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17. Another progeny (7)

Abraham smiled as he saw Yeon-woo sitting across from him with a mixed face.

“What's the matter? You don't look so good.” Actually, it wasn't a question I didn't know.

It's an unseen look on the face of Yeongwoo, so it's a problem.

Yeonwoo also read Abraham's thoughts and narrowed her eyes, but she sighed because she thought what to do here. However, my teeth were torn apart by the grinding and fluttering anger.

“I was seriously thinking about hitting all the one-horned tribes.” “Haha, right!" Abraham smiled even more.

His heart made sense.

After the rumor that Yeonwoo had appeared in the village for a while, the tribesmen abandoned everything they had done and rushed to Yeonwoo.

Let's just fight one game.

In the meantime, King Muang has kept Yeon-woo all to himself, and this time, he was drunk from a fake initiative with the idea that it will not be taken away.

The problem was that there were not one or two of them, but enough to be hundreds.

Just because I came to meet Abraham, I couldn't ignore the lightning bolt, because only those who threw the challenge were excellent Jebeam fighters, I couldn't escape.

So if you want to knock them out one by one.

- Uh-huh! That's it, that's it! I don't know, but they were strangely fond of it.


- Hit me more, more! More! Ugh! Treat me more harshly! Yeah, that's it! I rushed back to my death. The more I threw them out, the worse it got, and then I drooled all over my mouth like a pervert. The frenzy was so overwhelming that I could even feel her horror.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to spend an entire day wrestling with her tribesmen.

We got company.

- Wouldn't you rather hang out with Eun? After that, the elders clearly retired and came hitting the elders, her eyes turned completely upside down.

And it was until now.

There was fatigue under the dead snow of Yeongwoo.

A long time ago, he was strong enough to harass God and demons at will and dig deep into the depths.

When I came to Onehorn Tribe, I felt strangely empowered.

Ha! Yeon-woo sighs deeply, sweeping her face with her hands. I had an ankle caught in a strange place, but the reason he came here was because I had something I wanted to ask Abraham.

“I know you have a lot to say. Come on, tell me.” “It's about Anantara.” In an instant, Abraham quickly released the space where they had their fingers pointed to the outside.

We even let Sesha play outside for a while so that she could be completely alone, but in the meantime, she freed up their space completely.

Abraham's face was hard as well.

“Why Anantara all of a sudden?” “We can talk in pairs, but we're here to talk face-to-face.” “What's the matter with you? Don't yell at me! Tell me!” Abraham's speech was slightly different from usual.

“Do you know who Anantara's mother is? Abraham made an impression.

"What's with her all of a sudden?” “This is really important.” Yeon told me about her situation. What went deep into the abyss over the years, but had to be stopped by the child of the moon.

“Do you consider the Moon's child to be Anantara's mother?” “I would like to check the possibilities.” “It was right after the war that she and I met. It's true that she was the last dragon left with Ismereos.” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

Doesn't that mean the queen's twins are in Abraham's place? “It's true that she hated to go outside like her sister, so she hid her existence for a long time.

Unlike Ismereos, who sought domination, she liked exploration. It was then that I held hands with Nawa-ah, who had become indifferent to the world. ”Abraham's voice was sharp.

“But she's dead. Because of that damned curse that Allfowon left! But maybe he's still alive? That's what they call it now!” It was forbidden for Abraham to lay a lifetime of guilt on Anantara and her mother, to touch anything related to her.

Now Yeon-woo meant the same thing as Ananta's biological mother who abandoned her child. Even though your children and grandchildren were in crisis, you've been watching them and doing other things! Though I initially met her for the sake of intellectual amusement, emotions were inevitably the only thing that kept her as a precious memory. This was not a courtesy to the deceased.

However, Yeon-woo's eyes remained still.

“You didn't see Anantara's biological mother die, did you?” To your end...! ”Abraham finally stood up and stared at Yeon-woo like he was going to kill her.

Then a long time later.

The hairy Brahms sat back down.

However, I didn't know that I would be relieved.

“You... already think like the truth." Why don't you give it a try?

Do you have any artifacts left by him? ”It meant to use the lion summoning skill.

Abraham shakes his head.

“I don't have it. Anantara may have something, but she doesn't know where it's hidden.” Yeon-woo is about to be distracted for a moment.

Abraham remembers something later.

“Oh, I know where she's buried. It's definitely used to be a rare dungeon in my life.” “Let's go there first.” “You…. Okay, sure.” After this, Abraham thought he should confirm the truth with Yeon-woo and accept his apology. On the other hand, I felt like talking to her for a short while, even using the power of Yeon-woo, who had to leave without saying goodbye a long time ago.

They rode the portal and entered the dungeon under the unknown name.

[This is Hidden Stage, Unknown Dungeon.]] [Attention! It's a place filled with the breath of transcendent beings. There may be curses and traps lurking around.] “Here.” It was a laboratory full of books and experimental tools, along a huge cavity that thousands of people would fit in.


