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17. Qualification Suspension (9)

After we put the Mother Earth to sleep.

Kronos will reign supremely. There were still quite a few protagonists like Hiodin and the Jade Emperor, but no one took the initiative to challenge Chronos' dominance.

The image that Kronos perceived of many of his statutes was so solid, and the power that transcended existing laws made conflict uncomfortable.

I wanted to be able to stand only those who wander around with their own strength without having a community like Chernunos.

In the end, Chronos was considered to be the closest thing to "Huang," which no one had achieved since the concept gods or the creators.

With such a Kronos as the head, Olympus has only become more prestigious every day.

And the fear of Titan, which led Olympus, spread throughout God's society.


~ … the strongest mindset has managed to endure it, but as the curse eroded, he continued to concentrate on Maestro, so Yeon, who studied Chronos in the two-dimensional world, could see that he was in grave danger.

The problem was that Kronos himself was not aware of such changes.

Rather, when the curse that consumed my father Uranos spread to him, he was willing to somehow overcome it, but only to show his face.

“This is the heavenly form I must endure ( th). `I couldn't tell her around.

Since Uranos was eroded by the curse, I've seen how Olympus is shaken.

As he should always sit on the throne, he should instill fear in his enemies and reign as a great fortress for his allies.

It was a homework I had to solve all by myself.

“Kronos, I think you've changed a lot lately. Is something wrong? Of course, Leah, who was closest to him, noticed that change in Kronos first.

“No, there's nothing to worry about.” Kronos has frozen her aid. I thought I couldn't pass on my worries about myself to her.

It's been a long time since the two of them were married, so even though they were close to getting married as part of their governance strategy, they are now somewhat married.

After all, it's been a long time.

In the meantime, the curse continues to make Kronos increasingly sharp in character, and his reign grows violent.

In the meantime, there was revolt everywhere.

Some did not recognize Olympus' dominance, and some complained about it within Olympus.

But Kronos, without a single defeat, put them in the sewers at the very bottom of the world.

A place where the gods of Olympus called Tartarus and feared to appear in their dreams.

Kronos' reign seemed to last forever.

“Kronos, are you crazy? Even if the Rebels are like that, how can they attack Hekatonkyres in such a place...!” Fang! One day, Leah pushes through the door of the office where Chronos was. The sound of his breath is quite rough as he rushes in. His expression was distorted in anger.

Kronos bites back at the report and looks back at Leah indifferently. Maybe because he sat on the throne for a long time. He was so emotional that he was called a wretch in his youth that he had only a cool look on his expressionless face.

"Leah, this is a palace. Since you have so many eyes to see, why don't you pay attention to your behavior?” “I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear that from you, tyrant. And I have to ask you something about this right now. Why are they in Tartaros?” Oh, you mean that? ”Leah sees Kronos's grim expression as if it were no big deal, and the flames are more obvious.

Hecatoncare.Their_adoptive parents, Uranos, cared as much about their children as Titans. They were three monsters (| foot0), who looked strange, but possessed the power and power to overpower all Titans. He also played the crest of Olympus.

Moreover, according to their lineage, Hekatonkyres was much closer to Uranos than the couple.

That's why the early days of Chronos' reign, the throne was supposed to go to them.

Unlike the other Titans, who were some distance from them in order to become the successor to the throne, Leah had been in a very special relationship with them all along.

Suddenly, I learned that the car I was going to meet with was abolished. So I have to vomit out my anger.

“I've sinned enough.” What? "Not long ago, Thea was subdued. They're accused of trying to work with Teia.” Thea was caught before she even got the job! Besides, Hector Caires didn't know what he was getting himself into, and then he just got over it! ”“ If he's innocent, he'll be found out himself during the investigation. ”“ Kronos! ”Leah realizes that Chronos has only the cause and has no intention of releasing HecatonKeyres. He never intended to leave the skin of Uranos on Olympus to strengthen his throne.

But Leah found it more frustrating.

Who is there now to challenge his rule? Who is there to doubt his throne?

Moreover, as time went on, Kronos became too independent. Until the first time I sat on the throne, I did not see my brothers and encouraged the gods of Olympus themselves. Right now, all you have to do is pick it up, press it, and if you resist, you'll have a tyrant to get rid of it.

Leah felt sorry for that. Where did Kronos go when he was confident that he would carry on Uranos' will? Only monsters are left here now. There was no one who opened his heart slowly to his appearance.

But Kronos didn't care about that at all. Rather, the gaze was fixed on Leah's stomach.

~ …… Leah, you? “I don't want to talk to you.” "Are you...... pregnant?" Kronos' icy eyes shake violently.

Leah, however, tries to turn the nuke inside out.

“I told you, I don't want to talk to you.” Where is my child on the boat? Where is that horse?! ”" Kronos quickly rises from the throne and grabs Leah's arm. Leah tried to make him angry, but when Kronos held his eyes to his stomach, I didn't realize it.

Kronos touches Leah's ship with a very careful hand.

“My child, my child..." It's been a while since the two of them became married, but there was no child between them. It was because they had just opened their minds rationally with each other, and the child was strangely not handsome.

But for the first time, it was fruitful.

