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18. Qualification Exam (9)

“I threw a 'reel', also known as my own self to the earth..." ”Yeon-woo was well aware of how important" reel "was when she tried to replace Chronos' life.

“Tai leaf" could have been Kronos, itself.

Since the creation of the universe, the pile of myths has been built by Kronos over many years.

A great statue of time and death.

It was a middle gear that allowed it to roll smoothly without a lot of death.

Now that I've pulled it out and thrown it out myself, of course I have to stop my function because of my stature.

Since the statue of time has ceased, so has the body of Chronos. Titans thought “death" eroded Chronos.

Maybe he was right.

With it, the existence of Kronos was as good as dead.


The myth of Kronos continues.

This is Jan Kronos, who is separated from Kronos.

Many senses that I had forgotten have been recognized. I saw the night sky, smelled the scent of flowers, and felt the wind breezing through the skin. Five senses came to life. At the same time, an unknown excruciating pain pierced my body... > That made me feel good.

I felt alive.

“Somewhere, but now I'm awake." Chronos smiles bitterly, his fingertips just feeling the wind, looking for a place where he is unconsciously.

Then I realized that I had lost everything.

The enormous power that seemed to be able to surpass the realm of creation can never be found, and the fullness of the universe is lost. In particular, the world of consciousness was so small that it was as stuffy as a public tie on an invisible rope.

In a body that was thought to be a new 'sulfur,' now it has become mortal indefinitely. I didn't think it was natural.

But the feeling of loss is brief.

Kronos rises from his feet.

He was adopted to the youngest of his siblings and eventually took over the throne. If I said I fell mortal, I'd lost it if I had to rebuild it. No, going back the way I came, I didn't expect it to take long.

Above all.

"It's not that bad right now. No, it's better than I thought. `I liked Kronos because he was so open in his head. While sitting on the throne, Maestro kept shaking his consciousness and had to live with a horrible headache. And no matter what I did, all I could think about was how extreme it was, and now there's nothing like it.

It was so refreshing.

Out of insanity... completely.

“I don't know if it's because it's separate from Maestro. Very good." It was like being back in my youth.

No, it was better because there was a relationship that wasn't there at the time.

You'll be able to make much more rational, wise judgments and thoughts. I was confident that I wouldn't dream of doing something smooth. Mental immunity is one thing.

What should we call this condition? "... cold blood (Su 10). 'Yes, I think that's a good word.

Kronos smiles coldly.

Cold blood. There's no adjective like that.

The look of a cousin trying to reclaim the throne taken from his son.

From the looks of others, I will only glorify him as a very heartless father who doesn't seem to be bleeding.

The first thing Kronos did was investigate an uncharted planet.

But there was no speculation.

It has ruled many universes and dimensions. It's because there are as many civilizations as there are, but I've never heard of a planet like this before.

“Not the realm of Olympus, but the realm of another society?” It was quite possible.

No matter how prosperous Olympus was at his disposal, it did not rule all the realms of the universe, so there were many Godly societies, and none of them was comparable to Olympus.

Kronos first wanted to understand the realm of society on this planet.

'If you can help me, you can recover as quickly as you can, but if you can't...... you have to be that careful.' `No one is as sensitive to the realm as the priests. What if they saw someone inside their home who wasn't allowed to go? If so, I might want to get rid of it right away. That was the specification.

"No. I think it would be better to continue to be self-centered until now. `Chronos might accuse himself of acting and had to reorganize his thoughts. In fact, this made sense. There have been numerous cases of allies becoming enemies today.

Above all, I could not guarantee how many years passed during the war between the different universes.

in which order of society may have been established.

'After all, all I need is information...... There's nothing I can find out right now.` Walking so slowly.

"Then we'll have to pile up first. 'Chronos gradually came up with a plan for the future.

Kronos was able to find out that the planet where the great leaf arrived was called Earth by the intelligent inhabitants who lived there.

If there was a problem, it was a name Kronos had never heard before.

The territories of the wealthy societies were all in my head, but nothing came to mind.

“Perhaps an undiscovered frontier:" Moreover, the beings who lived here were 'young' cousins who had just begun civilization everywhere, believing that they lived in the entire world of the Earth.

"It was better. It'll be that easy to build a myth." Superstition is strong enough that civilization's progress is weak, and the expectations of heroes and gods grow. And the tradition remained strong within their group and continued to expand, and eventually religion was born. That's where the faith started.

That's why the Faithful Physicians are so desperate to find a civilization that is just beginning to emerge.

"This place is my new sanctuary, my foundation. `After that.

Chronos has lived countless lives.

The "reed" that made him has the attributes of time and death at the same time, so he was able to repeat his previous life (Root).

And at the beginning of a new life, Chronos became a hero and won numerous active awards.

Actions that could never be forged as ordinary human beings became legends, and they spread throughout the world through the Old Testament to various civilizations and peoples. Many religions were born in his honor and repeated his downfall. In the meantime, Chronos gained a number of names that he didn't know, but he couldn't remember them all, and then he forgot about Chronos, the name that had originally defined him.

No one called him by his original name, so he no longer needed to remember.

The only reason he kept his identity was because of the high explosion he had built before the original.

And life on Earth goes on.

He suddenly realized something strange.

"Why is the myth of Olympus here? So this is Olympus'_territory...? But I'm sure you've heard the myths of Asgard in your past life. Some of them looked like they were from a bridge.": “{'How could this be?

Many religions that had begun to be born on Earth were clearly portraying a divine society. Of course, not everything was accurate, but I had to be terrified.

Myths don't sound that simultaneous. It was horrifying for him that mortals in the beginning were so precisely looking at the myths of the transcendents.

