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13. Qualification Exam (4)

The children of Uranos have crossed the thicket of the Dark Late.

The area that felt harsh to those who were replacing it still felt strongly that it was not under the influence of Uranos and Olympus, but rather that the energy of the planet itself was rejecting them.

Even if I try to use my power, I can't move easily, repeating myself over and over again.

And the closer we get to the late realm, the worse it gets.

I was also afraid that my existence would be eaten if I opened my eyes for the first time.

I suddenly felt tense in the faces of my confident brothers.

I didn't feel it even when I was at war with other societies.

It was the tension that I felt when I was fighting the Mother Earth, so I had to be more nervous.

Fortunately, pioneering the way to late was because they were the soldiers they brought along_but_at least_it was less dangerous.

And unlike other brothers like that,

Yeon-woo follows the party's trail for a completely different reason.

Throughout the walk, his gaze was firmly fixed on Leah, walking silently in front of me.

E9 Mother Yeon-woo had to forcefully swallow the voice that came up to her throat several times.

Even now, the urge to hold her in my arms, the urge to say that I missed her, and the urge to mutter like before raised my head several times.

That much.

She said, 'He was very precious to him and to their brothers.

Unlike my father who hid his longevity as a child, my mother always took care of them with love.

Even when I was a child, I did not show interest in studying, but only went out a little differently, and it was Mother who waited for me with faith without hesitation.

Even though their brothers would scold them when they were angry, they would scold them when they fought, but at the end, she also hugged them.

Despite living in poverty, he worked hard day and night to somehow educate his brothers.

At that time, getting sick was also a severe sequelae.

Their brothers blamed themselves for their mother's illness. My mother said it wasn't, and she gave me a hug saying she didn't have to worry about it.

Then he went up to the tower knowing that there was a way to cure his mother's illness.

My mother closed her eyes when she was just holding on to him like that.

Yeon, who was left alone, lost her mind in anger without knowing anything, but her emotions gradually piled up.

“You were like this when you were young." I never thought I'd see my mother's youth here.

Chronos is in his father's image, just in case.

There's a possibility that Leah, Kronos' wife, might be his mother, but she's on her way.

It was just so messy because it was so real.

"From one to ten, I don't know how it happened. 'Yeon-woo had no idea how to unravel the yearning for Mother, but on the one hand, she had no idea how to unravel the complex' mind.

As he knows, in the mythology, Leah hates Kronos very much.

It was not enough that Cyclops and HecatonKeyres were thrown into the tartartaros. They were the tyrants who ate up the tribes where their children were born.

Leah was the first to bring Kronos down.

He took away his youngest son Zeus, woke up the Cyclops and HecatonKeyes, and helped organize the resistance.

So Chronos and Leah are married and enemies.

However, in the memory of Yeon-woo, Mother told us not to hate Father until the end. Mother's love for Father was as real as Mother's.

The question was not only that.

Not to mention how my mother was freed from the confinement of the tower.

If their brother really is Kronos Warehouse's son. If the Zeus brothers are the youngest. Why don't they have powers? And how could she have closed her eyes that she was weak and unable to overcome illness, even though she had that kind of power? Of course, there was no guesswork.

A disease that my mother never had.

If the incurable disease that modern medicine said was incurable is like asthma... it was no wonder that mortal technology was incurable.

Therefore, Yeon-woo was unable to stop the wobbling of the mind.

No matter how violent it got, it was difficult to find peace this time, even if it was cold-blooded.

“You're funny, aren't you?” Leah keeps her eyes fixed on it.

Suddenly, you hear the voice of daylight behind you.

Yeongwoo glances at you and frowns slightly. He had a familiar face.


Mother of Helios, Selene and Eos, and in the real world, she was the new head of Titan by beating Tiffon's head.

However, unlike the unfortunate future, Taea here has been behaving like a villain.

“Of course, I don't know if it's true at all, but Yeon-woo opened her mouth.

“What?” “What the hell?” Usually you pretend like you're not | Ugh.

I thought it would be something special, but I was fighting for it. ”Ninayun narrowed her glabella more deeply because she wanted to know what she was talking about and drove her clothes around.

I was looking at Leah the whole time, and it was like a misunderstanding.

However, I could see what Mother looked like when she was young.

“Have I fought so much?” “Oh my. What the hell is he talking about? Did you guys just fight? You growled like an enemy. You said you'd never reconcile until you saw someone die. Are you in love with him? Or... have you been so hell-bent on attracting Leah's attention all these years? Huh? Huh?" Teia continues to bellow like a sparrow, swirling around as the kith answer nothing.

"You talk too much." That sucks.

On the other hand, it felt good to be able to get a deeper look at Mother.

Fortunately, this quest was not only annoying.

“Say something, kid! Dollars? Why did the chatterbox suddenly become so quiet?

This is unbelievable. Leah looks this way. Are you jealous that I've been with you this whole time? Did the mission work? You're better than I thought? I always thought he was a jerk who lived up to his temper. It's a pretty messy side, isn't it? ”But even so, I think I'm going to lose my ear if I keep dealing with Teea, and I'm going to shoot her.

All stop! "Suddenly, Okeanos, who was walking at the forefront, raised his hand and gave a stop order in a spiritual statement (grief).

