Second Life Ranker

16. Another progeny (6)

[This is the 66th floor, 'Abandoned 0 ) The City's Coffin.] [Crucible: This place used to be prosperous based on ultra-developed Mado Engineering, but now it's a downtown (plucked) part of an empire and islands ( Chip).

The plague that could never reveal its origins killed more than a third of the population, and the catastrophe caused by the climate was that only a few people were left in poverty and hunger to become Asano.

Nevertheless, the imperial court locked up its storehouses and paid more taxes for luxury and enjoyment, rather than saving its people, so the fortune of the empire began to tilt due to the insubordination of the people who did not tolerate it.

But what ended the life of the empire was the invasion of the heretics who had long been jealous of the empire. He had a grudge against enslaving himself.

This led to a total collapse of over a million people, making it an incredibly popular ruined city.

However, there are still many things left unattended by the Imperial Fruit people during group evacuations, and occasionally Treasure Hunters often visit with the aim of visiting the legacy of the Ancient Empire.

And you're right there in that crowd.

From now on, collect the materials you need in this city to complete your legacy.

That completed legacy will make you a useful friend who wants to continue to climb the tower.]... It just seems like a really easy place to target. ”Doyle shakes his head as he looks at the sighing explanations.

In the absence of the kitchenette, the staircase domination of Artija was solid, now reaching almost the late 60th floor.

The situation is now virtually limitless to take on Artiya from within the tower. The White Dragon was also overwhelmed by the defeat of its leader, Wagga Doyle, and has been unable to do anything since.

Literally, Artiya had taken control of the new tower.

But Artiya was caught by an ankle in an unexpected place.

It was right here on the 66th floor.

In fact, Artiya has a slightly more unusual history than any other giant clan.

Large clans, mostly made up of high rankers, usually enter the 70th floor. It was because they had pioneered ahead of their time as challengers.

Artiya, on the other hand, was less pioneered than her superior.

That's why, from time to time, the formula was established between members of the group, "Stairwell Takeover = Stairway Attack of the Superintendent."

This meant that focusing on the clan's power would make it easier to target the brains, but if there was a disruption in the brains' attack, the staircase would be stopped.

It was just like that.

The trial on the 66th floor is very simple. Combining hidden pieces placed throughout the Abandoned City to complete any useful artifact.

It looked relatively simple, but it was never easy. Rather, it took too much time.

First, as the empire was destroyed by the 'plague', there were many diseases and curses in the city, so it was necessary to pay attention to homeostasis. I did not know which trap to set in the process of obtaining the Hidden Piece, and there were many small quests to follow.

And of course, the "batteries" were also a problem. As the Empire explains that there are heterosexuals who hold grudges, it was not an easy problem to fight them because all the top monsters with intelligence were wandering around. Sometimes when I encounter a group of them, I say, "If I had to back off, I was a thief.

But the biggest problem was that it was never easy to make a 'useful' artifact, even if you put the pieces together like that.

I needed to be able to figure out what the Hidden Pieces were for, so I also needed that much uncanny magical knowledge. We needed more engineering knowledge for the combination.

But you can't just make artifacts like that.

In some ways, I could never be too complacent because I could achieve something far above my own level.

The 66 floor was considered to be the most time-consuming place on the 60th floor.

Of course, that was different depending on the person.

In fact, Doyle had already finished 66 trials.

But here's the thing.

'Khan and Pant are... ambush soldiers.` Khan was surprisingly vulnerable to the discipline of Mado Engineering, which he thought was skillful at tactics. Tactical skills can be melted directly into martial arts, but that's not mado engineering? Although Doyle couldn't understand it at all, the Khan was wrapping his head around making artifacts for a long time.

And the Pants were much worse.

"It's not like that in my lifetime... Well, at least it's a Caine proposition. Would you excuse me if I said that? As soon as Doyle remembered the pant, he forcefully pressed down on the depression that had risen with tears.

In fact, it was strange not to be angry when I think about all the hard work I've done because of Pant, when I was leading Artiya on behalf of Yeonwoo.

All of the commanders of the Wing Ministry steamed up and ate, and some of the operations they ruined while making a mess of themselves, and some of the plans.

If you have a strong one, you have to fight to win, and if you get angry, you can beat them until they're free.

Thanks to Artie, many of my people were reluctant to move with Pants.

Edora, the younger sister, was low... but she was always cold and leaping to others, unlike Yeon-woo.

The nickname 'Mahi ( #\ 8)' does not go anywhere.

The Cheongram brothers and sisters, who once froze the tutorial, remained here.

After all, it was expected that everything would be good, otherwise it would have been less measles.

Then the pands will be on the walls of the 66th floor.

Of course, the Pan Family horse wasn't as stupid as Doyle's horse. Then you wouldn't have achieved that.

The problem was that the eczema was too severe.

With the exception of the masonry, which is an area of interest for you, you can't accomplish anything without putting your knowledge of Mado Engineering into it.

Moreover, 'smashing something was not too suitable for my hobby Fant.

"Above all... they're so bad together." Khan and Fant are busy growling whenever they see each other.

Khan has been wary of Pants because of his rival ritual since the tutorial, and Pants has been irritating and growling since the careless one kept raising his days.

Given the situation, Doyle had to sigh on his own.

I'd like to just leave them here if I feel like it, but I can't abandon those who are the best in the clan.

It was clear that they were both struggling and shoveling around somewhere. I don't know if there's some weird competition going on here.

