Second Life Ranker

11. Qualification Exam (2)

The corridor on the road to see Uranos was very long.

“Was Olympus like this? The marble columns were all carefully crafted, each with its own elegance and splendor.

In fact, it didn't come into Yeongwoo's eyes very well.

It was because my skin was tingling with something I felt from beyond.

Yeon said, 'Soon I could intuitively understand what it was.


He invited me to rule the sky and open up Olympus.

In mythology, he was dragged down from the throne_by Kronos, but before that, he ruled over the heavens of the whole world and looked down at all beings on the earth.

"Is this better than the crawling chaos?" They say it's nothing like the Mother Earth. "I was able to understand how great the gods, including the creators and the early gods, were.

Unlike other primates who don't know their existence well because their identities don't usually form, Uranos personally wondered what Uranos would look like if he had a cousin and sent out a doctor.

But there was a big reason why Yeonwoo wanted to see Uranos. "Of all the myths related to Kronos, waking up here alone... must mean there was a reason. Perhaps, but in the center of it, Uranos is deeply related," and we still don't know what the reel means.

But it was definitely something very important to define the existence of Kronos.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

Already, he had organized a lot of complex ideas.

We still don't know if Kronos is the same man as his father. If it was the same person, there were a lot of questions, but Yeon-woo decided to forget them all.

Instead, I was going to focus only on the reality given in front of me right now.

I was going to find out what "reel leaf" was and find out what it was.

Then you can have the power to once conquer many societies in the heavenly world. Plus, he'll have all the power he has over the Dark Lord.

“I don't care what story Kronos has.

But as long as it's like this, I have to have that power. "The purpose of the matter is to return for the first time.

“Then we must first find out what Uranos is. `By the time I thought about it again.

Yeongwoo was able to arrive at the giant door one day.

Indeed, the marble door was so high that it could barely see the end of its head. Carved along the wall, it appears to be a sacred statue in honor of Uranos' myth. It was mostly about guiding the foolish mortals up in the sky and receiving their tribute.

I wonder if he wants to float himself like that. No matter how important the foundation of victory and faith is, it made me cynical to think about it, except for that.

Yeon-woo almost reached for the doorway.

Knuckle! Knuckle - The marble door opens by itself before your fingertips pull.

Beyond that, a blue sky appeared unlikely to be inside the temple.

A large number of stars were embedded along a dark sky that glowed blue and blue in quality. There were many new constellations I had never seen as a lotus. I thought it was beautiful just by watching.

Beneath it was a middle-aged man who grew a white beard along his chin.

I felt no emotion at all while touching such a beautiful constellation, and there was no roughness in my swinging.

And every time, some constellations became nebulae, crumbling rather than shaped, and some became very big and colorful stars and contained many planets.

Yeon-woo shudders without knowing it.

Every action that the middle-aged man is doing is a harmless one, and we realize that the result is a universe that has not yet been created, but that will soon be created.

I've only destroyed so many times, I've never thought of creating my own.

Since I had never even looked at it, Yeong-woo could get drenched for a moment in the beauty of creation.

It was so beautiful.


On the other hand, Yeon-woo felt very awkward.

I didn't know why.

Maybe it's just that the "dark" that he's been experiencing so far has been so distant from creation.

Creation is order, so it could be that the darkness that had been there since before the first light was born did not match the order.

“When did you call me here? But no matter what Yeon-woo thinks. Uranos, a middle-aged man, does not look back and asks questions indifferently, obsessed with what he still does.

At that moment, Yeon-woo was slightly lost in thought.

"What should I say? `This is the myth of Kronos. In other words, it was a virtual world created by Chronos subconsciously.

Then I had no choice but to ask some questions here.

What happens here if you show a different personality than your original Kronos? What if Kronos did something different to what he had originally seen and had a different result? And what if he's the reason why this never happened? Will this virtual world just collapse or will a completely different story unfold? If it collapses, does it disappear and drink with the reed? What will the country be like then? Is it disappearing, or does the myth resume? If another story continues. Is that sarcastic? Does Kronos want to release his incompetence, or do he want to find some other solution? How does' reel 'work there? I had too much to think about.

It was because of the infinite number of cases in which I could almost get out.

"But for now, there's nothing definitive, so you might want to move on a line that doesn't twist the plot. `But even when I tried to do so, there was a problem.

It was that Yeonwoo knew at least too little about this era, and the Uranos era was too far in the past for Zeus and others, and it was close to black history that did not need to be illuminated. Even the most well-known things were often varied or exemplified, so they could not be referred to.

Some of Kronos' memories have been inherited, but there are too many holes in them, making it worse. The name of the approximate person, or the little background of Olympus' path, was all there was.


