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If the speculation was correct, I could never let it go.

If Titan-Gigas is leading the charge himself, it may not be the center of the Resistance! And it was clear that the person who would be there would never be a smaller person.

Maybe…… Yeonwoo was the god of Olympus who sought so much.

But Asgard had so much power attempting to descend through so many large portals, as if it were going to kill you somehow here.

Something resembling Yeon-woo couldn't help but get angry from inside my heart.

Iron! Side, something resembling a Tsarok-Yeon, has set a beagrid at its end, removing the chain that has been restraining its right arm.

[Vigrid-?? 'Unlocks the hidden true name,' Harpe. '] [Herald: Immortal] Vigrid opens the door, attempting to change to the shape of the Desert Side, and as the chain begins to turn, he starts wheeling all the entrances of Asgard's troops.

There was no choice but to attack Harpe with an overpowering lightning bolt, and the troops who had just attempted to enter had their backs cut off on the Death Side without hesitation.

When nearly three halves of power were wiped out in an instant, the gods who were about to enter behind the warriors of Valhalla realized later and tried to stop Harpe.

Zwick, side! The big problem was that the chains hanging from the harp could not predict the tours at all as they entered and entered the void freely.

Harpe never confronted the aggression of the gods.

If I thought it was dangerous, like an Orca running free through the currents, I avoided it. If I wanted to see a gap, I opened an empty space in the blind zone and pulled out sharp teeth. And every time I did that, I continued to spit out the hot wind that seemed to erupt from the sky in a flash of lightning.

Tsurlock - the biggest problem was right after.

If you want to join the battlefield after barely cutting through Harpe's difficulties.

From the shadows - a new army is waiting for them.

Glory to our God, Victory! "Along with Valdevich, a thousand dead giants roared, each with its weapon raised high.

The speculation of the Dead Giants who built a shrine in their hometown to honor Yeongwoo and raised their power without hesitation.

As Asgard used to know their valor, he had to be vigilant when something dreaded happened.

"Light! Join us!" "As the descent is accelerated by the command of Valdre, the leader of Asgardian forces.

A full-scale battle between the Deadly Giant and Asgard begins.

The descendants of Giants, who were known to have been killed a long time ago, began to confront the beings of the heavenly world over time.

Thor, who was worse than this, tried to push Yeon again by illuminating her brain.

Gwaaang! Thor had to stop walking on the way, instead of approaching Yeon-woo.

Nattae stopped Molignor with a hatchet and smiled and looked at him. However, unlike a smile, his eyes were cold. We are not forgetting the humiliation caused by Etor in the first collision.

“He's been busy.

Let me play for you. ”Out of the way, you snake! “ Gotcha. ”At that moment, the sight of the presenter shone fiercely.

“I'm also treated as a pretty noble figure when I go...... That's a saying I can't ignore because of my ego. Not at all.” Whoa! An enormous gust of wind blows around Nathae.


Overwhelming - The bronze armor covering Nattae is shattered. It will grow to over a hundred meters in short breaths.

A monster with three faces and eight to six split limbs (= minus\).

It completely reveals the body that has been hidden all this time.

In six hands, each of them had a different organ, which adds to their panic. The three faces faced Thor with different expressions.

I wanted to be invisible. You have continued to urge me. This time, I will ask you if I am worthy of it. "As three mouths moved in succession, a great wave spread out.

Thordo Malnir was struck to the ground and had to be rigidly impressed simultaneously with the wave spilling.

I realized that the person who revealed the body was never lower than myself.

Meanwhile, a huge yielding sword fell on Thor's head with the body.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thor can't help but try to protect himself with his golden brains as he rises to the top.

Zwick-Yeon pulls the chain back and grabs Harpe in his hand.

Valdivich, Ram. I'll leave it here. "Titan-Gigas must be stopped if he's going to use Two-sided tactics.

Yeon-woo sent a message telling the two of them that she was leaving them behind, and hurled Harpe into the void as quickly as possible.

Pot! The place where the lotus appeared is far from the battlefield.

It was one of the sanctuaries that was taken back a long time ago when Hades and Dis Fluto were to serve in the army.

There, I felt the fluttering sensation of Titan's clans, but she closed her eyes and spread the cognitive area throughout the stage, not caring at all.

If the Titan-Gas mainframe is moving directly, the magical field will be unmistakable.

It's different.

Yeon-woo was able to quickly find out where the magical clash was happening.

You open the pet again and move there.


“ll" l.! There, you can see the many battles you had to witness in Tartaros the other day.

In the cloudy sky with black smoke, Tifon's eyes, which were as big as the moon, were watching the ground.

