Second Life Ranker

21. Debarment (3)

“Niflheim." Niflheim's interest in Yeonwoo was inevitable.

I had no contact with this, and none other than Hel, the Devil of Niflheim was particularly interested in himself.

King! There are many people in Niflheim who still despise you. There is no one who disagrees with the prophecy of being with Ragnarok, but he who agrees with it is very angry. King! "Only Hellmann was watching over you, and he was anti-Semitic, and he chose self-discipline to confirm it. And the consequences of that... well, they say so. Huh. The same guy. Just because you're so rich doesn't change the fact that he's mine...! Hey! I can't let go of this! Agarez bites his leg while translating Fenrir's words. Agares steams the impression and smacks Penhir in the mouth, telling him to let go. He shakes his head as if he won't let go.

Even though the little boy and his puppy were beating each other up, 'they looked so cute.

It just seemed gross to me that I knew their faces.

If you have a golden heart that holds the truth, don't you see that the tall and strong men are staring at each other for maybe a few meters? "I don't want to see him anymore, but there was a lot of stuff in the world I didn't know.

"Anyway, I'm with Ragnarok...? I don't know if it's the end of the world they're talking about...... but if we could bring Niflheim in as an ally, that wouldn't be so bad. Two Niflheims was a very big society.

Above all, allies are already defeated. The alliance with Niflheim, a hostile relationship, was already long overdue with Asgard.

However, if there is a problem.

“There's not much I can give Niflheim in this war." Unlike the bridge, there's nothing quite like Niflheim to trade. Agares, he didn't have to take care of you because he was playing his game.

King! Ugh... Ragnarok says it's okay if only on their side when it happens...! Now let go of me! You son of a bitch! Fenrir nodded his head as though he were biting Agares' arm. The more she did, the more aggravated she looked.

“I don't know what Ragnarok you're talking about. All right. As long as there's nothing wrong with me, I'm happy to help Niflheim! An alliance has been formed between [Player # # # # and the Demon Society,“ Niflheim "!] [In this part of the day, announcements about alliance relations will be made within the heavens.] [Many gods ask you to make careful decisions about your alliance.] [Many demons are curious about your alliance.] [According to the alliance 'relationship, the divine society' Asgard `has declared a hostile relationship with you!] [Tendency leans towards' Evil '.] [Tendency towards' Evil '.] [Demon Society,' Bridge `declares neutrality, only expressing concerns about the alliance with the bridge over hostile relations with Player # # #!] [According to alliance, a hostile relationship has been established between God's society, the" archangel "and" Asgard. "] [According to the alliance, a hostile relationship has been established between the demonic society, Niflheim and the divine society, Olympus.]] [Alliance relationship is complete.] [Current Alliance Status] # # # (Player) The Bridge (God) Niflheim (Devil) Olympus (God) Asgard (God) Malach (God) Le Infernal (Devil) Bridge (Devil) [Other societies are currently only watching, with nothing else in mind.] [There may be changes in alliance relationships following the announcement of society and factions.] [When many gods look at alliance relationships with unfamiliar eyes.] [Many demons have an interesting reaction when looking at alliance relationships.] [I'm very happy to hear that Bimagildara is about to come. I feel satisfied with your gait.] Raises concerns about Nernunos' injuries to his apostle.]" What the fuck, you piece of shit! Agares pierced and stabbed the alliance in front of his eyes. You strike Penhir on the back with your loving hands.

I don't have a body, I don't have a body! It's scary to end it.

[Alliance member 'Faction' has been added to 'Dong-man Army'.] Yes. This is what I'm talking about. Yes. "Agares nods satisfactorily only after seeing the message he wanted.

Yeonwoo and others were now smiling and looking at Agares.

He glances at them and farts with his arms crossed as if there was something wrong with him.

What's the matter? Do you have any complaints? "Hmm." "No." Hahaha! I've only heard the rumors.What a great announcement.

The Duke of the East! ”The Iranian army had a trembling look on its face, but Nattaphae laughed heavily, whether it was a firm or impressive appearance of Agarash acting his way without even looking at the surrounding sights.

The more she did, the higher Agares' nose would rise on its own.

Of course, his appearance was still funny as a child.

Yeonwoo's head only hurts because she cares about Agares anymore, and she doesn't even look at you. The Duke of the Fallen East? All I could think about was the people in the heavenly realm who were just so judgmental about the dumbass.

Instead, he prioritized what needs to be done quickly in Tartarus.

