Second Life Ranker

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Yeon-woo's expression became strong.

"What's wrong with him? `Against all odds, Fennlìr doesn't need to come. In fact, I couldn't understand why Fenrir continued to be so generous to himself.

In fact, he had no contact with Niflheim.

“Why are they...?" Did you call? ”Even the Rangers and Natthazar don't understand why they showed up. They look around the pond.

Especially, the Iranian army was getting even more unpleasant. He also made other alliances without saying anything else because he did not believe in them, and this could restrict the radius of activity of the society in the future.

“Not me. They came to their senses.” But Yeon shakes her head decisively. There's no need to take this the wrong way.

Eventually, the Iranian soldier nodded his head.

Nattacha bursts into laughter.

“Join forces with the demons and fight against the divine society? It's been a long time since the faction's boundaries have been obscured, but it'll be quite a commotion if the Gonzans find out!” Natasha said it was so funny that she wanted to die.

It was a car that saw Gavel or an archangel trying to take on Olympus, and was saying, "Why should it be the same divine society in the same camp?"

If we add Agares and Fenrir like this, we wanted a big blue thing to happen.

"There's still a lot of talk about what happened in Revelation.

Is this why the Celestial Alliance has crossed over for a while to fight Olfowon? `I wonder who guessed. Hannah said that humans would be able to brake this rapidly in the celestial movements.

In the world where disbelief originally spread, even the lack of oil burns up the earth.

I was in favor of the constitution of the Celestial Union against Allfowon as a nationalist, so I might get angry by myself.

More than that, my curiosity as a po rose stronger.

At the same time that Yeon-woo wanted the fire to be so big, I was too curious how far this shape could go.


Or not.

Fenrir rides here, riding Agares on his back, teasing him about his lovely legs. If the stranger saw something, he was cute.

The real me is a stalker, a monster who eats the same demons, and a monster who eats the gods.

King! Penhir looks at the moat and walks away. You shake your tail in a commotion.

Agares raises his chin arrogantly, crossing his arms.

"This body has once again appeared to the earth to help you. You don't have to be so happy. This body is a special blessing to you." It was even more remarkable as a lotus tree.

That's why I had to speak calmly with my eyes narrowed.

“There's nothing I can do with you guys this time. And I don't even want to find another allied society right now,” Agaresh burst out a smile.

You sound funny. Didn't I tell you? This body is just here to help you. Haven't you already seen the message? This body of freedom is not bound anywhere.

What is the problem with crouching to protect what is in this body? Yeon-woo realized that it was a waste of time to talk to Agares anymore, and decided to ignore it. In fact, trying to rationally judge Agares' behavior didn't help anything.

Instead, I turned to Fenrir. What are you thinking?

He's not going to be as impulsive as Agares.

King! Fenrir is lightly wet.

Agares still looks at him, riding on Fenrir's back, and says jointly.

This one speaks. I want to join you in Niflheim. "Yeon-woo could no longer understand the combination of the two.

Why is Fenrir deceiving us instead of making a statement, and why is Agaresh interpreting it as if it were natural? "Out? Why?” The king! "says Hel, his youngest brother, for personal reasons," has shown great interest in you. "Hel is the devil who represents death. It was also closely related to Yeongwoo.

"For official reasons, you are wrong about the three goddesses sitting down.

Kmm! Yeah. That's what happened. It was so refreshing. On the 16th floor, I felt like I was talking about losing to the goddess of the past, Urd.

Because of the school's prophecy, the goddess of fortune among them. "The School's Prophecy?” Did the three sitting goddesses say anything to themselves? King! Penlor's cry ends at the same time.

Agares' eyes sink deeply.

"Ragnarok will be with you. ' In saying this, Yeon-woo had to stop thinking.


Asgard and Niflheim are at the end of the world, as they say in a co-existing myth.

Is that with me? There was something that came to mind at the moment of conjugation.

The end of the world.

It is the death of the world, so what does it have to do with the dark? "But there will also be you in the new century after that": to say so? "Age l.ll7 ^ But I couldn't understand it.

Because "new" or "beginning" and "dark" were not at all a good fit.

But one thing was certain.

'The reason why Urd was obsessed with me for the first time... The three sitting goddesses all saw something from me when they didn't have the strength of a ranker yet.

And one more thing.

_'There was something I had forgotten in my mind.

When I first met Laplace in the 11th. She told me that she was delivering a message from a demon.

“Were you the demon who sent me to watch out for the Urds?" The king! Fenrir has cleared the air.

It was a positive intention.

Instead, the Temple of the King.

It was originally the main temple in honor of Hades, who ruled Tartarus, but now it is a place in honor of Tiphon.

Fire landing! Three flames, each with a different shape.

In the middle, it's the Percelloner.

