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The lightning that flows along the beagrid is clearly not going to be easy just to pretend.

TiVon instinctively tries to escape from the auditorium to avoid being blown up, and the auditorium collapses, fearful of his throwing.

- Khock “:"! "The problem was that the shock wave from beyond the collapsed space was so large that it was unavoidable.

Eventually, he falls into a place where Titan-Gigas is at war, with a terrible pain of blowing his head off.

But what made the phone angrier than that pain was the collapse of the ship's atmosphere.

It was created to maximize his power and authority. It was a control room that controlled all the mystics flowing within the tartarus.

Moreover, it was also a necessary place to completely 'digest' the remains of Kronos that had not yet been fully recovered.

The fact that such a place flew away forced Tifon to push the depression up.

From one to ten, the existence of Yeongwoo seemed to be able to hamper the plans he had prepared for a long time.

And Yeongwoo popped up together along the crack in the space where the tiphone escaped, as if to prove the idea of such a tiphone.

From bipolar to epic, there were multiple times as many fireworks as there were before Tiffany even tried to use her powers.

“Hahaha! You hid like a rat and now you show yourself, Tiffany!” On the ground, Heracles smiles at him and once more swings the club across.

Then, an enormous gust of wind swept the rear of the phone at once.

Before and after, the phone got stuck in the middle of the slumber due to Yeongwoo and Hera class, respectively, it was suddenly in danger, so the impression had to be distorted.

"How dare I look like one of you! At one time, he boasted that Zeus would never fail to compete with him, but only increased his value.

On the other hand, I remember the Asgardians shouting aloud, saying they were going to catch Yeon Yu like that.

Grrrrrrr - In the end, Tifon unlocked all the rage he had been locking up. Apart from being angry, it was cruelly decided that it was difficult to deal with Yeon-woo and Hera class at the same time.

I never forgot my phone.

For Heracles, who dropped a lot of gas from Gitmakia in the distant past.

The last time I resurrected Giants, I stood up to their gods and defeated the roaming chaos of Yeongwoo.

In the beginning, they were never lower than themselves.

It also meant that he had to show all the cards he had.

The light flashes.

Tiffon's new stature expands infinitely up and down, and it seems to have grown enormously to cover all of the tartarus. Titanium, a few kilometers long, was also enormous enough to look small.

The serpent-like tail reaches the horizon far away, and dozens of pairs of wings cover the sky.

It's more of a monster than a human form.

That was the body that Tiffany had been hiding all along.

At the same time, the upheaval that followed him was not enough to defeat all the thunderstorms and winds of Hercules, causing all the earth and sky that were making up Tartarus to tremble.

There was the energy of Yeon-woo's phone the other day, but it was also buried in the hands of other gods.

“The Goddess of Earth... and the power of Kronos?” Yeongwoo frowned slightly, quickly analyzing the constituents of the mysticism that were composing her, striking with the wings of the sky.

After taking control of Olympus completely, it seemed that the Tartarus had been used as a sanctuary to make a kind of change.

Corrections 87, which must have been drawn from Kronos' corpse, were more useful than titanium, which was the only thing that made it massive.

“You don't have to use it properly...... but it's your sanctuary, so you have to change the law and use it all!" I'll kill you! At that time, Tiffany's voice thundered once again.

Then all sorts of natural disasters poured over Yeouihuahrera class and the battlefield, with the sound of the entire tartarus twisting.

No, there have been many disasters all over Tartaros, including the Deadly Giants and Asgard.

In heaven, numerous meteors were poured out of the sky, and the earth was divided wide, and lava was measuring without hesitation. Storms accompanied by various thunderstorms swept over it, and gravity increased indefinitely, making it hard for the body to squeeze.

I wonder if he really wants to wipe out Tartaros.

Even the Titans on the ground were struggling to make a butter bet.


Khurruh-ahhh! When Yeongwoo vomited another sword on the pole (68), she cut off her right wing, ignoring all the rules of dark-red debt.

The Black Spirit, along with his painful cries, spattered like blood. A handful of feathers spills to the ground as they are cut off.

Yeonwoo tried to resume the darting pole while enduring the 'ping' and the 'snoozing'.

Ogres could not be used without the original unity, and King Ahjussi's failure was too much to overcome. Meanwhile, I had a strong feeling that if I could use the sixth act (8) …… I don't know how to use my phone all at once.

However, the circus was not a prank of overburdening the body, as the King Ahjussi had warned. If we want to fully exert the power equal to 64 times that of traditional lightning strikes, even in the flesh, we have to go to such a large crowd.

So the preparation process took a little longer.

Meanwhile, the broken fly and feathers tangle with the Black Spirit that was pouring down like a rainstorm, turning into all sorts of magic in a shovel and pouring down on Yeongwoo.

Kiaki-ki! Kiaki! Yeon cancels what she was about to pull out of the theater, and swings quickly, with only a sharp lightning rod around her beagrid.

As if trying to tear the world apart, the debts cut out the magic in turn, interfering with each other at a different angle.


Papajob! Once more, a lightning bolt spread from one drama to another, pushing the horses away and bombarding the body of the tiphone.

Light! The huge body of the phone was pushed to death behind the windshield with a shock wave.

