Second Life Ranker

18. Another progeny (8)

After finishing all the discussions with Khan and Pant, Yeon-woo and Cesha played together and slowly left the village in the middle of the night.

Of course, be very careful not to let the tribesmen notice. Because if the bastards found out, they'd be bothering me to fight again. It was frustrating not to have a portal installed to connect immediately to the outside because of the result.


Before leaving the village entirely, Yeongwoo looks back sadly.

It was because I felt uneasy about something on one side of my heart.

Fortunately, I quickly realized what it was.

'An assassination plot.` Faithless and others are planning something.

In fact, when I think about it, it was absolutely ridiculous.

He said to Arthya, 'This is the last man who is struggling with his last momentum after being pushed to the edge of the realm.

'No matter how many of them I brought, I was sure I wouldn't touch any of the king's fur. Because he was that strong.

No matter how much I searched the heavens, I could guarantee that there would be few who could compare with him.

"Even though I have become so strong, I still don't know how much I caught up with my teacher. 7/'}" The higher I went, the more I realized how great the party was.

No, I thought I'd be lucky to have a one-horned tribe before I pulled on the King.

That's why when I saw them in the open air library, even when Doyle reported suspicious movements, I didn't think much of them.

However, when I think about it carefully, it was not that there was anything awkward at all.


He who holds the spirit of the Magistrate had no idea how powerful he was, but it was rarely understood that he was planning to do this.

Is there anything I can trust? Even if I did, I hardly thought I could threaten the King.

But what's with the stifling?

“Do you know, cipher?" So Yeon-woo asked the spirit who would be watching her somewhere.

She's sitting there staring down at the whole stage. And that eye contains some of the future poetry ( Bones). So I couldn't have known.

Of course. We're related to him. Am I not checking? “Right. I see.” Assassination succeeds when the opponent is on the lookout, but you never lose if you look at all of them. "

Yeon-woo was only able to leave town with a sad heart.

You're welcome. He worries about his teachers even if he's not on the outside. It's perfect for us, isn't it, 21? Instead of meditating on the crown, King suddenly drew an impression on the voice of a spirit who had dug it up.

“Cute, motherfucker! Thinking about when I'll be able to hit my teacher.” I didn't like that posture. The king smiled in relief. He did not answer separately, but the cipher knew that it was a positive meaning.

He had two disciples before he met Yeonwoo and had already destroyed them all.

It was because they did not meet their expectations.

Whereas Yeon-woo was still standing. To him that much meant he had great expectations. And in fact, he was following me as well as he thought he was, no, much better than that.

Five star, determination, passion, longing, ambition, revenge, domination. And…… toughness.

There was nothing left to say.

That's why.

I also felt sorry for myself.

But you really don't have to tell me? "Done. He's got a lot of work to do, so let him mind his own business. It's not like the dots are right.” -Phil (02), Destroy 00) ““ You must die... "" The fact that the disciple may not know the difference.

Looking at the lunch I just picked up.

Tsk! The King kicked his tongue.

Suddenly, a strange rumor began to circulate inside the tower.

- Khan and Pants have started forming factions! Arthya had, in fact, a malformed structure.

A small number of elite clan masters, the pits and the laterals, formed the central axis, and underneath it, several alveolar tissues formed like branches.

In other words, unlike other large clans whose central axis has the strongest power, it had a large-scale large-scale override that few ruled.

It turned out that power was concentrated on the most active outsiders in the clan.

That was Khan and Pant.

They were both active so that Artiya could uphold control of the tower.

Of course, there were a lot of players who wanted to be nice to those two people.

Khan said, 'I hated being tied down somewhere, and Pants has an unyielding attitude that does not conceal contempt for weaknesses, so no faction has been created to do this.

But one day, Khan began to become an outsider, and began to meet a number of people internally.

I have met the clans of the underwater organization in private and have frequently mingled with various rankers.

It turns out that as people slowly gather around the column, a faction is created on its own.

There were many powerful people in it, mainly in many ways.

Pants, on the other hand, led several units around the major dungeons of each staircase and had little to no interaction with them.

He still had an arrogant attitude towards others, but he was followed by many followers who were enthusiastic about such macho figures.


Increasingly, Artiya had to be divided into two categories.

People even named those who were close to the liberal compartment 'every wave' and those who followed the defeatist fant 'bump wave'.

Of course, it was an arbitrary population, not actually divided into letters.


Suddenly, the battle between Khan and Fant begins.

While discussing the subjugation agenda for the White Dragon, the two disagreements were somewhat inconsistent, so they only ended up getting stabbed.

Luckily, Doyle stepped up and the fight didn't spread much.

They turn away, saying they can no longer be in one place.

They were two people who didn't have the right attitude or temper, so it seemed like gunpowder burst for those who didn't know when to argue.

Seeing you like this.

