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7.Chronos (7)

The conflict between Titan and Gas unfolded around the Temple of the Over-Temper and Gas spread out uncontrollably.

The war of the gods seems to be seen in mythology.

Titan, the mythology of Titan, has shown tremendous upside down by throwing mountains, giving rise to violent gusts, etc.

Gas calmly empowered the Titans, weakening their aggression, while first focusing on removing their power.

Especially since some of them showed the most unparalleled march.

Get Down Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! There were those who dealt with the covenant as I wished, pouring out lightning, spreading anger everywhere, and expressing their status as "gods."

Instead of gas 8.

Blessed by the Mother Earth by Persephone.

They were commissioned to rule Olympus on behalf of the 12 who disappeared.

Even though there were no Tifon and Siqueus here, there were only six.

On top of that, they were able to show us exactly how great gas is.

They had already taken their place as Lord of the Temple and were demonstrating great power before, even though it was no longer their sanctuary.

It also meant that the Earth Mother casts such a great shadow.

The Temple of the King jeopardizes it as if it were soon to fall into the hands of Gigas again.

But the most unique of them was Persephone.

Choi Hae-Percellé just stood there.

But even then, another violent gust along her was unacceptable to Titan.

And that means you're free to attack from this side.

Dozens of eyes opened from the shadow that had been cast at her feet, and immediately rushed across the ground like tentacles.

Like a living creature in its own right, each of its eyes raised its shadow firmly towards the place of its entry. Hundreds of black thorns stab Titan's giant without pity.

Kuer...! "The explosion screams in agony.

The sky trembled at how loud it sounded, but more black thorns dug their holes and lurked around it.

The turban tries to force the thorns out of the way, but the poison burrowing into his body makes him fall unconsciously.

"HYDRA's … Poison ~ … How……?" How can they deal with poison that is known to lightly kill even a drop of a lesser god's garden? Of course, there was a guess.

HYDRA was originally a child of TiVon. If so, you could have saved Tiffon…… but the problem was HYDRA was wiped out by Hera class a long time ago.

Moreover, it was not the only thing that was applied to the thorns.

It was filled with various substances, such as HYDRA's venom, Nemea Lion's Fang, and Chimera's Flame.

And what unites them all was the divine power of the Mother Earth.

Nothing is impossible for a Great Mother. ”With Percy's smile, phaea! Titanium was completely oxidized by various mystical forces that were firmly embedded in the body at the time of the shovel.

I see……. The Mother Earth is... finally becoming underwater...! He was poured out with the words.

“You want to read my mother's thoughts carelessly. What an unpleasant creature. That's why unbelievers like you can't be saved even after death. Chase!” Persephone looks down at Titan with contemptuous eyes, kicking her tongue and moving the shadow back towards her next target.

She moves the shadow thorns from behind in a similar manner as before, actively guarding them to make it easier for Gigas to hunt Titan.

She already had the power to turn the tide by being alone.

While also managing channeling with the other eight hard-working replacements, Gigas' faction led to a victory.

However, the slightly frowned Lungsells' glances did not show any stretching marks.

Clearly, the battle is advantageous to Gigas based on overwhelming quantities.

It was only because there was no progress in taking down the temple of the king.

They put on the Temple of the King and focused solely on defending him, so it wasn't that hard to break into the Great Hall.

“As expected, the center has been taken away too much. In the end, to turn the tide...... Athena, there is no other child but 'The past, the earthly goddess has ventured out of her limits.

'Concept' is the force of the law, so it can be said to be the truth itself, so that all transcendent beings can be unwanted.

In fact, the earthworm was seen as a rather awkward_unnecessary shackle.

As she thought she "conceived" the whole world herself, she did not want to be stuck behind the scenes forever.

He claimed the right to match his hard work and efforts.

And I wanted that tied up.

Of course, that "tie" was both dimensional and cosmic.

It was for this reason that he was subdued by various gods and demons that could not tolerate the absolute existence of any one.

And as the Mother Goddess was expelled, she concluded that the fundamental reason for her defeat was because she was a 'concept god'.

As a conceptual being, it was because there was a limit to revealing the physical power, and there was a limit to every thinking and judging system.

So the earthworm said, 'After a long time of worry, we have two special measures.

One is to cross the limits of thinking and judgment that conceptual beings must have.

By artificially having a self, we have a new thinking system that is beyond the obvious limits.

So after a long search, the Mother Earth chose Viera Dun, who was best suited to her imagination.

I chose harmony rather than let the two of Viera invade the adra.

A contract was established between the goddess who wants her identity and Viera who wants higher ground.

