Second Life Ranker

15. Qualification Exam (6)



Something that was broken in the body was reassembled without rest, and it sounded like they were interlocking and working.

Even though Yeon-woo did not intervene like this, she suddenly lost elasticity in the phenomenon that was formed in her body.

“By reel, was it a fragment of a god? From Uranos, 'very small reef' which was said to have been found. She doesn't know exactly what it is or what it is yet. You didn't see it with your own eyes.

It's just that I've come up with these system messages, and at the same time I just feel like my body is making a difference.

It was an elevation of zero.

In addition, a new identity was being created.

There were two in total.

One was very familiar as a brown cow.


Together with Maestro, the statue it was losing was forcibly engraved on Kronos.

That is, as the apostle of the King of the Black, he was Awakening.

It was a little surprising for Yeon Woo.

“I thought I could hear the voice of the Dark Lord himself as an apostle of the Dark Lord... Isn't that right?" Yeon-woo thinks so, and smiles in relief to see if she doesn't have her own door. No matter how close the apostle was to God, he thought that he would not have suffered so much if he could make contact with the Black King so easily.

No, I rather knew about the Black King in this situation, and I thought I might have felt a little emptiness.

"No. If that's the case with the Dark Lord's identity, it wouldn't be strange just to be an apostle of the Dark Lord by working together." "If we could just check Kronos' status window, wouldn't there be an 'Apostle of the Black King` on top of the title? In fact, since the unity with Yun Sung, I was feeling the intense gaze of looking down on me from that high.

No, I'd say that's high.

Maybe it was down there or right next to it. It could have been beyond the space. It was that kind of gaze, which seemed to look down on itself at several levels.

I don't know if it's... me or the Dark Lord.

However, just by being able to examine the identity of_Jesus by crossing many universes and dimensions, it was clear that mortals were very determined to not even imagine the concept.

And the other deities that were created with death were naturally, but slightly, no, very low.


I thought this stature came from the Black King as well as death...... but it was actually given to me by Uranos. `"The Divine Power Uranos handed over to silence Mars made a new change on its own after the union was completed. Mixed with the darkness, some properties changed.

“Uranos symbolizes the sky. That is, to rule the space……… but is it to move the space itself while encountering active darkness?" Yeon-woo's hands are slightly stretched out into thin air. As the ripples spread through the space, all of a sudden, everything in the room stopped. The curtains that were blown by the wind, the flowers in the vase that were threatened like they were about to fall, even the air, everything.

But wait a minute. The world that was stopped was quickly solved. The air flowed and the curtain shook again.

“The power of this position is still too small. It's a short effect.How the hell are we supposed to use it? As for Yeongwoo, I still can't quite figure out how to deal with this status.

“If we can understand more clearly the mechanisms by which power operates, we should be able to see your status after the quest." You feel strongly that even if you fail the quest, you won't have to work too hard on Kronos' power if you can only understand the structure of time.

I have a strong hunch that the way the earthworm and percellene took their powers away from Kronos, could have originated here.

It was then.

Tyring! [Democracy of Death.]] Understanding of the status of [time 'has increased marginally. Improved ability to detect' reel leaf '] [Synchronization rate has increased.] 0% - 129%] "Here we go again." Yeon-woo "looked at the message on the retina and slightly narrowed her glabella.

It was true that the synchronization rate that began to shine after finding the "very small leaf" was very helpful to Yeon-woo in many ways.

The stronger the synchronization with Chronos became, the stronger it was for its own soul.

Literally, the myth that makes up Chronos is like 'hijacking'.

This also means that God & '92; s body and body are growing in agility.

If Kronos were to sit in the place of the Lord...... after the quest was over, he might grow up to the same extent.

We had to work together to get there. Now we don't have to hope for such a paradox.

Of course, it wasn't just the advantage.

There was only one problem.

“What are you so frozen in? I can't concentrate on being a match for this father's horse. Pursue!” Thrash! Yeon looks back, pressing her sudden, pushing breasts.

