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1.Chronos (1)

Th-this scares me every time I look at it. "Helios was endlessly tall and was afraid to drool when he saw the huge 'mountains' leading to the horizon.

It looks like a ridge that separates the topography of the stage.

Who can think of this as Kronos, the new King Capo who led the great days of Titan long ago? The existence that overthrew the era of the protogenous who was represented as Uranos and was reborn as the most profound god of all, forcibly throwing them down.

In those days, many people in the heavens were very afraid of Docronus and Titan. Malach and Le Infernal were also reluctant to conflict with Kronos.


It was also possible because Chronos represents the great being of the Black King and is an apostle (@\) who enforces his will.

But Kronos was defeated by the Zeus brothers who eventually rejected his reign.

In the end, I had to stay trapped in one corner of Tartarus, "Death."

It was a shocking metabolism for many gods and demons as well.

How can it not be surprised that the existence of the ruler of death was eaten by the death itself?

And I thought that it was the next generation that no one could commit.

Just as Uranos and Kronos did, the time of Zeus has come to an end.

Of course, Zeus is like any other creator, but he can't even open his eyes.

No matter how he woke up again, not all of the beings who led Olympus together in the past were able to turn upside down.

"So you might think it's Tiffany's time now…… but it's just a little labor in the middle of a toilet. `Helios gently wiped his lips with his tongue.

He slowly walked towards Kronos.

The one with Chronos' head, to be exact.

"TiVon was repaired for the loss he lost after Zeus took it from Kronos. Then he divided the rest of the debris between us like a box of titans... ……" Tiffany recovered his status and recovered to his image. In other words, it was not enough to regain the power of the time when we fought Zeus, but it also meant that we had the power to surpass the power of Chronos.

“But the debris alone has given us enough power to drive Hades out so that we can reverse it…… > It means that if we can have the right correction, we can use infinite power." However, if there is a problem, Tifon never shares a way to harvest Kronos' correction.

Using Chronos' power, in other words, means using the power of the Black King.

However, there was no god who coveted the power of the Black King unless he was adopted as the descendant of the Black King.

They don't know the black themes that devour everything, and those who covet themselves are greedy and arrogant enough to eat them all.

That's why the ropes were missing for players who didn't know and liked black.

Titan was unable to make any attempt on Ekronos to know the dangers.

So I had to be dragged around for a long time as my phone told me to.


After the recovery of Olympus, the target, Titans had to quickly find a new way to get rid of it, saying it was now a hunting dog.

At this point, it was Taea who gave a new opinion.

- If we can't have Kronos' power, can't we just rebuild Kronos? Helios and several Titans had to consider this for a very long time.

Unlike the common mortals who can be "attributed to and resurrected after death," immortals who escaped from being "transcendent" had no way of coping with "death."


“Chronos is a little different. He was a brother-in-law devoured by the devastation of Zeus. Technically, he's dead, but he's not gone, is he? Chronos' condition is precisely what is being eaten on his own so-called" death. "That is, it did not withstand a strong identity, and it was as rigidly thin as a curse.

That's why Kronos' body (\ # 8) remained intact even after death.

'At this point, what if he was able to force another identity that he had? Chronos' status is "death" and "time."

It was because the tradition of defining the existence of Chronos was death over time.

Teia and the rest of the Titans immediately concentrate on the point, and a considerable amount of time has passed since death. Just as crops are harvested in autumn, and when spring passes, crops are sown and new life is conceived, so is Chronos now a winter representing death, so can we receive the spring symbolizing resurrection? It was too philosophical and metaphysical.

“The existence of God in the first place is symbolic of such notions' so Teia and Titans are like that of Kronos. Time 'was wrapped up very quickly, trying to defeat death and make him stand up.

Of course, it's not easy to flush the reel that has been almost stopped.

But Helios was also not very worried.

“The myth of Kronos... you can recreate it... 2 `Helios recalls Parun that Kronos used to do to Zeus and his brothers.

Chronos was prophesied to be abducted from the throne by his children as he had, and to prevent this, he continued to eat from the tribe where his children were born.

Then when his wife Leah thought she couldn't handle it, she took her youngest son, Zeus, and everything went to shit.

Helios was about to recreate that myth.

"Sacrificing me... forced to awaken the myths of Kronos. `When the myth awakens, the divinity stands upright, and the divine will follow immediately.

Helios slowly approaches Kronos with that thought. Luckily, the canyon expected to be 'mouth' stood very large, making it easy to get in.

Honey - he swallowed a dry saliva.

No matter how much I decided to sacrifice myself for my people, I couldn't help but tremble when I stood in front of him.

But Helios came to his senses again.

For the time of Mother Taea.