The "newborn bee" he sprinkles makes the world dazzling without rest.

On the ground, there were several Titan-gases attempting to break through, centered on a massive fortress, and the Resistance was willing to shoot at any cost.

Especially those who appeared to be leaders of the Resistance were stunning.

The man who was bigger than Pant wore no extra armor, but only the hide of a large investigator was wearing strange clothes around his upper body. Everything in my hand is a giant wooden club.

But if you have so much power, every time you swing a club, dozens and dozens of factions fly away.

If one of the Titans lifts his foot high enough to tear down the wall, he holds it by himself and shows off the terrifying power of stabbing the bridge as it is.

What a pair ( Horns). Even though he was defeating all the violence in the book by himself, he boasted that it was not too much.

What was strange was that he didn't feel this strongly about himself. His natural strength was just great enough to fill it all.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to recognize who he was at once.

"Heracles!" The king of the gods, Zeus, was born to win in the past period of Tomakia.

However, there was a figure here who had not appeared since the fall of Olympus, concealing his religion.

Heracles was yelling at the sky as he tried to prove why he was the best hero Olympus had ever given birth to, beating down Tiffany's honeybees without hesitation.

The slight distortion in the eyes of the phone must never be a good thing. As Tiffany's anger intensified, the power of the typhoons that were clumping along the sky became stronger.


I saw dozens of Titans surrounding Kuku-ku.

One of the soldiers is in imminent danger. Heracles tries to make a move later, but the gases under Tifon's command pour out their aggression and tie him to his ankles.

“No princess! 'I was going to yell.

Just before the Zwick-Titan's hand pulls into the wall, suddenly a chain pops out from underneath and winds at a rapid rate.

Hehe! Harpe on the end cut off his forearm in no time.

Kuooo! Titan steps back, screaming in a deep, mournful way, as if shaking the entire wall. The Black Spirit is sprinkled with blood, and on the ground it looks like a rainstorm.

The soldier who had experienced his own death suddenly opened his eyes to something, and immediately saw the Titan's head cut off and tumbling down, opening his mouth.

It was an unrealistic sight for Titan to see only a creature he could never touch.


That was just the beginning.

Zürkland, Zürkland! The faster the fruit and beeswax moved the chain, the more heavily the Harpies slaughtered the world.

Everything exposed on top was cut off.

As the limbs of the Titans begin to crumble, the wall is filled with black power.

It's you...! The tiphone closes a sudden change in the landscape and quickly turns its eyes toward you. There was a lot more anger in the quality than when I saw Hercules.

The one who flew away and took away the Throne he should have.

And not all of the Elohim who tried to connect to influence the staircase are street performers! Asgard had to face the tide, as originally planned.

Stupid Asgard wouldn't have caught you like a rat…… It's better… I'll bury you with him…! Hera Class, who was also opposed to Tiffany, also looked at the lotus side and opened her eyes a little.

But do it or don't.

Rock! [Vigrid -??? Opens the hidden real name, "Gay Bolg."] [Heroic Winner: Beginning] Yeon changed her attack technique when she wanted to defeat some Titanium and Gas approaching the castle. The beads were removed from the chains and the pieces of the giraffe were combined into a spear and assembled at their ends.

Then, in a javelin pose, I threw it straight at Tiffany.

At that time, a large trajectory of light formed, penetrating through the air and reaching the place where Tiffany's eyes were.

Kuoooo! Multiple layers of fences were broken to protect his eyes.

The fireworks scattered from there become thunder, and the rope falls to the ground.

You can see it in the myths of the ancients.

Fruit! Beagrid finally passes through the last remaining boundary, blinking his eyes at the phone.

Kuaaaah…… Kuaaaah…! Tifon said, "When his eyes, the center of power, pierced him, he struggled with pain. Blood spills along the edge of the half-broken eye.


“Heracles!” Heracles castrates the club in his hand as if he was waiting. Then, the whole 'law' of Tifon, which was covering the castle with a strong sense of space, was broken.

The window burst! 'With an enormous sound like a broken window, everything burst.

At that time, Yeon-woo moved again as she retrieved the beagrid.

When the law of the sanctuary was temporarily nullified, the coordinates of his body had been captured.

And open up the void that leads to it.

Beyond that, I could see the sleepy man staring at a strange barn, leaving dozens of candles burning in the dome.


It was him.

In one eye, which is covered by a hand, a piece of broken eyeball is splattering into the blood.

He didn't think his position would be exposed, or his eyes would be startled.

“There you are.” Shhh! Seeing such a creature, I wielded a ferocious beagrid.

I didn't have to take care of him, so I burst my sword pole. With the thunder (out), Tifon's true chamber exploded.