And so the Earth's Mother Sin-Biera was able to have a much more concrete and organized thinking system, and a much more 'willingness'.

It was around that time that I began to reveal my ambition to the world again.

You strengthened Percellne and took down Olympus. Then, 'Let's overthrow Olfowon' began to have a little interaction with other divine societies.

In addition, even the first treaty to retain more power was incurred by attempting to work with the chaos of sneaking around disobeying.

But so far, it was going very smoothly.


The problem was the second move.

Obtaining the "vessel" for the complete coming.

You must have an intact body before you can rule properly. As long as he had a self, he remained only as a concept god, it was no different from being in prison.


The Mother Earth wanted to be completely free from the constraints and causality of the law.

So I tried to make a strong bowl.

It was Sesha who initially tried, but she was also bothered continually by the horseman who tried to do a similar attempt and failed by the kite.

The second was the only anti-Semi Dragon left, Ananta…… but this rainstorm destroyed Valpurgis' night, rescuing her and returning to failure.

And, "Finally, if it doesn't work, let's make it. We tried to make a human sacrifice of Clan Elohik.

'You have failed.` Yeon Woo.

He was the problem.

Every time I try to do something, I let go of the interruption, but I get angry because I only show my intentions.

The earthworm has Bierra Dun's identity, but there is no longer Bierra Dun's identity. He had such high temperatures that he went through many changes. The memory of the mortal is just a time I don't remember well anymore.

However, Yeon-woo kept picking at me with her work at the time, so I was moderately annoyed.

The problem is that as long as Yeouido is the descendant of the Black King, we can't ignore it.

He's obsessed. The same thing about the Derivative Manifesto King... It's probably because they have a clue about the Black King. "The earthly goddess has great greed for the Black King.


The earthly goddess still did not lose her appetite for vessels, and it was Athena's third occupation.

So, as soon as Persephone confirmed that Athena had returned to Tartarus, she ordered Siqueus to bring her back alive.

It was because he knew how strong Siqueus' obsession with Athena was.

“Athena, if that's all, things will go smoothly...!" That's when I thought.

Knock! Persephone suddenly senses something of the most bent of several channeling links to her.

And it was definitely Siegeus'.

Siqueus was defeated by Athena? Because that would never happen, Persephone stopped spreading aggression, and quickly read Siegeus' residual thoughts.


There, I could see Yeouido, who 'was driven by Siqueus' pain.

In Siqueus' last memory, Yeon looks this way and laughs.

Persones feel strongly resentful as if it was aimed at them.

No, it was definitely a message to myself.

He couldn't have known this.

The Percellés tremble at the thought of not beating him.

1 # # #! Cain! It's you again! "As a Persian, I had no choice but to explode.

It was him again.

You slander the Mother Earth and all her plots, take her phone away, and then you're done with it! I recalled the image of Yeouido who refused to negotiate in Percellé's mind.

The resentment that I had then felt like Smurf crawling back up again.

"As much as you………!" Persephone has rekindled her anger at the moat.

But the situation was never going to get any better, and at the end of the day, Fercelle thought she had to do something else.

Kuku... ~... 1! Suddenly, the entire area, including the temple of the king, shook violently up and down.

It was not just an earthquake created by power.

The movement of all personas on the battlefield, including Percy's, ceases.

And I quickly looked around with fear in my eyes.

Gas was embarrassed for the first time, titans shouted for joy.

It was almost unimaginable that enormous beings appeared when they tried to cause the coming.

At that moment.

Grrrrrrrrr - Suddenly, in front of the Temple of the King, a huge mountainous ridge suddenly rises as the ground is sealed.

It was looking very horrible.

A gangrene () pod with more than 100 hands and 50 heads on top of each other.

“Briareos!” Percellene used to make slight malignancies when she saw the monsters that Uranos and Gaia had conceived, the strongest of the Hecatoncarers. The rebellious Zeus side led him to victory and later were known to be guarding Titan... But why did those who were invisible ever since appear here?

The problem was that Teia was sitting on Briareos' biggest head.

Looking this way, he smiled bitterly.

'It was only then that Titans rebelled without any preparation,' Percellne realized.

If Briareos and Hekatonkyres are on Titan's side, the situation will be strained.

Why, mythically, Hekatonkyres, who had no enemies at all, took Titan's side.

If things were like this, I would never be able to easily overcome it.

If I did wrong in the first place, I might have to retreat without taking back the temple of the king.

At that moment, you see Teia flying over here.

Percellés also flew over there, stiffening his impression.

The Shadow Thorn rises up like a hedgehog and pours down on them.

The storm rages with two goddesses' clashes.