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15. Another progeny (5)

I never thought I'd meet the head of the sea at a place like this.

“It was ridiculous considering how much effort and effort it took for Yeon-woo the beggar himself to come here.

He just appeared out of nowhere.

But contrary to that question, blindness had already begun.

Cha-chang! He slammed his blade to the side without any embarrassment in the sudden attack. Suddenly, the swords and various combinations came and went. It has a strong power that doesn't suit a small figure.

Suddenly, the teddy bear next to him jumped up and down, punching Yeon-woo's loving fist from top to bottom.

A fist that doesn't look like much, but clearly contains enormous magical power. Even the magical field caused the space to tremble.

Yeon-woo sharply implements the statue, and the chicken summons the sword and tosses it up.

Kurlung-Yeon rode the shockwave away from him, striking him with the wings of the sky and capturing the road troops.

Her eyes glowed sharply in gold.

Bear dolls also landed next to him suddenly, circling the aerial swarm in the air, just like the kite.

The useless cute appearance provoked Yeon-woo.

A wild goose chase from the first encounter. As I've heard, you're a tough guy. "The head of the sea of poetry smiled sadly as he watched the kite. The image of a little girl holding a teddy bear in a gorgeous costume. It gives the user the impression that she has a sinister hobby.

Woo-young, yeah, Woo-young! But he noticed something else.

I saw three frames on his neck, his left wrist, and his right ankle.

It was in the opposite position as worn by Yeongwoo. Even the chains around his forearms were the same.


You're not human. "Yeon-woo could see at once that he was a species other than human. This appearance was not merely a transient of polymorphic magic († mm ³ m): a body whose mind was projected.

Yongsin An, wrapped in gold coins, was showing something huge that was crouching behind a blurry figure.

Although it was hard to recognise the exact sibling because he was surrounded by darkness, the scale was easy to have a glowing sensitivity to the size that would never be traced back to Calatus.

At that moment, his pupils turned into longitudinal pupils.

Longitudinal pupils symbolic of polyps.

It was the Dragon Horse.

You're very nice. Is that why he's so fond of me...? I think so. Yeon-woo did not give any answers.

I was just quick to figure out what he was.

'The polyp must have been the last... extinction of the Summer Queen.' `Yeon-woo later realized that there was another unknown polyp in his family.

- I had twin brothers, too.

Just like the Summer Queen said one day.

I didn't tell them the details, so I didn't know the exact details, but I didn't know if it was true that the interest could be twins with the Summer Queen, or someone related to her.

Later, I remembered the fact that I had forgotten.

"Then again, Abraham did not say that he had a relationship with the polyp once. That is why he came down to the stream while taking the tar cloth (6).

It started out as a little amusement, but not because there was a dragon that made me realize the feeling of love to do. The dragon that will become Anantara's mother.

“No, you said Abraham's partner was definitely dead. `However, it was' news' all the time, and it was also true that there was something distressing about it because it was after the War of the Slaughter when dragons were mass extinct.

Above all, I felt a strong sense of strangeness.

I feel like there's something there.

Being that size couldn't have had any effect on the world.

"Oh, my God, I'm talking to myself.

However, he smiled bitterly as if trying to stop the thought of Yeon-woo.

Anyway, it's really commendable to be here. During the history of the Tower, many have challenged it, but few have ever come as close as you. But you're not ready yet. "Prepare? What's that supposed to mean?” Yeon-woo frowned.

But he just laughed and didn't answer.

At that moment.

I thought I heard something go around.

Kiarik, Kiarik-Kuhong! Dozens of large chains protrude from underneath the giant door between the stars and the door begins to coil. They want to shut the door.

I thought it shouldn't be like that, but Yeon-woo urgently tried to spread her wings.

Kurr-Suddenly, the currents that were flowing along the abyss violently fluctuated, forcing the moat out. I tried my best, but the currents were rougher than that.

"Doug, from afar, only his will sounded like an echo.

Come back more qualified. qualified to face the dark in person. He hates it when people aren't that angry. Yeon-woo's consciousness was cut off from there.

Instead of discussing something with the Summer Queen, King Ngimihua's transgression suddenly opened his eyes as the Maw underneath began to shake.

The Summer Queen glanced at it and said in a dull voice.

And it scares the hell out of me.

Grrrgh! Suddenly, with a massive explosion, the watering column measures an enormous height in the abyss. I saw a picture of Yeon-woo spurting from the tip of his head.

King Mihu's faults are swiftly approaching you, and using their magic, he quickly pulls Yeongwoo to where they are.