Tiffany on the left.

On the right, Teia, representing Titan, has sat since Kronos died. The goddess who once ruled the vast expanse. But now he was only in the depths of the basement.

This was clearly Tiffany's sanctuary, but Persephone never hid her superiority.

She is the Great Mother, the Earth Mother's chosen apostle, and Queen of Titan and Gigas.

Now that you have appeared on behalf of the Mother Earth, it is never strange to sit here.

On the other hand, sitting in the lowest seat, Teia had to somehow suppress the humiliation and shame that were pushing up from one side of her chest.

In fact, the myths, the years I've lived, were incredible compared to both Percy and Tiffany.

Now she was just one of them.

Of course, Persephone and Tiffany knew what Grunteia was thinking and were ignoring it.

For them, Titans were merely nourishing servants, old beings that would no longer be strangely killed, like the protogenous ones.

"You know why I'm here, I don't have to tell you two separately." In respect, "Percy said in a voice that sounded faint.

However, the weighty mysticism contained in it was not to be ignored.

One word from you was harshly imprisoning the soul of Tifon and Teia.

It was evidence that Persephone's statement contained the divine power of the earthly mother and firmly bound the two.

Tiffon nods heavily as he looks at Persephone. After watering them a few times, Yeon-woo had done everything she could to invade her sanctuary, but she couldn't help but wonder, "Mother, you want to somehow take over the descendants of Black. But now he's so busy digesting so many other societies that he can barely move. And I, too, can hardly distract my gaze by his words." After the connection to the crawling chaos was severed, the earthly body was preparing to return to the world.

It was something that happened deep inside the heavenly world.

I don't doubt that both of you will show good results. Especially TiVon, who's counting on you the most. Shall we take back the throne? At that moment, the face of the phone was hard. I didn't expect you to point out your shame here.

Four thrones.

As was originally planned, Hades' shrine had to be taken away from him.

so that it could possess not only the great power associated with death, but also all the rights related to the name (Panpo) Tartaros.

But what he now had was only half.

Then I'll be waiting. Sr-Percellne finally covered his tracks.

The power of the earthly goddess, which once filled the temple of the monarch, disappeared.

Nevertheless, Tifon and Teia did not leave for a long time.

Especially the face of Tiffany was annoyed.

Then he wipes his face with his hands.

Now's not the time to get ahead of ourselves.

"Mother_is immobile.

But... it was better. The eyes of Tiffany glowed horribly, because I can eat him for good this time. 'As soon as I walked in, I had a strong will not let go this time.

Even if he's using Titan and Gas to throw away everything he's running! "Even if you perish here, you can be reborn from your mother one day. Death, which is spoken of in the world, is completely immersed with us. `So Tifon looked back at Roteia's cold voice.

“What happened to the Resistance?” “The subjugation is almost over.” The face of the phone was slightly distorted.

“I told you to clear everything up beforehand, but what you've been doing is going up to the heavens and helping the Percellés with the resurrection of the Mother Earth.

That's why he's left this place with Teia and the Titans. I heard you got rid of the gods of Olympus from Tartaros, but I had them cleaned up since there were still so many Resistances left, and it wasn't over yet! The Resistance was able to give strength to Yeonwoo, who was the heir to Hades.

Or the Olympus gods who fled to Erebos could have pulled them back up again.

That was enough to stop them. “I'm sorry it was so hard for them to come up to their leader...” “Stupid bitch.” Tifon stood up, staring at Teia with an annoyed face.

Where is the Resistance? I'll deal with it myself. ”Tifon 'was going to get rid of them before the Yeon group made contact with the Resistance. It will be difficult to break the curse of the sanctuary for a while, Srlock! Tiffany told me all the locations from Teia and hid her trail.

All along, he did not hide his contempt for Teia. They think they're the cheekiest bastards in the world.

And then the phone disappeared.

Ugh! Teea grinds her teeth. His fist trembles in anger.

“Helios.” "Yes. A man who stretched his red paw alongside him appeared on the call of 'Mother's Awesome'.

The God of the Old Sun, whom she bore long ago between her husband, the Hyperion.

He was also the leader of the few Titans left with her.

Immediately, the anger disappears from Teia's face.

When she saw her children like this, she was always relieved in her mind.

“What did you prepare? You have reached the end of the” “phase.” “You mean that?” Teia grins bitterly as she strokes her chin with her hands.

In fact, unlike what they reported to Tiffany, their failure to subdue the Resistance was due to their strong leader, but in fact for a completely different reason.

“This job, you know how many times we have to pay attention?” Of course, Mother. ”“ Yes. Do your best to the end. That way we Titans can stand up again after defeating those degenerate gaseous bastards. "Teia's eyes glow fiercely.

“Kronos must be resurrected. You must!”