Second Life Ranker

10. Qualification Exam (1)

Yeon-woo could not understand this fucked-up situation that was in front of her.


When I was a child, I thought I left my family and died, and I just forgot I even existed.

Pathetic or stupid? None of that happened in the first place.

Could there be something that would interest someone who's completely erased from their mind?

I knew that my brother sometimes communicates with my father without knowing it, but I used to ignore it.

When I get mad at my brother for that, my mouth aches. No, I deliberately turned away because my mind was like a chimney that I didn't want to be involved with.

Then, when I first found him, my brother went missing. I just wanted to see if I could pick up any leads.

At that time, I wanted to catch straws, so I tried to find my father somehow... but he was completely gone, as if evaporated from the world.

That made Yeon-woo angrier, which made her no longer think of him.

By the way.

Why is he like that? With a grand gesture.

Or is he just a look-alike? But...

... It can't be true. `Yeon-woo knew that such things do not exist in the world, so I had to change it.

The problem was the identity of the man who was sitting there, the figure of the father.

Those who had been eaten by Kronos clearly spoke up.

He's the king.

And the man who had the appearance of the father took it for granted, sat on the throne and looked down at his son coldly.

Does that mean...... that he's Kronos? But there were too many things I didn't understand.

If Kronos really is his father. How could he have come to Earth and given birth to himself long after he had been "stopped"? No, how did you get out of the tower, even if you paused it, to avoid keeping an eye on Allfoone? It had not been done by any of the earliest statues or concepts higher up the ladder than Kronos. It was absolutely impossible.

It was all a riddle.

He just stared at him with red eyes, as if he didn't care about the summons or doubts of Yeon Woo.

The sound of 'iron, iron` as they were sending among themselves, as if he were a machine doll made of elaborate shapes.

I didn't even feel anything else in those eyes.

The gaze fixed on Yeongwoo seemed to confront the space beyond him, not precisely.

Since we stopped, is that consciousness going to stop, too? Like his brother fell asleep dreaming, is he still repeating the old myth in a 'dormant' self? And the Izoku.

I also did not know.

Kiekeeek. Kiekeek.

He left behind the sound of a horse-drawn laughter.

Yeongwoo grabs Beagrid.

If it's full of unknowns.

We'll figure it out somehow.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] Croaky-Yeon's wings spread wide as he awakened all his power and authority. As the rampage opens, a dark red gust swirls across the room.

As I watched him, the scrolls and sentences swept through the area as if they had been swept apart and poured onto the floor of excellence.

I ate 396728, which would not be 9 ', and that scene stimulated the followers who were watching Yeongwoo.

With the ungodly blessing of Jaromog, which was % of a minute, the two six-sheet ball of armor, O-rashin showed strong hostility, each with his own sentence weighed in.

But it was closer to the curse of making Yeouido look like herself, not loyal to the king.

Helios, especially at the forefront, was the most open-minded.

9 There's 4 Eyeless 9% Goal Harmony! Helios made the sun a god before his time. The heat surges and the intense light spills out. Even the blackness that covers Kronos' world is bright enough.

At that moment.

Tiring! [Scenario Quest, 'Qualification Test` has been created.] [Scenario Quest/Qualification Test (Slumhato) ― Searching for Leaf] Description: A long time ago, Chronos opened their heyday as the new king of Olympus (\ Po) and lived in fear and admiration from countless societies.

But as the frenzy of darkness began to crumble, he was brought down by the Zeus brothers, who were his children, and he fell to Tartarus.

And now Chronos is preoccupied with death, and all the clock lobes that make up him have stopped.

And with too long a period of time, the reeds are all rusty and crumbly, and no matter how you turn them, it's hard to function anymore.

However, the reel is still in place, and its function is still desperately awaiting a refreshing awakening, deep hibernation.

Restore the reel now to revive Chronos from the dead.

Depending on your accomplishments, Kronos will reward you appropriately for waking him up as king.

LIMITED CONDITIONS: Black King's Succession Timeout: -Acceptable Conditions: 1 Locate and collect Chronos' Leaves. '

2. Identify exactly what "reel leaf" is.

Reward: 1. Chronos' Statue2. Clockwork Leaf Fragment3.?? She glanced at the quest window and drew an impression.

Scenario Quests.

The same quest appeared again when we got rid of the chaos crawling around the last time and rescued the Giants.

Yeon-woo doesn't feel strong discomfort there.

Unlike other quests given depending on whether the system interferes or not…… the scenario quests were strongly felt like he was' forced 'to do what he needed to do.

But it wasn't that far from what Yeouido was trying to do, so she was ignoring it as if she hadn't seen the quest window. I didn't want to be constrained by the content.


The power that Helios was about to unleash, the Sun Wagon, had the effect of artificially embodying the Sun Wagon he was riding in a myth and lunging at the enemy.

The Solar Wagon tried to attack the swarm of light and heat.

Dozens of lightning rods passed between white debtors from various angles and reached Helios by boarding holes everywhere.

Helios quickly wielded his raw hand and unleashed another power,

The White Spirits of the Hand rose as sharply as a blade and tried to cut off all lightning bolts.

Instead, the lightning splits into tens of different pieces and lands on the ground.

At the same time Helios returned to Blister, cutting through the empty void where there was no blade of the Divine Spirit, Helios became like a spear made of hundreds of stalks of lightning.

