Second Life Ranker

16. Qualification Exam (7)

In a situation where everyone on the battlefield couldn't help but be appalled.

Before Thea says anything.

Whoa! Suddenly, a massive portal opens up along the battlefield, and a massive army begins appearing one by one.

It was a number that mattered to the people here.

As soon as I saw them, Teia's face hardened. Leah was the leader of the newly invaded army.

Leah, who had the most people from the four factions that cut Olympus down, played a counterweight in the current civil war.

Teia and Okeanos tried to get her on their side somehow and bring the market to its advantage.

But every time Leah was neutral, she was reluctant to intervene in a civil war.

I never thought I'd be on Kronos' side! The problem was that Leah's troops, not only her own troops, but also the direct ranks of Uranos, who had never made a statement before.

They solemnly pledge allegiance to those who sit on the throne, joining those who shouted for their support.

It was telling us where Uranos' conscience had never been declared.

Chang 'yang! Suddenly, Okeanos drops his weapon on the ground.

Everyone was surprised when other people's gazes turned to their own log. After Teia caused the rebellion, he was always impressed and smiling. It's like I've been waiting for a day like this.

“Everyone does it, without greeting the new king!" Okeanos sighs as he grabs one knee, and the beasts squeeze their heads together.

Ugh... I had no choice but to wipe out Taea's gaze, such as Hyperion, who was facing this.

How to do it. Morale was shaking.


Ugh... I'm the new king. "With the declaration of Teia's surrender.

Everyone on the battlefield bows down to the new king of Olympus.

[Tiny little reeds' discovery.] [I found a 'little reef'.] [Synchronization rate has skyrocketed!] 5% - 25%] night, paom,! In the huge hall, the muses 0086, which are plotted from the center to the left of the carpet, play the instrument at the same time.

A deep press on the crown on your head slowly climbs to the throne, crossing the rug.


He ended the civil war completely and took the credit of Uranos to become the true king of Olympus.

The whole time I saw him.

The oldest and youngest took their place, but Orqueanos' face was full of satisfaction.

Many brothers and sisters, including Teena_Iafetos, still complained.

But none of them objected or challenged.

It was still because he had not forgotten his position in his mind.

Pause time and cast your own death.

It is a force beyond the law that cannot be accomplished by ordinary stature, which is to follow the law.

When I first met him, I had no idea that I wanted to be swept away.

Above all.

The other priests felt frightened by themselves, sitting on a throne that would not be expected of them, but looking at a picture of Yeon-woo with an expressionless face.

Nowhere in that appearance, there was no wretch who was swayed by emotions as he had once been.

There was only the absolute one who came to the world, and everyone in the hall had to bow down by themselves to the pressure he put on them. It also meant the advent of a new Uranos.

The party was forcibly hiding their mischievous minds.

Do we have to continue with the puppet show? I thought it would be over after I ascended to the throne. It seemed that I had to continue to repeat mythology like this for a while.

In the real world, he had no idea how much time was going on. While he was holed up here, he didn't know what kind of crisis he was in, like Athena.

"Or until the synchronization rate was 100%, I suddenly had to feel my back wrapped around it.

Increased synchronization means increased chances of finding reel leaves.

On the other hand, it also meant that there was a great risk of immersing yourself in mythology with Kronos.

There was still a time when the liver was wet with the feeling of Kronos, the feeling of sadness, whether it was his or not.

I thought I had to pay close attention.


Thrash! It didn't seem easy enough.

“Here comes the Queen!” Far away.

When the door of the hall was opened, Leah, who was all dressed up, appeared.

The other throne beside his throne was empty.

[Tiny little reeds' discovery.] [Synchronization rate continues to rise.] [27% - 329%] The alliance begins to co-govern Leah as promised when she allied.

And they were married, formally, for smooth governance.

But of course, it wasn't Leah who was afraid of the gods of Olympus.

Yeonwoo exercised iron control to clear all the smuggling streets that had still been bandited within Olympus and focus on raising royal authority.


“Maybe you can do it right!... It's just a pity that you can't keep your eyes open.” After some hectic time, it was almost time for Uranos to close his eyes as his remaining spirituality ran out.

I found out later.

Uranos was largely eroded by the earthly goddess during the integration of Olympus and lost much, and lost immortality as a god (7380 was already lost).

In that situation, you gave up all the remaining powers to save Kronos. As Yeonwoo, I had no choice but to lose my mind.

Moreover, until now, Yeonwoo has recognized Uranos as a close family.

The word "father" was hard to put in my mouth because I still felt bitter patriotism, but I knew that love wasn't about me, it was about the possessed Kronos.

The increasingly strong synchronization was reminding Yeon-woo of what was so difficult for the rich.

“Where do you think you're going? Just stay here. Last night, the guy who hit me in the head with his cane." “Hehehe! The horse bird is the same as before and now. It's not very cheap," he smiled slightly at the mouth of the wrinkled Uranos.