Spectacular! Chains poured out along the hundreds of voids in the air and were dubbed restlessly, including hands, feet, tails, and wings.

Yeongwoo tightly grasps the connected chain from the Dark Lord's despair and pulls it inward.

As the chains began to fall on their own, they spread their wings and tails.

You bastard! The intense glare of Tiffon confronted Yeong-woo.

Then all the laws that made up the tartarus turned into a 'rejection of the honeycomb' and cast all kinds of curses on him.

[An unknown curse will be added to you!] [An unknown curse will be added to you!] [Status Effect, 'Curse Addiction'!] [Status conditions, 'SP Rejected'!] [Status malfunction, 'Ignore Deity'!] List! This is a dangerous area.

Failure to evacuate quickly may result in difficulties in nephrogenesis and may result in the loss of your first identity. Escape recommended.] [Notice! Multiple status anomalies overlapped and are currently 'status anomaly'.] [Warning! Now... At the same time, Tiffany forced Yeon to imprison her alliance with a huge hand. I broke the shield of my own making, and finally managed to hold onto Yeon Yu in one hand.

And the more I do.

The strength of the moat pulling the chain became even stronger. "Guaiac! Having a grudge against Hades.

It was the only thought in his head.

Yeongwoo and Tiphon were obsessed with struggling to make sure each other were killed.

Kuku… ~ |! “I never thought I'd get a chance like this! Ah-ha-ha!" Helios laughs loudly at the tight-knit beeswax and tiphone, just trying to kill each other.

A place to move behind the tiphone to eliminate Heracles and Resistance forces.

Mother Taea told me not to miss this opportunity.

At that time, I didn't understand what he meant.

Opportunity? Knowing how strong the tiphone is, I had no idea how Yeon would create an opportunity.

Of course, I also knew that Yeon-woo is strong. Even the Mother Earth is very angry that Bun 'annihilated' their plans.

But that's all Helios has ever considered.

Tartarus is already Tiffon's sanctuary, so no matter how much Yeon-woo flies, it will be on Tiffon's palm.

Moreover, even Asgard has declared war. So, of course, I had no choice but to defeat Yeon-woo.

"Maybe…… your phone will lose. `No, Helios seemed to see the loss of imitators.

Stage law is rejecting the fellowship and feeding it all sorts of conditions.

The tiphone, which was nicknamed after the chain, was being disabled at a much faster rate than that.

Woof, woof, woof - “The Black King's Legacy... * With that, maybe it's natural? `Helios looked in horror at the chain breaking the wings and tail while forcefully wrapping the body of Tiffon, and the frame worn on the limbs of the ground.

The Black King means not only other gods, but Olympus as well. Of course, the chain that Euphemised it had to be very frightening.

But on the one hand, that's what gives them new opportunities...... I thought I'd never know what the world was like.

Selene.Eos. "Helios put a spell on her lips and sent a message to the sisters who were leading the Titan forces.

"Yes, tell me, brother. Are you going to start now? As you can see, there seems to be no opportunity except now. I'll head straight for Kronos' body. You might want to step back a little bit. You think your phone might lose? Okay." Helios moves as he senses Titan's troops falling rapidly backwards.

And I desperately wanted to.

Tie Tiffany's feet for a very long time.

“I heard you summoned me, Emperor?" Henova came to the village of the Onehorn Tribe after hearing the King's message that he was looking for himself, rather than tapping his sword at the forge.

Muang was enjoying the sun while offering a fishing rod by the lake.

“Long time no see, Henova. When did we meet face-to-face like this?” Huum, Ha-Henova takes in the bear squad as much as he can, then smiles in smoke.

“I don't suppose it's been more than a decade? It's been the first time since you came to commission a Shinmado yourself. We ran into each other once in a while, but we never talked for long.” “So does he.” The King smiled accordingly.

Shinma, too.

It has now become a symbol of 'Mahi' in the tower.

It was actually a novelty created to complete the legendary transfer (Saut71) within the tribe.

Of course, we had to have excellent craftsmanship to make it intact, and the one-horned tribe concluded after a long study that only Henova could do it.

And the result.

“Very satisfied. Since all of our high monks blew up the elasticity, if you think about the characteristics of the one-horned tribe that no one treats but the same tribe... Henova's work was truly a masterpiece.

Edo knows it well, so he uses it with his heart's content.

“Well, I hope you didn't call me out of the blue. What can I do for you?” Henova narrows her eyes and looks at the king.

“I have a favor to ask.” “Hmm? Are you asking me to build something?” "Something like that.” The soothsayer smiles nervously as he looks at Henova.

“As Henova knows, I am the greatest leader and the greatest warrior the one-horned tribe has ever seen. Unfortunately for the tribe, there will probably never be a king like me again.” The King did not stop self-indulgence with my mouth.

The more she did, the more she laughed. There's no way he doesn't know he's got his own taste.

However, I want to ask you to sharpen the phrase board like that.

“So that the tribe may continue to honor me, I would like you to make me a magnificent statue.

Of course, the model's on me. ”In a moment, Henova hardens his impression.

I was asked to make a statue to idolize myself just by listening to it.

Inside, there was a horse that could never be passed on.

In honor? “That means...?" The King gives you a big nod as he laughs quietly.

“I don't think I have much time left.” Tiniaic