not been well utilized here. Even if it was used, there was another disparate law, so there was no choice but to move the body directly.

If accidental variables occur, something really dangerous could happen.

After all, the only place he could rely on was the emotional setback he had built.

Yeongwoo thought she was good at doing what King Minhu's fault told her to do, but she increased her speed in diving even further.

Until now, 'There may be something else in the abyss, but I haven't been able to keep my guard up properly, and I didn't think I need to worry anymore.

Every time Guang, Guang, Guang - Yeon hit the air roughly, his body was pushed down with a large magical blast.

With each passing moment, the calm current of the abyss shifts greatly.

And the ghosts with the same appearance as the fun hemisphere were gathering around the hemisphere to form a cluster.

At first, they were afraid of Yeon-woo and didn't even think to come near her. However, since Yeon-woo did not do much harm and became somewhat accustomed to it, they gathered again one by one and became so many. They followed me as fast as they could, no matter how lucky they were.

Thanks to their loving light, Yeon-woo was able to gain their sight.

Above all.

Master! They keep getting tangled up! Go away, go away! Aye, aye! Heheh heh! Tickle, tickle! Niche suddenly appeared on the back of a kite and was having fun with the spirits. Ghosts are busy playing tricks like riding on Niche's beak or poking feathers.

Niche didn't show up, but he was happy to have friends to play with inside the Wise Man's Stone.

On the other hand, Yeon-woo not only looked at the ghosts gathering to herself, but also at the ghosts who encountered each road, 'No. I expected him to be able to find something similar, even though he said that his soul was in the dark or in the heart.

Expectations are just expectations.

It was never a miracle.

But maybe it was natural.

Where every soul is conceived, where every ghost lives, her soul cannot be breast-fed.

At the end of the day, I thought I'd have to get to where the Dark Lord's temples pointed, where there might be the Dark Lord's main body, before I could figure something out.

Day 3.

Yeon-woo stabbed the impression while venturing in the abyss.

No matter how exhausting the stamina process was, I was annoyed if I just watched the same scenery for three days and kept swimming.

The problem was that, despite this, the distance still did not show any signs of approaching.

Day 5.

Yeon-woo was still focused only on Yoo-young. I can only see one abyss and more spirits following me.

It might be better to communicate with the spirits, but they were like newborns to humans, so they couldn't be more curious or scared than instinctive actions.

It's a pity Nike was there. Without it, Yeon-woo would have already left.

Of course, the outer reality time wouldn't have flowed that much, but it was clear that it had.

Day 21.

Yeon-woo could feel that the water pressure from the Maw was gradually getting stronger. And the more I did, the more I realized that I could be crushed together.

A situation that would have been risky if it hadn't continued to sustain itself as a result of a profound setback.

Like King Mihu's faults, it seemed that there was a limit to the self-preservation of the Black King's frame.

Day 45.

I thought strongly when to stop exploring further.

But I couldn't do it even though it was too late to come down here.

That's why Yeon-woo began to look for a different mileage apart from playing.

The sword sword pole that King Mihu taught me about.

The limits that could still be properly solved needed to be mastered more quickly, as the limits of the triangle were the limits. And the more I did, the more willingness I felt I could withstand the weighted depth of pressure.

I accidentally found the perfect training ground.

That said, Yeon-woo was able to find a new target in her boring journey.

Focusing on training was the best strength and weapon he could come up with.

It was also one of his iconic struggles.

Day 162.

I started hearing strange noises somewhere.

It was never the sound of ghosts.

I don't know where it is. It's gloomy, dark.

Yeon-woo pauses to look around for the source of the sound, but can't find anything.


It's about time I stopped counting my days because I'm annoyed. At a time when I felt like it was not more than two years old, I did not nod at all to the water pressure, nor was I accustomed to the strange sounds of snacks.

We still can't identify the sound, but we can tell just as well that it's coming from where the black king's mold is headed.

"Is this the sound of the Dark Lord's body? Or is it something like that or is there something else sleeping together? Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes and resumed her movement.

And from time to time, many of those ghosts were now almost invisible.


When I thought it would be five years.

I didn't see all the ghosts I could see for a little while, but I was bored with Nicae, so I went back to the stone of the road sage, and that was all that was left.

In a situation where the water pressure was so high that it would be difficult to maintain the heartbreak, Yeon-woo was just continuing her research on the quartz pole.

On the other hand, I was also praising the revelation that had been robbed of the chaos that was crawling around for more time.


Pa! I can see light leaking from the other side of the abyss.

“There is something 'Yeon flew towards it at full speed, spreading her wings wide in the sky. Whether he had been continuously training his image, he had once again grown up compared to when he first entered the abyss.

And when the light finally reached the place where it had never been stretched,

Ugh… >! ”Yeon-woo did not want to wander unnoticed, but had to turn in a direction while striking the sun with the wings of the sky.

Beneath his feet, an unbelievable spectacle unfolds.

It was a huge 'door'.

An enormous door that looks like it would be treated as a very small insect.