"We must take back the Temple of the King and retrieve the Purgatory, and open the door to Erebos... But most importantly, we must understand the current situation of Tartarus, right?" 'Even in this situation where Yeon Titan and Gigas have taken control of Olympus, Tartarus has been reminded that there may be resistance forces on one side.

Given the chaos of Titan and Gigas while Hades was active, the regime would have been unstable as long as they were in control.

If so, we must strike at this point.

But if it's a problem.

"If there's a Resistance, we need to know where they are. They could be sporadic without a unified command system." When Yeon-woo went crazy thinking about it.

“Ahn Ahn“ Hoo. Are you expecting company? ” Looks like they're coming to kill themselves. Ha! How dare you!" King! The group senses an uproar in the air, and together they turn their heads to one side. "

Urgh, Kuku! Who dares...... desecrate our land?! A place with a black burlap in the sky trembling, Titan appeared, boasting a huge size.

Dozens of titans appear that way.

Following them, several clans appeared, which seemed to be somewhat reluctant, and darkened the whole area.

An enormous pressure spills over the group's heads.

It was a debuff for intruders who invaded the sanctuary without permission.

["Curse: Blind `will be inflicted!] [Curse: Magic Lock' is on!] [Curse: SP 'S CRACK 'will be inflicted!] [Broadband debuff adds up, decreasing overall rating.] [Depending on the broadband debuff, all resistance values drop below a certain width.] The group is forced to feel as though their bodies are closing in. I feel like the whole world is going to be feeding them.

When Yeongwoo occupied the sanctuary of chaos crawling around, it was clear what pressure the apostles would feel. The spirits that should naturally flow out were being restrained.

Moreover, those who boasted for kilometers surrounded the whole countryside, a dangerous country that no one could find but retreat.

None of the party shows any anxiety.

No, Agarez has expressed an unpleasant emotion.

"How dare you! Tiffany, what the hell are you doing trying to stop this guy from turning himself in?" Agarez has opened himself up to the sound of whistling in the foothills.

At that moment.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Huge Margaery expands indefinitely as she draws a whirl. The factions that were trying to attack the Magi storms all rolled off, and some of the Titans were sliced off their lower bodies and boasted tremendous power.

His rage, which had never been revealed in the sanctuary of crawling chaos, was in fact extremely rare in the heavenly realm.

The Magi storm continued to spread like a total disregard for all the debuffs in the sanctuary, causing a rough year.

“I've fought with peace of mind... Yes. Luciel, is this your first time since he caused such a commotion?” Nattaphae held the hatchstick in her hand and moved the wheels on her ankle as if she was going to die for fun. And as he passed by, he flipped it upside down, and the dimensions grew as big as a columnar titanium, making everything into hell.

“Ha! This is annoying.” Rangjin will end this battle with a little bit of a rascal, and he'll smash the earth with his thin twin swords that he's been hanging on his back all this time.

He was originally in charge of dimensions. As he followed, the steam gathered 'and formed a large water dragon (* 08), rushing towards Titan in front of his eyes. There were dozens of them.

That's when the real fight started.

Yeon chants as she resonates with the Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Heart.

"Declare a Realm.” Along the earth, a shadow spreads like water.

And from there, the death squad, Dis Pluto, slowly rises.

Wearing black armor together, they sprinkle blue sparks around their eyes.

Their bad speculations begin to vibrate everywhere.

The other day, I came back to my hometown where I had to turn my back on my lack of strength. He showed his mortality to the enemies who had made his hometown a bloodbath.

Above all, they were more powerful than ever, under the blessing of the Throne of Four.

The blade of the spear shines in black sharply.

Ram. Ram. Ram. "Once an apostle of Hades, but now the head of Dis Pluto bows slightly. Her voice said, 'There were no emotions in the words. However, Yeon-woo did not miss the bitter enemy within.

“You guys, and this is the moment I've been waiting for. If I get hurt, I'll drop you right into the ground.” Ram shrugs with surprised eyes, then smiles at Yeongwoo with a slight smile.

An arrogant tone that doesn't take defeat seriously.

But for her, it seemed so natural now, and it was thought to be the correct posture as the new prince.

Ram bowed his head in reverence and turned around and shouted to the other soldiers.

We have traveled a long way and have returned to our home. So let's fight. "Ram's eyes were fiercely indebted.

And let us bring victory to our God! Bang! The elders at the forefront beat the earth with their spears. The other Disc Fluto hit the ground with the same spear. It became a military man, and it made my heart pound like no other.

Execute All Soldiers! Together with the "strike two!" signal, Dis Fluto started running forward as one.

It was the moment the death squad roared.