“Are you awake?" "Hmph! You're more of a heretic. You wish you could stay forever, but you can't. Uranos was a twisted old man who could be seen anywhere in town.

And every time I saw him like this, I had to feel one breast tightened tightly.

'After handing over all the power to him, Uranos' strength was weakening to his eyesight. A dark mushroom with fine lines and skin spreading every day. The joyful look of beating on Yeongwoo disappeared like a lie.

Thanks to this, Olympus was getting a lot disordered by the news that the king might collapse soon. The neuroconduction days that were intertwined between the two were increasingly fractured, indicating a risk of jacket civil war outbreaks.

However, Yeon-woo did not pay attention to such things, and continued to stick to the Uranos vote and focus on the care.

It was because he had no intention of engaging in a power dathom that was neither his world nor his own, and this was the only way to unravel complex feelings about Uranos.

And the stronger the synchronization rate with Chronos, the stronger the emotion.

Yeonwoo was worried that her self would be buried in the myth of the first time, but on the other hand, Kronos felt rich (% sphere) for Uranos.

“I never wanted to sleep forever.” “Then?” Would you really expect that? I just want you to sleep really hard. Why does "sorry“ usually make you sleep better when it's time to go? ”" This guy? "One of Uranos' eyes twitches. I wanted to know how to punch that cheeky lowlife who was yelling so well.

So when I wanted to pull out a bolt of lightning with only the remaining mystical power.

Light! Suddenly, the visit between the two was open. Yeongwoo, reflexively, blocks Uranos' presence and raises its standing stance.

“What's going on here?” Uranos screams furiously, unlike the thunderstorms of the pits and tides.

Inside his dwelling, a group of soldiers marched in and surrounded them. All of the soldiers' faces were fearful, but resolute.

Nothing can ever happen in a divine society that cares about heights.

There was only one case like this.

"In case of a coup." It's different.

Jubbuck, Jubbuck! Soon, the soldiers opened to the left and to the right, and familiar faces appeared in between. Yeongwoo raises the rampage to protect Uranos.

Thea, Iapetos, Hyperion, Poibe, Crios, Koios….

Uranos was greatly shocked by the fact that even though he was adopted as a quantum and adoptive daughter, the children who came to raise their children like a father and mother caused coup.

“Why are you...!" "Teia, the leader of the coup, lowered her head slightly.

“Father, this is all your responsibility. That's how much responsibility you take. But you couldn't do that." Teia glanced at the pond with cold eyes, then turned around and said,

“You should have succeeded your father in his succession, so he should have settled neatly...! He's the youngest guy who doesn't deserve to die like this.” "This white... [!" “But don't worry. The Olympus that Father worked so hard to build, we will continue to build higher. I'm sure my youngest will always be at my father's side.” In fact, it was a declaration that he would usurp the throne and banish Yeon-woo here.

Uranos felt like he wanted to send lightning down on them right away.

Obviously, he still had that much power, but I couldn't do it.

After all, they were his favorite children.

Far-young couldn't take his eyes off Uranos' fine trembling hands until Teia's back ran out of laughter.

A civil war broke out.

Okeanos, who fled from the coup around Teia, rallied his forces against Teia.

The cause is to reclaim the obsolete Uranos. With more people responding here than I thought, civil war led to a very tight encounter.

In the meantime, Olympus was rationed at a rapid rate.

Yeonwoo had to make a decision as she watched Uranos grow weaker and weaker.

[You now have two options: Depending on the location of your choice, you may or may not succeed in locating the remaining 'reel leaves'.] [It also has a lot of impact on the rate of dung vaporization. Do you want to be silent? or do you want to get up?] It was already decided.

In the meantime, as the quest progressed, the conclusion that the higher the synchronization rate, the higher the chance of finding 'reel leaf'. And in order to do that, it was a good practice of mythology.

No, even with that, it's hard to keep an eye on Uranos' agonizing face anymore.

It's just...

Everything was annoying.

But what do we do to turn this shit upside down? Yeon-woo thought briefly and realized that there was only one way. And that night, I snuck out of Uranos' room. There are soldiers guarding the perimeter, but not enough to stop him.

