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Triti.Chronos (3)

The earthly goddess, which appeared to fill the whole world in enormous sizes, vomited fury as she looked at a lotus that was only the size of dust.


Yeon-woo smiled unknowingly.

"He looked too big when he escaped from Tartarus…… but it felt the same as when he encountered Anyatiphone.

At that time, the creature that opened up its existence was breathtaking, but now it seemed to be as small as the earth-mother.

Of course, it was true that the earthquake was still huge.

But he was never small while he was working with Maestro.

I didn't feel like I would lose at all.

Crawling chaos.

Or a little better.

Why don't we just call it that? I thought it would be worth doing.

"You seem to be hiding something. `So Yeon-woo did not hide that confidence at all.

The earthy goddess made a bigger distortion in the impression of the faint color of the lotus. The intensity of her blows more fiercely, and the shadow rises to the surface like a swamp of lily.


Huai-Yun opens without hiding her temper.

It is not enough to inflate the pressure of the earthly goddess with a fierce hot wind that seems to burn everything, and the sparks bounce up sharply as the two forces friction.

Seeing how the two of them have so much firepower, the sparks are much bigger than the well.

Good! Some of them hover over the Mother Earth's tomb.

The earthly godmother slowly tugs her giant hand into the night, as if she had no idea what had happened to her. And my eyes flutter with the sight of mystical blood on my fingertips.

"I'll be fucking glowing again." Yeon holds the beagrid tightly.

Now I expect I will owe him in full. The dragon heart, which was about to show the floor, seemed to be able to fight back with super-renewal strength.

By the way.

“Mother, wait a moment." Just before the earthly goddess stepped forward, a lightning bolt came down on her and began to soothe the earthly body. It was Percellene.

The earthly goddess glances back at her apostle, then quietly turns her head toward Yeongwoo again.

His greed was stifling in the eyes of the still vigorous.


The goddess of Kuku and the earthly god slowly turn their backs as if to ask when she was there. Immediately, a dome came and swallowed him up.

Yeongwoo did not pursue the goddess of the earth. For a moment there, I thought maybe I should make a pact with him.

“It wouldn't be very pleasant. `After fighting here, Yeon-woo realized that it was useless.

This is the world of consciousness that the goddess of the Earth created for a very brief period of time that remained with Tiffany.

Fighting was futile. The Earthworm would simply blink for a moment at the sight of Yeon-woo's power, surprised that Tiffany was dead. Perhaps the body was in heaven, not here.

He had a feverish smile on his face.

“My son, you've grown up quite a bit in a short time.” This time, Yeongwoo's eyes twitched.

Son? “What the fuck is that?” “You have inherited all of his things, so technically you have no husband or father." "Stiff" {”Good!“ If you say any more nonsense, I'll just start with that. ”Yeon grunts as she lowers her beagrid, which was swinging without a hitch. The golden eyes glowed intensely, and the surrounding atmosphere trembled equally.

Percellé clenches his tongue as he smiles during the day, touching it with his fingertips.

“Oh, no. You're not joking. Is that what it's like to be on the throne? We couldn't find him even if we looked him in the eye. You're much worse than that.” Yeon-woo's eyes frown even louder. Seeing the strength in Beagrid's grip, Percy had to take a step back.

“Okay. No more useless talk, just business, right?" It's really fun.

It's been almost two hundred years in the middle, and it's been rewind in the middle... But in the meantime, this is progress. I mean, what if it was a complete desertion and transcendence? ”The Percellés smile as they touch their slightly creepy forearms as if they were ecstatic.

“Perhaps Olfowon, you can do what he so desperately desires." Yeon doesn't listen to anything Fercelle says.

He had no reason to favor her for betraying Hades' love and for bringing Olympus down.

But what he's enduring here with superhuman patience.

It was purely out of respect for Hades.


Percy's mouth slowly opens.

“I want to make you an offer."

Just like Tiffany used to say.

“The Titans must have tickled your back a lot, huh?” Yeon-woo twists the tip of one lip greatly.

Percy sighs slightly. It was like a play.

“If you say no, you're just bluffing, so you have to say yes. Yeah, we're in a lot of trouble.” “Tartarus was taken from me.” “That's right.” Yuck! For the first time, the relaxed Fersselne have expressed their emotions.

Well, he's gonna have to split his teeth.

I can't help but notice the precious tartarus I barely took.

"So…… we are going to make a huge assault on Titans from now on. So,“ In the meantime, should we not engage in hostile acts, such as holding hands or cease-fire? ”Prudential smiles.

“I like having a good conversation with you, too. Sometimes I know how to be flexible.” Yeon-woo had to endure the urge to laugh unknowingly.