To raise the people who are sure to fall at this rate. To create a world where sisters Selene and Eos can live comfortably. He slowly entered Kronos' mouth.

I wonder how long it's been.

Whew! When did Helios find out about the comediandome surrounding him?

No, I couldn't feel it.

I didn't feel anything. I couldn't see, hear, or take it.

There was no challenging exterior element to define "me."

I feel like I'll be buried without a trace if I don't get into an accident somehow.

It was dark.

"TiVon... What the hell did he do in a place like this? You have to feel something before you can fix it or not. He still had no idea what TiVon had done.

Moreover, there were other problems. There's nothing to detect, so there's no way to awaken Kronos' identity.

I've been expanding my power externally since before... but nothing's caught.

"Something went wrong! `A cool belt flows along Helios' back. No, even vaguely, it was just an image he imagined, and we didn't know what was going on.

Everything was blocked.

“Y-you have to go back...!" Helios' greatest fear was just being sacrificed with no income, and given the circumstances, the possibility was too great.

Then - The terror that I had been trying to avoid gradually climbed up the Smell.

Fear of not being able to help your own kind or being killed by dogs.

And an instinctive denial of the endless darkness.

Fear of escaping here.

All emotions were mixed together to make his heart fresh.


Helios begins to run in the direction he thought he came, or rather, came.

Of course, I couldn't tell if it was really running or not at all.

But he thought so, and he tried to keep running.

To escape at all costs and tell our people the dangers of this place. To say we need to come up with a different plan.

But that was just the first idea.

No matter how much I ran and ran, I kept getting darker and darker, and my urgent heart grew bigger and thicker.

Suddenly, I thought about it.


In the long history of Tartaros, the thought that they were the only ones who attempted to awaken Chronos... Could they all have disappeared into the darkness? And...

“" This black 'death' that ate Chronos... ~ When I got to thinking about it, at the end of the day, I had only this thought.

Sa, help! "Fear lifted my head completely.

"Ahhhh!" Helios runs and runs, eventually completely terrified.

In the dark with nothing, until the existence is completely consumed.


The darkness remained as still as when it was.

Side to side, side to side! Yeon never took her hand off the chain, which was labeled Tiffany.

And he never let go of Tiffany's grip on redeeming Yeongwoo.

I thought my arm was falling off like this, but I was in so much pain.

Yeongwoo and Tiphon could never let go. It was because they felt that it was the moment of their death.

But the tension never ceased.

"You said Hades was quite the heir." Heracles smiled as he looked at the spectacular sights.

He was covered in blood and dust all over his body, but he didn't even know where he was smiling and gasping for air.

He didn't care about that at all.

In a stuffy situation, I felt like I was encouraging even a single stalk.

“Goddamn father! No matter how you come back, I don't think there's any place to put your feet. Hahaha! '" Heracles was originally an outstanding courageous man who freely wandered the stairwell despite having a high throne in Olympus.

I blocked all the channels leading to heaven to avoid restraints, so I had no idea what had happened to Olympus, but this time - I happened to come across the situation of Tarotaros.

If it was the way it was, he would have thought about all the damage he'd gotten from Olympus the other day and wouldn't have cared what happened to them.

Since the opposing Pokémon is called Gigas, it reminds them that they were at war with the Five Musketeers, and they were unable to stand still.

Moreover, Hades was one of the few who impressed the gods of Olympus for Hercules, so he also intended to have a grudge.

However, when I came to Tartarus, the situation was much worse than he expected.

The Displuto that was supposed to protect Tartaros didn't seem to disappear, the gods of Olympus couldn't stand the Titan-Gigas attack, and they retreated to Erebos.

There was no way to reverse the situation on his own.

Fortunately, the situation was not entirely hopeless as there were survivors everywhere, and there were Olympus gods who chose to stay.

So Heracles was questioning the gods that he was leading another resistance force, while gathering the spilled Stragglers one by one to form an army.

But then I kept hearing the name.

It was Cain.

He did not reveal his real name, but was appointed to succeed Hades as king to lead the next commandment.

The Resistance agreed that one day Cain would return and reclaim the Tartarus and rebuild the Old Testament.

Obviously, the rebels were all saying the same thing because there would have been no exchange between them.

They 'believed it sincerely and fought against the enemies without giving up hope.

So Hercules always wondered who Cain was.

Who the hell is he anyway, and what religion he left behind, so they all have strong credibility.

And how he managed to capture Hades' unyielding heart after all he did. I wanted to see it with my own eyes

Then I met him like this.

“The King… ~ has returned." If you have come to rebuild Tartaros, to defeat the Titans and Gas, follow the king! "Help the king defeat the Titans and Gas!" ”Looking at the lotus and the enthusiastic soldiers, Hercules was able to feel the same sense of combat.

