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19. Debarment (1)

For Yeon-woo Gigi, Olympus was like a burden on the heart.

Athena was like a sister who always gave her warm eyes to her younger brother, and Hermes was like a brother who had taken care of himself since the beginning.

Hades was a guide to find his brother's soul, and a teacher who helped him walk the path of God.

Poseidon met as an enemy, but at the end he reached out his hand.

Ares was strong, but still wanted to stay cool.

Apollon, Artemis and Dionisos did not have much of a conversation, but supported their path.

Hestia and Demeter etc. stood in their way, but if you think about it now, you don't have to.

That is, since Yeongwoo entered the tower until now, nothing was deeply related to Olympus.

They sometimes confronted, but they were always their strong allies.

However, they were defeated in Tartarus, pushed to Erebos, and then worried about the Tachon. No, maybe some of the procedures have already been done.

Yun himself has also raised his strength as much as he can, and as he has the most power, he can no longer hold off on the tartaroth reclamation.

Of course, I couldn't enter Tartarus barefoot.

Except that Artiya still has to stay on the stairs to find the sea of poetry.

There was a Giant army, but I couldn't help it.

“Titan and Gigas have made it up to Gear Co Olympus. He must have recovered that much, and his power would have been much stronger than it used to be. `Moreover, there was the Mother Earth behind them.

A common enemy of all myths, she was never to be ignored.

“You should watch out for other celestial movements. 'Several societies in the heavens are not subject to any other sanctions, despite the fact that Titan-Gas is active with the Mother Earth.

It was clear that there was some agreement between them that they did not know about, or that there was an implicit transaction.

Moreover, Yeongwoo planted the seeds of turmoil in various societies in the heavenly world on the 60th floor of Hidden Stage.

The bastards grinding their teeth at him must have tried to dissuade him, so I had to work as closely as possible.

"Write this down and it will definitely split. In many ways... It's a struggle. `But Yeon-woo had to somehow reclaim the tartarus.

Tartarus is the sanctuary of Hades. As a body bound by the four thrones, it was my duty to restore all divinity without reclaiming it.

Above all.

"For Yeouido, this Tartaros reclamation was a big event like the Great War, because we can't shut down Allfowon without dealing with Titan-Gas."

“It's time to come in. 'Yeon lifted her head and looked up at the sky.

Tartaros is a battlefield with many gods and demons in it.

Of course, walking into Yeon-woo was suicide.

Fortunately, he now had those who could be allies.

At that moment.

Kukuku-ku, the sky is starting to tremble.

[God's society, the "Bridge," wants to cope with a tremendous amount of causality.] [It's raining!] [It's raining!] At the same time, two intense flashes of lightning flashed across the ground above the Laputa.

Seogwang slowly had a human figure.

One has already become familiar with Yeon-woo.

The other one turned into a dayline with all sorts of weapons and bamboo strapped all over his body, hanging off a burning red-eye.

He wrapped his left arm around a crooked whip and his waist around a three-shouldered sword. With that, there were two elongated spears and a giant shield on their backs.

The thick bronze armor had a lot of wounds, so it was covered in traces of time, but it was still harsh.

The eyes shining down the helmet that had been deeply pressed were also so intense that it was creepy to just meet.

Yeon-woo was able to recognize who he was at once, just by looking at his appearance.

“Nattaeja." Con2 is a sluggish, nine-inch building. Nine-inch building. Nine-inch building. Nine-inch building. Nine-inch building.

Ninety-nine out of nine Gordon Chungcheong9 have a 9/2 conversion rate of zero/quadrant. Sole Proprietorship (-. Votazog Dandenteza measured resonance as a candle/0/…… 28 The moat was deceived by the identity of .27 in a concrete culture just as the moat 8 may not be a joint 94 # 409? Tabazan 869) 0/Deloso 5 2969 The chief will not be harmed. "409 8, the Inoema Bridge of It Ying 'ong 409, was it the human wand that gave birth to the seven Gophad propulsion malls? Home! Indeed," Natasha heavily nodded, looking up and down as soon as the snow met her.

If the army was calm and quiet, Nattacha had a clear impression.

It felt warm and relaxed so it doesn't fit with the modifier "Human Weapon."

But unlike that atmosphere,

Yeongwoo said, 'I had to feel my skin tingling.

~ Aza "“: It's ugly. > Nattacha was making the air around her just stand still a little bit.

Is it because of the talk (# oh) that he wears around his whole body, or is it because of the jealousy (knee) he has? Maybe both, fingertips.

It was too ticklish.

[Bimachildara nods, agreeing with your opinion.

They use their fingertips to touch the organs.] [Kernunos gazes at you with calm eyes.] “Vimagildara to Kernunos? I can't believe those arrogant teeth are interested in you. Hoho!" Natasha looks up and blows Gabe's gaze.

[Chaos watches the two gods of heaven.] “You seem to be interested in bridging. I look like I'm indifferent to the world?” You've done Yeon-woo favors, and you've been in chaos lately.

Nattacha repaired her helmet as if she had seen the kite again.