The problem was that the drawings on the door did not go down unknowingly.

'Sunghwa (Horn Dance)' … It's the same as the report from Olympus. `It contained a report by Olympus and a similar set of incarnations that I had seen in Hades' temple.

However, the painting on the door was much larger and more elaborate.

Zeus, who plunges lightning into something surrounded by a very large shadow, and Poseidon, who raises a Tidal Wave and grabs its ankle, and Hades, who together with the other gods, commands an army.


It had a completely different look from a different angle.

Based on Asgard, Zeus was at the top of Asgard: Odin, Poseidon was Billy, Hades was Vero.

On the basis of the Bridge, each peculiar phenomenon was formed as Bok Hee, New Farmer, and Demibeast.

Yeon-woo seemed to know why it appeared like that.

“A common myth of creation." As many myths about hunting the Mother Earth and creating the world spread in common, this seemed to be a similar context.

"To be precise, he fought the Heavenly Horse and flew away and ate what fell." Perhaps the people who carved this chrysanthemum wanted to say that they had separated themselves from the existence beyond these doors.

The more sacred paintings are distributed among the believers, and it is true_The more believers there are, even though it is a myth they invented, the effect will be passed on to them.

Of course, many gods and demons would not have contributed at all to plunging that existence into the air. It's just funny how they try to eat it all by themselves.

And it continued after something got stuck in the sewers. It was a parable that Yeon-woo had not seen.

The existence of falling into the 'Abyss Gang' deep, living and ugly together, expressing anger with limbs bound in the chain was pathetic, but so vivid.

And after the door closed and stuck in it, I saw many internal conflicts over time.

Anger, frustration, etc. followed, and finally I fell asleep and was assimilated. However, Jill opened her eyes in the Abyss like seeing a lotus tree.

It seemed like there was more sex underneath, but she didn't feel the need to see it anymore.

"Then." Yeon narrows her eyes.

“I don't care how you open this door now." Of course, it was not that I had no idea the danger of opening the door.

Yeonwoo didn't know much about the Black King. Death, Edom, the cooling of dreams), and that the ancient and conceptual gods existed long before the creation of the world.

If he woke up, the world would be in chaos. That's what Thousand Horses thought, so they thought of crashing the Black King into the air.

But I didn't care about that for Yeon Woo.

Whether the Black King strikes the gangs or dreams of revenge, what does that have to do with him? As far as the damage is concerned, it's the responsibility of the current gods and demons who have been shattering the heads of the Black Kings.

I don't know if I can say, "What's going on?"

"If you had wanted to, you wouldn't have let me go like that." Moreover, as Yeon-woo predicted, it would be almost impossible to open this door with her own strength now.

If it had been possible, someone would have done it by now. The thousand horses he met were not so pleasant.

However, Yeon-woo was going to open the door as little as possible.

I liked even the slightest crack.

No, if I couldn't open the door, I could only communicate my intentions to the beings beyond.

There were just a few things he wanted to ask.

Where's your brother? Why don't you take the soul and give it to me? And why have you given me this power and made me less of a progeny? No, I didn't need all the paintings.

As long as I could only hear the answer to the first question, there were no other conjectures.

“How to open it: But as I tried to open it, I couldn't think of a good way to do it, so I had to think about it for a moment.


The dragon, yes, a black king's frame has now become accustomed to trembling in the snow for over five years.

I put as much magic into the mold as I could, just in case.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Then the three frames vomited a very clear resonance sound.


Side, Tsurwak - The chain that has been released has been pulled out longer than ever before and has moved somewhere. Then he was dragged inward through the void everywhere, and at some point, he felt a touch of dulcum and interlock.

“^ ^ l <!” He intuitively noticed that the chains were connected to the body of the Black King sleeping beyond the door, or something related to it.

So I started pulling it as hard as I could.

The chain falls. The weight of what lies beyond is heavy, powerful, and with every ounce of magical power, I can hardly imagine. The same was true of the maw remodeling that had been training all the way down the abyss.

^ What to do::? At that moment, there was a touch in Yeon-woo's head.

The Power of the Fallen King, used to seal up crawling chaos! "Woman's Baton!" And as the thought ended, there were so many pieces of Woman's Baton around it that they began to rotate and assemble into the Black Chain.

That's positive- ^ necessary. "" Jen "The door began to open slowly after the pieces of the female staff cleverly amplify their willingness and emotions a few more times.

Beyond the door, there was a vagina that was more than an abyss.

Whereas Yeon-woo's eyes were bright with gold coin.

No. Wake her up. From the void where the interstellar chain had dried up, daytime hands protrude out of the void, and someone slowly shows up.

A girl holding a chain in one hand and a teddy bear in the other that doesn't look like it fits here at all. Despite her lovely appearance, Yeon could instinctively feel danger.

He instinctively knew who the girl was.

"Another descendant of the Dark!" The head of the sea of poetry.

Scary to the end of that thought.

Guayaow! Yeon wields her left hand and swings the machete.