Second Life Ranker

9. Chronos (9)

Where Kronos' corpse lies.

Black and red barracks pour down from the sky.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What's going on… ~? \ #... > The king…, appeared "" Zen Shallow Yay "" Ha ”"! Following Helios, Titans who were desperately waiting for him to come out were confused as the lightning bolt cut through their chests.

It was due to an unexpected attack.

They have no idea that the group is coming here.

It was because they expected to try to reclaim the temple of the remaining king of Hades or to move to Erebos. I thought they were going to go for Percellne's gas side…… I didn't think they were going to go for this place with so few people! Those on the outskirts tried to open a fearless channel to alert Teia to the attack by the mob.

Phuoia- “I'm sorry, but we like to move as carefully as possible." Something flashes, and their giant heads come to their senses at the same time.

Nattae and the Rangers, Agares and Fenrir, ambushed them and quickly got rid of them. There was also Hera class smiling cheerfully as if it was funny to death.

Athena was a little surprised to see them.

Each one of them is skilled enough to reach their standard. How did Yeon-woo connect with those people and get them on the same side? It was thought to be too great.

Above all.

Eun... Even though it was no coincidence that defeating Siqueus was overwhelming the Titans, the lightning bolt that developed was equally fiercely recognized in Athena's eyes.

Pas -- the titans in the middle of the rope turned to dust and became envelopes.

"It moves.” With white steam dropping down the barren beagrid, the snow spreads its wings wide, keeping an eye on the situation.

Athena nods and follows behind Yeon Woo. Even though the stature was deprived, it was still a much more agile move than the lesser statues that remained in the body.

The location where Yeongwoo and Athena landed was above Kronos' face.

Now it's been too long, covered in all sorts of bushes, just a huge mountain ridge.

The endless canyon or cave entrance that you see everywhere gives you an approximate idea of the location of your equipment.


The three frames that were hanging on the hands and feet of Woong and Yeong-woo trembled together.

Athena's eyes became slightly startled.

“You:": 7 “Chronos was the apostle of the Black King, so it is not hard to react like this.” Yeon-woo didn't seem like much.

In fact, ever since I first entered Tartarus, the Black King's frame has always had a stronger reaction as the corpses of Kronos get closer.

Perhaps that's a natural reaction to this novelty. At one time, there was this one who followed the original owner. It would be odd not to resonate when the original master's power remains full.

However, today was much closer than usual, and the reaction of the three brothers was much more intense than at any other time.

“I'll be back then.” “Are you sure you're gonna be okay alone? You can also::!” Athena asked worriedly, but Yeon shakes her head decisively.

“It's much easier to go alone.” Athena was very excited about the unfaithful reaction, but she nodded softly and backed off, knowing that every word he said would only get in the way.

However, I was still worried about the gaze fixed on Yeon-woo.

Tiffany's words kept getting better. If you come into contact with Chronos unprepared, the same thing is said about being eaten by the gods and "stopped" for all eternity.

He said he didn't know how to close the reel lobe, because he only had earthworms and apostles.

Despite such warnings, Yeongwoo decided to dive directly into Kronos.

Of course, as Athena and her group, she was afraid to speak.

Yeongwoo immediately became aware of their concerns.

Just as Chronos was the apostle of the Black King, he himself is the descendant of the Black King. His logic was that 'stop' could not be expressed, just like the equivalent position if qualified.

He also added, "Don't worry, we can use the voids and chains to get out."

Eventually, under Yeouido's strong stubbornness, the group decides to stay vigilant until he leaves.

Titan and Gigas must be fighting like crazy by now, but we still have to prepare for what happens to people.

“Like I said, if I don't make it out by appointment time, pull this chain to the end. And you can see the inner structure of Kronos." Yeongwoo 'handed over the loose end of the chain to Athena.` The inside of Chronos can be as complex as the maze, so we try to follow the Hero Theseus' tradition using Ariadne's thread to avoid getting lost when we enter the maze.

Make it easy to find your way out, and_if. If he stopped, he asked Athena to bring him out so he could secure his new recruit.

If so, we can read the 'Stop' letter from_ourselves to understand the structure of Chronos. It was not bad for Athena, etc.

“Okay, but don't overdo it." "Hasson nods, just enough to be naughty, and throws himself into the canyon expected by Kronos' mouth.

... Please be safe, Athena said her prayers quietly as she looked into the tomb where the lotus was sucked.

"Deep." As soon as Yeon-woo stepped into the dome, that's exactly what I thought.

I keep crashing until I don't know the end.

No, I don't even feel like I'm crashing anymore. All senses except consciousness are closed. No, we need to look at it as "suspended."

"It's consciousness, but it's still a bit harsh, so I won't 'stop' immediately... … but it's a matter of time before it stops. `For transcendent beings, sensation was not simply the area of the senses, such as seeing, hearing, and tasting that mortals think.