“But I liked you so much for being such a jerk. Being young doesn't scare my brothers or sisters so much... But now that they're all old, don't fight anymore. Is it peaceful... Father? Father! Don't play with me. Get up, Father!” Yeon wept as she watched Uranos crumble into a small debt pool.

My chest hurts so much, like I'm holding it in my hand.

Then I went crazy with one thought.

What if you could put "Father" in your own shadow? If so.

Can we stop him from dying, too? I thought about it, but the other hand shifts to the side of Yeouido's hand first.

“:: Re.}" Don't do anything useless. I think my father would want this “But...!” “Rather, this is blasphemy against my father." In the end, Yeon-woo had no choice but to drop her head on Leah's adamant tone.

Tightening!] [Synchronization rate has increased dramatically] 45% - 52%] since the extinction of Uranos.

Yeongwoo was captured by one mission (0 shots).

After Uranos ascended to the throne, it was said that Uranos must continue to complete the unfinished business.

So the conclusion was that we had to expand Olympus.

He wanted to make Olympus the strongest place in God's society that had just begun to orbit, and a place where the entire camp could be encompassed. It was also necessary to turn the attention of various forces that were likely to be inside out and monosynthesize.

I wasn't aware of it.

Since then, Yeon-woo has regarded herself as' Chronos` a little more than 'Cha-yeon woo'.

And under the guise of unity, Olympus began an active conquest war.

The battlefield in which the many 'deaths' came was like a source of greater power to him.

Thanks to this, the more conquest wars continued, the more prestigious Olympus became within Sin's society.

Above all, the brothers that Uranos adopted as his quantum league were the most dazzling. From time to time, various personalities were naming them "Titans."

How long has it been? A thousand years or tens of thousands of years? As time went on and on.

Yeongwoo's ego was gradually engulfed in time.

[We found a big reef.]] [The rate of dung vaporization continues to rise.] [55% - 619] [64% - 709%] [1% - 769%] [Existing 'reel' was fast forward.] [Myth plays fast.] [Warning! The self is experiencing extreme confusion. Player, it's hard to maintain your identity as # # #.] [You will be dormant for a long time.] How much.

How much time has passed.

[A new variable has occurred.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [dormant has been terminated.] [You have become resistant to sleep.] Oh... I slowly regained consciousness, feeling the terrible pain of the commotion shaking in my slow head.

Then he realizes that he is not possessed by Kronos, but is staying in his conscious world.

Beneath his feet, he saw a massive force of unknown beings leading him or Kronos, and battling the goddess as if it covered the entire universe.

No, that wasn't me.


His own ego was buried in the myth that made up that giant existence: "This time, I think Susie Tarzan needs to take your wings off, Gaia! You egging…: ● I… juggling - like… for my father…. You, too... will die by your son... 9... Destiny...: Lady Naphu Huak - Kronos was looking so strong that she became 'Huang' that she couldn't compare it to when Yeongwoo first ascended the throne.

You've tied up the earthly gods with your left hand to stop the flow of all universes, then roughly twisted the day that shaped death with your right hand and severed the earthly body.

The goddess sank, but took the last of her power and cursed Kronos.

And then it dripped away into a small particle.

The existence has been erased.

However, all the personalities in place knew. The Mother Earth didn't just vanish, she was just hibernated.

Extinction was a contradiction that could never be established for her, the original concept. If she dies, even the laws that make up the universe will collapse, all dimensions and universes will collapse. All they could do was get rid of it.

But alone, Olympus and the others who were there for the fight looked at Kronos in astonishment.

Where else in the universe would one be able to defeat the earthly body that threatened to swallow up the entire universe? Wherever he sleeps, there's a thousand demons out there telling him that there's another god and another demon lurking somewhere. Even so, there seemed to be no one who could challenge Chronos throughout the entire universe. Even the leaders of other societies.

And Chronos was arrogant as if those eyes were perfectly natural.

Only Yeouido, who was here watching Chronos, could realize what was happening to him.

“The curse from the Mother Earth has begun to erode Kronos. Yun seemed to know why she was able to separate herself from Kronos again, as she_used to do for Uranos.

"The curse caused me to lose my mind, and I was separated again? Yeon-woo shed a tearful voice without even knowing it.

No matter how much time he had originally achieved, he never worried that his ego would disappear.

Hiding the identity of "Yeon Woo." Wearing Kronos' mask, living as Kronos, thinking like Kronos. Kronos was completely fairytaled by the persona 8665003.

[The rate of dung vaporization continues to rise.] [91% - 949%] 'Synchronization rate_has already exceeded 90%. So this is what we have to do.` There were a lot of messages that were pushed to make sure that the reel I had found unconsciously was quite good.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. At this rate, the Amateur who had barely recovered was going to be swept away again. I still haven't finished the quest.

I felt like I had to figure something out.

But it wasn't going to be easy either.

A strange energy has been detected in Chronos, who is enchanted by the curse.

"Maestro… ~! `Maestro, who had been oppressed by the power of Uranos, began to corrupt Kronos' mind as it leaked out very little by little.

You feel a frenzy in Kronos' eyes.