Second Life Ranker

8.Chronos (8)

“This brain is so full of muscles, he went down to the Pentagon, where's the noise! I called dibs on him, though." ”“ Ugh! What's the big deal about the guy who left? What do you mean, I've been working on that for a long time now, and as the next Olympus, I'm going to take care of it! ”Ha! He's got no self-esteem whatsoever. Your father told you to say that?” I'm sorry, he's like your father and mine. Huh? "Hercules and Ares are busy growling at each other.

It's like looking at an enemy with a cripple. Until just now, "Hello, brother! 'Muscle enthusiasts who held each other and twitched their coppery muscles together,' he said.

Others turn their heads in shame, and Athena walks away.

Shannon only glances at them and looks around the pond.

Owner, it is very popular = Shannon ” Yes?“ Shut up. ”Uh-huh!" Before, if I told him to be quiet, he would keep his mouth shut.

Now Shannon was totally single. Yeongwoo is slightly squeezed up.

And yet I'm still even more annoyed by Heracles and Ares, who scream at each other while you're mean to each other.

"Should I just blow it up?" Yeon was captivated by the strong impulse that the beagrid could roll both of them together in an instant.

Then I sighed and decided to ignore them like Athena.

After the rescue of Athena and Ares, Yeon took them back to Heracles' camp.

After a short return of two people, the Resistance and Discover Pluto were able to share the happy afterlife for a long time, including holding each other in their arms and weeping.

Ares and Heracles, who fought to defeat Titan-Gas together, were very small.), they started growling at each other.

The reason was very simple.

Who will take Yeon Woo (?).

Heracles, of course, yelled at himself that he would take over and make him his successor.

Ares said, 'What does that mean? He's the one who jumps up and down and becomes his apostle.

Even though Yeon-woo, the only party, didn't care much about both of them, it was like grabbing their hair and fighting each other.

If there hadn't been gods and demons of other societies here, they would have already fought.

But their fight didn't stop there.

Because these things want to see, to the end! Didn't I tell you in heaven? That's what this body's been doing for so long, don't even think about it! Are you sure you want to punish me? "King! King!" Agares and Fenrir got in the same way, saying they had a stake in each other.

No matter how much I looked at it, it didn't just seem like an easy fight to end.

“The more you go, the more popular you are with men. Haha! I feel like I should be there, too!” Natasha laughs as she looks at him.

The more I did, the deeper the child's bone was in the middle of the pond.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo devised a new plan among the remaining people, with the exception of the four that would not be much help.

Athena is not just a tattletale, she is also responsible for civilization and wisdom. And since I fought Titan-Gigath a while back and know their intentions best, I've been asking for advice on what to do next.

“The opposite is to open a straight path to Erebos.” As soon as Athena had the right to speak, she immediately said that.

Then everyone who attended the meeting was astonished.

I had just heard from her that a considerable number of gods had fled to Erebos, including Olympus' old identities and successors, and now I have no choice but to think it was strange.

And so did Yeon-woo, narrowing her eyes.

“May I ask why?” Asking questions, Yeon Woo's gaze was fixed on Aegis, holding her in her arms like a precious treasure, not Athena's eyes.

Aegis asked the three Cyclops in advance to see if the repairs are almost done. And Athena, instead of keeping him in the back living room, was holding him. Every time the fingertips touch a surface full of small wounds, his gaze strangely also turns towards you.

Seeing that, Shannon chuckled as if there was no Edora.

In fact, the feelings that Yeon-woo felt for Athena arrived similar to that.

As a rational, emotional...... I was close to a colleague who continued to irritate me unknowingly.

I felt the most emotional expression about what my sister had experienced, and I was able to take care of myself like my mother ever since I entered the tower. Perhaps I was forced to take care of myself.

Athena smiled warmly looking at the lotus. Then I got a bitter smile about the situation in Erebos.

“Because I can't open Erebos right now. No matter how you open it, if you do it unprepared, the people on the other side will be in danger.” "What is it...?" “It was Hermes who opened Erebos' door. It was a desperate attempt to take on Tachon (6), and... after getting a strong recruit (7), it is now at risk of extinction.” Shhh! '~ 00! ”Everyone who was listening to her seriously, including Yeonwoo, was impressed.

The Tavern of Hermes. And a recruit.

It was never just a story to pass on.

Especially the impact of Yeon-woo was disguised.

He was the first of his kind.

It was thanks to the Olympus gods of Poseidon who protected and represented him at the very front when they were on high alert and interrupted him.

Hermes was the only one who had a clear path to Erebos because of his status as a traveler and messenger. That must be why he was able to open a path to Erebos.

However, since you were forcibly demobilised, the loss of the Divine Spirit would have been very open, and you would have only gained the Tavern and the recruits from that revolt.

“I returned to Tartarus for a reason to fight Titan-Gigath...... but I had to find a way to heal Hermes' new recruits.” At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes lit up.

“Is there a way?” Athena nods heavily.

“Yes, I do. Obviously." “What is it?” “You probably know that." "090“ Chronos' Correction (8\). ”Rrrrgh! Delayed sigh evokes the mythology of Titans and the energy of Kronos, which occupied many of Tifon's myths.

