Second Life Ranker

2. Chronos (2)

The divine factors that were making over-tiphones began to be drawn in at a fierce rate.

“Khhh! This is ridiculous...! You think I'm gonna play with this ridiculous game?” Diphone tried to get rid of Yeongwoo and Hades' swords with his eyes wide open.

Since he ascended to Olympus in the heavenly realm, he used to laugh at various gods and demons who had been eaten by Yeonwoo.

Especially the apostles who avoided being slaughtered in the chaotic sanctuary crawling around this time.

If they were ugly, they would not understand whether they would fall into such a trap one day, and whether they would be subjected to such nonsense as "carnival."

It literally means that the soul is eaten.

It meant that all the works and years that were built to become transcendent were taken away. As gods and demons, it was more shameful death than mere extinction.

By the way.

I can't believe I'm about to get myself killed! Helios! Selene...! Where the hell are you?! Tifon called out the names of Titans who have become invisible since the beginning of the battle with Yeongwoo. I forced him to come here and then he opened the channel, but the answer came back.

"44::_" It was a silence.

Obviously, Chaneling was connected, but no one answered his call.

At that moment, what Tiffany did could not have done happened.

These traitors...! "Tiffany didn't believe in Titan in the first place. That's why, after Tartarus' recovery, the road up to Olympus opened up, but the gas went up and left Titans alone.

The reason was that the leaders of Olympus who fled to Erebos might return at some point, but we had to protect Tartaros, the stronghold.

In fact, if they had taken Titans to Olympus, it was to exclude Aelle beforehand because they didn't know how they would take their place.

Tartarus has been transformed into his sanctuary for a long time. If we put Titans in there, we thought they would be able to control whatever they were secretly working on.

With his use as a hunting dog finished, he also had the calculations to sweep it away if there were any gaps.

By the way.

Who would have guessed? As a tiphone, he did something rash in a place he had never thought of.

Are we traitors? You sound like you're dying, Tiffany. At that time, Taea's voice echoed through channeling into the fading consciousness of the phone.

A voice full of laughter.

"You were able to fly without knowing the fear of heaven because of the blessing of the Mother Earth, and you were able to overthrow Hades because you were able to intercept the 'crown' of Titan, our king? The crown is ours if it is what it is. Did you really think you were a king just because you were a thief and you were able to take credit for it? Those who would have lived to the end if it weren't for me...! It was amazing to be the phone that gave them power.

I've been waving my tail around in front of myself, waving my teeth at the stubborn hound.

However, Teia's ridicule continued to grow.

Far away, the Titans appear to be retreating, watching Teia as she climbs over Eos' mythologized shoulders.

"Yes, I would have lived a miserable life.

But now we are going to go back to Olympus where we came from (we will wear Joe's crown, and you '' one lip of Teia's was badly twisted.

Long as you live here, like a fool, as food for Hades' successor. Kahaha! I don't know who's in a worse position. Taea covers her hands and bursts out a big smile.

I feel like I'm dying because I'm having so much fun.

"Teea!” The phone feels like it's patting on one side of its head and breaking off.


Teia has completely blocked the channel connection to him, as if it were Bora, and subsequently other titans have quickly blocked the connection to her phone.

We have declared independence from the pagan society of Titans, including Theia!] The timely society of God, Titan, has been established.] [Titan's List] Hyperion instead of Aeos, the great Teean God. [Titan declared war on Olympus!] [There is a hostile relationship between Titan and Olympus.]] [A big change in the relationship between dung blindness.] [God's society, Titan, has succeeded in taking over the war!] [Hidden Stage, 'Tartaros' has been changed to Teia.

"Tartarus" is declared the sanctuary of Titan!] “Aaaah!” As a tiphone, I was angry to the end, but I was going crazy.

I can't believe I'm going to steal all the titanium I have left! Furthermore, declaring war and declaring independence meant that they would separate themselves from each other.

I wanted to run to where they were right now and rip that body apart.

Teia and Titans had already opened a massive portal, speeding through the inner battlefield.

Hades' scabbard was indulging in his power with more ferocity.

“Shallow! Why not” "!" Tiffany's been hitting the ball bearings.

You crack your wings, and your tail is falling apart. The upheaval had already plummeted to the ground, and all the work he had accumulated had been robbed.

[Turphone Resists Violently!] [Power, Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword, reveals arrogance and weakens Tiffany's resistance.] [Power, Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword, reveals its appetite and absorbs its power more heavily. [The worst rock (arrogance - appetite) is very satisfied with the absorbing power of the middleman.] I pushed Hades' caribou sword deeper into him, but he was smiling nonsense.

I knew there was a minor neurological battle between Titan and gas, but I didn't expect to hit the head as if waiting for the head of this crisis. At this level, it was almost headache, not headache.

"The awe of our King Sung. Titans are good, too? Master, we need to be more agitated. And then we could lose our place to them." Shut up. "Yeon-woo hurls a word at Shannon, who's busy, but quickly rolls his head.