Yeongwoo and Teea's gaze poured out to the logs themselves.

The endless bush disappears, and it is a huge late look that spread like the sea far away.

And the expression of Yeon Woo and Teia was stiff.

The wavelengths were so intense that they could never be compared to what they had been before.

Teia thinks it's no longer a good time to play around, and she goes back to the group she brought with her, ready to go.

Yeongwoo 'looked at the late darkness with deep sunken eyes.

Unlike a close-knit group, it was a place he did not look down on.

We have discovered that Tiring - [Too late].] [Investigate late.] “Abyssal. No... Is it Mahae? `There were many late energies of darkness.

Then I shook my head.

“No, not that either. It's much more fundamental than that, 'Yeon-woo assumed that the abyss and the sea would be differentiated here.

It is said that their temper resembles the late night.

So this was something else.


There must have been a real emptiness that existed before.

So for Yeon-woo who was branded as the descendant of black, it was a place I had to get used to.

It was still too low for the gods of the Hanuranos, so far away from the darkness.

“In the beginning, there were more places than that..." “Is that why the elders called this place 'The Great Gap', Chaos...?" While everyone was rambling in a daze.

Orqueanos, whose father Uranos could not do without fear, looked at the late night with a wet face.

Then Okeanos starts walking towards the late night of the darkness, gripping his teeth. The escorts following him say it's dangerous, but they can't stop Okeanos from making his move. He is the leader of the group, and the responsibility of the brothers.

Of course, he had to be a role model for this kind of danger.

Seeing that, Yeon tried to follow behind Okeanos. The Dark Late Investigation was part of the quest. I might be able to get a clue about 'reel leaf'.

By the way.

“Young master.” Nanny Ananke suddenly stands in the way of friendship.

“What's the matter?” Yeon-woo tries to tell you to get out of the way if you think she's dangerous. "But that's not why Ananca stopped him.

“Is Teia telling the truth?”: PUSSON: ““? ”“ Tell me. ”An adamant tone.

Since I had never seen her like this, Yeon-woo had no choice but to harden her impression. Apparently, he felt distressed when he saw Thea trying to connect Chronos and Leah.

“You will never make it. Don't you know that your principal and Leah's principal can never merge or hold hands? From the silver of my predecessor, Eek... Yick!” Was there a secret between Kronos and Leah that wasn't revealed by the myth? Yeon-woo wanted to ask what it was, but now was not the time to question it.

“I'll take care of my business.” Young Master! ”“ Get out of my way. We have to investigate late. ”Ananche nods forcefully, biting her lips, not wanting to say anything in Yeon-woo's determined voice.

Yeongwoo passes through Ananke, passing directly past the group.

He was greatly surprised to see the pits, including Teia, who regard the slow pressure, but arrived late, not caring at all.

I looked around the pond as if Okeanos had arrived unexpectedly.

“Youngest, you……?" But Yeon-woo ignores Orchestra's words as well, and looks down late.

I was hanging up late. Heat rose over the air bubbles that burst, boasting that it was hideous.

And yet, the late surface is radiant, and the chicken shines beautifully like a glass bead. The face of Yeongwoo now reflects even the face of Kronos.

And... ~ it was now, unfortunately, just like my father's face.

“The more I look at it, the more I fear it. How did Father say he would gain power here...... This is not order or chaos, but it must be uncomfortable for us who seek to create (| Sue). I just don't get it. The youngest. You think you know something?” Okeanos did not hide his reluctance to approach late in the darkness.

Does it mean not to be wary of the youngest Kronos, or is he just as faint? Whatever it was, there was no relationship with Yeongwoo, so I just poured out my back and didn't answer. I just almost touched it late.

“The youngest, dangerous...!” Okeanos doesn't say much because he knows his brother's usual temperament, but he suddenly tries to act dangerous and tries to stop him.

However, I was forced to open my eyes to the sudden phenomenon.

When the fingertips of Yeon-woo and the fingertips of Yeon-woo in the late glance hit each other, I wanted to shake the figure in the late glance slightly, but I thought that one lip was biting hard differently than the real one.

Apparently, he's laughing at them.

No, precisely it was laughing at Yeongwoo.

It put on my lips.

Another line of smoking? To Jung Gun Wook.

Two-week mortar crab.

Around him, there is a sentence with a swirl of writing.

"Turn around"? What the hell is that? At that moment, there was a touch in Yeon Woo's head.

- Again, it's you.

- This time,_luck () is wrong, and the name (#) is short. It hasn't changed at all. I'm old enough to fail a few times, and I have to fail a few more times in the future.

- Is this the fourth time you've been here? Time, yes. You're much closer than you've ever been. But that's all. Not much has changed.

Is the frame of fortune engraved on the soul not different? - Caught in a culet, had nightmares a few times. Please come out of this nightmare, and one day you'll see your way.

Why does it remind me of what Olfowan said in his brother's dream when he projected his mind on the clock?


How did Yeon-woo have to feel the pressure that her late-night visions seemed to confront her, not the possessed Kronos.

9 The doomsday constantly circled and drew a new sentence.

Hot as in 'Banpo 19702 on 2472.