Second Life Ranker

14. Qualification Exam (5)

Keep your eyes open.

What's my number? What the hell is that sound? The problem was that we didn't know exactly whether the vision on the surface was Kronos or what was in it.

And Yeon-woo felt strongly that her vision was looking at her.

So what do you say?

The ecstasy rolls up one end of the lip.

Mullet also engraved 222 such sentences at the same time.

Huaaaa! I thought my vision was suddenly blurry, but I climbed up to my shoulder on the hand of Yeongwoo while moving the late composing substance. Moreover, it quickly dug deep into the skin and tried to take over the blood vessels.

Yeon-woo tried to reflexively pull his arm back, but it didn't fall off, holding him tight too late.

“Youngest!” Orqueanos, looking at it, shudders and grinds his hands this way. The steam that was mixed in the atmosphere formed an ice blade and cut off late at night when it was connected to the honeycomb.

In the meantime, however, it was seeping into the skin at a very late rate that had been attached to Yeongwoo and was flowing through the blood vessels.

“Are you all right?” Okeanos called out to him sadly, gripping the falling fellowship.

Yeonwoo was unable to answer Okeanos' call.

The heart of the Queen Bean began to pound like crazy. All the blood vessels swelled up tightly, and the blood flow was too fast to breathe.

It felt like something was squeezing through my body like a mop.

I couldn't help but feel the pain of the whole body, or of the soul, grinding.

Bang bang! 222 paddles with no regression, John Golka2 with no sprinkles9/Yangyang Mold Potkaxing 9 The immense number of activists drove a bangle in my head. The two of them combined and made several sentences and repeatedly broke.

The vision, which was getting late in the dark, infiltrated into him.

It seemed like he was smiling at himself.

And yet... I felt like my consciousness was expanding infinitely. In addition, cells and factors in the body were shredded and recombined.

As the divine factors are broken and restored, their strength grows stronger and tighter, swelling like a balloon.

How utterly horrible his nephritic fever had plagued his mind, body, and all.

Yeon-woo sighed and was able to understand what it felt like.

"Maestro!" When we join hands with Beagrid. It was the same as before when the work was done.

If there's anything different, I'd say Chronos' union is in agony.

It is because there is a compulsory Awakening. The dark force was forcibly engraved on the body.

"As expected, this is the King of the Black...!" When the fever stopped and I couldn't even think straight.

"I don't think so.” Okeanos decided that the alliance was dangerous, and tried to take him on. In the meantime, I thought I was surprised. It was a good opportunity to eliminate the rivals, but I really wanted to help him.

But Okeanos' attempt was short-lived. It was so hot that it was hard to even touch Yeongwoo, and suddenly another phenomenon began to form from late.

The air bubbles get louder, and from there, a unique shape (# %) of monsters begin to appear one by one.

Fish or reptiles? It was a monster with an odd shape that had never been seen by the gods of Olympus who roamed the entire universe, as long as his whole body was scaled on a strange face that was hard to remember.

Kiehek! The monsters of his brother, each with a different weapon in his hand, rushed towards you as soon as Okeanos' eyes met. The number seemed to exceed a hundred individuals.

“Oh my…!” Where the hell did they come from? "Okeanos quickly raised the ice wall high enough to block their approach without hesitation.

Light! However, the monsters were each as powerful as their personality, and with several large clashes, the ice wall quickly crumbled.

"Big Brother!" “Are you okay, Big Brother?” What the hell is that...! ”Later, they rushed with the other brothers to protect Yeouido and Okeanos, and at the same time sparked their power. The spectacular effects erupt from place to place, whirling with gusts and flames.

However, there was a glimmer of fear on their faces.

Even the monsters of the elder brother are monsters, but the 'something' that was emitting from the other side was strongly crushing them.

I have fought many enemies, including the Mother Earth, but this was their first time.

There was something there that even Uranos, who dominated all things in the world, could not see.

And then the ice wall broke.

An unpredictable battle began between the monsters of Hexe and the Olympus brothers.

“What the hell is going on here? Kronos is hurt...?" After the Late Alternative.

The gods of Olympus were quickly escaping the Late Realm, following Orchestra's withdrawal order. Fortunately, the monsters of Lee were weakening rapidly and could easily defeat them as they got farther away from the darkness.

And word of Yeongwoo's injuries has reached Uranos, who hurriedly climbed over here in the portal.

“Father! What about the earthling and coming here...!” As Orchestra, I was forced to be surprised. He is currently working with the leaders of other societies and focusing on silencing the earthly body. But now that I've left the challenge line and come here,

But he couldn't keep his mouth shut. There was no reason for Uranos to have a left arm.

