Second Life Ranker

23. Debarment (5)

Thor, blessed by both Asgard, Olympus and the two physicians at the same time, was truly invincible.

On the other hand, those who are dealing with him are both disconnected from the outside and channeling. I couldn't fully use my powers, and my stature didn't work properly, so I was forced to look relatively weak by my power dropping below half.

But that did not weaken their pride.

"Dare!" Agarose's fury, especially the second most fearful of pride, is the cutest.

Agares rolls a decal deep into the air, quickly returning to the main body and pulling the Magi storm inward while keeping balance.

Kukuku-kun, along with the tremor that seemed to agitate heaven and earth, began to condense at a rapid rate.

The location is above where Agares is located.

"Get down." Agarez grips his hands down.

Then the condensed Magi storm expanded once more with the explosion, throwing out hundreds of black arrows in it.

Puffy Puff Tables! Each one is extremely compressed with Margie's space and dimensional surface ( A bar that boasts enough power to transform Chew.

The collapse of the first 'being' was also a weapon that could be forcibly drawn out.


Thor heavily swings' Mulnir 'at the top of his brainpower again.

A golden encephalogram derived from a trajectory is not enough to make all the black arrows scatter in the form of an octagonal spider web.

Once more, I called out a thunderbolt that was ten times bent from the sky. Lightning pours down on Agares' head like rain.

Agares' "Annoying!" spreads his black wings as wide as he can. While the huge wings of the stage cover the sky and sharpen all the clouds in the sky.

Thor is preparing for another assault. He blew his brains out with clever condensation in his left hand and caused a huge earthquake.

While the flying Natazawairanjin, Fenrir, etc. were tied up for such a short time.

Thor briefly removed the cerebral cortex. It was a step to reach the destination at the speed of light, substituting the body for a very short moment with epilepsy.

And, of course, with that speed, it means you could be feeding your enemies a powerful blow with increased acceleration.

Thor's target has just been changed from the Ranger he was trying to capture to someone else.


Rat Asshole. There you are! "Thor smiles coldly, wrapped in a golden flashlight. Mueller was outputting an unbelievable amount of brainpower compared to what he had seen.

Yun, who had been measuring his fighting style all this time, quickly opened up.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] The scales of the Softening Dragon swiftly unsheathed the Fang Arm and swung it. A speckled sword strikes the golden brainstem with an ominous glowing dark red glow.

Kuku Kong! The first collision was the defeat of Yeouido.

The golden debt erased the dark red waves all at once and roughened the honeycomb.

That's why she had to dig deep into the ground and push it far, far away.

I'll kill you! Tor felt that the allies were much weaker than he expected, and once again, he narrowed the gap and struck Mulner.

However, Yeon-woo had just been greatly pushed from the struggle, but she did not worry much.

Instead, he calmly took a step forward and lowered his machete from top to bottom.

He was also under divine restraint, such as Agares, but he actually had a hand that could reverse this situation.

[Humpty Dumpty] A feast made for him by the future King's faults! Grrrrrrrrr! I'm afraid the swordsman exploded just like this.

A lightning strike that doubled as before succeeded in keeping Thor's aggression at bay.

The third attack was so intense that even Thor could not walk.

Grrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...! It reaches hundreds of meters at a time, and Manmuller opens his eyes with his face, "Can this be true?"

My arms are trembling. Mulnir shudders as if it were about to break. If it weren't for blessing and blessing, his arm would be shattered.

The aftermath of the flashing epilepsy that had already been around them was all ruined and there was nothing with the right shape.

Thor could not understand the situation as it is now with his common sense. Obviously, how could a guy who had so much trouble mining a lightning bolt because of his Divine Constraint just now be able to do this? As a torr who did not know the structure of the dart pole that increased power by overlapping the dart with each other in the body, he had no choice but to think that Yeon Woo was hiding her power all this time.

No, I thought it was unreasonable, even if it wasn't.

However, it was not without such nonsense.

There's a guy in the corner of the memory room who's trying to force his way out.

The one who invaded Asgard and slandered him.

But why does he suddenly overlap in the sight of Yeon-woo? No way? The Emperor...! But Thor's words did not last long.

As he had just done, this time Yeonwoo appeared right in front of his eyes and was striking the sword of the arena! Quadratic (98).

It was the maximum output of the darting pole that could currently be used by Yeon Woo.

Thor has a strong hunch that it will be very difficult to fall back from here.

Then there's only one way.

He also frontally blocked Khethor, who still remembered the humiliation he and his colleagues had received the other day, and it was even worse for Yeongwoo to remind him of him.

But Thor tried to find his cool.

As Asgard's predecessor, Mulnir grips tightly, deciding that it is time to turn off the opponent in front of you.

Pazzik, Pazzik - like he drew all the blessings from Asgard and Olympus, the golden brains became a glorious wave.

