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6.Chronos (6)

Yeongwoo was furious to the very end.

Aterna, whose addiction is becoming more and more violent.

And in the face of Ares slowly dying with a knife to his heart.

It was someone's appearance that overlapped.

I feel so sad... lonely... and annoyed that someone close to me is leaving.

Yeon hated it so much.

As I looked up at myself and saw Athena's relief, I could feel something moving up and down in my heart.

What is a bitch…? Then, after a sudden attack by Yeon Woo, Siqueus looked this way with a stiff face. The sword that symbolizes him has a sharp crack, waving as if it were broken soon.

If the defenses had been delayed any longer, it would have been you.

That's why the question Siqueus asked was so strange.

What, not "who."

He did not look like the same god.

It does not appear to be a demon, and it has enormous magical power, but it does not appear to be a dragon. If you were close, you'd have Giants... But you didn't feel the Giant's temperament.

Siqueus had little knowledge of the kite, since he was mainly staying in Tartarus and didn't pay much attention to the summer. Even if his colleagues talked about him, he was mortal one day and did not listen.

And his attitude was obviously a mistake.

Siqueus became furious as the kite only cared for Adena and Ares, and there was no sign of much concern here.

That's why I dared to lift the Divine Magic Cube with a key to destroying her.

Yeon-woo suddenly stared at me and threw one word at me.

“Hold still, there.” Phew! At that moment, Siegeus hardens his whole body with a sudden tingling sensation of piercing through his body.

'Er, wh-what happened to my... body...! Whoa, whoa, it's not moving!` He never understood the current situation.

It was clearly a commandment (it was now) that Yeonwoo was Navel.

The power to forcibly move the laws of the world in a clever way. Sometimes you can restrain or force the opponent with just one word.

But it was possible for someone who was far too different, and would never work for themselves.

However, Siqueus had to feel his hands and feet bound by such a decree.

That means only one thing.

The one in front of me.

It meant that a terrible hybrid, whether it was a god, a demon, a polyp, or a giant, had already gone beyond what he could have expected.

^ "Is he a" "? He did not fully understand.

That's why I was afraid.

Fear of the unknown seemed to reach more strongly to spiritual beings.

But maybe that was obvious.

Yeon holds the phone and still does not break the alliance with Maestro.

There was no reason for him to be beaten up by someone who didn't even cut his phone.

"I take command. C." As the shadow opened, wealth appeared.

After the right hand came up to the side, the shadow wrapped around Ares. The shadow goes into the inside of the wound, filling the broken heart, while forcibly sealing the wound while blocking the leaking mystical force from the road.

You wiggle your fingers as if you were tapping a keyboard with your left hand. The shadow spreads like a wave, penetrating Athena's body and quickly consuming HYDRA's venom.

No matter how toxic it was, it wasn't enough to be beaten by an alliance that already had Debt Poison. Wealth absorbs the poison using a shadow that connects to Yeongwoo, while burning all the remnants of the bloom.

Then Athena's complexion became more relaxed as she recovered gradually.

Athena stared at Yeongwoo in surprised eyes. I thought it was over, but my body was recovering.

This was never just a first aid level.

How could it have grown like this without seeing it? Athena was first to realize that she was sadder than that greatness or surprise.

What kind of path have they taken to grow this much?

I feel like I saw a path that was full of scars.

I'm sorry to see that.

“Kahaha! I knew it! Groot being my apostle is so different!" Ares, looking at the kite and seeing how she had recovered it, blew up the façade. A strong nursing lust filled my eyes.

Athena looked ridiculous.

... Apostle?. You still haven't given up on that greed? "Of course! There's no such thing as that in the world! A thousand years later, what else could there be? Heheh heh. What are you trying to seduce? No, damn it! You're not supposed to be showing me this stupid bone, are you? You can't do that." ”Ares was taking it very seriously. She used to block it when she started to look like that, but now her desires are too great to be noticed by the rest of Athena.

Athena decided not to point out anymore. I don't know how to make an apostle of a compatriot who seems to have a much higher rank than Chuck.

Occasionally, it seemed so unrealistic that I couldn't understand whether it was because of lack of iron or because I was so confident.

However, when I saw the appearance of Ares like that, I smiled on my own.


I looked at the back of Yeon-woo moving forward.

Athena's gaze was intense.

"The Master." “There are many others around. Keep them both safe.” Sure. "Shannon, who received the command, quietly infiltrated into the shadow and disappeared.