Grrrrrrr, the explosion there was not enough to blow up Helios' existence in a chain, pushing the Sun Wagon too far.

Again, the fireflies everywhere were almost everywhere.

As if you were going to decay the entire world, as if you were going to destroy the inner world of Kronos. Not only did the lightning strike out countless archers, but it eventually reached Kronos on the throne.

However, Chronos shifted the lightning to the side by forming a layer of protective shield that was protected by something strong and separated by phonemes.

Pot_Yeon ran between them.

The other officials who had to stop him were already completely sealed up, just like Helios' extinction, so there were no obstacles.

Guayao! Vigrid splashes the shield with a powerful spark. The one-on-one space bends and repeats its collapse. You push your left hand inside the broken shield.

Then, using his magical power, he straightens Kronos and pulls him straight into his hand. In the one-horned tribe, it was commonly referred to as empty food (@ Turb # 0).

At that time, Duncronos moved for the first time, not erasing the glorious day as if it had never been frozen.

As if throwing away a pesky fly, he gently shook his hand into the air.

Light! I hear nothing more than an explosion. While the air was being delayed, Yeon-woo's body was pushed back for a long time due to the repulsive force.

Yeon-woo's impression was even more distorted. The power to push yourself away. It was so strong that I couldn't even compare it to Tiffany. Maybe even better than the crawling chaos. He was also an apostle of the Black King and a skilled person who came to the Council of Demons and other gods.

So I got more angry.

It was because I had no idea what he was thinking. Chronos clearly said he was in a standstill. What the hell is this? The question bites my tail.

Is this bastard really the same as your father? Then why don't they just say anything and act like puppets? And what happened with your brother? But those questions didn't last long.

Chronos suddenly folded the space and appeared in front of him. Ashes that still look prestigious.

The shock waves almost flare out in all directions as the blades of Guarreung-Vigrid clash with his hands. The broken bows now appear to be rubbish.

At that moment, Yeon-woo could definitely improve.

No matter how hard I look at the guy in front of me, it doesn't make a difference.

This was Chronos, but not Chronos. The mythology of Kronos is merely a mechanism by which it moves and reacts, but it has no true self, so it cannot produce any emotions or accidents.

“Swallow.”] So Yeon-woo was able to swallow him whole, deploying Hades' Silk Sword and grabbing his flesh with his bare hands.

If I did not do this, I could not even theme the anger that was inflicted on me.

Excruciating fruit! At that moment, the world was in a great uproar, and the writers who were composing Chronos were dismantled on a per phoneme basis and were gradually drawn by Hades' mandarin sword.

Despite losing his power, he was only trying to defeat Yeouido with his overwhelming power, and he had no intention of wielding Hades' spirit sword.


['Tai Loeb' has been discovered!] With a message rising from one corner of the retina, I could feel something 'visible' and engaging in Yeon's body.

A new message pops to mind, just as I was staring at Kronos with such a hazy focus.

[Initiate the first test to recover the 'reel lobe'. With the idea of wanting something.

Yeon-woo's mind suddenly flinched down and went away.

Many of the archers poured out along Hades' Silk Sword, and many ancient myths that are not forgotten in the world now, began to spill their form as they interposed between the nether netherlands ().

Parker! Parker! The figure that was forming the fellowship was shaken in jeopardy as if it were shattered gradually.

“Prince, Prince! Wake up quickly? Yeon-woo suddenly frowns at the sudden wave of her hand. My head aches like a crack. Prince? Where am I? I'm sure you've just been fighting Kronos. I couldn't keep my eyes open.

On the other hand, a middle-aged woman was looking at a worried child in her unique outfit covering more than half of her body across one shoulder. A dull wrinkle appeared naturally with each movement.

The moment Yeon-woo wanted to ask who she was.

[Player # # # 's uplifts and Chronos' myths are all jumbling up and forming!] [Separation between business and myth is underway to prevent identity confusion.] [Player # # # 's Up plays.] [Successful.] [Chronos' Myth_Renewed.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [While Player # # # 's ego was established, Chronos' ego configuration continued to fail, causing major difficulties with separation.] [Manual separation via direct intervention is recommended for complete separation.] [Play the myth of Chronos around Player # # # #.] [For smooth mythological progression, Chronos' memory is partially inherited.] At that moment, a new headache came to Yeon-woo.

However, it was different from what I had just experienced. Now there's been a massive flood of information.

It allowed Yeon-woo to know.

The fact that he has now entered Kronos' dream and possessed Kronos as a child.

Long before Kronos took the throne.

It was before Olympus became one of the towers, and it was the era of the Heavenly Father ( %) Uranos, when the creation of the universe was actively underway.

“Uranos is in a hurry to find the prince! Hurry up! What are you trying to accomplish...!” Nanny Ananke said as soon as it was over.

Tiring! Scenario quests have been updated to match your quantified environment!] [Scenario 'Quest/Qualification Test (Glofo Hito)' - Find the Leaf] Description: The god of time and agriculture, the `Leaf of the Clock' which was composing all over the myth that makes up Chronos.

From now on, find and play the myth.

Yeon-woo made a solid impression.

Perhaps, in order to find 'reel leaf', I had to close down the past of existence that I did not know whether or not it was this father.