"Whoa! You've gotta be kidding me! What took you so long? You must have gone to the bottom. King Fu's transgressions read the strong notion of following Yeongwoo and amazed me.

In fact, he taught Yeon-woo a crossbow, but he thought that he would return shortly in the abyss.

You can't keep diving where you can't measure depth.

No matter how great the self was, it was hard to stay alone for more than a year in a world with nothing.

Nevertheless, Yeon made it.

It was remarkable to think that the report had gone down for a long time and had really arrived.

'That's how desperate you are. Well, I like that, but if he was just a guy, he wouldn't have been so active in helping people.

'If it is... yes. Maybe it's worth a walk.` Her transgressions sank deep.

'I might be able to free that poor thing from the curse left by his father's ghost.'

"Have you met Harmonia?" The Summer Queen looked at the lotus, smelled it gently, and muttered.

Harmonia? Such a thing. "The Summer Queen said nothing more.

His faults were not explored in more detail.

I knew she wouldn't dream of asking.

What can we do about him? King Mihu's transgressions narrowed his eyes when he looked at the kite.

Apart from what he liked, I didn't really want to keep taking care of him.

The Summer Queen responded very coolly, as if to what she was thinking.

Throw it. Shya > Yeon-woo is compelled to have interesting eyes. I felt like I was in a long, stuffy water and then came out and took a sudden breath of air.

And the first thing I see is...

Are you awake? It was Valdivihi who was staring at him secretly with a deaf eye.

Yeongwoo looked around while pressing the soup with her detection of the squirming temples.

It seemed to have come true.

However, Hidden Stage was completely different when compared to before it entered the subconscious world.

“How long has it been?" ” Two Months. “ Fortunately, it hasn't been very long. `It was a result of a completely different time flow between the unconscious and the real world.

In the meantime, all the temples have been finished and the preaching has been repaired. Now we're trying to clean up the wreckage that's lingering everywhere. Yeon looked at the messages that were piled up in the corner of the retina in Baldevic's words.

[Temples have been built in your honor throughout the Sanctuary!] [Your will is conveyed through the Temple. The ominous energies that resist you are purged in turn.] [The Faithful are raising their vigorous prayers and sacrifices toward you in the temple.] Escort the floating congregation to the temple. The more followers you have, the bigger the rumor about the temple, the greater your stature will be.] [Temple is completed.] [Temple is the main place to convey your will. From now on, it is possible to lower the trust (0k)!] [Successfully completed all scenario quests (Proof of God and King).] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [As a reward……] [All Scenario Quests (Proof of God and King) have ended.] [Many see you as a new Giant god and reborn king with astonishment and boundaries.] [Sanctuary stabilized.] While reading the message, Yeongwoo unleashed a headache that was stifling by itself, having been replaced by mysticism through the temples built everywhere.

By the way, is something wrong? You don't look so good. I ran here because I saw something big in the magic field. In Baldevich's cautious question, Yeon nodded her head heavily.

“Valdivich.” What's the matter? “I think I managed the sanctuary well while I was away." I'm sure we can keep this place, right? ”Yeonwoo was now able to examine the situation in all the sanctuaries through various temples and so on, very simply as if she were palming her hands.

The change in the sanctuary was not only in the construction of the temple.

For thousands of years, the ruins of the ancient giants had been restored and they were looking for their appearance and function, and as they almost covered the stage, the forest was opened and farmland was formed everywhere. The village where the rebels used to live was built on a very large scale, so there were various buildings such as forges and warehouses. In addition, each house felt a different 'liveliness' than before.

This means that Baldevich changed the sanctuary greatly, combining his strength with the other giants.

From their ancestors to theirs, it is now a good place to live like their hometown.

So I didn't think I needed to be touched.

Baldevich shakes his eyes slightly at the words of the kite, but soon his head nods with a firm gaze.

If you just trust me. "I believe.” Bean Val Devici lowers his head while inserting one knee. Wouldn't it be frustrating to say that God and the Crown Prince believe in themselves?

"Then I'll take it from here. I have urgent matters to attend to.” Yeongwoo has opened a blue portal to the outer stairwell.

“And the attack on Chungcheongae is not far behind. We don't know when we're going to the 77th floor." Got it. Valdivi nods heavily.

[Would you like to proceed to level 61?] Channeling confirmed that Laputa is currently located on the 66th floor.

Yeonwoo first met Doyle to discuss measures related to the Sea of Cities.

“I need to see Abraham." Phew!