Second Life Ranker

12. Qualification Exam (3)

Turbid. Turbid.

Yeongwoo was forced to leave the temple of Chalowlanos with a piercing impression. On both of his eyes were seething bruises dangling like berries.

"As soon as I started the ark, I got beat up. `Why do I have to look like this because of something I didn't do?

It was a mistake to instinctively avoid the first Uranos throw. In fact, the body of Chronos is strangely compared to the body of reality itself, so little is left behind. Rather, in some ways, it reacted easily because it is more comfortable to the shave than the body of reality.

But that attitude was only to further aggravate Uranos.

After that, Uranos went off on a wild goose chase after his youngest son today.

Even if you try to resist, you're still strong. It took me a long time to get out.

"You dirty inspiration." I'm looking for Uranos, who was thundering his spirit.

“I can see why Olympus was classified as an outsider in the society of the gods. That's why they're everywhere. `That's what Uranos, the inviter, did, and after that Kronos must have been a wretch, not a joke.

I was starting to worry that this quest would go on for a long time. I was an outsider after all, having to endure the damage done by Uranos and Kronos.


What should I say, I didn't dislike anything strange.

I should have been a little irritated.

It was too obvious for the third party to see. The mural that Uranos appeared to Kronos was also angry, but it was close to the father's appearance of an unwanted child. Mixed with sadness and love.

I've never felt anything like a lotus. It was similar to that of Mother who always showed only a warm appearance, but it was completely different.

... I'm very tired, too. You're thinking all kinds of useless thoughts. "Yeon-woo decided to clear her heart a little bit, and reorganize her thoughts.

Fortunately, the encounter with Uranos was not completely unprofitable.

[I've got a lead on 'late' from Uranos.] [Late 'is the most important stage in the myth of Kronos.] [It is also a highly likely candidate for' clock reel '. It is recommended to focus on navigation.]' But since some system messages will follow, there will be no big misdirection. "Yeon-woo seemed to have a sense of how to proceed with the quest.

“First of all, Chronos works on a line that doesn't twist the myth.

You seem to know Kronos' personality, so act accordingly for events that occur in the middle. `First of all, it seemed like a quick task to understand where it was late in the dark.

'I still have a sense of what this place is like. The armor of the spleen that Olympus is hiding...... or weapons, or something like that. If there were a thousand horses and a lot of concerns in the yard that were busy fighting the Goddess of Earth, I would have to crave more power.

and maybe they wanted to develop a place called the Dark Late for that.

'Asking Kronos questions about such a place must mean he wants something else. "Yeon-woo thought briefly about what it was, and quickly came to a reasonable conclusion.

“The Apostle of the Black King. `Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

'I don't know if it was Uranos who led them or by accident... but this must be when Kronos became the apostle of the Black King.' `And there was one more thing that took place.

As Uranos said, he had little time left to himself.

What's that supposed to mean? By the time I thought about it, I was biting my tail.

Ji-young paused.

I can feel the temple columns staring at me from one corner.

"Isn't there anything more shape-shaped than hiding?" Yeongwoo twists one lip in a big analogy to the wretched nature of Kronos. I fit too well like I was strangely dressed.

Thanks to this, his laughter is big enough to annoy the opponent's mind.

“You son of a bitch...!” The owner of the gaze shifts from the corner. A beast with a strong divine power, but whose molten bones are more fierce than those with bruises on both eyes. It was a sunny face for Yeon-woo as well.

“Iafetos." He was the one who had a bad relationship with himself when he first fought Titans in Tartarus.

"Maybe it was him. Poor guy was beaten like a dog by Kronos." "Yeon-woo smiled without knowing it. I heard it's the same with the leaky branches on the inside. How nothing has changed in all these years.

If you get beaten up by a farmer like that, it won't be easy to show up because you're usually embarrassed. I thought he was an impatient fool.

The pathetic gaze of such a pitiful alliance could be clearly felt by Iapetus.

“Ew...!” Iapetos stares at Yeon-woo with his fist crossed, but he doesn't think about Dumbledore.

Perhaps it was completely pierced by what had been beaten before.

With it, Yeon's assessment of him became more solid.

Taking on more is a waste of time.

“If you have nothing to say, let's go first 7 l.” Yeongwoo once again throws a stinking cyanide, defames Iafetos and passes by.

Iapetos stares silently until such a pond disappears, but when he no longer feels his spirit, he can't bear the tears and kicks down the temple column.

“Oh my, oh my! What's going on here? Are you okay, Dornishman? What should I do? This is going to hurt a lot! Uranos, you don't have to do this...!" ”Yeon-woo looks at her molluscs and sees Nanny Ananke rolling her feet. She falls back into a strange emotion.

I felt like I was really worried, like my real mother or like my sister. It was also a warm feeling that I had hardly felt since my mother died.

Perhaps Kronos grew up loving more than he thought.

"And yet, I don't know how I grew up so wrong. I'd be good at that, too. `Soften your tongue as you go through Yeon-woo.

