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“Hahaha! That's what they all say about heroes and heroes! You were right!" Yeon-woo admired Shannon.) when I sat on the ground ignoring my eyes.

Suddenly Heracles makes a big noise and hugs him.

The problem was that Heracles seemed to have a larger head than a pant, and his whole body was full of tight muscles as if he were armored. Isn't that also a muscle that was purely born with the body of Tifon_and has won the vent?

^ Alcoholic) "Stiff: {, I thought that Yeon-woo would be 'like this' and the body would be completely squeezed. Either Heracles is suddenly taken over by Persephone and is trying to assassinate himself.

“Home, hmm! Since it seems like the king is having a hard time, why don't you talk to him?” At that time, the deputy coughed and told Hercules.

“Hahaha! I guess you got tired of fighting that guy on the phone!” Heracles smiled curiously and freed Yeon Woo.

And I pounded my back as hard as I could with my bare hands.

Bam, bam! “What does our hero deserve to die for? You're weaker than you look. I can't. I have to make you some good medicine.” It was purely because of his evil power, but I could not help but beat myself to the sickness and backlash.

... Even though the trials have turned out to be the strongest of Zeus' children.

But even Yeon-woo was good enough to catch a phone. Even though the shock wouldn't have stopped, Hercules was an enormous powerhouse who ignored them all.

“They even lifted up the earth for a short while, saying that they were punished for supporting the earth... Maybe it's natural?" As a kitten, I wanted to avoid Hercules' touch somehow.

Heracles, who showed him infinite kindness, could not help but appear.

I don't know if I'll pick up the bone disease before I save Athena or something.

A slight crack in the middle of Yeongwoo.

... Zero failures? Helios? "Teia summoned Titans from all over Tartaros to the Temple of the King instead.

I was worried because I haven't seen anything from Helios. I had to make a hard impression on Selene's report.

“Yes, Mother. I could find traces of Helios' sacrifice around Kronos' corpse... but I couldn't find anything else.” “Bill Shallow" “: Jen Teia slaps the table with her fist.

Helios was a precious son to her. Before Apollon was plundered, he was an exceptional child who held back the sun as a god, and he believed he was a talent who would bring down Titan one day.

That child was sacrificed because he killed himself.

He was willing to sacrifice himself to stimulate Chronos' time, and to roll the 'clockwork' at will.

By the way.

You've been killed by a dead dog like this? No income? Killed Tiffany, then took pleasure in screwing the Percellés.

Teia had to press Wolcom's silver coins up to her neck.

I wanted to tell you to lead the Titans to Kronos and find out if Helios is still alive somewhere.

Hmm! Suddenly, the portal opens next to Teia and Selene, and a hard-faced middle-aged man appears.


Husband supporting Teia, father of Sister Helios.

Although he did not find a place within Titan, he was recognized for his combat strength on behalf of the highest rank.

He was also currently in charge of Titan's troops.

“Forget about Helios for a second. Gas is trying to descend.” Teia nods heavily.

Why she brought Titans together as the Temple of the King.

It was because he had already known that Gigas would take the brunt of it all together, and the newly ascended Percy would never watch the subordinates try to harm his face.

Even though Hades gave me such unfailing love, I never forgot my past grudge that I was forcibly drunk.

No matter how much time passes, she never forgets her grudge and tries to get it back.

As long as the corpses of Kronos remain here, it was clear that they would try to retaliate in any way, and that the gas, as well as the earthly godmother, would be overwhelmed with the power that had been 'conceived'.

It was about what Asgard would do here, and how the Yeon Dynasty would do it.

"For now, we must focus on our defenses, and we believe Titan's independence will be assured if we are to stop this aggression successfully.

Even Percy can't stay focused on the war against Titan.

Even though they accused of ceasefire with Yeonwoo's side, they will not be able to stall for long because their back tickles.

Heave! She takes a long breath.

As originally planned, they would have woken Kronos up to amplify Titan's power and outdone the gas-guzzlers.

Perhaps we should have postponed the plan a little further.

“Assemble the troops. Everybody move there.” Teia's eyes glow fiercely.

That's it.

A full-scale war between Titan and gas began.

[Asgard, a divine society, declares retreat!] [God's society, Asgard, gives the impression of what's happening inside Olympus.]] [Asgard has embarked on a serious discussion of withdrawal.] [Thor requests continued entry into Asgard.] Maldr gives you the egg.] [Asgard's Strategic Conference is divided into disagreements!] Asgard was bored with the conflict between Titan and Gas and temporarily retreated the rest of its forces.

Agares and the others have come to the location of Yeon Woo, whether they felt there was no need to continue the battle.

“Huh? What is this? Mr. Natalie, are you all right? And Agarash and Penlor? Are you on some kind of group trip? Even Giants?" Heracles looks stunned to see the face of the group.

When he was running around Olympus, there were all kinds of famous faces he saw coming.

The problem was that there was no common link between them.

Was there ever a time when all these people were together like this? No matter how hard I think about the past heavenly world, Hercules never came to my mind.

This seemed like the first time.

Moreover, now there were giants that were completely gone.

As soon as Valdivich's eyes met, Hercules had to feel his fingertips hardened again.

Giants are said to be natural warriors. I wanted to make sure that I could really say "warrior."

And it was like Valdevique, with a curious face, confronting Heracles. The hand rests on its great sword, Claymore.

Of course, given the location, that didn't happen.

However, the eyes of Heracles poured on Yeon-woo again.

It was a red stare.

“The more I look at this, the more I see things, right?" At first, I thought you were just a hero of Tartarus.

Seeing that this is enough to lead a society.