Yeonwoo walked slowly towards Siqueus, who was still bound by the commandment. In his hands, Vigrid resonates well.

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo. It's like the idea of Yeon-woo is so good.

Even after holding onto the phone, Yeon still hasn't broken the alliance with Maestro.

There were some things that were desperately needed to be united because we didn't know when and where something would happen in Tartaros, where so many of the priests were swarming.

Marseong didn't want to separate.

No, he was hoping for more of this.

"Capture more identities, perhaps." In this unity, there was only one dry-resistant case.

Surrender to yourself the identities of those you capture during the day.

It was the same conditions as in the crawling chaos.

I still couldn't predict his insides as Yeongwoo, so it didn't go away, but if I just accepted this point, I could act based on my own consciousness and self, so I didn't always have anything. And all the remaining mystics were able to enhance their power as much as they occupied it, with calculations that they were able to subdue Mars.

But for now, those calculations were all forgotten in my mind.

From the moment I saw Athena get hurt.

All I could think about was getting Gigas and Siqueus out of Tartarus as soon as possible.


Jill cools as cold as his eyes, unlike anger.

The movement was instantaneous.

Pet! I wondered if the new statue was blurring at the same time that Yeon Yu stepped out, but it appeared in front of Siqueus.

Siqueus frowned upon seeing Beagrid fall on his head. Fear remained on the other side of my mind, but my instinct was stiffened by the weak appearance that Athena had seen with Yeon-woo when she caught her prey.

His rage opens up and he disappears before the decree.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! A flaming blade swoops up and down.

Light! But Beagrid, full of magic, broke his sword and swiped it as far as his right arm.

Agh - Agh! My arm...! Siqueus' right arm protrudes up into the air. His eyes grew brighter.

“I don't think you should yell at a whale 'cause he just cut off an arm.” Loser! Siqueus cuts his left arm horizontally as if it were noisy. The flame is concentrated at your fingertips and explodes, causing a huge explosion. The fire column is dimensioned as it flips over.

Right at the edge of the pond, to be exact.

The explosion was just a smoke screen to obscure vision and distract the senses.

Siqueus falls straight back.

He acted particularly excited, but in fact, he had a very callous understanding of the situation in his head.

And the conclusion I made was that it's not enough to beat Yeon-woo.

It was dangerous to keep fighting the unknown hybrids, whether they were human or not.

It was painful to miss Athena and Ares like this, but I thought it was only a matter of time before I could locate them.

So now I was going to retreat first, then discuss the strategy again with the Prussians and move on. I felt like I had to listen to what Yeon-woo was and what he was.


“Where are you going?” Suddenly there was a peculiar sound of softness on the back side.

Charge! Khh! This time, the lower left knee was cut off.

But I didn't have time to complain about the pain.

Beagrid has been on the move ever since.

Shh-shh-perfume! Yeon chops off the remaining limbs of Siegeus at a very rapid rate.

Whenever he does that, he sprinkles all sorts of powers to somehow strike, but they also explode like fireworks in a storm caused by Beagrid.

Eventually Siqueus became even more afraid.

Phew! When Vigrid cuts through her abdomen and lands flat on the ground, she can't make a sound when she wants to scream strangely.

Screams and cries only cover the corners of my neck.

It is not enough that the lighter in Beagrid burns his power all over the place. It will only cause a strong blow to the body. The fact that it was blocked meant that he had suffered that much damage.

"/× l ′" "l.! Siqueus tries to squeeze the horse with all his might, but he can't say anything in the running yard of a tribe that draws up its power.

She rolled up one side of her mouth looking down at him.

“TiVon will be waiting for you first, so you won't be lonely.” Even though Mayciqueus didn't think he'd get tiphoned, he opened his eyes wide.

[Power, the Sword of Hades, attempts a ritual!] Yeon-woo grabbed his head tightly as she stretched out her hands.

Aaaaah! Siegeus screams and is sucked into Hades' spirit sword.

Yeongwoo made sure he was completely gone, and got up slowly with Beagrid as a cane.

The other clans that followed Siqueus remained silent in the meantime, whether Shannon and his clans had defeated them all.

So I'm saying it's safe now.

Suddenly, Athena hugged Yeon Woo.

Yeon-woo froze and hugged her like that. He smiled slightly and slowly patted his back.

Like I told you not to worry anymore.