If Titan and Gas were completely divided, that would have been very good for him.

It was not easy to deal with those who had such great power to defeat Gator, Olympus and Tartarus all at once, but it could not have been better because the power split itself.

And at times, we might be able to pull the quartet even bigger so that they can take power from each other. It was a good situation to target fishing grounds.

Things were going so smoothly in unexpected places.


“Trade! Let's make a deal! # # #\!” Tiffany yells at Yeong-woo in an urgent voice. I was anxious to get to the end of the ritual, when I was threatened to get to the core.

His face became very parched. I thought if I touched it, it would break soon.

“Deal?" “Yes! Deal! Let's hold hands! I'll give you what you want. Instead, let's call a truce!” It was ridiculous for Yeouido.

At one time, it was strong enough to rival Zeus, and I never thought the gods' leader who had put Hades in jeopardy would fall so badly.

When I first entered Tartarus, I doubted that I was the one who opened his eyes as big as the moon and drew out the feeling of intimidation.

Don't you have any pride in saying things like that? But as a tiphone, I felt like wanting to get out of this crisis somehow. I had a grudge against Titans, but he never wanted to die.

"Death" was too low for him. His obsession with life was so intense that he suddenly accepted something he never thought about.

I don't care how you take it! A single point of light was thousands of years spent in a dungeon that didn't hold properly. For a long time, I saw an opportunity while gripping it, and I was finally able to stand on top of the world.

Now I can barely see the light... … I can't fall before I even try! So he was more eager to fly, and he was willing to listen to the terms and conditions no matter what Yeon-woo wanted.

"Does that mean you'll listen to everything I want?" “Yes!" “Anything?” “Yes! [Typhone has proposed a contract by divine decree!] A promise made by the Covenant was a liquor that, if not fulfilled, could destroy the myth.

But if you go first and drink that kind of liquor, that means it's just as urgent.

In fact, he was feeling the core shake.

The spirit shakes as loud as the noise.

Tifon's words began to speed up on their own.

“What do you want? Tartarus or the relic of Hades? Or him... ah! You must be the heir to the Black King. Do you need his Apostle Kronos corpse? Then I'll teach you how to collect corrections there too!” Yeon-woo had to smile on her own.

I've felt it a few times.

No matter how arrogant he was, his will to live was no different whether he was mortal or transcendent. The truly remarkable beings were the ones who could prevail in such a death.

"For example, Yeon like Hades smiles loudly, recalling the savior once again.

Peek-a-boo! “Have you decided...?" Tiffany laughed as well. It is thought that Yeon-woo decided.

“Huh?" Then...! ”Your life.” At that moment, the face of the phone that was trying to smile brightly was stiff with the scorn thrown by Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo's smile grew stronger.

“Give me your life." “# # #!” TiVon shouted with a frowny face.

[God's snarling worked.] As the system rotated, it was drawn by Hades' mandibular blade to the core, which was only remaining.

“No!” Tiffany's words didn't last long.

Even the soul that retained its shape was sucked into Hades' spirit blade.

[Power, Hades' Sword, was successfully consumed!] [God's Society, The Ultimate Synthetic Phone of Olympus.] All the myths he has achieved have passed.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are available.] [150,000 Public Values have been earned.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [Purification Starts!] [It is widely known in the divine society, the situation of Olympus!] [Allies, Niflheim is in great cheer.] [Allies, the Bridge praises you for your great victory.] [Allies, the 'Dong-man army' seems to have a natural reaction.] [Allied forces, Asgard is in great shock. Start discussing retreat.] [Allied forces, 'Olympus` is panicked at the latest defeat. Displays a strong adversary against the declared 'Titan' while discussing the new state of the art.] [Loneliness, "Deva" is silent.] [Loneliness, 'Bridge` is silent.] [God's society, Malach, praises you for your victory.] [Demonic society is delighted to see the battlefield at the end of Le Infernal.] Mimadila is very pleased with your victory. Nernunos closes his eyes quietly, saying he's getting closer to the Great Warrior. [No other response] [Many gods silence your victory.] [Many drugs are surprising at your growth speed.1Society's response has been very varied.

However, they usually looked as shocked as when Yeon-woo first received the book of Revelation. Even if Hercules helped, the ultimate death will be bigger than the death of a crawling chaos.


While the purification was taking place, Yeongwoo was able to sense that the power of Etiphone was divided into two main parts.

The characteristics are so different, one thing you would expect to be able to accept all at once, and one thing you can often feel in the megaphoned titans. It was the power of Kronos.

Giang_Kronos' power was absorbed into the Black King's mold as it had been before. The last one.

“Mother Earth." Tiffon belonged to the Gods.

The moment I touched it, Yeon-woo had to feel the consciousness forced into contact with some conscious world that was moments away.

Whoa! The world surrounding you has changed.

And right in front of you.

My. Thing.

Yeah, go. Go again. I lost.

The Mother Earth stares at him sharply.