Where you've been.

“… 0 You - This is yesterday. It's work." Leah stares at him sharply, not while reading.

The emotion she saw was obvious.

“Mother, you said that the main street of ~ ~ and the main street of Kronos were not very good, right? 'Before Uranos united the various divine societies into the Olympus, the Kronos and Leah families had been at war for many years. I didn't catch any of those names, but a lot of people died. It was a war that was mentioned in numerous Genesis myths.

Moreover, even if it wasn't, Yeon-woo has been intentionally avoiding Leah.

As long as I was looking at Leah's face, one side of my chest kept ringing. I was not confident in my own emotions. The quest could have been messed up, but I couldn't avoid it any longer.

“Let's hold hands.” Yeon forced her voice to shake again, and hung up briefly.

But Leah laughs at whether she took it differently.

“Why? Oh, you just want to sit on the throne?" Or were you thinking that from the start? I thought maybe you were just trying to stay awake and take care of him, but instead, you were trying to score a point? But it doesn't work like that_: "_!" “I don't know about that. I just don't want to see this shit anymore. Throne, if you want to sit, sit.” Yeon-woo's cold gaze was so low that she had never seen before, but she endured it somehow and said so.

Leah narrows her eyes and sighs up and down to check the authenticity of Yeon-woo, then mutters small.

“Are you serious? That's ridiculous..." ”Then I got up slowly.

“Okay. I don't know what the real public you had, but I was mad at what was going on. I'll pretend I don't know and close my eyes. What do sisters think of the peace my father has only made...!” Leah has the greatest respect for Uranos among the brothers. Despite hating the Kronos, their clan followed the integration because they felt a great deal of empathy for the anomaly that Uranos called (Pachel).

“But even if you hold hands, how are you going to turn the tide? It's hard to get a hold of the judges now, isn't it? It is only a matter of time before Olympus is separated again.” What do you have, Leah's question?

“There is. How” “What is that?” Yeongwoo's eyes gleam brightly.

“Overwhelming power.” Curr, overload! A lot of electricity, a lot of flames, a lot of gusts. The planet that had been chosen as the battlefield had already been disabled and was becoming a ruin that could explode at any moment.

The battlefield where numerous personalities compete in pairs was a terrible place where all the laws of the world collided and the physical world collapsed, giant slalom (& blurred).

Taking back control of Olympus and the Taoist army, the Orchestra forces wanted to cut off the strings of the opponent in a large-scale war.

It was a war among the warring Titans, very famous in many godlike societies.

In the process, many personalities were extinguished.

The soldiers who followed them were scattered all over the place.

But the battle is rarely over, and I think I need to wait for the next one.

Suddenly, the world stops.

It was a brief moment, but all the physical laws and powers were suspended. However, the mind was dazed, so the personalities screamed into their hearts.

If you took over the place with a bigger personality, you'd understand, and that wasn't it. While I was shocked by a phenomenon that was far beyond their common sense, a new phenomenon was forming in succession.

Suddenly, on the land of lava and mantle, the black azure blossoms. And in between, an army that had never been seen before began to rise one by one.

Soldiers armed with black helmets, armor, and armor. The 'death' energy, which made even the strongest morals tremble, was twisting along with them.

The problem was that the death squads that appeared were all familiar faces.

"Cerebesta! Why were you there? Alon? You just died saving us...! How? What the hell is going on?" They were soldiers killed or killed by Teia, Okeanos, and both factions.

So, why do you stay like that? I called out their names, but the death squad only smoked sharp fangs and did not answer. As soon as the entire army of those who had died on the battlefield rose up, their spear blades held the two sides together.

The fierceness makes both factions restless. Stop time, rule death. How do you deal with such ridiculous miracles? And at the center of the death squad, Yeon-woo slowly appeared.

All the personalities were completely overwhelmed by the violent upheaval of the storm.

The new Uranos was right there.

“All in the head.” Yeon-woo twists the tip of one lip, looking at the stiff brothers.

“or you can burn and join my army."