"This is bullshit. 'It was ridiculous.

I can't believe it came from the Percellés and the Mother Earth first.

Is it that angry that he lost his tartarus? Or is it just emotional retaliation for the traitor Titan? If Titan had remained beheaded, it could have been an example to other societies to inflict retribution.


I thought there was another reason other than Yeon-woo.

"What is it?" It's not just the loss of Tartarus. Once we're up in the sky, the tartartarus will be nothing but a wasteland to them. It was full of guerrillas, and it was just a headache battlefield that I didn't know when the replacements of Olympus would show up.

And yet you continue to be greedy.

It meant there was a 'reason' in Tartarus that they should never miss.

And all I could think of was one thing.

“Kronos.” If Tifon is still using it... … and Titan-Gigas is still using it to fix 'Kronos, which was used to bring Hades and Displuto down, it makes sense for them to do the same.

I don't know what to say here.

“It wouldn't be bad to hang out with them. In fact, you don't have to hold hands with them. All you have to do is make an implicit agreement, tactic both sides, and surround Titan.

Titan must be defeated at the same time.

And then dealing with gasoline was very good, after all, for brown cow. In the meantime, they'll lose a lot of power.


If I had the advantage, I would accept Percellne's offer.

"But." Yeon closes her eyes slightly.

I could still remember clearly what happened yesterday.

When we escape Tartarus in tears.

The Earth Goddess who tried to consume Tartarus by force. That's Percy smiling cold. Poseidon, who hated Hades and himself in the final sense, said he was the Grand Duke (& Joe) and wanted to live somehow. Athena. Hermes. Apollon and Artemis, etc.

Their looks remained desperate.

That's why.

Terrible! Yeon pushes the beagrid up and down vertically, as if it was no longer worth listening to.

And then Percy's red bloodline slanted over his body.

Phew! Sliding left and right along the worm, it explodes with a small explosion.

As the shadow rises over the shredded flesh, Percy's body reappears. She shows a fierce anger toward Yeong-woo, though she is not sure whether she is suffering from the loss of her distant physique or angry at the answer of the immense Yeon-woo.

“How dare...!" “Don't you dare utter a word.” She cut off her horse's waist and smiled as her fangs turned white.

“It's the same for Titan, for you and for me. You'd better get a grave ready for the Mother Earth." ”“ You forgot. You appear to be flexible, but also sometimes as foolish as the rest of the world. "“ Let's just say that your squadron is strong enough. 2Percellene gives you a bigger impression of Yeon who isn't praying, and finally takes a deep breath to recover her composure.

Whew, then came back to the bright smiling day and said,

“I can't help it. You're so confident, we can't help but act accordingly,” I said, pretending to be noble, but in the end, it was a propaganda proclamation that you will do the same thing as Titan.

“I look forward to it. Oh, and the giver's good intentions, so the gift will go well.” "What…!? And she said," I don't know what the public is trying to pull, but the day is about to fall back.

Kuku! Suddenly, the conscious world surrounding them began to shake violently.

[Per the power of Hades' Sword of Eternity, page 6 of Invasion to the Abyssal World]] Persephone realized what Yeon-woo was about to do, and completely disfigured her impression. I don't see any more relaxation.

“No way...!” Eating away this temporary world? It was not only the divine nature of the Earth Mother who formed this place, but also the will to forcefully consume part of the Earth Mother Goddess and Persephone's will that was severed in the middle, and no matter how much she replaced it, it must have been a significant blow. I tried to quickly reverse my mind, but the place was already completely under Yeon-woo's control.

At that moment, she realized.

At first, 'It was actually a trap that Yeon-woo cut off her first body emotionally. When the second body is revealed, you will have to visualize more intent, so you deliberately induced the situation.

I never thought I'd get hit in the head like this.

Ultimately, for the first time, Percy had to feel that the cord of reason was completely broken.

“You son of a bitch!” Fenrir would love to hear that. ”Yeon-woo smiled leisurely and 'swallowed up' everything in the conscious world.

The whole world bent and was sucked into the grasp of Yeon-woo.

[Power, the Sword of Hades, has been captured!] “Gaaaah!” Persephone was pushed into the heavenly system with a tremendous amount of pain that part of her consciousness was forced into.

The remainder of the ritual was replaced by divine power and consumed by Hades' Ritual Sword.

The world of consciousness completely shattered and reality came back to life.

Either they were preparing to intervene, or Shannon appeared out of the shadows and stood at the forefront.

Beneath the helmet, a shivering eye peers into him.

I don't feel like I'm praying.

Yeon-woo suddenly snorted.

"What are you looking at with such admiration?" N-no. Nothing. " Shannon now had to shake his head at the sight of the brazen lotus coming out.