In the middle is a small tomb.

“The one who informed me of her news is one of my few friends in the heavens. I don't think he told you a lie.” Yeon-woo looks around carefully as she clenches her chin for a moment, then activates her power by pulling out a book.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] "What is his name?” “Harmonia.” Yeon-woo said forcefully.

“Harmonia.” That moment.

[The summoned target could not be found.] What ""? Abraham's eyes widened.

The face of unbelievability.

However, Yeon-woo nodded her head as if it were natural, and swung her machete straight toward the tomb.

Light! The grave flew away with a violent thunder.

Inside was the Ting Bin stone chamber with nothing.

Did you not know that Harmonia is the child of the moon? ”“ How…… my……? ”Abraham trembled with betrayal. It meant that she didn't know, but Yeon-woo actually felt that it was unacceptable. The sea of poetry hides its identity like a skeleton, goes into someone else's nest, then throws all the other chicks away and takes over the nest. Could the head of such a place reveal his identity because he is around him?

... Will you let me find her? After a long silence.

Abraham asked in a calm voice. But his eyes were burning with betrayal.

“Do you have a wet bar?” That's... that's what I'll find out for myself. Please. ”It was Yeon-woo who wanted to find the location of the Moon's child more than anyone.

However, Yeon-woo was looking into Abraham's eyes, so he couldn't agree with him. How big of a shock he would be.

In the end, Yeon-woo had to nod.

“I understand.” “Gomey. Keep it a secret from Cesha." “But that's okay, right?” “What do you mean?” Abraham swept his head and said coldly.

“Not in the prime of my life, but thanks to you, so have I. I, Brahma, show you how one of the three weeks of ruling" Deva, "how many avatars originated from me were able to achieve that many work of salvation.” Yeon-woo had to go back to town alone. It was because he went straight to another place.

Yeonwoo thought for a moment that she would go after him quietly, but she couldn't help but look desperate.

Most of all, he said, 'He once ruled the kingdom of heaven.

Though it had fallen, its existence was never lost.

Even if it is the child of the moon, it will not be easy if Abraham takes things seriously.

'Of course, that doesn't mean I can't stay still.` Abraham had to go after the Moon's child with Abraham, and he needed to go after the Moon's child on his own.

But I have to explain this to Cesha.

~ As soon as Yin Yun returned to Abraham's house, she could find a compartment and a pan staring at herself coolly in a fully dim dome.

Why are they together? Did you suddenly get along without seeing her? The moment I questioned that.

“Son of a bitch!” “Your seat, I must take it back!" A star-spangled box and pant await. "

Khan pulls out the Bloody Sword and casts all sorts of tricks, and Pant thunders and snatches on the honeycomb.

Yeon wanted to do this all of a sudden.

“Rebellion is a grave offense. `So I raised my fist.

Peck! Ugh... Damn! ”“... you're a terrible man. How can you be stronger there? ”Khans and pands sit side by side, grumbling in frustrated voices, rubbing their eyes with eggs, but only absurd in the snow.

Are you rebelling against the Clan because you interrupted their quest? "What's keeping these guys around me?

Yeon-woo couldn't even realize that similar things were happening because she was wrong.

“It didn't have to be. I finally had something to ask you guys.” “What else?” “When did I not tell you to focus on hitting the fence?” Yeon-woo raised her fist without saying a word to the two who showed a poor posture.

”Heave-ho! This is a direct order from our clan leader, so of course we should follow it. What are you going to do? Say," This pant is my brother's strong right arm. Just give me whatever I want. I'll take a few of my heads off and give them to you. Haha! ”Yeon-woo glanced at the two men who had the audacity to transform their attitude with a dazzling look, but they seemed to have absolutely nothing to stand on.

Yeah. They used to be like this. No more hot laughs.


The words of Yeon-woo that followed were never normal.

“Raise a rebellion.” “_: ~." Huh? "“ What do you mean? What, did you just sleep wrong? "Of course, the question had to come back.

“Looks like there are setups in the clan. I'm going to get rid of them.” Yeonwoo explained her plan to expel the sea of poetry that has infiltrated Artiya.

“I'm sure that would be okay. It could be fun. In fact, there's been a lot of buoyancy, so I thought I'd have to filter it out for once." But we need a reason to start a rebellion. Could that be enough? It's between you and us. People of the world: I know the shadows. * "The Khan has a high opinion in Tugu: ']"... I've been telling you since the time of the poor annihilation... There was no way it was 096 when the bird stopped ± after that._ Complaints. He glanced at "Indeed," and Chuah would not be as sure as 6. ”` Khan and Pant nodded, smiling on the way.

What's wrong with this? Then, with a wicked smile, I found Yeon-woo, the mouse, not to punch again, and urgently shouted.

“Here, I'm going to sleep" ”!" Ugh! If you're civilized, let's be civilized! Why is it always a fist bump? "It's my heart.” This is just an act of catching enemies. It was never because he was still polluted for rebelling against him.

Never! Rrrrgh!