At that moment, a slight smile appeared on Kronos' lips.

“You are as warm as your mother. It means" Hestia "for all eternity to keep warm.” Leah had no choice but to look at Kronos like that.

After Hestia was born.

To the Kronos, children were born in succession, just like lies.

Hestia, Demeter, and Hera, after the birth of their three daughters, were born to a son named Hades Washeydon.

The gods of Olympus, worrying about their inner succession, were able to sigh in relief, and Chronos became more loyal to household chores than to the outside.

Leado gradually finds a smile as if Chronos were returning to his old form.


- Curse you. Like your father, you must die for your child.

Duquesne! The curse from the Mother Earth remains on one side of his heart.

“Kronos, what are you doing! What the hell?" ": {“ Don't worry too much, Leah. My children can live in my void, in safety, without any threat. ”“ No! No! ”Leah looks at the frenzy in Chronos' eyes and screams.

From Hestia to Poseidon, precious children were being eaten into Kronos' mouth.

Into the void that devours everything in the world.

Just yesterday, there was no gentle father who laughed and talked like children.

The moment I saw her, Leah realized.

Kronos is Kronos, but not Kronos.

Something else in Kronos' hood! But for Kronos now, this was perfectly natural.

The prophecy of the Mother Earth was just too powerful to ignore. Conceptual words were as strong as they were bound.

Leah grips her teeth.

"As long as this child is in the ship...... we have to protect Zeus. `I never thought my youngest child's fate would come as a surprise to Kronos.

Leah, who made a splendid decision that night, fled Olympus as a fugitive from Kronos.

"Your name is named after Zeus (2009... Old Goddess DeYaus0700649). Grow up to be that great someday." Leah wept as she watched the baby wrapped in a sack. Unlike other brothers, I felt sorry for my parents' love and for my youngest child to grow up.

“Not too far from here! Chase!” Then you hear Kronos' pursuit from afar.

“I love you, son.” Leah gives Zeus a quick kiss on the forehead and sends him off to the river where he doesn't know where to go.

Then I threw myself into the chase. To keep them from finding out where Zeus went.

“I've come to kill you, Kronos. One day, I don't know how much time has passed again, the mature Zeus appears and throws up a challenge.

He had a brilliant memory of his childhood, and it was a car that grew up to become an alternative after overcoming the obstacles of destiny.

Moreover, Chronos has been consuming his children, almost completely consumed by the curse as his frenzy intensifies.

Maestro has completely lost his mind. All he had to do was say, 'I must succeed my father Uranos.'

“No one can take it…… My throne ~ …… This was entrusted to me by my father…!" In his eyes, Zeus was merely a foe trying to undermine his mission.

He was still unaware that Zeus had borrowed the intention of Okeanos to make me vomit out all the children he had swallowed in the past.

“To see my father change like that... My heart aches.” Hades and the brothers, who waited only for an opportunity to escape the emptiness of Kronos, had to hold on to their aching hearts to see him fall.

But even for Leah, the mother who sacrificed herself, had to stop Kronos.

That's how the war began.

`It was the first Titanomakia.

After leading a long war to victory.

The three Zeus brothers, who became Olympus' new leaders, decided in turn about Chronos, which was publicly tied to Shin Jin-chul.

"I will take Kronos' statue." Hades has robbed Kronos of the statue of death, which has terrorized so many of his followers. "

I will take the power of Kronos. "Poseidon plundered the mystical powers of Uranos, which made Kronos what it is today.

"I will take Kronos' faith." And finally, Zeus was able to sit on Olympus' throne, taking many temples across the universe to Kronos.

And lastly, Euphe Kronos to Tartarus! "By the order of the new lords, Mankronos has lost everything, and he has been trapped in Tartaros just as the rebels did in the past.


^ Why should "" Father's Rule "" ………… defeat the rebels…… and I will lead Olympus.}_~: __! 'The spirit of Kronos, which had remained only to the end, was willing to throw the last move.

The most important axis that constitutes the existence of "Chronos" is the 'clockwork'.

While he was captivated by the castle, he had prepared various preparations while the snack was conscious. Time and death transcended the law, so it needed to be organized in a snap. We have organized the myths that have been piled up with the keyword that penetrates two gods, the "clock."

And 'reel lobe' was the central component of such a '_clock'. Simply put, it was an integer 0008) and 0%) that made him, and it was the key to activating the existence of Kronos.

Kronos throws such a 'reel' outside.

No one in Olympus, no one in heaven, will notice.

I don't know when that's gonna happen.

Maybe it won't last forever, but I just wanted that 'reel' seed to grow well because it was pulled somewhere.

Then you can resurrect yourself someday.

“Isn't that what all the world is? As crops are harvested in autumn, they die in winter, and new life is conceived in spring... This Kronos will be able to enjoy a new spring after winter. This reel is the seed for it. `Tai leaf` that was thrown out is a multitude of universes and dimensions that have flowed for many years, finally reaching somewhere.

Yeongwoo watched the place where 'Tai leaf' fell and kept her mouth shut.

It was a place he was familiar with.

There was a blue star.

Ugh... It was the hometown where Earth muscle and brother were born.