"I can't just stand by and do nothing. `When Heracles turned off the lions and hydras of Nemea that no one thought anyone could do.

Recalling the blood flow of my youth, I began to take a deep breath and slowly loosen my muscles.

Over-exploited, over-exploited-tightened muscles were loosened little by little due to the tension of continued combat. Then white steam rose over the skin, and the fatigue that had accumulated unknowingly flew away.

Then again, the muscles tightened and the heracles seemed to swell up twice as big.

The scorching mesh with two eyes was so hot that even the soldiers next to me were surprised for the first time.

Or not.

Hyrah Class-I don't care at all, but I reached out to the people next to me.

= Ishi “:“ "Yes7 ~“ Yes, M! Here it is! ”Heracles weighs down the soldiers with a fearsome spear.

“Home! I don't like it, but it's a lot lower than nothing.” Hercules whispered so small and in a javelin position, he threw it all to Tiffany. The speed of the spear was so fierce and fast that it was hard to catch up with the naked eye, because I thought that my forearm would burst much thicker than a trunk of a smart tree.


Kuaaaah! Kuaaaah! Hera... Class! How dare this hybrid...! "Tiffany cried out in agony. The wings on the left are the only wings Hercules has ever thrown with a single throw window.

It wasn't just that.

The windshield is rotating at a fierce speed, so it has enormous centrifugal power over a wide range, and everything exposed to it is "ejected."

Seeing that, the soldiers open their mouths one by one.

I spent a long time with him, but I never got used to it.

How many people would believe that that's a view of a skill or magic or power without pure power? “Seeing that his tongue is still frozen, I think he can hold out much longer.” But since a very long time ago, Heracles used to only laugh without much emotion.

Rather, I reached out to the other soldier to see if the phone had any strength left to shout even though it was authentic in its spear.

“Chang!" As Heracles instructs, the soldiers rush to him with their spears. From time to time, the Titans' aggression stops strangely and they are able to concentrate on his commands.

Light! Guangh! Guangh! Heracles keeps throwing spears in his hands. Every time I did that, I thought my arm would fall off, my muscles would break, but he didn't mind at all.

Too much, too much. “This is so convenient, by the way. He's cuddled, and he's a big doggie, so the throwing clan fits too well. Hahaha!” The more the frenzied wet laughter of Hercules grows, the bigger the hole in Tiffany's body wins.

Every time, a black spirit leaks out, like the poison beneath you. As the body kept crumbling, the power to hold onto the pond weakened, and the chain tighter and tighter, he slowly choked.

Tiffany focused all her powers on Hercules to stop that damn spear.

“Heave-ho!" Many curses were of no benefit to Heracles who overcame everything with 'power'. Gravitic stacks that slow the movement didn't do much damage to him.

Too much, too much. Too much light! "I'm not" "Gang! Eyes:" "! When the situation reached that point, Tiffany had to be in a crisis that she might really die if she stayed like this.

It was his attachment to deal with both Yeon Woo and Hera classes.

First of all, the Titans who were supposed to be tied to Hercules' ankles suddenly fell back and fell asleep in the middle of the battlefield, leaving them stranded.

Tifon fears the betrayal of the Titans, but all he has to do is think about getting out of here.

The retribution was okay after that.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrr! After all, depending on Tiffon's will, Tartarus' mystical powers were working again, and a huge tribute from the sky came to Yeongwoo.

This level can never be ignored, while the moat scrapes up and pulls the beagrid up while holding on to the chain for a while.

Hrrrgh! Tifon has ceased its descent into the mainframe and returned to its human size. First, to escape the confinement of the chains.

By the way.

“Asshole.” Suddenly, I wondered if Yeon-woo's ridicule could be heard right next to her.

Phew! ":" A few chucks. "Vigrid pops out from behind, smashing his right back plate, busting his chest.

Turning back, Yeon-woo looks at him and smiles faintly.

At that moment, I realized the phone.

This is the moment that Yeon-woo was after.

“Always with the Earthworm on your back, and the contingency plan for a time in crisis seems so terrible.” TiVon attempts to teleport again injured, but in the meantime, the chains rush from all sides, tying him to a halt.

Like a cocoon that has become a pupa.

As it turned out, his power, which he was trying to activate, was forced to stop by the chains.

Yeon-woo stretched out his hands to the exact spot where he couldn't reach and grabbed his face in a heartbeat.

After a long time, I finally caught Hades' enemy.

“Oh, no...!” Tiffany intuitively_realized_what she was going to do and screamed.

"Eating it, she provoked Hades' spirit sword as she laughed at him.

[Power, Hades' Sword, attempts a shawl on the "TiVon"!]