Second Life Ranker

5. Chronos (5)

“That's it. '?” Heracles was surprised to see a lotus leaf shield.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

“It's Aegis." ~ >! ”The face of Hercules was stiff for a moment.

“Why did it go to you?” “I don't know. But I'm sure of one thing. Athena is in danger.” Yeon narrows her eyes.

Aegis has a characteristic of being a deterrent to everything in the world. It is also a symbol of the monarch Athena, and it is broken to this extent.

"That's a lot of democracy you've lost. I was in danger. `Aegis used to own Yeon Woo.

He must have sent it to himself based on the remaining traces.

Yeongwoo looked closely to see if there were any other traces of Aegis, but nothing was particularly noticeable.

“Boo!” Following the summons of the Sr - Yeon, a black fog appeared over the shadow.

Arc Ricci, now a few meters tall, now possesses enormous power to conquer his son-in-law just by revealing himself.

"Obtain. Hold it." The fingertips of only the bones gently touch Aegis. Then the magical field spread like a wave along the surface.

"Identify object residue. Mindfulness.

Restore Memory……. "Wealth" became something for a long time, and slowly moved his jaw.

Arte. I. Currently. Erebos.

No. Tar. Taros. Yes. In danger, Hahn. Like, um... "What?" “I see… ~!” The left hemisphere was all mild malignant.

Yeongwoo asked with a stiff face.

"Where is it? Do you know where it is?" At that moment.

Whoa! Aegis starts vomiting again.

The puffiness turned its back and stared at the air.

Fit! You want to diminish the shape of Aegis, and suddenly you become a wounded owl.

The owl says, 'The creed that makes Athena the snow.'

Pudding-he stared at the lotus once, and flew up into the sky at once, making a big gesture.

There should be Athena where it goes.

Yeongwoo spread her wings wide and followed directly behind the owl.

The rest of the party rushes after the owl.

Shipwreck, Pot- HYDRA 'S Poison Can't Have Been Far Away, Chase Anyway! Whatever else, Athena must be sent by Persephone to capture him alive. Don't let him get away! A mountain trail on one side of Tartarus.

You're such a nuisance. Siqueus, one of Gigas' eight replacements, was moving fast with a prick.

Unlike the others who are fighting Titans in the Temple of the Prince right now, I am angry because I am in such a hurry to chase the Stragglers.

But the command of the Great Mother was more solemn than the trust.

The value of existence - called "Athena" - was huge in gas factions.

"But to the extent that it gives off a little tingling before handing it over, what can you say about enjoying a little fun?" Siqueus clenched his lips with a dry tongue.

Daughter of Zeus, the king of the gods, and the leader of a new generation.

That wisdom has driven them into crisis many times in the past, and majesty has turned off many gases.

He was among those who were humiliated at the time.

But now it was the opposite of that. Siqueus, who had a conspiracy to conspire with her, had finally begun to realize that the shouting could be quenched.

I was smiling so slily.

There was a spirit here! One of the family members shouted urgently over there.

Siqueus hurriedly moved there, anxiously hoping to miss the trace of Athena he had only found.

The widespread bundles also moved in that direction.


“Sister, you must be very popular.” Killing as far away as possible, a man watches them disappear quietly down the tree, staring at the cracks in the rocks.

Inside, there was Adena, who was breathing rough, barely holding her upper lip with her bare hands.

"D-won 't you shut up, Ares?" Unlike annoying profanity, Athena was not looking so good.

It was caused by a wound on the side of the battle against Siegeus while on the run. The blade he used was poisoned by an octopus.

It's so toxic that even witches are afraid of it.

Even though she was maintaining her original identity, she was only calming down, and now she's lost quite a bit in Erebos, so even this is tolerable.

They're suppressing the poison somehow with the only supernatural force left.

If even the forehead is consumed...... It was really over.

Now it was hard to put a word to Ares' stubbornness.

Fortunately, we were able to use the trap to draw the attention of the trackers elsewhere, but it won't be long now.

So I had to find out as soon as possible before I did.

'We used the system to transfer Aegis' ownership... but it won't be easy. `I wonder if Aegis arrived safely to Yeonwoo.

Unless he's in Tartarus like himself, he's likely lost his way. We used the system, but this was the area of the tiphone, so unauthorized items could be put on the line to get out.

But only if Aegis gets there safely.

I eagerly wanted Yeon-woo to use it well on her behalf.

"This is all I can do, after all `Athena closed her eyes without even realizing it.

Something that always breaks my heart when I think about it.

In fact, it wasn't a rescue request that I sent Aegis. I just wanted to leave my belongings in the sorry heart that I had the other day.

In fact, Athena was somewhat intuitive of her limits.

I moved to Erebos because I was motivated and wanted to move adults to a safe place, such as 10,000 Poseidon.

She originally thought she should stay in Tartarus until the end and actively seek the opportunity to reclaim Olympus.

That's why I came back from Erebos.

to try and create an opportunity.

“Kronos...... Kronos has a weapon in his spleen that will somehow turn things around. But it won't be easy to get close enough at this rate. `The problem was that her whereabouts were exposed to gas.

Siqueus, as a tracker, is one of the gas substitutes that helped bring down Olympus' replacements with Persephone.

His power was so great that even the smooth gods could hardly touch him.

It wasn't hard enough dealing with Athena who was deprived of her identity and status while being taken from Olympus and driven out of heaven to Erebos.