“I guess I have to take care of a lot of things on this trip. By the way," Natasha smiles nicely, looking at the strangely silent kitten, followed by a feverish smile.

“If you look at me like that, I'll lose my curiosity, too.” At the same time, Tae-tae pulled out one of the spears hanging on his back.

The hatch. It was all red iron, from day to sack, surrounded by fire as soon as it appeared in the hand of the prince.

Yeon also has a riding formula by pulling out the sword on her waist in reverse.

A sharp stream flows between the two of them.

“What are you doing?! Since I can't join forces as an ally!" Ranging troops shout furiously.

Nattapae smiled and turned the hatchet upside down.

“Inside. You've got a long way to go, considering how excited you are and all." So the people on campus are still having a hard time with you. ”Rangoon frowned as if he didn't like the attitude of that person, but he breathed out the ground to tell him to go away.

Nevertheless, I did not intend to send the nativity back to the kingdom of heaven. In fact, he speaks in at least three of his kidneys, because the wallpaper was a naked heavyweight with no such thing. Thinking of the difficulty of forcing the wallpaper to follow me, I still split my teeth.

By the way, the rainfall is complete.

Now all we have to do is move on to Tartarus together.

However, Yeongwoo picked up the sheath sword and slightly narrowed her glabella as if she didn't like something.

“Is this not the end of the Bridge's support?” He shakes his head decisively.

“No way. You don't have to worry.

Now it's just the two of us for the efficiency of causality. When the ship is fully deployed, the army will be deployed. A wallpaper is currently leading them. ”[God's Society, 'Olympus' strongly protests against 'Bridge' because this is clearly internal government interference.] [God's society, the" Bridge "refuses to protest that this is just a battle for the alliance.] [There is a subtle tension between the two societies.] [Many societies in the heavens pay attention to Olympus and the Bridge.]] Yeon nods.

If the bridge is actively participating, the odds against Titan-Gas would be that high.

Above all, the alliance with the archangel was also evidence that the Union and the Legion of the Dead were recognized as' new 'societies.

“Then let's go.” Yeon opened a portal to Tartarus.

[God's society, Malach, blesses your path!] [Demon society, Le Infernal, cheers for your determination!] [I entered Hidden Stage, Tartarus.]] The air flowing within the tartarus was definitely different from the normal stage.

And it was much different from when Hades was around.

Should I say they seem to be rejecting them? [This is the Tifon Sanctuary, the God of Olympus.]] [Strength flowing through the stage rejects your position!] [Attempt forced entry.] [Successful.] [However, the various blessings given to you are nullified or weakened by the interference of the Divine Power.] [Because this is an unauthorized intrusion, your status is weakened.] [Because this is an unauthorized intrusion, your stacks of mystics are weakened.] [External gaze has been blocked.] 'I see. "I have to think about Yeon-woo, I have my tongue.

In fact, breaking into another god and the devil's sanctuary was an act of suicide.

He also had a history of sending many gods and demons to score by taking the chaos of the crawling sanctuary from him, so he knew the risks very well.

But unless we do this, the only way to reclaim Tartarus is to go up to heaven and plunder it for the Titan-Gigas War... and it was too late.

"Even Allfoone won't be easy to defeat. Even if it is a bit overwhelming, the battle style will be much different from that of the chaos that used to crawl around just watching what he did for fun.

- Mmm-hmm. "Not so good. Enemies are everywhere. It's not gonna be easy.” Even though the hostility of Titan-Gigas against Yeongwoo was this shocked, Nigerians and Natasha had little to worry about the damage they would do in the battle ahead.


Urgh, Kuku bean-full sky shook violently.

"Are you here already?” Natthazar squeezes his eyebrows tightly, hoping that their aggression has already begun. At that time, I turned the wheels of the wind that hung on both feet and jumped up into the sky.

By the way.

“Wait. Wait." Yeonwoo withheld such a manifesto.

Why would Natasha want to play? She's looking at Yeon Woo.

Yeongwoo was rapidly exuding past messages that had been piled up while entering Tartarus.

[Agares strongly asks society for a doctor who wants to come too!] [The head of Le Infernal ', Baal, has already said that the causation rate used last time was too large, and insistently declines the request.] [Agares strongly protests where it is.] ignored by Maal. [Agarez beats me.]] is ignored by Paal.] [Other demons turn their heads and pretend they don't see Agares. Agarez is going for it.] [Agares has temporarily resigned from Le Infernal'!] [The dung devil army will follow Agares' decision and declare a breakout!] [It's raining!] “Crazy bastard… ~?" Yeon-woo had to have a hot smile because she was ridiculous. I had been temporarily discharged before, but it was possible because Baal's implicit consent was there. This time it's really hard! Overwhelming! But Agares seems to be trying to descend, trying to figure out what to do. The Black Thunder trembles to the ground.

By the way.

Two? There was one more.

As the black light disappeared, another creature slowly appeared, along with Agarash, who had reduced to the size of a child as before.

Bow! [Niflheim's Devil, Penlor greets you with a wave of greetings!]