In fact, he did not miss the many personalities that he often encountered until he left the Temple of Uranos and returned to his home.

I could make eye contact with him one by one, but only those who hurriedly bowed their heads or turned away from him. I wanted to ask you a question. When I called a maid for a moment, she even sat down with her legs relaxed.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was clearly more devastated than he thought. I don't know what I've been doing all these years. Even if I tried to do something, it wasn't easy.

"I'm fine, don't get too excited” “But, Young Master...!” “I have more questions than that.” Ananke asked, rather than aiming at the indifferent color of the lotus, which continues to refuse treatment.

“What are you going to do about it?” “… It's not what the nanny thinks, so don't worry. Even more so when I beat Iapuntos.” Ah! Are you talking about Atlas? “Atlas Atlas was the Titan who took Chronos' side until the end of the Ronald Zeus Rebellion and was punished for carrying the world on his back forever.

What's that guy's name doing out here? “You didn't hear it because you were drunk at the time... It's the name of the soldier you rescued. He's a big, distracted guy. He's so fragile. Iapetos was harassing me for being ignorant. The young master saved me while passing by.” Anangega 'laughed and said.

“I sent her back to pretend I wanted to somehow show it to the young master... But then she suddenly remembered. What do you want me to do?” No, I don't think so. "He seems to have a very different attitude to Atlas than he knows.

I suddenly thought that the quest would only be longer if it was deeply related.

Kronos wasn't as bad as he thought.

In a few days.

Uranos has instructed me to explore the Dark Late.

Meanwhile, Yeonwoo has been researching the reputation of Kronos and gathering the necessary information to become familiar with some timely information. And just as Chronos' information was being updated more and more, it was now possible to enter the quest in its entirety.

“It's me, Atlas. I will protect Kronos.” At that moment, a giant, boastful creature like that, came to me with beans, beans, and heavy steps.

"Somehow_I wanted to be seen by you, or I begged you to let me escort me into the Servant Army (# Sapphire)... Even Giant Blood among my ancestors, so it might help you." ”Ananche said that, and sadly saw Yeon-woo's eyes. I was worried about how I would get out of there because I did things without his permission.

However, Yeon Sae looked at Atlas and went into the forest where the expedition would gather without saying anything.

There were already those who arrived before him.

“My youngest is early." There were ten of them.

Those who have sharp eyes with the same fierce power.

Iapetos was mixed up in it.

“Sons of Uranos." Those who seek the next throne of Olympus.

Hall, they were also the descendants of the Titan, being called 12 in the Chronos era.

If there's one thing I've learned in the meantime, it's that the people known as the children of Uranos are not actually the children of Uranos.

“Successors of several divine societies united by Uranos_to build Olympus. `In other words, it means the adopted quantum members to unite Olympus, which is not yet unified.

So, of course, even though they were tied to the term "brother" or "sister," they could not find any brotherly love.

I had to think it was more like a rival quarrelling over the next king.

Of course, there were those who were most prominent among them.

That's a total of four.

Orchestra, with a gracious smile on the far back.

Teia, a woman who boasts high skies after Uranos.

In addition.

"The youngest, but most powerful Kronos. `I was possessed by Yeon Woo.

And the other one.

“Are you here yet? 'I looked back at the brothers and saw the last of the 12 seats that were still empty.

I had almost seen the faces of the other Titans in Tartarus, but I had never seen him as unique as the last one.


"There's something I want to check, and when Yeon-woo sank deeply into her eyes with a lot of thoughts.

“There are more young people. I know what my father told me to do, and yet I do this.” Iapetos mutters in a blatant, contemptuous tone, as if to ask a gentleman to listen. It was looking for the consent of the other brothers.

However, the other brothers did not pretend to treat him like a fool or listen to him.

Only Orqueanos with the most cozy smile asked for him.

“There must be something else.

It's not that urgent yet, so don't be too hasty. The more you do that, the less work you do. ”Aiapetos couldn't disagree with his words in advance, and he kept his mouth shut with a frustrating tone, but he couldn't say anything else.

At that time, Okeanos looked at the kite during the day as he laughed.

“Kronos. Do you have any idea where he went?" Why do you ask yourself that?

Yeon-woo shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't know either.

Okeanos narrows his eyes, smiling as if he could not help it.

“Then I can't help it. Let's wait here for now.” At that moment, I felt someone rushing to their brothers.

“Here comes Yeon-woo, looking at you as equally, or perhaps even more, by the sheer whim of existence.

And the moment she showed up through the bush to check it out.

“Sorry, I'm late, right? ^ Seeing her face panting and apologizing.

Yeon-woo closed her eyes without even knowing it.

I have been wondering since I received this quest, but I was worried about it again.

Queen Leah, the youngest daughter of Uranos, the mother of the three Zeus brothers, and the culprit who later brought Kronos down.

Her face was so familiar to him.

"I've always wanted to see my mother.

The deceased mother was there, with the beauty of her youth.