Moreover, he had a fond memory of her in the past, and he still hadn't forgotten about the senator.

That persistence was also trembling as Athena.

'But fortunately, the other gases won't budge. I don't see any Titans. Did something happen? "Athena rolls her head like that and smiles bitterly.

Despite all this, he felt dizzy because he was rolling his head to understand the hostility situation.

"I don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky, but I won't be lonely on the way." Athena looks up at Athena, looking up at Athena, still looking out for trends.

He was bleeding, but his usual condition was not so good.

He only cares about my greed for AhAhAhamun, but I only remember growling when he was special.

Now that I think about it, I didn't even know it was natural.

Like many of Zeus' children, Athena was born 'outside', whereas Ares was distinguished in identity because she was a straightforward child born of Hera.

In Ares' view, he had to be jealous of his' eldest daughter `who excelled in all aspects, such as academics, martial arts and virtues.

So there was a lot of conflict between the two of them, and they started reluctant to see each other from time to time.

In fact, doing this mission now is just because we feel that we should surrender in a while.

Until a few days ago, it was true that we were uncomfortable with each other.


When I came back now and thought about it, I wanted to ask myself why I had to stand up like that.

Athena ignored Ares' atrocious nature, but the point was, "He had a good angle, too."

What I thought was terrifying was just curiosity, and ignorance meant determination was faster than anyone else.

Sometimes I was so bored with self-indulgence, but I even thought it was his innate nature that it made sense to me.

And loyalty was pretty good.

"How are you feeling? Ares made sure that Siqueus et al. had disappeared completely, and asked Athena quickly.

Athena shakes her head, smiling bitterly.

“No. It would be more dangerous if we moved into this state. So." At that moment, Aterna's gaze grew brighter, and he slowly got up using the spear he had placed next to him as a cane.

“Siqueus, I must take that fool's head." Athena never forgets her humiliation. And that was his pride. The incident that triumphed over Poseidon's aunt was still being accounted for in heaven as well as Olympus. I could never forgive Siqueus for talking like that. Even when I went, I had to do something about it.

And if he's the bait, then Ares will have access to Kronos' remains in the meantime.

I was willing to sacrifice myself.

By the way.

Ares suddenly took Athena's spear with a stiff face and forced her to sit on the floor.

Athena wants to get angry about what she's doing.

“What the hell are you going to do with it? Just sit there. Don't get your hands dirty. I'm gonna fuck his mouth off." “::: What?” That was unexpected.

Athena's eyes slightly widened.

But Ares farted as if it were natural.

“How dare you have such a heart for your wife without knowing the subject? It's not enough to just kill. So stay there. I'll get his attention. In the meantime, find a way to heal yourself and head for Kronos.” What's wrong with you? I feel sick...! ”“ You're a bitch, but you're smarter than me, right? In fact, I didn't understand how to do anything in Erebos. I'm just here to tell you I can punch them in the face. ”Ares said as she curled up one side of her mouth,“ and, you know, I'm muscleless like my sister. You have to do what makes a muscle wave look like a muscle wave. And if you bait yourself with that body, how much can you do?? "Person_:_:!" ㅇ Ares tried to move to the place with the spear and the Siqueus lamp.

The moment Athena urgently chased after her and tried to shout, "No."

Pic! Ares' movements stop with a sudden blunt strike. A large blade sticks out of my back.

What, how do I do it? When did they appear? Siqueus stands laughing in front of Ares. Athena's movements stopped.

Jur! Ares' gaze at the blade through his heart and drew blood from his mouth. The HYDRA poison spreads through the body at a rapid rate, just like Athena. Anger erupts from the painful twisted eyes.

"You, bird…!?" Didn't your sister say that? Shut him up. Siqueus swung his sword and swung Ares' neck in an instant.

At that moment, Athena opened up all of the rage that remained wanting to not be like this.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! An intense whirlpool erupts around Athena, shaking the stage.

No matter how devastated she was, she was a warrior strong enough to rival the gods of Olympus.

The wavelengths that spread there were enough to push Siegeus away at once.

Kuku...! Hahaha! Now I'm finally revealing myself. Yeah, this is it.

Athena! My Athena! You're most beautiful when you say it like that! Keep it that way. So I can turn off the excitement of the dock! “How dare you!” The spread along Athena continues to grow. But the more I did, the addiction I was suppressing quickly got swifter and swollen as if the purple blood vessels were about to burst along my white forearm.

However, even Athena looked so dazzled in the eyes of the frenzied, wet Siqueus.

So I smiled even crazier and swung my sword louder.

Guang! The blast from the edge cuts through Danshu Athena's fist.

Athena tried to gather the same power and blow it up.

Wool! HYDRA's venom reaches your heart, and your body snaps. The Magic Engine also stopped functioning and the Divine Power was cut off '. I lost my strength in my whole body.

“If only...!" Athena had to close her eyes one day while looking at the blade.

At that moment, the thing that caught her eye.

It was Yeon-woo, who was smiling over here, unmasked.


Kuang! Suddenly, a violent explosion sounds. A scorching wind swept through her head.

When Athena wants something, big eyes.

In front of her eyes, Hanyoung was standing with the wings of the sky spread out, just like the look on her eyes.

“Are you all right, Athena?" Shhh > Yes_”You came back, really.

Athena does not overcome the uplifting emotions from her heart, and nods loudly. In the snow, a single tear was flowing.