“With Kronos' powers, we can cure enough recruits. And you can recharge that kind of loss while you're being demolished? Just as Titan and Gas could have caused a rebellion, they must have meant to restore power in the same way.

“_Gan. Oops. ′ However. When Athena spoke in a distressed voice, Yeon quickly expressed her power, although she still could not figure out how to do it.

[Power, Inferno!]] Gorgeous! As the scorching flame drew in front of the stream, two trapped souls appeared.

It was the ghost of Tiffon and Siqueus.

Aaaaah! Stop! Please stop! I'll say anything... anything, please...! "Even then, I think I'll be okay...! Khh! If Mother returns from Mother, you will be fed... Khh!" My old phone has been in purgatory, begging me to please stop suffering, and Siqueus, who has come in relatively recently, has been cursed and tired.

Since it was their identity and not their soul, they were torturing them appropriately and releasing their minds in a line that did not collapse.

However, Siqueus has not shown any surrender color yet. However, Yeon-woo did not care much. He knew he'd be weak sooner or later, even if he'd been attacked like that. I can't even stand a confident phone. How long can a dead man like Siegeus last? A little more firepower to purgatory would be enough.

“This…… =? 7Athena realizes what Yeon took out and opens her eyes wide. Siqueus didn't think he'd make it to the phone, though.

She was able to deeply appreciate how rapid the development of Sao Samwoo.

“Why don't you ask them?” Yeon-woo rolled up one side of her mouth and forced her fingers to flex.

Then the flames of purgatory rose even more vigorously.

"Aaaaah!" "Khh... Khh!" Goddamn it... Kaaaaaah! “Tell me how to collect Chronos' correction. Then he can put out the flames.” Siegeus' ghost screams at Yeong-woo with a crooked face.

Because of this, I think we will have a bad eye...! "Chronos didn't die the way it was known! The clock is still ticking!" But even before Siegeus's words were finished, the phone stepped up and shouted loudly. She said, please stop.

Yeonwoo throws a raincoat at Siqueus.

“It's tight?" ... Tiphone! 'What is this' - What the… ~ Shut up! You...! Do you even know the pain? I have to do whatever it takes to get out of my misery! If you betray Mother Earth, I will, so please let me go! Tiphone was very urgent. Shake your tail and you'll do it. Siegeus is devastated. He says nothing more.

Peek-a-boo! The more you do that, the more ridiculous the two of you look.

What a mess those pretending to be so good at. There was no solemn appearance anywhere. Was faith in transcendent existence just an inconceivable delusion?

“Tell me more. What's" time "?” Yeon put out the flames on Tiffany's phone, and she poured out her voice like a quickfire to see if it would ignite again.

Promise me before then! If you give me the right answer, I'll kill you ":“ { Wrong! Argh! No! I'll just say it, please...! "Again, the flames of Hell were extinguished.

Tiffon's ghost will feel a strong sense of contempt for continued lowly treatment, but it has never been close to covering things up now.

It speaks of Chronos' 'Hourglass'! "Clock leaf?” Yes! Chronos has left time as a god in addition to death. Time is almost an almighty realm, so you could boast that much power in your entire life! That's why the other communities in the heavens were so wary of Olympus at the time! "Tiffany's words continued to pour out.

But then I would not be able to endure my oversized status, but I would be repressed and stopped! We've stopped the reel to keep moving! It's like being killed by itself. "Then the reel was related to your sudden_Awakening." Great Mother…… No, Mother Earth knew how to wrap a 'leaf'! I was harvesting the power derived from it! "Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled.

How to wrap "reel leaf".

There seems to be a way to treat the disfigured Athena and Hermes recruits. Athena's gaze was also firmly fixed on the tiphone.

“So what's the trick?” Well, well... "At that moment, the phone was blurry.

Woo-rock! Yeon-woo thinks he's offering to make a deal again, and wants to start a fire.

Then Tiffany shouted urgently.

Oh, no! I'm not trying to hide it, I'm just trying to find the Mother Earth and the Percells! "The fire burned hot again.

Really! Believe me! Why would I hide something like this from you? Chronos is a place of its own assumption, so if you try to do something rash, it stops existence! It's crazy to look for "reel leaf" there...! "Fantastic!" Aaaaah! Aaaah! Please! Please believe me...! "The ghost of Tiffany appealed several times as she rolled over the fire again. You told the truth, no lies.

However, Yeongwoo pushed the purgatory into the space of the road, as if it was no longer worth listening to. The cursed phone cries disappeared completely.

Athena and others all opened their mouths and looked at Yeongwoo.

It was surprising that the phone was ruined like a terrifying pronoun, but it was also surprising that Yeongwoo was able to do nothing about it.

They didn't think much of it in the first place.

However, Yeon-woo woke up empty-handed as if it were nothing special.

“First, we need to get to Kronos and figure out the details." I think we need to know exactly what reel lobe is. ”“ Ugh, yeah. Got it! ”Athena quickly recovers her freshness and nods, and the Dis Flutowa Resistance is starting to pay a fast pace. This is where Chronos' corpse is. It's so famous, I couldn't tell.

And watching people move around so busy.

Yeon-woo suddenly thought like that.

Tifon called it "clockwork."

When I heard that, did I think of the community watch my brother left behind, just a coincidence? Or...

Is there something else?