If you have the biggest problem.

“I don't know what Kronos is, but he frowned without knowing it.

Even though I thought Kronos was my father and tried to act, I couldn't think of anything else about him.

You have to imitate something memorable.

“Why are you silent?” In the end, I looked back, drawing an impression of Uranos, to see if the time of such concern had touched his mind. The mystical power that was filling the temple itself moved and condemned Yeongwoo all of a sudden.

God's beings were those who were sequence-sensitive, and were often 'prone' to show off their own personality. "This is the difference between you and me."

The same goes for now. Uranos tries to snap a snap at his son, Kronos.

Other than me, he was trying to reveal his majesty... but he was even more annoyed by the look of it.

In the beginning, the more he tried to flaunt it, the more he had to force it off to get his castles released. However, in the meantime, what had been hidden due to its cold nature was that it protruded suddenly from its full strength.

“You are the Father who called, not me, but you must do it.” The word 'father' was awkward. I forcibly waved my hand to unravel the power of Uranos.

At that moment, I did not miss the sight of Uranos flowing through my eyes.

But Uranos screams out in a hurry, as if to tell you when he looked like that.

“Yay! Yena, you haven't said a word.” "That sounds like an appropriate answer." Yeon listens to Uranos' old age, but relieves me that her choice was not wrong. The power of Uranos, who knew he would press himself again, is no longer in motion.

Thanks to you, I have a strong sense of how to act. Fortunately, the acting didn't have to be big.

Of course, she wanted to save Yeon-woo's words as much as possible because she could notice a strange feeling by saying a lot of prepaid words. So I looked at Uranos quietly.

Uranos shouted once again, giving the impression that he had taken her attitude differently.

“No matter how drunk you are, how can you be so harsh on your brother born in the same boat! Do you have any idea how far the elders have gone to blame you for that?” …… No. His personality was, like, totally lame? "I had to make up my mind. I guess I just needed to get out more than I do now.

Even so, I don't know how you can hit a brother.

Uranos was not usually a wreck to see a road like that.

"But wasn't Chronos the youngest of the Uranos?" A brother beaten by his youngest.

Rather, I was more curious about his companion.

At that time, Uranos grew older.

“You know better than I do what we're going through! Gaia, the goddess of the earth, who brazenly calls you a pregnant mother, is aiming for our position as she pours out strange things day after day. It's not just him anymore! Unbelievable demons are just trying to get behind us somehow, and dirty polyps benefit the most from us, but they say it's not their job:” Uranos clenches his fists.

The constellation he had just embroidered has left his position one by one, and has plunged, stolen, and powerless on the floor.

“And when did CheonMa (% 0) use us to eat, and now she wants to come and lock us up like a mad calf...! In a situation like this, we can only rely on relatives and relatives, so how can you make an enemy differently every day and end up turning our backs on our brothers!” Yeon-woo still doesn't say anything, I think it would be best if she didn't.

Instead, we were able to guess to some extent the exact contemporary background from the words of Uranos pouring out like rapid fire.

The era of Uranos was not yet a framework for them, so they have freedom across universes and dimensions, but it was also a chaotic time that repeated so many conflicts. Now it seemed that such confusion had reached its peak.

By the way.

"Did Thousand Horses start acting so early?" Given that Olympus was in the age of Zeus, Thousand Horses acted earlier than expected.

Uranos considers it a rebellion after all, making it a smarter castle.

But then again, wait a minute.

Ugh! Uranos lets out a deep breath. There were fine wrinkles on his face, as if he had been experiencing that short inter-agement.

“Son," you feel no more strength in your voice than just now.

“As you know, I don't have much time left. Rather, it's too much for me to carry on every day...... So please, I only want you to solve this crisis wisely in one mind without arguing about useless matters anymore.” Yeon-woo still has no answer.

Uranos looks worried and asks him with a dull tone.

“Anything to say...?" ”" None found. ”“ Yes. No matter what I say, it won't do you any good. ”Uranos talks no more, but his mouth hurts and he doesn't speak more." Instead, you turn the conversation in the other direction with a wet face, “Dark and late? Is it yet?" “Late in the dark? `The first word I ever heard.

However, Yeon-woo instinctively realized that it was the most important key to completing this quest. Above all, I couldn't just miss the word "black."

“You don't know what it's like, do you?" Elsewhere in Yeongwoo, I said that I would answer bluntly to find out exactly what the late night is like.

The problem was that Uranos only did what the bastard's youngest son told him to do, and only smoked farming.

“You son of a bitch! So you've been doing nothing all day just drinking with the guys down there!” The snow rolls over, and Man-uranos throws the pickup in his hand to Yeongwoo.