What was even more surprising was that we had never encountered the kind of personality that would say this even though the Earth was evolving like this.

"As if something else intervened and wiped them all out, or sealed them up somewhere..." But despite Kronos' suspicions, the Earth continued to advance civilization.

Eventually, 'even if Kronos opens a new elixir award, it will not become a myth except for local folklore.

At last, it will hit the barrier as the upheaval grows.

"Just a little more and you'll be able to desertion...!) Kronos had to clear the question of Earth and figure out how to get past the final barrier. After the desertion, it should be quick to transcend, but it wasn't easy.

In fact, even after all these years, less than 10,000 years. Compared to the formidable years that Kronos had originally lived, it was a great thing to follow.

So even if I tried to remain calm, it was not easy at all.

Above all.

The biggest problem was that it wasn't a magical civilization or a shaman civilization that became the next generation on Earth, but a scientific civilization.

Focusing on the laws of physical phenomena, this civilization was excellent at defeating the most important metaphysical ideology in religion. I had too much trouble getting my personality up and running.


Kronos feels the need to change his plans for the first time.

"Are you an orphan this time? Kronos realized that his former place was an orphanage on the outskirts of Korea, and frowned intensely.

In fact, I didn't intend to do this kind of activity in this life. I didn't want to be a hero. So, instead of building myths, it was easy to be oppressed by magic.

I was just going to settle down in my head. To achieve desertion and transcendence, we had to change the course of our plan. I was going to think about it.

By the way.

Yikes! “Ahh!” The body that Kronos now understands is just five years old. Of course, I was distracted when I hit my forehead during the unpaid ceremony.

“The kid hasn't made an impression yet! Who taught you to do that?" Kronos glances up at you with his brow hanging out in public.

A girl, about two years older, looks down at him with her pouty hands across her hips.

At that moment, I had a glimpse into Kronos' mind. The girl who plays the base commander here at the orphanage. Even the brothers upstairs were so stubborn that she couldn't move.

“We'll be in trouble again from now on!” Looking at her shouting confidently.

Kronos was strongly moved by the feeling that he had been mistaken from the first button in his life.

Chronos' expectations were right.

Since then, every time Kronos does something, the girl continues to chase after him, shouting at him.

“Have you eaten? Aren't you going to the dining room?” You said you dropped out of school today. Do you want to die? "“ You hit your friend again? What do you want to be when you grow up? ”“ Aren't you studying? "As Kronos, who needed some alone time, he was a madman.

"Leah, by the way. `The girl's name is Cyrenea.

The orphanage where they were located was run directly in the church, and they used to give baptism names to the children who came in.

Leah (.638) refers to the mother of Judah, the ancestor of Jesus in the Bible. So there's nothing weird about it.

The problem was that the pronunciation of the name sometimes pierced Kronos' heart like a needle.

Kronos has been busy enough to forget his real name, but not as easy to forget as Leah.

No, it was always a name that bothered him in his sleep.

Since I knew that I had only hurt her for a lifetime, I couldn't say I was sorry when I left, so I always felt guilty in my heart.

So every now and then, Chronos thought that every time the Baptist kept harassing him, the real Leah watching this place made him do it.

But all that petty nagging started to feel like a warm interest.

Kronos finds his past in Cyrenea.

For the first time in thousands of years, you will see the feeling of love.

“Phew, you idiot. What took you so long? You talk so fast. Even though I noticed it like that... Phew! It was Pinzan of Cyrenea who only came back when he had confessed his heart after being so proud of his predecessor that he couldn't eat.

That's it.

When he married Cyrenea, Kronos became aware that for the first time, he was living a 'normal' life. Everyday life of working for a loved one, dating together, holding hands and going home together.

For Chronos, it was always a day when I had to repeat my old life to build up mythology... so_warm my heart.

Days I never want to wake up.

So at some point, Chronos had to erase the idea of building myths from his mind. I didn't even want to get angry.

I don't know when it's going to happen, but what does it matter now that Hannah's just a notion? He was no more precious than the reality with Cyrena now.


“These... are my children?” Chronos glances at the ultrasound photographs that Cyrenea brought.

Cyrena rubs her belly preciously, sharply looking at the axe.

“Idiot, I told you to be careful, right? Last time I snuck in drunk like an animal...... I have to go to grad school, too! If I say I don't remember, I'll really die.” Ah-ha-ha! That can't be true! My baby! We have a baby! Two of them! Two of them at once! ”Cyrenea laughs as if she can't help but look at Kronos running from her seat, saying she's too happy." She was surprised to have a child she didn't plan on, but she did. However, since suddenly there were two more brothers and sisters in a tight household, I felt like I should split the cost of living.

Then, all of a sudden, Chronos smiles, his expression slightly depressing.

“What's wrong with you all of a sudden?” “Ugh, huh? Oh, no, no. Nothing." Kronos can't say. The moment I saw the twins in the boat, I suddenly remembered the other kids hanging out with Leah the other day.

Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon...... and the poor boy who never gave me love, Zeus.

I used to hate them, but now I think I know their despair and frustration. I'm as sorry as I am about Leah.

“Is it because of the Zeus boys?" So, all of a sudden, when Cyrena throws her unexpected words, Kronos is bound to snap out of it.

The gaze that returned. Cyrus, who was in a shivering vision, was smiling brightly.

“Don't worry too much." Leigh, Leia! Y-you can't be... 0? "“ Idiot. Even though I've noticed it before or now, how could I not notice it once? ”~! Kirk said.

“You must speak with my mouth... Oh my! What's wrong with him all of a sudden?” Kronos embraces Cyrenea with tears and impulsively.

And then I stroked her head several times. Now there was only one thing I could say to her.

“I love you. I love you so much. Leah.”