Papajoke! Thor was empowered with the same power that Yeon-woo had in mind a long time ago, and the world went on to rot.

Guarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The crimson rains and golden waves repeated a violent collision like feeding on each other.

A tightening clasp that does not push anyone away.

No, Yeon-woo was the dominant.

If there were no restraints on spirituality, it would have been a victory.


Fruit! A crack appeared on the blade of the Forge Blacksword.

It just blew up.

In fact, I didn't even know that was expected. Even though Henova is a great blacksmith, he must have almost run out of durability after he collided with the strength (27) to push him away.

How many times have I not collided with Mulnir, the water of Asgard?

The problem was, unfortunately, that it was a time of great difficulty.

The drama of the Jagger and Javelin Palm pole can only be developed by forcefully squeezing the magic power and the heart. Sudden power outbreak was deadly to Yeon-woo. Suddenly, my mind became dizzy. I could hear 'beep' and 'beep'.

And Thor did not miss that moment.

Kuaaang! Fortunately, I was able to pull out Krashna's dagger and squeeze Mulnir, forcefully gripping the dizziness of the last moment of mating.

Over-effectiveness was great.

I wanted to build a giant pillar of light that seemed to connect the earth and the sky, but the storm spread endlessly after carrying enormous debt and heat.

It was fierce enough that it covered the entire region of Tartarus.

Pas - and the aftermath of that, Krashna's dagger shattered like a machete, and eventually turned to dust and disappeared.

As a result, you have lost all weapons of war.

I had to use the beagrid to get it back to normal.

Unlike the times of crawling chaos, now he doesn't deserve what he can give to the Horseman.

'Took away the identity of the crawling chaos...... It caught on.' At that time, I never knew the public, but I just fell for it because I said I would give them power.

Still, the stiffness remained, so I was very reluctant to use the beagrid now without safety measures.

"Khh," "I'm full of thoughts that don't shoot. But what's the point of all that thinking if you lose? This is not the time. And you won't be able to recover your magic here either. At that time, Maestro whispered as if he had read Yeon-woo's mind.

One of the eyes of Yeongwoo was slightly distorted.

Actually, he was right.

Here, 'Magic restoration is different from other impulses due to restraint. It was an act of suicide to continue the encounter with Thor.

We should never have dragged the war out here in the long run.

With overwhelming firepower, I had to finish the battle in a short time.

In fact, even with Thor out of commission, he's started releasing powerful brains again to see how much recovery he's already recovered. It was crazy ability to regenerate.

In that case.

... It's impossible. 'I knew it was a poisoned apple, but I had to eat it.

It's a judgement. Kiki! "The laughter of Maestro never bothers me.

Though they felt anxious that it seemed to be falling apart as he intended, Yeon-ju had no choice but to open the void and release the restraints that were tying the beagrid.

'Moreover, we need to know the prey of Titan and Gas.' Leave this wire to the Tidebringers and Asgardians only, but why haven't their power come out yet? Is there another target? Or him.

“Two-sided tactics? `While thinking like that.

My favorite - Beagrid gets sucked into his hand and caught.

And as the merger unfolded, the consciousness expanded infinitely.

Ting empty-handed stone and dragon heart were replenished, and fatigued flesh became solid again as if it were new.

The sheer force that was strong enough to rival the chaos of crawling gears caused the tartarus to wobble just by simply revealing its aggression. Fortunately, the consciousness was closer to 'Yeon Woo'.

And that kind of intense, overwhelming power is how to get rid of it with all the speed that the sanctuary gives you.

Nonsense...! Thor bites his teeth at the intense scent of sprinkling something resembling a lotus that makes the skin tingle.

At this rate...... I think it's almost as powerful as Odin, the Lord of Asgard and Father.

It was absolutely ridiculous.

Even though I borrowed the power of a strange tool...... Is this guy really a player? Then what happens if you go from desertion to transcendence? It didn't make any sense.

But think about it for a minute.

“These...! Thor looked back at Hoshitham and felt the same way about Agareth, who was looking for a chance to work together. I didn't want to go this far, but I guess this place was hard to handle on its own.

We had no choice but to call in reinforcements.

[At Thor's request, the army of the god society, Asgard, has declared war!] [According to alliance with Olympus', a large portal for reinforcements will be opened.] As numerous portals open along the sky, the army of Asgard, which was waiting beyond, attempts to descend in unison. At the forefront were the top warriors they boasted, the Valkyries and the warriors of Valhalla.

Disc Fluto doesn't beat Titan, but everyone looks up at the same time.

I guess... fighting will be more fun. Isn't that what everyone thinks? "Ram gripped one of Asgard's warriors, twisting one lip. The dazzling blue glow shimmers fiercely.

And looking at that battlefield.

Something resembling Yeongwoo was able to understand their aim based on their innate intuition.

“Don't tell me_Titan-Gigas' headquarters is fighting against Tartarus' resistance...?" ”