“Red bean" "? “ My arm is important right now! This is how you can recover your SP quickly. What happened to the youngest? ”It's not just a matter of getting over it. Okeanos had to press the horse that came up to his neck.

That Uranos has lost his arm. It was more than just a restoration.


It meant there was damage to the gods that they could never neglect.

But Uranos didn't care about that at all. I'm just worried about the comfort of the youngest.

I knew it was an extreme love for my father's youngest, but I thought it was a little harsh.

Okeanos had no choice but to sigh, saying, "Get lost." I don't know what to do. I'm a foster parent when it comes to love.

In the end, Okeanos was able to show Uranos where he was last, but not hide his confusion.

“Don't you think your father is too fond of his youngest?” But I'm trying hard to hide my mind.

Iapetos approaches and throws that at him.

Okeanos' expression is hard.

“What do you want to say?" “Isn't your father's preference too harsh?" "“ Watch what you say...! ”“ No, is Big Brother not angry? Even though you're about to be stripped of your father's seat by a doom like that? You know, he doesn't have much time left. "Time left.

That said, the face of Okeanos was distorted.

Iapetos also shut up because he thought he had made a mistake.

Okeanos, however, twists firmly.

“You are a man of deep wisdom. You must all have abdomen.

Avoid idle talk. ”Okeanos relentlessly strikes a note and turns away.

Okeanos' loyalty and loyalty to Uranos was profound.

Iapetos grumbled as he looked at Teia, who was coming next to him, frowning and staring at the back of Okeanos' eyes.

“Looks like we're on our own.” “Look at that. Big Brother lacks decisiveness. There is a prodigy, but it always fits in peaceful times, not in the same chaos.” Teia's eyes sank deeper.

“We shall have the throne of Olympus.” Crazy Crazy Crazy 972 Six-handed Nose Crabs are not 12 used, even though it's been a long time since we got out late.

Even though I was suffering from a fever that seemed to burn my body and soul soon, I couldn't stop thinking about the map whispering in my head.

Martha was looking for a chance to take over Yeon Woo's body soon. And in the meantime, the rise in stature has continued.

“What the hell is reel?" What the hell...! "I couldn't forget the monsters of the elders who rose in the late night, despite the pain of grief. The same things I've seen in Mahal. It was clearly the god of another world, or its equivalent.

But then I thought about it for a second.

Yeonwoo said, 'How should I sprinkle my life-threatening fever? I had to have a plan.

If I stayed like this, I would disappear from my existence before I could organize the quest.

By the way.

“... I didn't even think about this. It's just that you have your natural blood... Maybe you could be loved by him, but I sent it to you like that. It wasn't love, it was a curse. My personal convenience has driven you into this crisis. I'm sorry, really. Forgive me, father.” Beyond a hazy ritual, I hear the voice of Uranos.

“Fortunately, this gift still has a little power, so even if it doesn't seed the curse completely, it can be suppressed to some extent." Huaah! And with the warm touch of Uranos, something seeped into his body.

As her fever and pain faded, Yeong-woo was able to fall into a deep sleep.

When Yeon-woo opened her eyes again and raised her torso.

He buries his face in his knees, and Gil finds an old man struggling to sleep. And it took him a long time to realize that he was Uranos.

Yeon-woo was only able to realize what had happened overnight, "Did you... hand over all your powers? There were two contradictory energies in the body.

One was serene and warm. I touched my body and soul as I was swinging around in my body, and suddenly I grew up, so I could complain about my personality.

On the other hand, the other was violent.

It was all chaotic, hot, and sometimes cold, so I couldn't help myself.

It was almost dark.

If there had been no serene energy, it would have been a violent force in the flesh. Thanks to this, I felt like my strength had multiplied to an unparalleled degree.

It was hard to see that Uranos was the result of his sacrifice for his youngest child.

Yeonwoo had to feel one side of her chest grow sharper, even though she wasn't really Kronos.

A strange feeling I've never felt before.

I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to figure out what to do here.

It was hard to tell if this was his emotion or Kronos', the master of the flesh.


When I noticed bright pearls and dark mushrooms on Uranos' face, I felt suffocated.

At that moment, Uranos' eyelids opened. Kronos smiles at the blurred pupils.

Uranos smiled as if his youngest son had such a cute face. A laugh that was completely different from the energetic look of beating him before. Then I asked with a dull voice.

“Your body, well, it's messed up, and you look good.” He is uncomfortable and asks about his child's safety first.

It was the first time Yeon-woo realized that it was paternity to protect her children.

[Synchronization rate has increased marginally.] [0% - 39] [You have succeeded in locating the 'very small lobe' of the lost 'lobe'.]