The nerve conduction mass between the factions grows, forming a boundary again.

I don't know when.

Khan begins to complain about Arthya, pretending to tell the truth when there are those closest to him.

“Pants are the only bastards in the Habitat. In fact, isn't he a thunderbolt who jumps on my father's back without knowing how much the world is worth?” The 'Clan' master doesn't seem to be 'at all' from time to time... This seems a bit harsh. ”" Arthya's a little overwhelming right now. There's too many fishermen. We need to clear out the woods. We need to clean up. ^ “Master's personality? What should I do? It's filthy. At first, even those who were afraid to hear it began to get used to seeing the young complaining constantly.

And gradually, I began to open my eyes to new desires, away from the horrors of Yeongwoo.

One by one.

Since some time has passed.

I started making strange offers to the Khan under the water.

“I'll take good care of you in the future.

If you need anything, just let me know. "From various bribes.

“A small request to discuss the interests of the staircase.


Among them... … were Artiya's secrets.

The compartment pretends not to be the outside, but it leaks information a little backwards. Some plans involving the subjugation of the Resistance were sometimes unsuccessful.

Many of the clan members say that Gacan has changed from time to time and that it is not dangerous, but his position is so strong that he cannot speak out calmly.

In addition.

I came to you with a secret offer.

~ M'Ankhan tried to pick up the Bloody Sword quickly, not cleaning out the paperwork in the Oval Office alone at night, but feeling strangely.

But before that, the blade of shadow comes under your chin.

Indicates that they will fight if they choose to.

"Stronger!" The columns harden, realizing that the opponent is a worthy opponent.

"What are you? If you were just here to assassinate, you wouldn't have stopped attacking here.

You're as thoughtful as I've heard. I guess I came looking for you, not the Fant. Shadow_The owner of the blade bowed his head with his weapon.

My name is Nakhon from Iran, the Krantzia Commonwealth (Told). "Alliance"? ”Khan snorts.

A merchant who comes in at night and covers his face with a mask.

Even the passing dog wouldn't laugh.

I know what you think, but the fact that we are allies does not change. “Okay. If you were a merchant, you'd want something. What do you want to trade?” I want to buy information from the Blood Sword. "Information Plan Yes. We need information about the master of Arthya, the king. The column was impressed.

"What's with all the nasty information? It's been a long time since I've been outside.” You filthy bastard.

It's too vivid to describe the Clan Master. The masked man seems to be surprisingly interesting.

As I heard, Khan's complaint about the King is quite strong.

That's why we need it even more. His movements will change in the future, so we predict that he is preparing for something while he is obscure. So our alliance wants to know a little bit about the movements of the king. Can you help me? "" Phew! So you are wary of us, eh? Hmm? No. I want to. ”Hmm? The masked man smiled. What the hell are you talking about?“ But that grumpy bastard is watching all this. ”At that moment, the masked man tried to scroll the portal in his arms in surprise.

His shadow creaks like an awl, crushing his back and protruding out of his chest.

And, looking at him, there was a box of clothes.

The masked man only realized later. This is all just an act from the box that's trying to make something up.

Phew! But the thought didn't last long. The shadow moved again and blew its head off.

Then, a compass appeared over the shadow and ran over the masked man's soul, about to leave his body.

Queek! Aah! Aaaaah! "Yeon-woo ignited the Mighty Purgatory and began to burn the masked soul. He struggled with his pain to draw out all sorts of thoughts, eventually turning into a ghost and getting sucked into the soul collection.

“What do you think?” You shake your head in response to Khan's question.

The Khan speaks freely.

“Is it savage again? Steady!” The rebellion plan undertaken in accordance with the instructions of the Lost Kite was actually intended to make the Sea of Poetry approach them, pretending that the Khan and Fant were causing their insides to grow.

They'd be more interested in alliances than in the interests of interest, but we've been working hard to accommodate them this way. The sea of poetry rarely raised its head.

Rather, if it is an unintended income, it should be that those who are complaining about the sovereignty of Artyria or who are doing things that are not meant to be done with Artyria are being filtered out. Among them, there was a group of scribes that were created while avoiding Arthya's information network.

Their list has already been blacklisted by Doyle, and I was thinking of putting it all together when the time came.

However, as we have a lot of work to do, I didn't like it because it took a lot of time.

“More than that, Khan.” Chong 'an "dirty bastard?" Ah. That's what he's trying to trick. ”As if the Khan had waited, he left with a portal scroll.

Only Yeongwoo who was left alone in her seat was slightly frowned.

"We'll have to wait and see. `The sea of poetry must have been deeply submerged. It was almost impossible to catch such a man in such a short time, so Yeon-woo decided to proceed calmly, even if she was in a hurry.

Moreover, he had other things to do.

“Taking back Tartaros. `It was my turn to go save the gods of Olympus, who were waiting for him down there somewhere.