'I want to have it.` Hercules tasted the dry lips with his tongue.

Of course, it wasn't sexual feelings or anything.

The more people like this, the more talented they are that they are the most needed for the situation at Olympus.

But when other people saw what they liked, they could only think of it as a drooling, seething pervert.

Burr! Yeon-woo should have trembled at the anxiety I didn't even know I had.

Those eyes, you'd better get down before you pluck them out, Hercules At that time, Agares narrowed his eyes.

Of course, it was a Hera class that would not be measured by farting and listening.

"I don't want to hear the words of a pervert who looks like a child.” While Rear Aegean is roaring like he's about to rush, Fenrir is also standing beside him, trying to let him know he's here.

King! “It's very popular, isn't it? I'm sure.” Natasha laughs as she looks at the three neurowars. He returned to his human form, as if he had been turned into a monster for three or two years.

Yeon-woo didn't even pretend to hear it.

Something about the minds of men in the first place.

Natasha laughed as if it was funny to see a pond like that.

“First of all, we need to discuss moving forward.” Leave the brief commotion behind.

Heracles said after he silenced all the crowds. His gaze was completely fixed on Yeon-woo.

In fact, he led the largest resistance, one of whom was the true king of Tartaros appointed by Hades.

Heracles implicitly acknowledged the authority of the alliance, but created the conditions for all of his command systems to be unified under his dominion.

If this happens, I will be forced to bend to Yeongwoo, even if there is another member of the Resistance who will join us in the future.

And so was everyone else.

Dis Pluto, the Resistance and the Alliance representatives all focused on Yeouido.

In the future, this is his front (top floor), so I was wondering what he was planning.

Yeon gives a short glance to thank Heracles, then opens her mouth as she looks back at the group. Of course, Hercules simply ignored the gaze that he was throwing while boasting about his bulky muscles.

"We have a lot of work to do_in Tartarus. We'll have to unite the other rebels that have erupted, and we'll have to reclaim the Shrine of the King. Titan and gas must be defeated in turn and Olympus must be restored.

But more urgent than that > Heracles nods, his arms clasped in agreement, noticing what Yeon-woo was up to and about.

“We need to rescue Olympus' replacements.” Lady Amaik's words sounded so vivid in the streets of those around her who were full of magic.

Everyone in Tartaros, including Dis Fluto, clenched their fists.


Finally, the moment I had been longing for had come.

Then, I raise my hand high to see if someone has something to say. He was the deputy minister of Hercules.

“It's in the order of the king's words, but there is one problem.“ "What is it?“ The substitutes do not know_where_they_retreated and exactly where they are. ”The Resistance nodded, once again becoming heavy daylight.

Maybe they were just trying to save the party. If I had known, I would have been able to move much more efficiently than I am now.

Since Hercules agreed, Yeon-woo turned to see if there was any criticism.

“It's in Erebos.” When Yeon-woo answered too simply, everyone was surprised.

Erebos was at the bottom of the world, much lower than tartarus. It devours all existences, and there is a tradition that no substance is formed there. Commonly referred to as black, Ilcum was also a fragment that fell from the "great fissure."

Voluntarily entering such a place meant that the parties were in crisis, and it also meant that their first existence might have disappeared.

With that said, I had to hurry and clear a path to Erebos.

That way we can get at least one more.

Hercules has big eyes.

"Is it…… true?” “That's right. We don't even know the exact location inside.” “And the evidence?” “Sky Library.” Ugh... Have you been there? A place known to be difficult to access unless it is given to you by the Library of Sky.

Heracles is so surprised that he only smiles. Now I have no idea where Yeon-woo's limits are. The more they did, the more they wanted to do so.

“Incidentally.” Yeon-woo gives you a short answer, looking around.

“Fortunately, the conflict between Titan and Gigas has reached its peak, and Asgard may not be as great a foe as it is now. So I'm going to open the door to Erebos right away...... Does anyone know how?” But no one answered Yeon-woo's question. All they could do was look at each other and get their feet.

Hercules made a sound that he did not do, covering my face with his hands.

“As far as I know, Erebos was treated as a top secret within Olympus, so only the gods knew for three weeks... Hades never told me, but Nakanyoon shook his head." He was only acknowledged as the Crown Prince as being chased. There were still too many things I didn't know because I didn't have a proper successor education.

A deep goal in the midst of Hercules.

“Bona-Mana Erebos must be Hyposeidone, the monastery opened...... Then there's only one other way." Zeus must be awakened. ”“ No. No! I don't know where the old man is either! Even if I did, I'm sure I'd be in heaven. There's no way I could do that right now. "As long as the Percellés and the Earthworm are sitting there, it won't be easy.

Yeon-woo is not yet qualified to go up to the 98th floor.

There was only one conclusion left.

“You can either take back the Temple of the King or you can sneak into Erebos' records and data." "It was at that time when I made the impression that Hera class was not appropriate.

Whoa! [At the request of the original owner, the transfer of ownership (Year #) begins!] Suddenly, a pale pink glow shifted in front of the mildew.

Shannon and Ghost appear in the shadows to protect Yeon, Heracles, etc. to take their hands to the weapon.

"Stop!” Yeon senses something, and quickly shouts to the group, running toward the crimson mesh. I don't know about others, but I was too used to it myself.

Soon after the crimson debt flock disappeared, the one-leaf shield was characteristic of being powerlessly downward as it was partly broken there. Yeon-woo quickly hugged it before hitting the floor and patting it.

Aegis, the flower shield of Athena, returned to the kite.


Only one letter was written on the cracked surface of Aegis.

- Fig.

Yeon-woo was able to figure out what that meant at once.

It was a request for rescue.