The feeling of peering at providence and seeing the world. It was a metaphysical area that felt the flow of time and space, and felt the various causes that make up it.

With an absolute cognitive system that looks across the universe, all of a sudden, it falls into a place like this and everything stops? It may not last long, but it will soon collapse.

No matter how hard the mind is, the panic can't be explained when someone who lived a long life with many things suddenly loses them all.

I don't know, but this place will look like hell to them.

But Yeon-woo was different.

I have already overcome the mountain of suffering that was similar to this to the highest difficulty, and I have had many long reasons that people will never have to go through the staggering hurdles.

There was no reason for it to collapse because there was a difference in experience.

"I was even accustomed to an abyss that would be crazy but not strange for a person who looked like an abyss and experienced it for many years.

Of course, this was never a good place.

I think it's better to be frustrated by him.

Eventually, we needed a way to somehow reclaim the 'frozen' world of perception.

As planned, he would have leaned on the Black King's frame.

'Before that... ~ I think this will be possible too.` Yeon-woo was going to try the same way that she found her way in the abyss.

[Conceptual Transition] Focused all minds and instilled a whole mindset with the idea of projecting all mental energy into a specific point (0).


When you implement an image that is drawn in your mind, with the idea of forcibly twisting the dots that your consciousness will clump together.

[Phase 2 Opening] With the feeling that the sensation of Yeon-woo's 'stopping' is forcibly awakened.

Whoa! You can see the surroundings are clear and illuminating.


“What is this…?" Yeon-woo is in great shock and hard to impress.

The world wasn't really bright. I was still all black and blue all around.

However, it was a matter of walking around in the dark like that.

A lot of Mo - Ongju's broken bowmen were wandering around like fish.

Journals were put together and separated, some of them being written like a journal, and some of them being sentences with no meaning.

It was a ripe environment for Yeongwoo.

“It's like in Jungwoo's pocket watch... ~?” It was the diary in the clock.

Of course, it was a whole white world, and this place was full of blacks.

It was the same that it was a world full of typefaces. His monument was there, deep asleep, dreaming over and over again.

By the way.

How does An in Kronos look like that? Yeon-woo had to feel something tickling from the side of her chest for a moment.

I feel like I'm missing something. I felt like I'd lost a very big piece.

The problem was that I had no idea what it was.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I can't seem to figure it out, so I feel suffocated.

Yeon-woo quickly huddles around.

When I read the bow, I thought there might be something I could find.

0 refers to Yangjun 02rium also 22 Jun. Oslamujeyus/its grumbling earlier, but Yeonju has updated the fact that all meaningful activists are myths that Chronos has built up in the past.

He sat on the throne of Olympus because of Uranos, and was troubled by the prophecy that his children would take his place, just as he did. And the fall of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, all the way to that black tartarus.

If Yeonwoo could unravel the sacred flower that had been seen in Olympus' report, it would be just like that if it could be said from Kronos' point of view.

For a moment, I felt like Chronos because of how cruel and complex the feelings were.

But he has a strong sense of camouflage again.

debut (06 # - * 0).

A myth released from Kronos' point of view. In other words, the Chronos' journal. At that moment.

Charroc-Suddenly, the characters that were making several sentences were separated into phonemes, and they began to form as if they were newly assembled like Lego pieces.

They were all people.

No, what people used to be, for tens of millions of years, came into Kronos' belly and stopped.

There were hundreds of them.

They gathered their mouths and said,

Since no one can get old enough, all of their voices become sentences and break again.

Ninety-nine at the 99th. I, Dang 'an Urun, who is Crown and Alone, have a lot of flower heads in the winter. Dag22 Yun9, a part of Monza, but 978no 944 79, Wu, 2009. Is there an eight-bear elegance? Minutes 60 Human-style cuisine just stopped whilst the doors were pouring out.

I only had one last sentence.

Does he have a face? ~ >! ”The feeling of disgust for Yeon-woo is now spreading throughout the body and tightening its neck.

Beyond the hundreds of existences, the typeface was reassembled, creating a huge throne that seemed to be tens of meters. The ornament was uniquely impressive, as if it could only be seated by someone as determined as the king.

Above that, the other archers form a person as they band together.

A person sitting on a chin with an arm bracelet, as if it were very boring.

He had a red crown on his head and a black uniform on his body.

I couldn't recognize the binoculars because I was lowering my head slightly, but the awkward tightening of the moat now wriggles under my chin to my soul. I choked.

On the contrary, what I had been missing in my head gradually appeared. The thought of 'No way?' was starting to scare me.

But this was the reality.


When the creature sitting on the throne slowly raised his head and met Yeon-woo's eyes.

When the red light was hidden between the eyes, Yeon-woo had to shout out as if she were forcibly pushing away the feeling of grinding her soul.

It was lamentation.