I think so.

Kukuku! "Ngandoyl's eyes widen in the violent earthquake that suddenly shook the stage. Looking out, a massive dust storm, which seems to have traveled more than a few feet from there, was blowing this way and consuming the Abandoned City.

"What...!” I thought Black Sea Khan and Pants had another fight.

Ahhhh! What the hell! My Puzzle! My puzzle that I've been working on for a week...! Hey, who's that? Who are they? "The clan pairings associated with the two only heard the screams of a sudden situation.

Above all, they did not destroy the stage by knowing the 'degree' like this.

So? As soon as I think about it, Doyle feels increasingly enhanced in the channels associated with him.

Whew! And then the sand tide that covered the Abandoned City went through Laputa completely.

Doyle coughs with his sleeves closed. After the storm settles, as if to when. After magically removing the cloudy dust, he was on his way to the shore.

“Cough, cough! That's my brother...!" ”" Hmm? Did I tell you I was coming? "” Yeon-woo smiles, not surprisingly seeing Doyle greeting.

Then Doyle nods, as if it were perfectly natural.

"You don't always have anything left where you are, do you?” I felt strongly about how to accept this at the same time.

Is it good or bad?

I don't think there's anything good about it. I quickly turned to talk while pretending to be ignorant.

“Homehmm! What did I ask you before?" “Sea of Poetry, you mean?” Yes. "Doyle shakes his head.

“I'm looking for him with all my might, just as my brother instructed... ~ Still nothing. How can you hide like this? They're usually sticky tissue, so it takes time to dig up to the roots. * Yeon nodded heavily.

If it had been that easy to find out, we wouldn't have had that position in the tower in the first place.

Above all, the polyp sits at the head.

If you recall the influence of the Red Dragon before Artiya, it was clear that the sea of poetry was as powerful as or equal to it.

“But we were able to confirm that some of them were infiltrating our clan.” Among us? "“ Yes. However, I don't know exactly how much...... but I think I've gotten pretty deep. ”“ Any doubters? "“ Checking. ”“ You mean that? ”Yeon Woo's eyes gleam brightly.

I mean, the sea of poetry has been watching over itself for a long time.

"The child of the moon..." He seemed to know me right away. "“ But why are you so obstinate about the sea of poetry? ”“ Perhaps_we will be the biggest obstacle to occupying the tower. You think you can stop him from doing what the eight old Nean clans couldn't? Doyle's face became unbelievable.

Yeon-woo turned around, tidying up her thoughts in her head.

“I need to see Abraham." The run-young moves toward you again, reopening the portal to the area outside the tower.

Shortly after the lotus disappeared.

"Cain! Cain, you bastard! You were just about to get it done, and the dust went in and it got messed up! What am I gonna do with this?” The Khan appears in Laputa, pouting.


Doyle laughs without knowing it. The dirt-covered compartment from head to toe was like a mouse falling into a dirt pit.

But then...

Grrr! Something just blew the whole Laputa out of the sky and screamed at the whale.

"Ahhhh! Goddamn it, brother! Come out, now!” Pants groan with an angry face like a box.

He also took some damage because of the sand tides caused by Yeon-woo.

Then, their gaze met in the middle.

"What are you flirting with?” “I was here first, bear bear.” “Honk! You have to look so trivial." “Maybe the brain is muscle and there's something wrong with the optic nerve.

Do you want me to introduce you to a doctor? "” "Well, shall we?" Khan and Pant are busy growling at each other.

Kuku-pazi, phazi! The two surged in a row from the air.

I think Laputa will get caught up in their fight if I let it go like this. Doyle yells quickly.

“If you're looking for Cain, he said he'd go to Braham.” Scary to end it.

Pa-Kan and Pant have vanished from the portal in their guilt.

“When are you both going to grow up? Whew.” Doyle lets out a sigh and shakes his head. "

“Behind the scenes! Behind the scenes! Exciting songs!" Sesha painted a picture of ashes and corals leaning against Anatta's bed. Paintings of houses and gardens and the sun. Inside, there was a smile between him and Abraham, Ananta and Yeon-woo.

Instead of sitting in the rocking chair across the street quietly looking at the book, Abraham took his eyes off the Meloddier book and asked.

“That's a weird song. Where else did you learn that song?” From Uncle Shannon! ”Shannon?” When Yeon-woo came to town briefly the other day, she was compelled to show me the spirits at Cesha's request.

I guess I learned it by hanging out with Shannon at the time.

"Nevertheless, even after learning it, Abraham tried to take his eyes back to the book, thinking that if he met Shannon later, he would shout loudly.

At that moment.

Kukuqui! "Really? Is it true?" “Yes!” “Don't miss the order! If we're even a little late, we're screwed! Hurry up!" “Let's go!” Suddenly, it's noisy outside.

The villages of the one-horned tribe are usually quiet except for a certain area, so Abraham turned his gaze to the window to see what was going on.

Above that distant ridge, you can see a pillar of rough sand rising with the thunder. Followed by a little margin.

Cesha suddenly ran to the window and looked outside quietly. Suddenly, she burst into laughter.

"Uncle! I think you're here! Onehorned men are just running towards you!” It was a popular place to meet tribal members once.

And where there was a kite, Sesha had already known that there was always a great commotion.

“Well, that's just it.” You can't laugh, you can't cry.

He smiles bitterly at Abraham's mouth.